With someone special under a moon crescent I am a female. My dream was short, yet vivid. Imagine, shortly after sunset there was a waxing crescent moon in the deep, royal blue sky, directly above the horizon the sun had just disappeared at, so, it was West. It had just been through its full moon phase, barely a waxing gibbous. The landscape was rolling, with short, perfectly green hills, and all I could remember about myself was someone who I've become romantically inclined towards. The rolling green hills of your vision are a very auspicious symbol to behold. They suggest your current goals and dreams could become a reality in the near future. Although you are not likely to face any setbacks, the journey to that point would have some obstacles you would have to overcome. This is supported by the waxing crescent moon, a symbol commonly associated with both patience and success. It seems your positive outcome is repetitively assured, provided you continue to put effort towards it, however, you would need to let time take its course as well. The end goal manifested in this vision may be related to the individual you have feelings for. If you are interested in becoming more than acquaintances or friends, it is possible now is the time to pursue that course of action.
An angel putting planets back in order I am standing outside with my mum in her garden looking at the night sky. We can see all the planets very clearly and they are very colorful but flying all over the sky erratically! Then a small golden angel or fairy flies around my head and lands on my nose and tells me everything will work out fine. My mum and myself look at one another and smile, we look up to the sky and all the planets have calmed down and gone into their planetary positions and there are golden sparkles everywhere? The meaning of this vision changes based on the presence of and message from the angel you witnessed. The idea of talking to an angel by itself suggests someone you know may be about to pass from this life. The message itself, however, clearly tells you that there is nothing to worry about. This is reflected in the previous image of the night sky. The night sky is often associated with spirituality and enlightenment. It is reasonable to interpret this as related to the passing of your special person. Your initial reaction may be to blame your God or resist religion as a coping mechanism, forcing your life into a tailspin of sadness and despair. The image of the calm sky at the end shows that continuing to trust and rely on your spiritual rights and prayers would help you find peace and understanding in this difficult time.
The moon colliding with the sun I am female, and had a dream of the moon rushing into the sun, and then coming out of the sun later to its normal place. It was evening and the sun was about to set. Looking at the sky is often associated with spirituality and enlightenment in the dream universe. The unusual position of the sun and moon is likely related to some troubling period you have recently gone through or some tragedy from your past. You may tend to blame God for what has happened or resist using religion to cope with your feelings, forcing your life into a tailspin of sadness and despair. The image of the sky returned to normal at the end shows that continuing to trust and rely on your spiritual traditions and prayer would help you find peace and understanding.
Faces in the night sky made of clouds I was standing in my driveway with my parents, it was night time and the sky was coated in stars. In the distance there were a few fireworks. I later looked into the night sky and I could vividly see about 10 faces made of clouds. The stars had disappeared, there were 3 male faces, the rest female. My parents said they couldn't see the faces. What could this mean? The fireworks in your dream refer to wonderful opportunities in your future. However, there is a downside to fireworks as symbols in dreams. The imagery means your excitement about fulfilling your goals may get to your head. There is a likelihood that the amount of blessings you receive would make you feel entitled or arrogant. Similarly, the starry sky reveals your desire to achieve your full potential and find your true purpose. The path to get closer to your ambition is going to be within your reach if you play your cards right since the numerous stars symbolize success and the high possibility of enlightenment. On the other hand, the clouds in your starry sky allude to uncertainties and self-doubt. There may be personalities in your social circle making you doubt your decisions and capability to succeed. If you allow them to influence you and dampen your enthusiasm, you could miss out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. As such, the challenge for you would be to remain focused on your goals and to keep believing in your ability to triumph over adversity.
The sky splitting Seeing the sky split an seeing the stars and four earths in the rip while it's daylight? Seeing a rip in the sky in dreams is an allusion to growing depression. Something could occur which would cast a shadow over your positive worldview. The stars coming through the rip of the daytime sky point to the darkness you have been trying to suppress for a while now. Perhaps you are doing your best to stay optimistic and cheerful despite all the negative energy around you. Unfortunately, some of the troubling news and occurrences in your surroundings may be affecting your upbeat mindset. Then again, it is just a rip, so for the most part you are still in control of your emotions.
In a fighter jet which is about to crash Female. I was in a fighter jet, behind the second seat was perhaps 5 or 6 feet of open space. I was harnessed to the ceiling behind the two pilots. They never turned around so I couldn't see their faces. We started out upside down but then the jet flipped and immediately went into a nosedive. I couldn't breathe at first but then a feeling of exhilaration came over me. I didn't feel we were crashing. I woke up and saw yellow and orange ribbons of light trailing across my wall and then out my window. Dreams containing images of being in a fighter jet or some other fast-flying aircraft reveal your adventurous nature, but also your tendency to get yourself involved in risky or dangerous activities or endeavors. Being unable to breathe in this dream points to some plans or thoughts you have been entertaining in waking life which you think could bring some excitement and thrills if you green-light them and turn them into reality. However, the notion of not being able to see who was steering the plane serves as a warning to carefully consider your options before embarking on things which seem fun at first, but which can quickly become something less desirable, if not disastrous. In a sense, yellow and orange lights you saw after waking up are metaphors for making a stop and planning your next steps in a more careful, rational manner.
Moon split in half and bright stars I saw a moon split in half and so many bright stars and also some people were flying? The moon as a dream symbol often symbolizes a mother figure in your life. It could also be anyone or anything that holds significant power or influence over you. As such, seeing the moon split in half means you may be questioning the methods or motivations of an authority figure. Something this person did or a recent discovery could tarnish your impression of him or her which means their influence over you would be diminished. Meanwhile, the bright stars and flying people reveal an open mind. Once a long-held belief or loyalty to someone is shattered, other perspectives and possible role models would appear as options. Maybe you are exploring new ideas and points of views with your newfound freedom.
