Sitting in a bathroom I am seeing myself in a dream sitting in the bathroom. Dreaming about being in a bathroom indicates you will successfully eliminate false beliefs or opinions about things around you. Usually this involves reshaping your outlook on life and learning to deal with the world in a completely new and different way.
Animals around the bed For the past 2-3 days, I am having dreams which are disturbing me. One night I dreamt of a cat moving around my bed and I was panicked to see that. Next night I had a dream of a dog around my bed with a bed corner eaten. Also my husband had a dream that he saw some known face (lady), invited her over but vaguely remembers that her face started resembling something evil. These dreams you are describing DO have something in common and carry negative emotional connotations. To dream about a cat near your bed means that you are about to experience a sudden event affecting your family member and involving behavior or actions coming from a female. The vision of a dog near your bed means there may be periods of personal havoc and devastation related to someone whom you cannot distance yourself from due to emotional attachment to this person. Torn or broken off piece of your bed signifies death event (one of our sources states “spouse”). Finally, if your husband experienced a dream about a face showing evil expressions - he may be going through events or circumstances he does not want to happen to him.
Laundry on a clothesline What does this dream mean: there was white big clothes hanged in about 1O lines, then came the wind. I was trying to take it out and I pulled 2 lines then a heavy wind came took away the clothes in my hands. I looked worried then came a word look up. I saw white and blue clouds opened. Dreaming about collecting clothes or laundry drying on a clothesline means that you may be presented with an opportunity to receive (inherit) some money or material benefits. In your dream you said the clothes were blown away by the wind, which means you might be prevented from taking advantage of this chance by some circumstances beyond your control. The vision of skies opening above you represents the possibility of other favorable circumstances you may encounter in the future, so if you do not benefit in the first place, it should not concern or disappoint you because there are more opportunities coming your way.
Stuff inside the house destroyed In my dream I was in a big house with people I didn't know. They destroyed all of my stuff and this one woman ran over my laptop on her motorbike. I screamed and shouted at them, but it was like it wasn't there. I then went into another room and screamed and broke down. Dreaming of having a house (or its contents) being partially or completely destroyed can be a sign of moving to a new location, having financial troubles, experiencing a death in the family, or getting a divorce. The notion of you breaking down in the dream could also mean it might take some time for you to recover from these losses or unexpected changes.
Stuck in a house with a witch chasing I am stuck in a house that has a lot of traps and secret places and in the meantime of trying to find my way around I am trying to get killed by a witch, but I find an escape route. To dream of seeing yourself being stuck in the house and not being able to get out for some reason is a sign of negative circumstances happening soon, or it could be a sign of an unhappy life because of the rumors and slandering being deceitfully done behind your back. Dreaming about being chased by a witch is a sign of not being able to succeed in business plans or it could also mean some minor issues happening around your household.
A swimming pool with clear water I dreamed that I was swimming in a very clear water in the swimming pool. Dreaming about swimming in the limpid waters of a swimming pool often is a positive sign. Namely, you could soon fall head-over-heels for someone or start a remarkably intense romantic affair. These romantic feelings would make you forget your daily responsibilities and duties. Moreover, crystal clear waters suggest that the relationship would be beneficial and rewarding for both of you. Alternatively, this dream could mean that you could soon meet or re-unite with an old acquaintance for whom you used to have feelings. This encounter could re-ignite these past emotions and you could end up subconsciously wishing to get back together with this person. Overall, the dream speaks of experiencing positive and most probably romantic emotions.
A knock on the door Hard knock on a wooden door, that woke me. Dreaming about hearing a knock on the door is a positive sign of receiving some pleasant and delightful news in the nearest future. If this knocking noise in your dream caused you to wake up, this means that this news or announcement will be quite unexpected or take you by a great surprise.
An old and untidy house I saw my house as very old and untidy in my dream. To dream of seeing your house being old or discovering it is in a bad condition because it needs repairs is a sign that unfavorable occurrences or situations are about to occur which you will have to face and resolve. Dreaming that your house is unclean could represent a possibility of moving to a new location, having financial troubles, experiencing a death in the family or getting a divorce. It is also a warning that advises you to take some time and re-assess the aspects of your life which might eventually be causing these possible problematic outcomes.
House flooded I dreamt that I arrived home to find my kitchen faucet running. I turned off the water to find that the first floor was flooded, but the flood did not damage the furniture only the floor and while I was dreaming I realized I was just dreaming and that my house in real life was not flooded. I started to clean away the water. The water flooding your house in your dream signifies there is a battle going on between good and evil in your life, whether in you internally or around you. Receding flood water symbolizes you could lose in the fight against a powerful, dangerous influence or an undesirable circumstance. Cleaning the water after this event could represent the fact that you are already struggling to overcome these undesirable circumstances or occurrences.
A house with no door and helping to hide people inside I was staying in a house without a door and a small store room with door. Suddenly communal riots began and few of my relatives and their known people came for shelter. I give them my store room with door to hide and remain in outer hall of the house without the door. Few men with weapons in their hands come for checking, but leave without harming me. Dreaming of being inside a house without doors or windows could contain a warning. Someone close to you, such as a close friend or family member, might pass away. The death would have a profound impact on their family. Alternatively, the dream could reveal that you tend to feel isolated and avoid dealing with the outside world and other people directly. Nevertheless, you might be forced to start doing this due to some external circumstances. This is suggested by the image of the riot and of having the family and the strangers inside the house due to some emergency. The strangers entering the house could further reveal the possible need to contact or deal with authorities or social agencies for some personal issues or concerns. In the dream, you were not affected by the visitors. This could mean that the mentioned organizations might not be of help in resolving your personal issues or concerns. You would be responsible for solving these issues completely on your own. Still, being sheltered inside the house and barricading yourself translates the ability to ward off any negative circumstances appearing in your life. Overall, the dream speaks of how some external events might force you to deal with displeasing matters. You would have little help, but you would not be exposed to danger or menace.
