Burning Desires: Dreams Containing Images and Scenes of Seduction, Sensuality and Sexual Encounters

It is not uncommon to dream about long-lost friends, former classmates, old flames and people who were once associated with you at some point in your life. Often you dream of them acting in a provocative manner, seducing you or luring you to worldly pleasures, sexual or otherwise. They may even appear as imag ...

Dream symbols over the span of human life: evolution of symbolic representations about reality

We spend one third of our lives in a state of sleep (unconscious existence), which is referred to as a natural mechanism for restoring energy and giving our bodies much-needed rest at night. As we get older, the duration of such rest tends to become more and more prolonged in order to maintain our vital funct ...

Dreaming Slim: Forced fixations on weight loss and their effects on our subconsciousness

The self-obsessed selfie culture propagated by social media has put even greater pressure on people to look their best for fear of being rejected or ridiculed. Among the latest vanity trends and excessive focus on beauty is the dieting and exercise bandwagon. Role models, exacerbated by peer pressure and medi ...

Dreams containing imagery of self-reflection, own likeness and their connection to the dreamer’s personality traits

When awake, we are bombarded by external forces and stimuli which influence how we behave and project ourselves to the world. As we sleep, we carry all this information into the dream world, so that we can process and reflect on the events that happened during the day. During waking hours, our mind is constan ...

Dreams Dream interpretation Instant dreaming 2015

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