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Everyone has dreams and every dreaming experience is unique and personal, some dreams contain vivid and memorable symbolic representations of reality while others can be quite surreal and elusive, but they all seem to have special meanings and important messages hidden deep inside. That is probably why so many of us are curious about their meaning and spend time searching for possible answers.

There are no simple or universal answers to what each and every dream can possibly mean and sometimes we get confused or frustrated when we cannot find a good explanation, validate our subconscious experiences or come up with an instant answer, it is especially true when online dream interpretation resources are used. The most common approach to dream interpretation entails collecting and recording dream descriptions and their meanings which are explained with the help of practical everyday knowledge or past experience of others who may have experienced similar symbols and visions. Some dreams can have positive messages and some can be negative or upsetting, depending on the sources or the context, but these messages can surely motivate, inspire and challenge us to take a closer look at our lives.

Why DreamLookUp?

Our team devotes time and shares passion for refining and bringing together dream interpretation resources and dictionaries to make it quicker and easier for visitors to find concise, yet meaningful interpretations of visions, symbols and events experienced in their dreams.

Blog articles and simplified dream meaning search tools provide a quick reference to the most common dream interpretation inquiries, such as *What are my dreams?*, *What does my dream mean?* or *What is my dream meaning?*. Try our frequently updated Archive Section of previously interpreted dreams or visit our Official Blog Pages on Wordpress! Our growing dream interpretation database is created using trusted and respected sources, including original dream psychology studies and publications by famous authors as well as some translated content of folklore and mysticism you will not find in one place anywhere else online.

We are passionate about our work and hope you will become a part of our growing audience searching to have their dream meanings answered. Stay informed and prepared for what the future holds or how your past is important, learn what your subconscious mind is telling you, and we will provide you with tools and resources at your fingertips to have your questions answered.

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It was a bright night, clear sky and the moon was bright, I was watching this with a young boy, he seemed like a son to me, but was not, I felt really happy inside and content. Then there were a few white clouds that didn't interfere with the bright night and the boy and I watched shapes out of these clouds. Then we walked on and I passed by a place and saw my ex and his wife, they seemed miserable, but I was the least bothered. Then I woke up. I don't know if it will help that I am expectant.

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