Walking barefoot on a dirty floor I was walking barefoot on a very dirty wet floor and in the end I met my husband and some friends. Being barefoot in a dream while walking on dirty dump floor could symbolize the existence of uncertainties or concerns. It is possible that you currently face some dubious, unfamiliar, displeasing or frightful situation. This specially applies if you were not enjoying the walk. Moreover, the situation might involve people that are close to you, such as your family or close friends. Alternatively, you would feel the need of seeking their support and comfort. You might benefit from trying to prioritize your everyday routines and avoiding any extraordinary, new or irregular behaviors and circumstances. This strategy could prevent you from experiencing unexpected or negative complications.
Boyfriend leaving to go shopping, cleaning a handbag, fighting with ants. I seem to be bothered at my boyfriend leaving me at his house as he goes shopping with his friends! I wanted leave his house and go to mine! Then I clean up a handbag! Ants crawled up my arms and legs! Was fighting them in despair as his friends watched.... Should I be worried? The scenes of being left behind while your boyfriend goes shopping with his friends could be an indication of your concerns and worries related to the lack of attention or affection coming from him. Cleaning a handbag is a reflection of the current state of your mind when you try to analyze and reassess the relationship with your boyfriend, possibly the impact his friends could have on it. Ants in a dream usually signify possible relocation to a larger (more industrialized) city in search of a better job or for some other reasons, especially this is true if you happened to see these ants in large numbers in your dream. Fighting with the ants is a subconscious reflection of your unwillingness or aversion to such a move or relocation.
Gardener and dog poop on the lawn Dream that my gardener was cutting my yard, but left part as he showed me that it was covered in dog poop. The vision of a gardener at work is usually associated with starting a relationship with someone who would be very useful and beneficial to you. The vision of dog poop on your lawn is symbolic of money being involved in your relationship with another person or people. In the context of this dream, you could be going through some questionable dealings or proceedings where money would be playing a major role. These events, after they happen, might leave you empty-handed or undermine your current relationship with other people whom you would be dealing with.
Co-workers in the bedroom, one using a sink Dreamed on 2 different occasions that colleagues of mine were in our main bedroom. One was using the hand sink to wash. If you happened to dream about your co-workers being inside or visiting your house and you felt as if you did not like the fact they were present, this is symbolic of upcoming news. You might soon receive an important task or assignment. This added responsibility would not necessarily be work-related. Moreover, your colleagues went to your bedroom. This could suggest that this activity could be of a personal nature or affect your private life. Seeing one of these co-workers or colleagues using a sink to wash could be a sign of possible temporary or permanent separation from your significant half or a close friend. This parting would be caused by the upcoming assignment. This could be how the new duty would affect your private life. Overall, this dream speaks of upcoming changes coming into your life, which could leave a lasting imprint on you because of their nature and possible implications.
Private bathroom becoming public and interacting with dogs I have a big house and I'm sharing it with a man and happy, then that person left and time passed. I discovered that my bathroom has a second door to some public place and that people are using my bathroom as a public one. I was angry and tried to make people stop using it by closing the door. I go out feeling good and see a woman with several dogs, two of them were really cute small puppies and I played with them although I'm afraid of dogs, there was other bigger dogs but they were not bothering me. I notice other dogs coming so I tell the lady to hold the dogs... There are two central visions in this dream story which are interconnected. The vision of your private bathroom turning into a publicly-accessible restroom indicates that you could be very conservative and rigid in your personal views and opinions. You could have a real problem accepting other people's views and beliefs. You are most likely very reluctant if not resistant when someone approaches you or tries to initiate contact and become a friend. The second vision of playing with a bunch of dogs, even if you are not comfortable around them in wake life, could point out your thriftiness and tendency to save, and your frugal nature could cause you to act selfishly or inconsiderately towards other people at times. Overall, this dream vision could serve as a reminder that you should make substantial changes in your attitude towards life and be more accepting of other people's beliefs, opinions and lifestyles. Otherwise, you could end up living a stressful and unbalanced life.
A dryer and flooding the apartment while neighbor laughs I had a drying machine in my bedroom inside the cupboard, it had flooded? The whole flat. I showed it to my neighbor and she laughed, I didn't think it was very funny and thought, why is she laughing? This dream contained two juxtaposing symbolic visions of a drying appliance and flooding water. They could be pointing out the existing contradiction between something important you have recently done or are about to do. You could be carefully assessing and weighing your options for the sake of not being ridiculed, criticized or made fun of for your actions. You might even be thinking of backing out of the whole idea, and it is completely up to you how you want to proceed provided you consider pros and cons. The laughing person could translate your concerns, if not fears, about how people would react once this action or intention is realized. Simultaneously, there is also the idea of the strange location of the drying appliance. It is in a place usually used to store food and kitchen utensils, and inside your bedroom. This could suggest that these recent or future actions are unconventional and of personal, emotional and private nature.
