Dreams with Scenes of Rape and Possible Interpretations of Their Meaning: Victim, Villain or Witness?

Dreams involving scenes of rape are visions of abuse and violence where you may be present in the role or the victim, the rapist or the witness of such assault. The key factors in understanding why these dreams occur are the role you assume in these situations as well as feelings and emotions evoked in rel ...

Dreams containing river symbols: most commonly used approaches to interpret their meaning

Visions of a river in dreams commonly represent the course and direction of life and current situations and events accompanying the individual who happened to experience them in wake life. Features and physical characteristics of the river water such as the way the river is flowing (fast or slow), a ...

Seven Surprising Symbols in Dreams Containing Warnings of Imminent Death for the Dreamer

Dream interpretation and analysis of dream meanings offered by various sources (folklore and mysticism literature, psychology studies and essays, online services and reference materials) have always been a subject of a great interest by individuals trying to figure out how and to what extent a particu ...

Taking Flight: Birds in Dreams and Most Common Meanings and Interpretations Related to These Symbolic Visions

Birds have always been interesting subjects in dream interpretation. They appear in many forms and assume different characters and roles, and we are anxious to know whether their presence in our subconscious state represents positive outcomes or portends misfortunes. Images of specific birds carry symbolic me ...

Dream Symbols: Understanding Reality through the Language of Symbolic Meanings

Our dreams are not just random sets or sequences of events occurring during sleep. They have a discernible connection to reality, whether such a relation is rooted in our past, a reflection of our present or a prediction of our future. Dreams are rife with symbolism and symbolic images, or things which speak ...

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