A car crashing through a window A car crashing through my lounge window. The car crashing through your window symbolizes a traumatic or shocking incident that would stir you into action. Up to this point, you have been cruising pleasantly in your comfort zone. Unfortunately, you cannot lounge around any longer because an emergency, possibly involving a loved one, would force you to get out of your comfort zone and take a little risk for the good of yourself and the important people in your life. This would also allow you to re-evaluate your existence and help you realize how much you are missing out in this world because of your procrastination or lack of initiative.
Helping someone at the mall I am at the mall and no one is there except these two boys. One is lying on the ground and the other is over him trying to wake him up. I go over and help. I do CPR on the boy. Malls in dreams symbolize materialism and facades or outward appearances. Being inside a mall in your dream connotes a need to make a good impression on someone. This matches with the image of the two boys at the mall, a symbol that suggests you are waiting for news. Perhaps you are waiting for your boss to give you a promotion, or maybe you need a family member to do something for you. In either case, having to perform CPR on one of the boys could reveal things not working out in your favor. However, all is not lost. While you are unlikely to succeed at this particular goal, you are likely to grow and develop you character, which would help you in later endeavors.
Saving someone's baby from drowning I dreamt that after making friends with a family of three, we (my partner and new "friends") went on a boat ride on a canal or river. Their baby fell into the water, I alerted the baby's dad and we both dived head first into the deep water. I saved the baby and had to help the dad out too. Sailing in a boat is symbolic of your tendency to get bored easily or make drama where none is needed. Instead of calmly letting things run their course, you tend to stick your nose into business that is not yours and stoke the fires, getting others riled up for your own entertainment. The baby falling into the water and your attempts to save the baby and its father are symbolic of your more mature, reasonable self that is attempting to literally pull you out of situations where your involvement could make everything become more complicated. In essence, this vision can be interpreted as a warning to keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself so that you do not get in over your head. If you continue to insert yourself into situations that do not require your input, you could end up in a real conflict of your own.
Falling down the stairs Everywhere I was going I would fall down the stairs. Going downstairs in the dream world is synonymous with moving further away from your goals and true purpose. Falling, then, could be interpreted literally as moving quickly away from what you once considered important. Perhaps you have recently made some bad decisions that do not really align with who you are and what you want. This vision may be a warning to start focusing on what you want out of life and to move in a direction conducive to those goals.
A road accident caused by ice I had a very realistic dream where I was driving in a white truck by myself, while driving around a curve, a man told me to slow down and watch for the ice on the road. I did slow down but however still spun out of control and flipped the truck. It hit a maroon truck during the spinning and finally stopping in a corner off the side of the highway. After regaining consciousness I could feel my right lung collapsing and I couldn't breath and blood was cold and pouring from the back of my head. Driving is often considered synonymous with our journey through life, so driving a truck and then getting into a car accident may reveal an upcoming challenge or difficulty you would face on the road to happiness. The spinning out of control and flipped vehicle represents the feelings you would go through during this period, namely confusion, hurt and disappointment. The source of your troubles could be tied to the image of your collapsed lung, as the imagery of lungs serves as a reminder that life is fleeting and you should learn not only to live your life to the fullest, you also need to learn how to appreciate what you have. Every little blessing, from friends, opportunities and experiences needs to be treasured because neglecting to be thankful can attract bad karma. In essence, this vision is telling you to appreciate the little things even during hard times.
In a truck plunging into water I dreamed I was in a new house under construction, just the frame work up. The bedroom was really large, could see the garage. My sister was there. Then I was in a truck driven by a friend, she accidentally went too close to the water and when correcting the truck it went in. I was able to get out, and hung on to the edge of the water wall with my fingers. I called my sister for help. I dreamed I sold my house for a large amount of money. That is why I was building a new one in first dream. When you dream that you are building a home for yourself, you can interpret this vision as a sign of good things to come. Look forward to improvements in your life which will be quite substantial. Selling your old home in order to build the new one, then, refers to actively making these changes to your life through your own efforts. For example, you may be starting a new diet or exercise plan, or perhaps you have recently decided to study a new subject or begin meditation. The source of your current troubles which you are changing may be related to the car your friend was driving and the subsequent accident within this dream, as this may be a symbol that some of your acquaintances in wake life, not necessarily this particular friend, have undue power over you. This vision is a sign you are ready to move on from their bad influence and take control of bettering your circumstances.