Living in a house with a strange man My dream consisted of me living with a man who owned a very large house and I would've believed it was haunted had it not been for the fact that it was a nice house and we lived there. The man was not someone I recognized, but he was sweet, however he seemed a little crazy too. It felt like déjà vu. Dreaming about living in a large and nice house with a man who looked unfamiliar to you means that you are subconsciously wanting to change your current place of residence or find a new house or apartment. This desire could be originating from your current dissatisfaction with the living conditions, your neighbors or particular attributes of the place you are presently living in. You could have been told by other people, for example your family members, coworkers, parents and so on, that this is not a good idea, or they could be just worried or concerned that the relationship between you and them would suffer if you move. Therefore you might have seconds thoughts or doubts about the prospects of moving, but at the same time "haunted" by these recurring thoughts. Even though the primary symbol in this dream was the house, it could also be true for establishing a new relationship with someone instead of changing places, because you focused your attention on the strange man in this dream just as much.
Hiding from the owner inside the house once belonging to dreamer I was at my old house. The house had been foreclosed on and already had a new owner. The new owner wasn't there and I was in the house doing stuff like it was still my house. The owner came home and I tried to hide and sneak out of the house. Dreams related to seeing your old house being occupied by a new owner is a reflection of your unhappiness and uneasy feelings regarding your current way of life. These feelings could be about your current household or family relations, but may also be your reaction to some current developments at workplace or in your social life. This inner emotional imbalance causes you to experience visions (most likely multiple and reoccurring) of your house being under someone else's ownership and management. The notion of sneaking into the house you used to own and hiding from the current owner can be interpreted as your attempts and desire to exert influence on someone's life. This influence is either because of your intentions to help the person, or you could be doing it because you want to control and rule them, regardless of the fact whether they like it or not.
Water pouring out of everywhere in the room and not being afraid I was in a room and water starting pouring out of different things, I especially remember it coming out of a wooden clock sitting on a table. I wasn't feeling afraid in the dream. I remember thinking it was weird. Dreaming about seeing water pouring out of things in your room could be an indication that you have been a witness or participant in an ongoing conflict, contradiction or disagreement. This vision is warning you that if you wait longer, procrastinate or do nothing to take measures towards solving it, you could face some undesirable circumstances (as envisioned by the image of the clock on the table). You could also be blissfully unaware that your role as a bystander could threaten someone else's welfare, peace of mind and safety.
Brother-in-law sprinkling salt around My brother-in-law was sprinkling rough salt in the house and telling everyone to go out of the house. Dreaming about seeing this person sprinkling salt inside the house could be a symbol of rejection he may face due to his opinions in regards to some family matters or issues. You could be witnessing that he is surrounded by people who do not share his beliefs and ideas, and dealing with them poses some difficulty for him. Furthermore, this dream vision portends a period filled with conflicts and disagreements within the walls of your own home or among the members of your and his families.
A gymnast in the bedroom A gymnast in my bedroom swiftly and slowly going between the tight spacing of a ceiling and curtain hanging poles placed on my bed. This dream vision of seeing an acrobat or gymnast practicing or performing right in your bedroom means you will be successful at avoiding a situation that would have required you to take unnecessary risks. This would be most likely related to your personal life or romantic affairs based on the notion of your private space where this action was taking place in the dream.
Others turning hot water off I was in my house and turned on hot tap water and everyone kept turning it off. I would turn it on and ask that it stay on and it would be turned off every time I turned it on. This dream vision could have two possible interpretations, one of which could be related to incontinence issues or concerns about the possibility of having them. If this is not the case, you may be entangled in a situation when you try to express your urges or get your points across in front of other people, but end up facing a wall of indifference and rejection.
Children around and feeding chickens A lot of kids and I feeding chickens. Dreaming about children running or frolicking nearby can be taken as a good sign. It could signify the happiness and peace of mind which you will secure for yourself. This prevailing sense of peace will last for a quite a long time ensuring your complete contentment and happiness. The symbolic vision of feeding chickens in a dream is also an auspicious sign predicting receiving an unexpected gift or surprise, meeting a very kind person or people as well as receiving fair and kind treatment as far as your family or existing relationships are concerned.
A doll delivered by someone I am sweeping the floor when a courier comes with a doll in white tulle dress with alphabet letter "V" written. Sweeping the floor is usually associated with receiving an unexpected visit from someone or meeting up with someone you have fallen out of contact with. Receiving a doll from a messenger suggests you have recently been lonely or feel that others are giving you the cold shoulder. You may want to use the opportunity presented to make a new friend, as it can help assuage the solitary situation you find yourself in.
A boy and a dog walking in the hallway I had a dream of a little boy and his dog walking in the hallway and the dog was pooping. This dream has a few negative images. Small boys usually represent negative emotions while dogs that follow someone indicate danger lurking nearby. This seems to predict someone working in the shadows to bring you down or at least cause trouble in your life. This is further supported by the image of the defecating dog, which suggests childish behavior on the part of the aggressor. Most likely this person is jealous of you and does not have a mature way to deal with their emotions.
Sweeping dirty water off the front porch I dreamed I was sweeping water off the front porch. The water was dirty....cloudy. Murky water is usually a symbol of danger or chaos in your life. Sweeping is also a negative sign associated with death, so it's possible that the death of someone you know may throw things out of balance in your life. This might be because of the grief their loss causes or because their physical presence disrupts your way of life. You might want to take precautions with your schedule and plans to avoid trouble if it does arise.
Raining inside the house In my dream I saw rain inside my house, lots of it just falling right through as if the ceiling were clouds. What does this mean? When, in a dream, your home is being flooded due to rain, even imagined or surreal, this is an indicator of a peaceful and calm household. You seldom see any troubles in your home, and it is even more rare for anyone to ever be upset or hurt by another person. Your home is a place of peace and tranquility, and your family is always very empathetic towards one another, in almost every situation.
