The Contest runs within the period of time from when the number of unique visits (Dream searches all time) starts to approach 1,000,000 until the eligible Contest winner is determined based on submitted contest entry form.

To submit an entry into this Contest, a visitor must click the blue number representing "dream searches all time” or one of the crown icons when the number shown on this line is equal or greater than 1,000,000.

A contest entry form must be filled in, which will include contestant’s email, visit number (populated automatically), time stamp (populated automatically) and a random word for verification in case of winning (populated by the visitor). Upon submission, this form will be automatically emailed back to the contestant as an entry confirmation receipt and to

Selecting the Contest winner will be based on the closeness of the visit number to 1,000,000 or the time of submission in the event two or more identical numbers are submitted from different visitors.

The website reserves the right to terminate the Contest at any moment after the desired number of eligible contestants is reached.

A seven (7) day period is required to verify and determine the Contest winner. If we are unable to contact the first confirmed winner within this period, the next eligible contestant will be selected to be contacted.

The contest prize is US $150.00 paid through PayPal and which will be sent using the same email address/account as contestant’s email submitted through the Contest Entry Form. A PayPal account which does not match the email address submitted through the Contest Entry Form will disqualify the contestant from receiving the prize and the next eligible contestant will be chosen instead.

Members of DreamLookUp Team are not eligible to participate.

The winner will be announced on the Contest page after successful selection and payment process using Contestant’s first name, last name’s initial, country of origin and visit number, for example “John B., Italy, 1,000,006”. No other type of information from the Contest Entry Form shall be released to online website viewers according to our Privacy Policy. Good luck!!!

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