Finding new rooms in the house My dream was about finding many new rooms in my home, as I was showing the house to my daughter-in-law. I also discovered other people living or working in some of the rooms. New rooms in your house may reveal budding areas of interest or talent. In the dream world, your home tends to be the manifestation of yourself, so seeing parts of it you do not recognize could show where you are developing as an individual. This could be related to a habit you have recently taken up, an activity you have become involved in, or a new aspect of your personality you are working on. The idea that other people were living and working there could allude to some instability caused by these changes. You may need to get others involved in this process in order to maintain your current progress.
Barbecuing with a girlfriend I became a boy in my dream and my girl best friend became my girlfriend. My mother gave me hotdogs. And I cooked something together with my best friend outdoor. For a female, dreaming about becoming a male could allude to some upcoming situation that would be rather unusual or rare. Just as changing genders is a major shift, so does this vision suggest that the event in question would have a profound impact on your way of thinking or your interactions with others. You may not realize the full extent of this until much later, however. The type of situation can be gleaned from the image of you cooking outdoors. This symbol is often associated with the idea of successful romances or beneficial relationships. It is likely, then, that you would meet someone new by chance who would turn out to play a major role in your life.
Reptiles and frogs inside the house I dreamt that on a windy day we had left the windows and doors open. We returned to a house full of frogs, baby frogs, colorful lizards and a snake-like reptile (the snake was mating). I take the broom and try cleaning the mess and brooming them all out of the house. I touch the snake and it becomes bigger and it blesses me. We had left some milk on the burner which was reduced to half and a vessel with oil which was burning. I wasn't scared, it was a pleasant dream. Dreaming about a great many frogs inside your house has negative connotations. It signifies that you are about to get in some serious trouble with your relatives or those who are close to you. Such a situation could bring discord within your home. The notion of getting rid of the frogs symbolizes that you would try to resolve these conflicts on your own and may even become successful in doing so. On the other hand, a close contact with a snake is suggestive of a unique opportunity which is about to come your way. This would help you overcome all your problems and is something which you must grab with both hands. The idea of a good prospect is perhaps what puts you at ease and provides you with a pleasant feeling, thus explaining why you were not scared of the dream despite its terrifying imagery.
A miscarriage and a house break in I had a dream about having a miscarriage but I'm not pregnant. It then switches to a different dream where my family is involved in a shooting and house break in and I find myself somehow stopping it. I have no clue what it means. Please help. Dreaming about a miscarriage, if you are not pregnant in reality, may be an allusion to health issues. Perhaps you are taking part in unhealthy activities or habits, maybe even harboring self-destructive attitude or perspective. In addition, a miscarriage also symbolizes failure. You may be handling a particularly challenging project or venture which is not quite working out the way you had imagined. Similarly, the break in towards the end of your dream reveals your insecurities. You could be questioning your skills and capabilities. Your attitude and self-esteem may be the root of your previous failures and your subconscious is trying to reveal this weakness to you so you can overcome your personal issues and avoid repeating the same mistakes.
A neighbor moving into the house I am a female. My dream was that my next door neighbor was swapping homes with me. But already he was in my home putting in his kitchen cupboards and cooker. Dreaming about swapping houses with your neighbor indicates upcoming changes in your life. It portends events which would completely alter the way you live when your current situation would undergo a major upheaval. These alterations could be related to new relationships or a new job. The way you handle these situations would actually determine whether these would turn in your favor or against you. However, the notion of your neighbor trying to set things up in your home signifies difficult times ahead of you, which could be related to the major changes taking place. Try to take things in stride and focus on important issues to get through.
Having troubles while in a swimming pool Going into a swimming pool and being trapped in a bear trap and then being attacked by a shark and then saved by someone. Dreaming about swimming and being trapped underwater in the process could symbolize great difficulties to be faced in the near future. You may find yourself in a situation filled with problems and obstacles which you may not be able to overcome on your own. A task or project you are presently trying to complete could prove to be futile as you would not be able to act appropriately under pressure. If you are unaware of anything around you starting to become complicated at the moment, it could intensify the magnitude of feeling helpless in the future.
Being led into the basement by someone I had this recurring dream since before I could remember till I moved out of my childhood home. I wake up in my dream and a blue figure is at the end of my bed, I am led downstairs until I am outside into the night around the back of my old house. I stop at a trap door in the wall, ground level, into what would be my basement if it existed in real life and inside is a masquerade with slow low music. It's all very eerie but I am void of emotion, they all slowly turn to me and I ease awake calm. The basement in your dream represents subconscious thoughts and intuition. Perhaps the blue figure leading you to the trap door entrance to the basement is a representation of sadness. Whenever you are spiraling into depression or wallowing in negative emotions, you tend to escape to the world inside your head for self-preservation. Similarly, the masquerade suggests escapism and an inability to face the obstacles in reality. Perhaps you are indulging in unhealthy habits as your coping mechanism, hence your subconscious is forcing you to clean up you act and be accountable for your actions.