Retrieving mail from a mail box What does it mean if you dream of receiving letters and picking them up from your mailbox? Receiving letters and post in a dream vision is actually a slightly sad sign. It indicates feeling some regret or disappointment because of losing contact with someone who was once an important part of your life. You may have recently been reminded of this person, which is why it is occurring now, or you are experiencing this dream because your subconscious mind is trying to get you to remember someone (most likely with the intention of inspiring you to reach out to that person). In either case, you should consider calling, emailing or even writing a regular letter to reestablish the lost connection.
Being scared of an intruder inside the house When I was younger I always had a dream that I heard someone in our house running in my parents' room and I lock the door and try to wake them up and see they were murdered. What could this mean? Dreaming about someone being in your house suggests instability in your relationship with someone close to you, as homes often represent your inner being in visions. In this case, feeling there is an intruder is a shock to the system, meaning something is not right with one of your relationships. This may be related to your parents because of their presence in the dream, but seeing your parents dead, on its own, indicates upcoming troubles in your personal life, likely caused by existing problems with those around you.
Living with an old couple and cleaning after them I was living in an apartment with a mature couple that I knew from many years ago and I was upset that I had to clean behind them and their dog. This dream is filled with symbolic imagery connected to relationships. The first major sign is finding that you live in the house of an older couple. This type of home, possibly filled with the possessions they have accumulated over the years, indicates the need to reconnect with someone from your past. In some cases, this may require reconciliation and forgiveness, even if the party in the wrong is not ready. It may be good to apologize even if whatever happened was not your fault at all. Cleaning up the house, despite your annoyance at having to do so, further supports this idea of bringing two people back together, representing physically cleaning your home and mentally preparing your heart to receive this person after being apart for so long.
Flooding and a lemon tree growing I was dreaming about a flood surrounding my house but I realized it has stopped and is receding and that the water will soak into the ground which will help grow a lemon tree that is already growing big lemons on it. Dreaming about a flood around your home indicates you may be having an internal struggle between doing what you want and what is right. It is difficult to make decisions which could negatively affect us, but we also have a moral obligation to care for the welfare of others and be compassionate. The lemon tree which benefited from the flood waters predicts finding a mentor or counselor who can help guide you in the right direction.
A house filled with smoke which later disappeared I was dreaming I went in a house and my lungs filled with smoke, I felt burning. Then went in a room and it was all gone. I was fine. Despite the gruesome nature of such a vision, dreaming about a house (and your lungs as a result) filled with thick smoke is usually interpreted as a sign of good fortune and success in something you are currently working on. This could be a project you are leading at your place of work or a craft you are creating before giving to someone or entering into a contest. However, if you envisioned having difficulties breathing in this vision, you may want to be on the lookout for fires, both literal and figurative, that could arise during this time.
A woman sweeping inside a house Dreaming about seeing a woman sweeping in her own house. Dreaming about a nondescript woman who is sweeping her own house is a fairly negative sign in two different ways. First, the sweeping aspect indicates becoming involved in shady activities, like fraud or deception. This is because you likely try to take care of this business when others are unaware of your intentions. But it is unlikely you are to be successful hiding your activities, as a woman is often said to represent the spread of gossip, both true and untrue. You may want to think twice before doing something those around you would frown upon because once it gets out, you may find yourself in bad standing with those you care about.
Spiders and smoke without fire inside the house I often see spiders on my wall in my room, but last night the spider ran as my babies screamed, woke me and there was smoke coming from my room like something burning but nothing was burning. Spiders often represent a feeling of constant pressure from society, or from your friends or colleagues. You may feel as if this pressure is restricting your personal freedoms or your ability to express your thoughts and opinions when you want to. The baby crying is usually a bad omen that could be related to major heath issues or another kind of unfortunate circumstance. The appearance of smoke, but without fire or actual burning, also reinforces these two visions. This vision, by itself, indicates a feeling of confusion, which could mean you may be around bad people who intend to deceive you. It is possible that you are already under the control of this bad person, and identifying who it could be is the first step in eliminating this person's negative influence from your life.
Unable to turn the light on I have had many dreams that include this scenario, I attempt to turn on a lamp or the light switch and they don't work. I am interested to know what this means since this dream has occurred so many times. Thank you. Being unable to turn on a light, especially when seen multiple times, can be an ominous indication of involvement in the upcoming death of someone you know. While you probably not doing this intentionally or even consciously, it is possible that some repeated task you are partaking in is contributing to their future demise. Even though it is not directly your fault, if you realize the connection too late to change the course, it may cause feelings of guilt and remorse for a long time to come.
People and things from the past appearing inside a house I was in a home, and something was going on with rain. A lot of people were there. I started crying loudly, with all I had. Nobody noticed. Then, I was in a place at night getting ready for bed. I was in the bathroom looking at the tub. I was going to say goodnight to my father who has passed on when my mother stopped and told me to leave dad be. I headed to the next room seeing clumps of cat hair from the cat I had many years ago. I dropped my cell phone along the way and my mom threw it to me. Then I woke up. Being in the home but knowing that it is raining outside could indicate dangerous people or situations encroaching on your personal life. Crying, in this case, represents the release of stress, tension, or anxiety caused by a build-up of negative emotion, probably as a result of sensing the imminent threat. The next most prominent symbol is seeing your departed father, which is often interpreted as a sign of having unfinished business. In the context of this vision, whatever you have put off or forgotten to do could be coming back to haunt you. Taking care of this task, then, may help reverse the situation and give you peace of mind and closure you are seeking.
