Sigmund Freud’s Dream Interpretation Theory

Perhaps all of us pondered on how to interpret our dreams. This question was also a subject of a study by Sigmund Freud. The basic idea of this theory is that a dream is closely connected to the ideas, desires, which occupied our mind before a dream has occurred. According to Freud, “Dreaming rep ...

Snakes in a dream: a good chance for self-assessment and finding what it means

From a dream interpretation point of view, interpreting dreams containing snake visions is somewhat difficult to deal with because different cultures treat encountering snake with a variety of meanings and explanations. Dream interpretation therefore is represented by a broad spectrum of deciphering this drea ...

Water symbols and visions as a source of dream meaning interpretation

The history of humankind carries a special meaning attributed to water symbols and the significance of water in human life cannot be underestimated. Regardless of what a particular water symbol we have in mind, freshwater lake, a river with water flowing freely, or the ocean which can present a danger to peop ...

Common interpretation and meanings related to dreams about trees or parts of a tree

Dreaming about a tree represents a symbol related to one’s personal life and individuality of the person experiencing this vision. The shape of the tree in a dream is a subjective representation and reflection of this person’s or someone else’s, who is very close to the person, life situation and person ...

Animals in dream interpretation: personal relationship and connection to animals and impact on what these dreams mean

Animals in our dreams can be represented  by a wide range of various visions and symbols. As the long history of dream interpretation shows, dreams which include animals and animal symbols prove the true value and legitimacy of their interpretation. These dreams open up a new venue in looking at personal ...

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