Hiding under a porch with others I'm a male, age 23. I have had this dream for about a decade. I'm hiding under a wooden porch with a group of people, and right when we are found, and before I see their face, I wake up. Hiding from someone or something in a dream could mean you are preoccupied with keeping some secrets or shameful aspects related to your past. The notion that it is a recurring dream could mean that you are constantly being bothered by your conscience and therefore are not able to move on in the right direction, perhaps because you are forced to follow some values or rules people around are pressuring you to accept. Being unable to see the faces of people who were with you in this dream is an indication that someone in your circle is constantly attempting to deceive you by gaining your trust or using your weaknesses.
House flooded because of a broken washing machine My friend was over at my house, he used the washing machine but he used it wrong. It exploded and flooded the entire house with waves and waves of water. When you dream about water flooding your house, it could mean that there is some kind of battle going on between good and evil inside you or around you. Your friend coming over to use the washing machine in this dream could signify someone you know closely who may end up causing issues which you may have no control over and which could directly affect your life. A sequence of events similar to envisioned in this dream could be about to happen in your life, so be wary of any ill intentions coming from those around you.
Finding additional space inside the house I have a dream every so often, that I will find a whole separate wing of my house. That no one knows is there. It's an entire apartment. But it is very dirty and unlivable. Yet I feel excited I found it, and want to be there. Your own house is a familiar place that should be completely known to you. Saying that in your dream you discover a separate wing could be related to your own unawareness about certain aspects of yourself, as if the house was you and the separate wing was a part of your personality that you could be ignoring or making sure that other people cannot detect. Mentioning that although the space was dirty and seemed unlivable and you still wanted to be there could reveal that you are ready to give attention to the parts of your personality which will probably not please others but which you still need to address in order to feel complete.
Unpleasant atmosphere of the bedroom and an ex I was standing in the bedroom in our old house. Walls were orange in color. There were many deep cracks on the walls. I was overhearing someone was arguing with an angry voice outside the room. The bedroom's door was wide open and my ex-boyfriend was standing at door step. Dreaming about being in the bedroom of your old house could mean that there is something bothering you recently about your past, while the orange color of the walls and the cracks point to feelings of instability or imbalance, like something you were hoping for is falling apart right before your eyes and you are unable to piece it all together. It seems as if you have been affected by some negative events of your past and you are feeling uncomfortable having to deal with them again, hence the angry voice coming from outside the room.
Blood in tap water and toilet Opened a tap to get water, after went to use the toilet. The water came mixed with blood and my hands became blood stained. A dream where you see blood in water is a bad omen. It points to upcoming misfortune about to fall on your household. Blood is also related to family, so the coming obstacle could be directly linked to familial bonds and conflict with loved ones. You may have been ignoring the signs of trouble for a while now and the cracks of conflict are starting to show due to neglect. Perhaps one way to avoid further problems is to confront the issue head on. You may need to develop the strength to recognize your own flaws and failures in order to obtain clarity in finding a resolution.
Hearing a door bell ring I dream regularly that the door bell rings when I am asleep and I am awake at that point. Female 37 years. Dreaming about someone ringing your doorbell is a sign of anticipation. You could be anxious to receive some promising and delightful news regarding something important to you, something which you think could change your life for the better. Because you mentioned that the noise forces you to wake up from the dream, you could also be hoping that this news will most likely take you by surprise when it does arrive.
Water pouring from a window Water pouring out of a window due to flooding. To dream about water pouring out of something could be a sign that you have witnessed or been involved in a conflict or disagreement. This vision, then, is a warning that you must do something about it or else face the repercussions of not resolving the problem. Your role as a witness should compel you to speak about the truth, as failure to do so could harm someone else's welfare, peace of mind and safety.
Objects in the room spinning and changing A dream where everything is spinning and then drops, and when I wake up objects around room are bigger or smaller than normal and appear to breath or move. I am a male, I have had this happen 3 times over the course of my life, the first time was when I was 5. This vision has two distinct symbols that stand out, particularly due to their recurring nature. The first symbol is that of the spinning room. Envisioning everything around you spinning or whirling points to short periods of great change, either positive or negative. As a child, for example, you may have seen this dream around the time of a growth spurt, your entry into formal education or at a time when you understood something important about the world around you. For an adult, this type of symbol is often connected to changes in employment or living situations. Because the nature or result of the change cannot be determined clearly in reality, the distorted, moving objects around the room, the second symbol, is understandable. Seeing objects breathe or moved in an animated fashion is often seen as a reflection of your emotions in wake life, namely that you feel unsure of what to expect or lack the security needed to feel comfortable where you are. Considering the first symbol, it seems that periods of change may cause you some anxiety and unease. While you may not be able to control those changes, you can meditate to alleviate some stress or try to focus your energy on more consistent areas of your life, like family or a hobby.
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