Perplexed by decorations inside a room I dreamt that I walked into this room and saw many ornaments of the All-Seeing-Eye, all around. I guess I was looking for something in my dream, but I was just amazed by seeing all these different All-Seeing-Eye ornaments on top of the furniture and hanging on the walls. What could this possibly mean? This vision could be a sign that you have experienced an important change in your life without even realizing it. The All-Seeing Eye, or the Eye of Providence as it is sometimes referred to, has been used throughout history to represent various beliefs. It has also been associated with clairvoyance, omniscience, and the ability to look into one's own soul, meaning you have learned of gained a new level of self-awareness. The fact that it was so prominent throughout your dream could mean a spiritual awakening has taken place within you. Remain vigilant for any other signs that might appear to you in the near future.
Things and people appearing from the hole inside a closet I have been having this dream since I have moved into my room, so I have this closet and it has a hole that leads to the attic well. In my dream there is always something climbing out of the hole, like yesterday there was a little girl with black hair and a white dress and she is either climbing up or down the hole or staring straight at me when I open the door, but when my mom opens it she is not there. What does this mean and why is it always happening to me? In general, envisioning people or things entering your private living space in a dream could be reflective of your internal fear or concern that you are not going to stay in this place, in this case your room, for long. You could be feeling insecure or intimidated by the signs in real life which clearly show you that soon you would have to move. As for the image of a little girl crawling out of the hole in the closet, it predicts upcoming unexpected visits. That is, someone or some people may show up at your door unannounced. These uninvited guests may be the answer, good or bad, to your fears and uneasy feelings projected into these subconscious visions.
Being stuck inside a house For years I have dreamed about being inside a house, in different rooms, I have never seen the outside. A house in a dream represents you and the different rooms represent multiple, yet interconnected aspects of yourself. Dreaming of finding yourself in different rooms points to the issues you go through over the years, which are usually brought about by stress or sudden changes. Not seeing the outside of the house could indicate that you are still in the process of evolving and discovering who you are by resolving challenges you encounter in your everyday life.
A puppy in the floor hole A hole in a wooden floor. In the hole a puppy happily in a harness swinging. The floor in this dream represents your foundation for and source of emotional support, usually associated with your family or close friends. A wooden floor suggests that you may be suppressing your emotions while dealing with a new or existing situation in your life, whether a professional development or a blossoming relationship as depicted by the puppy hanging inside the floor opening. The hole means that while you may feel unsettled by this new circumstance, you will eventually be able to open yourself up to it.
Parakeet birds in a cage and bananas In my dream there were two parakeet birds in a cage. Then they multiplied to a flock of big parakeet birds. They were yellow. And bunches of bananas. The bananas were everywhere in the house all over the floors. Dreaming about birds in a cage represents an aspect of your personality which is a perfectionist, wanting to micromanage and control the work of those around you in order to create what you think is the goal of your assignment. While you may have very interesting or well-planned ideas, your insistence on doing things your way may inhibit the creative ability of others and lead to discord within the group. This is supported by the image of the multiplying birds which suggests a rebellion by those who feel powerless under your reign. If you do not let loose the reins and share some of the decision-making power, you may lose friends as well as support for the project you are working on.
A strange room inside a house and frightened to go in Hello.. I am a 50 year young female. My recurring dream is I find a strange room in my house. I am very frightened by the room. It gives off a bad feeling. I can't bring myself to go in there. I just look around. There is an old bedroom suite and personal things that belonged to someone??? I feel it was a lady there. I can never get myself to go in. What in the world ??? LOL. Thank you so much for your help!! Different rooms in your house characterize your specific attributes of personality. Dreaming of a strange new room could mean that you are developing new perspectives or taking on new roles. The negative energy emanating from the room and the bad feeling it arouses in you indicate possible repressed emotions or uncomfortable scenarios. A bedroom in particular reveals the side of you that you want to keep private, especially those related to sexuality and intimacy. It could be that you are experiencing and pondering unfamiliar impulses and compulsions which is why the room appears to belong to someone else, as if it is an aspect of yourself that you do not recognize. Whatever is it that is inspiring curiosity and fear in you, the key to resolving the issue is for you to decide whether you want to explore it further or close the door behind you.
Being left alone and things happening around the house My school had a event at my house where our parents couldn't watch us the whole day, but my house was huge, the harbor was inside and roads were too. Then me and my boyfriend were kissing and a picture fell out of the ceiling, so I tried finding my mom. Then I couldn't find her so I put the picture somewhere. Next, I posted my boyfriend on Snapchat and then me and my boyfriend went upstairs and my mom was wondering what happened the whole day while we were gone. This vision is fairly complicated and contains a number of interesting symbols. School events usually represent stress from wake life building up though having a school event in your home seems to indicate you are comfortable with a certain amount of stress or work well under pressure. This is supported by the image of you kissing your boyfriend, which signifies your confidence in yourself or that you are comfortable in your own skin. Despite understanding yourself, you may have some doubts about the relationship. This can be seen in the image of the picture falling from the ceiling. You may need to think about where the relationship is going and evaluate whether or not it is worthwhile to continue.
Part of the house slanting towards the ground The side of the house where the kitchen is was leaning toward the ground, the kitchen window was open. A house and the different rooms that are manifested in your dream represent yourself and various parts of your personality. The kitchen reflects your need for nourishment, warmth and comfort. It could also represent a life-changing opportunity and a personal transformation. Similarly, the open window implies possibilities, hope, new ideas and an open mind. Maybe you are letting go of your lofty ideals and seeking a more grounded existence. It could also be an indication of your desire to settle down, which you associate with emotional stability and security, as manifested by the ground-leaning position of this part of the house.