Drawing Solar system I saw I am drawing Solar system in my dream. Outer space and the cosmos are often tied to the idea of opportunity and fate. Because you are drawing the solar system in this vision, it is possible that your subconscious is telling you that you are the master of your own destiny. You have complete control over the direction and outcome of your life. This is both very powerful and very scary. If you have been presented with some options and are not sure which path to follow, you might want to rely less on your rational thinking and more on your gut instincts. This would be a good time to forge a new path for yourself, one that you may have felt was impossible before. Right now, the possibilities are endless, so you should take advantage of the energy and opportunity that is on your side at the moment.
A white boat in the sky A dream about a white boat going up in the sky. A white boat means you are looking forward to a new beginning. The color white signifies cleansing and a desire to free yourself of negative energy. So the combination of both the boat and the color white depicts an upcoming journey towards enlightenment and self-actualization. You are ready to face the next chapter of your life. Whether this is a good or bad phase depends on the state of the sky in your dream vision. Typically, if the sky is clear and blue, then you can expect blessings and a relatively problem-free future. Sky also symbolizes possibility which means you are headed towards a promising career and a freedom to express your creativity. You are entering a period of infinite potential, so be prepared to maximize this fortuitous moment.
A cosmic shower and people ascending Hi Team, I saw a very bizarre dream, it was like I am standing in an open ground shrub area with some unknown people around and witnessing a formation of cosmic shower, and I hear saying "Cosmos calling out on us to get inside" but I and few others hesitate, only two of us gets on a flying ferry, a swirl happens, soon after we see a beautiful tree-like white structure appears in sky and vanishes. And then both the people who went in sitting on a bench on a hillside are smiling at us. Dreaming about cosmic ray shower or air shower is an allusion to the formation of your own hopes and dreams. Being surrounded by strangers during this event means that you would meet a lot of new faces while you are on your journey of achieving your life goals. You could inspire each other to dream big or have a friendly competition. Alternatively, these are the people who share the same dreams as you do and the only way to get to the next level is to take a risk. For some of you, the risk would pay off. For instance, the tree denotes growth and success. As such, your subconscious is encouraging you to take a leap of faith for the sake of your aspirations.
People falling out of the sky I'm a female and I had a dream I was somewhere in a beautiful sunny open field with unfamiliar faces, but suddenly I heard someone saying a fat black man falling out of the sky and suddenly a lot of people falls out of the sky in my dream. I feel hopeless and confused as well as distant and sad. I have a lot going on in my life right now and just want to know what this means. Although you felt hopeless and sad during this dream vision, the overall interpretation of the symbols present in it is quite positive. The notion that the people started falling from the sky during daytime is a prediction of soon having positive, beneficial encounters which could help you overcome your current issues or predicaments with the help of others. The fat black man from the dream most likely represents the leader of such a group of people you are about to come into contact with, or it could be a reference to someone more powerful or capable than you who will be willing to extend a helping hand without asking much in return.
Space capsules falling from the sky I was with a group of people leaving a farmer's field, heading to our car and this giant "thing" fell from the sky. It was the size of a vehicle and it crashed in front of us. It looked like a rocket or space capsule or space shuttle. Something they would put in space to record things for research. We panicked and another one fell, then another. We run to this "shack". It was bigger than a shed but smaller than a house. A few fell on the roof but we were still safe. They didn't crash through. Finding yourself in a farmland in your dream means you need to work on yourself to reach your full potential. In this context, the giant satellites or aircraft symbolize the enormous challenges you need to overcome in order to become the best version of yourself. These obstacles could be rivals and enemies you need defeat, or they could be your own failings and weaknesses you have to quell. This whole process of transformation will begin once you accept an opportunity. Taking shelter in the shack represents your current state of mind. The shack is not strong by itself, but it has the foundations of your beliefs and values that are essential in keeping you focused.
Being pushed into the sky My dream was I was being pushed out of my house and into the sky... I felt like I was awake but not still sleeping, I couldn't move at all trying to wake myself up. Being forcibly removed from your house could signal that you are pressured into interacting with certain groups or a particular person in reality. Your words or actions towards them may be used against you, however, and turn you into a subject of ridicule in your social circles. But being pushed from inside the house to the sky could also reveal that your connections to these people also bring some benefits, perhaps in the form of networking or social currency. Your inability to move reveals this internal conflict between the negative and positive aspects of your relationships. Perhaps you need to spend more time reflecting on what you want and need from your interactions with others.
Granddaughter drowning I was with my grand babies and my granddaughter was riding her bike. I was walking with my grandson. We were ahead of her and all of a sudden I didn't hear her anymore. I turned around and said where is she. When I looked she had fallen into a canal but was still on the bike under water and couldn't get off. I screamed and was trying to get to her but my grandson wouldn't let go of my hand. As I was pulling away from him saying "Let go!" I awoke in panic almost in tears. The image of your granddaughter riding a bike represents your optimism about her future. Perhaps you view her as a free spirit who will be drawn to the arts or a life filled with adventure. She is probably very curious and likes to explore new places. Unfortunately, witnessing her fall into a canal means her parents are probably strict with her and her brother. Much as you would like to encourage her to follow her passion, perhaps her parents are far too practical and cautious which limits her creativity. Ultimately, you are torn between letting their parents raise your grandchildren according to their parenting style and intervening when you see them unhappy and being forced to pursue activities they have no interest in.
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