Daughter hurt in a car accident My 14-year old daughter was in a car wreck with her friend. As she was walking away from the crash unhurt the car exploded and a piece of metal shaped like a snake flew off and hit her in the back, it burnt into her back and paralyzed her. What does this mean? This vision speaks much of your concern for your daughter's future as well as your hopes for what she might accomplish. Specifically, cars and car accidents are usually considered indicators of change in an individual's life. As her mother, you are watching as your daughter grows from a child who needs guidance to a young woman who is capable of taking care of herself. It is natural to consider what events and situations she might encounter. The snake-shaped object that burns her back and paralyzes her, however, can be interpreted as a sign of being open to new possibilities. Her destiny is somewhere inside her, and her potential is waiting to be unlocked. The best you can do for her is to help her discover her true talents and passions.
Causing fire with a cigarette Right after I lit up my cigarette everything surrounding me was on fire. Lighting or smoking a cigarette can mean that you intend to quit this habit, though it can also refer to a goal your are currently working on to achieve. In combination with the dream symbol of a fire starting from nowhere, the cigarette refers more to the latter interpretation which is a good sign. This means you will soon get what you want, whether it is a material possession or a promotion at work. It can even symbolize an addition to your family, perhaps a baby or a pet, which will add much joy and levity to your family life.
Injuring a baby in the kitchen Female, 55. Me in my kitchen, pulled a stainless steel cookie sheet out, lost grip of it, it flew over my shoulder and landed across the kitchen. My sister's baby in a carrier, the cookie sheet landed, baby's head was cut open, you could see inside top and in back. No blood. The ears were cut on top, I held baby's head together. I struggled to know which hospital would be best to take the baby, who to call. Couldn't find a cell phone. No one was helping. Someone else had baby's head opened up in half between something. To see a baby's head get cut open means you have a business idea or project which is keeping you preoccupied. Certain parts of this undertaking is giving you difficulty, so this symbolism in your dream is a reflection of your struggle to implement your ideas. Even the kitchen reveals your frustrations. It symbolizes hindrances to your plans and bothersome details in your upcoming future. Unfortunately, this nuisance will also affect your loved ones negatively. You could drag them into your own affairs even though they want nothing to do with it. To avoid getting into this predicament, you could benefit from seeking professional help and prepare yourself adequately before taking on a big responsibility or venture.
Losing intestines in a snow accident First I was propelled out of a sled into the snow but I wasn't hurt. Later, I somehow fell out of a plane and landed into the snow. My back hurt when I got up. I touched my back and saw my intestines were hanging out of my back. I told my mom I think something is seriously wrong and she said I was fine. Then I showed her my back and she saw my intestines and I said that it was nothing and refused to take me to the hospital. I felt very hurt and sad. Dreaming about falling into the snow suggests occasional bouts of frustration and uncertainty regarding your current projects. Even though some events and roadblocks are out of your control, you should avoid putting yourself in risky situations by being more attentive. Furthermore, the symbol of the plane should be considered a warning that those projects would become busier in the near future. It may even predict disappointment and trouble. For example, you may not be able to completely concentrate on the goals you want to achieve. This is followed by the last main symbol of this vision, which is finding yourself hurt or injured in an accident. This portent holds both positive and negative meanings in dream visions. On one hand, it predicts upcoming complications that could negatively affect your mental and physical health. However, it also tends to mean that you would ultimately overcome all those impediments if you focus on your objectives. This knowledge that you would eventually be victorious could help you persevere through the difficulties and hardships to come.