A horse tail being dragged by a string across the floor A horse tail (black) being dragged on the floor by a string. A horse's tail by itself as a dream vision represents success in creative endeavors and gracious, well-polished behavior. In essence, the tail alone is a positive sign suggesting that the dreamer is well-liked and respected. However, seeing the tail being dragged on the floor is highly ominous. If you were the one dragging the tail, it may suggest a callous disregard for the rules of polite society. If someone else was doing this, it may mean that certain individuals are seeking to drag your name through the mud.
A toilet filled with white worms I haven seen in my dream some kind of dirty worms completely filled in toilet. Half of them are dead and other half are crawling. All are in white color, disgusting in look. Few are starting crawling on the wall of bathroom and I am trying to flush water on them to get over them. This vision gives a fairly negative vibe and paints a poor picture for your current or future situation. A dirty, insect-infested toilet represents becoming the caretaker of someone important in your life, most likely an elderly family member. This person is likely to need assistance for even the most basic tasks, including bathing and using the restroom. While this may be troublesome or even disgusting, you are unlikely to have much choice in the matter as other options are either unavailable or too expensive. This is coupled with the image of crawling worms which portends showing a brave face in response to these challenges while falling apart on the inside. While getting help may be difficult, you should still reach out to friends for love and support during hard times.
Surrounded by beds I was in an unfamiliar house at a party. I walked upstairs to a big room. I saw 4 big beds lined up in a row all unmade. I knew in the dream it was a kids' room. I found myself standing in the middle of the beds. Then I went upstairs from there to a beautiful made up bed. A large, unfamiliar house is often connected with the idea of meeting someone new, particularly someone who is interested in getting to know you. This could be for personal reasons, such as romantic interest or a shared hobby, but it could also be related to your career path, such as a mentor-protege relationship. Beds usually indicate death or the loss of someone close to you, but in this case seem to point to the idea that this relationship may be short-lived for some reason. Maybe the connection was only superficial or something or someone got between you. In either case, it would probably be best to enjoy it and learn what you can while it lasts.
Changing filter of a fish tank I was changing filter in a fish tank and fish started to jump out of the tank. I thought it was all of them, but my mother told me it was plenty left. When I looked inside of the tank again it was plenty left. I changed filter and put lid back on. Changing the filter of a fish tank denotes becoming entangled in a relationship that could have negative repercussions in your life. An empty fish tank in a dream typically signifies a growing frustration towards relatives, hence your dream showing the opposite of this and pointing to a strengthening bond with your kin, possibly after receiving guidance and wisdom in whatever challenges you may encounter in your life.
Catching dripping rainwater into containers I dreamed about rain coming through the ceiling being caught in clear containers. I emptied one that was full. To see rain pouring through the ceiling in your dream suggests suppressed emotional issues that may be forcing their way out of you by breaking down your psychological defenses. This vision is a sign that ignoring certain issues can cause bigger damage further down the line. On the other hand, rain water indicates a promise of success. Gathering rain water in clear containers and then emptying them points to feelings of ineptitude. Perhaps your low self-esteem is preventing you from fully taking advantage of opportunities. Maybe a part of you feels like you do not deserve recognition or success. These are personal issues that you need to reflect upon in order to lead a more fulfilling life.
A mushroom growing on the roof of a house Mushroom with gold studs hanging in the roof, then as I am looking at it, it dilated as l was trying to catch it, l woke up. Mushrooms are often thought to symbolize negative energy or a poisonous personality, although not your own. The mushroom's position above you (hanging from the roof) suggests that this evil is coming from someone above you in status, possibly a boss, manager, teacher or elder. In any case, the gold studs indicate that, to others, this person seems untouchable and wonderful to the core. However, you can see the truth that this person is only beautiful on the outside.
Room being cleaned and organized by a crush I had a dream wherein this boy that I liked/like (trying to get over him) cleaned my entire room and moved everything around. I was really thankful for that, and my room looked beautiful. It all felt organized and new. Dreaming that your room has been reorganized and cleaned is often interpreted as a sign that you have been slacking on chores or other daily tasks, such as homework or the dishes. This cause of your poor domestic abilities as of late is likely a personal matter, perhaps the boy you are trying to get over, considering his presence in the vision. In this case, dealing with your emotions or any drama the situation poses could be distracting you from the things that are really important. To truly move on with your life, then, you need to get back to normal and reestablish a routine that keeps you happy, well-organized and focused on the future.
Face to face with a stranger while watering plants outside In my dream I have a bucket full of water and I am going out of my front door to put the water in plants. As I open the door, there is someone in black robe skipping in my front yard. It starts coming toward me and I shut my door and am shouting for help. I can still see him. Dreaming about a bucket full of water that you intend to use on plants and other vegetation is a highly auspicious symbol associated with the idea of success in the face of opposition. This is also supported by the image of the person in the black robe, although black clothes on a stranger can have multiple connotations. In this case, it partially reinforces the earlier idea, predicting wealth and prosperity due to your victories. However, this is unlikely to bring you any material gains, as you seek fulfillment in integrity and moral behavior rather than in physical possessions.