Fire at the stall with horses I dreamt that I went to a horse stable to help out. The place had just got 6 new dark foals. And I could see them in a stall together, lying down enjoying the sun. As I clean other stalls, fire just starts up everywhere, on the tree and road. In a panic, I release some of the horses. The fires don't last very long. The last of it, I watched a tree branch catch fire, burn and then extinguish. It was now night time, and I'm at the barn. I see the six foals cuddling each other and sleeping. The scenery of the horse stable is considered symbolic of prosperity and happiness, both current and potential. You have likely been blessed with many good things in life, as both the stable and horses point toward an abundance of love, energy and contentment in your surroundings. The sudden fire, despite causing you to panic and worry, is actually a sign associated with success and achievement. This, combined with the dark foals sleeping peacefully at the end of the vision, portends domestic bliss and serenity in your household for the foreseeable future. The atmosphere of your household would be most pleasant and agreeable, bringing you much happiness and satisfaction.
A motorcycle burning in the garage fire Yesterday my husband hooked up a new outdoor light pole above the garage. Its power source is through the electricity in the garage. Last night I dreamed the garage suddenly caught on fire from the continuous electrical current and my husband's motorcycle that was housed inside blew up, blowing up the whole garage. Seeing your husband installing the light pole above the garage means you feel excluded by some of your husband's activities. Perhaps he is becoming more and more invested in his hobby or he is always going out with his group of friends. Since you do not share their interests, there are times when you are probably not invited. Alternatively, after turning down invites so many times, your husband has given up on convincing you to try out his hobby or to give his friends a chance. Similarly, the motorcycle symbolizes your husband's independent and adventurous nature. There could be a part of you which resents his risk-taking ways. You want him to settle down and be more cautious, especially about your family. Therefore, the fire points to transformation. He will soon let go of his impractical hobbies or passions for the benefit of your family. His realization about setting priorities will strengthen your marriage. On the other hand, this could also reveal your unspoken wish that he focuses more of his time and energy on your family. It is still up to him whether or not he believes his interests are detrimental or beneficial to your partnership.
Stomach injured during an accident I had an accident and my stomach opened. But a lady assisted me. An injury to your stomach, such as an open wound or a gaping hole, predicts emotional turmoil. The accident refers to a series of obstacles which will cause a lot of stress and subsequent mental breakdown. The psychological strain may be due to your tendency to keep your problems to yourself because you do not want to burden others. Fortunately, the lady who helped you in the dream refers to a good Samaritan. At the height of your distress, a compassionate soul will sense your suffering and extend a helping hand. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship as well.
Trying to swim after a boat and ship collision My dream is about me riding a small boat with other people I don't know. I was the only passenger awake, then I saw a big ship colliding with the boat I was on, I sunk under the water. I thought I would die but I resurfaced in the water and tried to swim even if I don't know how. My dream ended with me trying to keep swimming and looking for something to hold onto. Being in a small boat at the beginning of your vision alludes to some health problems in wake life that, while not life threatening, could make your day to day activities more difficult. This could include anything from temporary injuries, like a broken leg, to a consistent issue, like diabetes or high-blood pressure. The tension dealing with this medical condition would cause is likely related to the second symbol, which is the collision of your boat with the much larger ship. The image portends butting heads with someone in wake life, likely someone who is actually trying to help you. For example, if you are married, your spouse's attempts to care for and comfort you could make you feel like an infant and incapable of doing things for yourself. Of course, if you are treated like a baby or child, you would be upset and ready to lash out at those who no longer see you as strong and capable. The final image, being trapped underwater but eventually resurfacing, suggests you would be able to overcome these emotions and accept your situation. The grace with which you conduct yourself would earn you the respect and affection of those who care about you in reality.
Drowning in the car with ex This is a dream an ex came to me about yesterday. "Me and you fell off a building in my car into a lake and I get you and me out the seat belts, but I was getting dragged to the bottom and you started to get attacked by something and I kept fighting to come help you, but I then just saw you get separated and I woke up just messed up in the head all day". Your ex's dream about drowning in a car together could mean that they experience a lot of frustration and sadness because you split up. Perhaps your ex is sensing that the break up was rushed in some way by you or that you two still have some feelings for each other or things that did not have a proper closure. The notion of your ex fighting to save you in the dream is perhaps an allusion to some unfinished business or people you both know and communicate with that are still present in both of your now separate lives. Being dragged to the bottom in this accident also points to your ex's strong emotional side, so perhaps your ex is trying to appeal to your feelings in order to either win you back or to move on with your lives.
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