Floors breaking apart inside the house So I'm in my own house, and somehow suddenly I see that the floor is breaking apart. But specifically, just breaking apart, not falling away. More like a fault line suddenly developing in my house. But the house is still standing, it hasn't fallen away. My wife is with me at the time, there were some other people also, can't remember, maybe my parents, maybe my friends. The dream was disturbing to say the least. Houses in dreams represent who you are as a a person, while different rooms in the house refer to the different aspects of your personality or emotional state. The floor is your foundation or your source of security. Hence, to see it breaking apart in the dream, sustaining cracks similar to a fault line alludes to events that could test your values and principles. The presence of your family possibly means that the upcoming shake up may involve or affect your loved ones. Small cracks can lead to bigger problems, hence the dream may be cautionary message regarding seemingly inconsequential spats and arguments that could lead to more serious conflicts.
Mopping inside a wealthy residence Dreamed about someone mopping the floor of a rich man's house. Seeing someone mopping the floor of a rich man's home could be interpreted as a warning. A dream like this could indicate that financial troubles may be heading in your direction. Due to a lapse of judgement on your part, you could end up losing a sizeable amount of money in the near future. Be careful with the way you invest or spend your hard-earned wealth.
Big masks in the attic I was in the unfinished attic of a new house where I was staying or living and there were 3 huge white face masks facing me. They were about 4 feet long and about 10 feet away from me. Exploring or being in an attic during a dream vision represents your attempts to improve yourself mentally, emotionally or spiritually. The unfinished condition of the attic reflects the journey you are going on to be completed in order to achieve this enlightened state, either through studying, prayer or meditation. The three white face masks, then, represent seeing some changes in your life and well-being, but perhaps not what you wanted or expected. Others may react negatively to your conversion of thought and behavior, possibly leaving you hurt and lonely.
Doors and windows of the house broken I had a dream that many glass windows and few doors of my house were broken and rain water came through the broken windows and doors drenching several winter jackets and overcoats. My two daughters and wife saw it, but were not very moved. When I complained that they didn't notice, they didn't seem to care much. I was feeling a bit concerned about our security as the doors were also broken. This dream is a reflection of your worries and anxieties in the waking world. However, your apprehensions could be for nothing. The rain seeping into your home means that troubles and sorrows are very rare occurrences in your household due to the presence of harmony and understanding within your family circle. This is why your daughters and wife were not troubled in the dream. On the other hand, perhaps you are the only one privy to your financial standing and you are worried of losing your source of income, as symbolized by the broken doors and windows. In which case, perhaps you need to communicate your concerns with your wife, so you can deal with the situation together.
Children following and a broken fish tank I was having a cute dream about three little Chinese girls playing around outside. They were on their scooters with their tutus and occasionally following me and as I was going inside my house, they followed and my fish tank was on the table almost empty because it had a crack on the bottom and I was all rushing to fill it up with more water because the fishes were about to die and they were just close giggling at me. This dream vision has two opposing symbols which seem to be connected on some level. Dreaming about observing children playing nearby predicts a period of excitement and good spirits in anticipation of something nice and pleasant to happen. You may have recently been invited to a family reunion, a coworker's surprise birthday party or a barbecue get-together. However, the image of a broken fish tank with dying fish portends these plans or expectations being seriously impacted because of some difficulties or complications appearing in your future. The dying fish is also a negative symbol, indicating health issues or an accident which would hamper your ability to fully enjoy yourself in the company of other people.
Food not cooked and turning light switches I left a pot of beans cooking on low all night long and when I came back, they weren't even burnt. In the same dream I also dreamed I kept trying flipping light switches to turn on lights, but got fussed at because I was turning off lights in other places. Dreaming about cooking food that specifically has not burnt is a positive sign regarding your family situation. It usually represents the peace and happiness your family is currently experiencing or is about to live through. In many situations it also points to contentment in your family unit, as though no one is lacking anything or has their wants and wishes fulfilled without much waiting. The second vision, turning on switches which do not light what you want, could indicate the presence of good and bad luck popping up at random intervals in your life. The frustration comes from the fact that you have little control over which period you are in at any given time.
A washing machine that does not fit New washing machine does not fit in kitchen! This vision seems to have both a figurative and a literal interpretation. Appliances and kitchen furniture are often associated with a build-up of stress in the waking world, suggesting you may be very tense or agitated at the moment. The cause of your distress can literally be seen in the notion that the washing machine does not fit. This could point toward things in your life not coming together as you planned and making you upset as a result. You may need to be patient while things work themselves out, so that you can see where you are from a different perspective.
A friend trying to rebuild the house Came home to a friend attempting to gut and rebuild inside my home, but unable to finish the job. I was stressed and was looking for somewhere to lay my head. Dreaming about someone trying to renovate your home unsuccessfully represents the troubling situation you may find yourself in sometime soon. Renovations in dreams are often associated with the idea of improvements in your life, so seeing this take place in your dream could signify your anticipation of receiving a promotion or moving house. However, the fact that your friend was unable to finish the work they started could predict someone interfering with the outcomes you expect. Your stress in the vision reflects much the same in waking life, so it is important for you to remember to have patience and let things happen in their due time.
Taking a selfie and a dog biting Me and my friend took a selfie and realized there was a girl in it, so we ran around the house freaked out and then an imaginary dog bit my neck really badly, so I threw it in the dumpster and called the cops. Taking a selfie in a dream alludes to vanity and narcissism. It means you tend to focus on appearances instead of getting to know people on a deeper level. The appearance of another girl on the selfie may have something to do with an aspect of yourself you no longer recognize, perhaps as a result of being too self-absorbed. The dog bite to the neck represents conflicting thoughts and feelings. You know the right thing to do, but your emotions are forcing you into a totally different direction.
Worried about things getting wet in the house Hello, can you help me interpret my dream? I was in the house because it was a heavy rain outside and suddenly someone asked me to transfer with her into another house which is in front of the house we occupied. Then, when we get there, I feel confused why the bamboo floor getting wet where I could see a roof... And I was worried also when I saw a firewood that might get wet by the rain. Your response is so much appreciated... Thank you. Heavy rain surrounding the house you are in during a dream vision represents the negative energy coming from someone around you. While you may be in a good place in your life, a friend or family member close to you could be projecting their problems on you, bringing you down and making you feel worse than you should. The house with bamboo floors suggests you are afraid to speak against this person or to tell them to take their problems elsewhere. The water you saw on these floors further supports this idea. Through this vision, your subconscious may be trying to come to a solution. It would be wise, then, to take time to find the words that would calm the rage in this individual and give you some much needed peace of mind.
People admiring the house There were many people at my house viewing and admiring my house. It's like some wanted to buy it. But was too many people who just appeared at the same time. A dream in which you see people admiring your house as if they were interested in buying it could be representative of the current state of your life. It is possible there is something about your current living arrangements that you are not truly satisfied with. This, in turn, may be stressing you out and not allowing you to enjoy the other aspects of your life to the fullest. Until you decide to actively change whatever it is that is bothering you, you may find yourself unable to move forward.
Frightened by smoke others cannot see I woke up and the entire upstairs of my apartment was filled with smoke. I got up and ran downstairs yelling for my family to wake up. When I got in the living room, that was filled with smoke also. I thought something was on fire. When my family ran downstairs, they said that they never saw any smoke. I know what I saw and it was terrifying. It wasn't a dream because I was awake. Was it sleepwalking? I don't know. Can you help? It is possible that you experienced a lucid dream, in which you become aware of your surroundings whilst still being in the dream world. It is also likely that symbols from your dream became integrated into the waking world just as you were waking up, in a state in between sleeping and waking. Despite the terrifying nature of the dream, the smoke you saw inside the apartment while in this state is actually indicative of good luck and fortunate circumstances for new projects and endeavors. Smoke which makes it difficult to move about or find your way out suggests a lucky break or occurrence which is destined to make whatever you are working on successful.
White beds delivered home I dream that supposedly a king-size bed to be delivered only to have seen a white single bed was about to be delivered. I saw the bed at the door about to get inside the house with a couple of men attempting to get it inside the house. The dream was so vivid and the whiteness of the linen that covered the bed was very bright white. Dreaming about a large king-size bed denotes the amount of time you have been spending thinking about a certain individual in your waking life. Perhaps this person wants to be a part of your life and you are pondering whether you should allow that person in your life or not. You may be doubtful of their presence and in double mind regarding their true intentions. However, the presaging image of a white single bed represents your ability to ultimately make the right decision. You simply need to focus on your judgmental qualities and make your choices accordingly.
Raining inside the bedroom It was raining in my bedroom. The rain was a steady fall of big drops getting everything including myself wet. It was sunny outside, but raining inside. I was upset because I didn't hang my bras, so they were wet. Dreaming about rain in your bedroom has positive connotations. It emphasizes the fact that you are generally content and your home is very peaceful. There are no rifts between you and your loved ones. However, the fact that you felt distressed due to forgetting to hang your bras may point towards your subconscious desire for a bit of excitement and conflict. It would be wise to accept the peacefulness in your life and the ease of your daily routine instead of feeling disturbed about trivial things or asking for trouble.
Insects and cats trying to get inside the house I was at home and all of a sudden there were jeweled flying bugs, then one big black moth-like black bug with gold designs. I killed it, then realized my window was open, which upon closing a cat was trying to open with their paw, then five more showed up and scaring them away did not work, so I had to force the window closed with all my strength while they were sticking their paws in trying to open it and one broke open my screen. I finally got it closed and then felt scared our of breath, then awoke. The bejeweled bugs flying around inside your home in the dream symbolize your anxieties. These anxieties may be rooted in rumors you suspect are circling about you possibly coming from influential personalities or individuals whom you admire. The nature of the rumors could be related to you weaknesses or personal flaws which you fear are being used to discredit you. The cats trying to get into your home likely represent deceitful and malicious individuals who are trying to block your windows of opportunities for a higher position or a respected place in your social group. It means your enemies or people who do not like you are likely conspiring to steal benefits or expected outcomes from a project or other endeavors you have been working on for quite some time.
Being told to bathe with flowers I have dream a young girl was telling me to bathe with flowers inside my water. Because inside the dream I was bathing with a bowl full of water an put a soft drink inside the water and she showed me that the top of it contained fine yellow flowers inside the top and she said I should add it to the water and bathe with it. So I woke up from this dream. Bathing is associated with cleansing, transformation and renewal. Your dream shows you two ways you could bathe - one with soda in your water and the other with yellow flowers. The former reveals your usual coping mechanism whenever you experience a burnout or face trying times. Maybe you are the type who likes to unwind through hedonistic pursuits to get away from your problems. On the other hand, the young girl is showing you another, more sensible way to achieve happiness, which is to focus on improving yourself. The yellow flowers added to water allude to a much deeper kind of cleansing, not just the superficial kind. The dream is telling you to change tactics and start being kinder and more generous to others as this way of being happy lasts longer and radiates positivity onto others.
Almost falling out of the balcony while mopping I was mopping on my balcony, the mop bucket was too full, tried to dump some water out over the side of the balcony. All of a sudden I felt intoxicated and I fell over the railing, but held onto the railing upside down and backwards. I tried to pull myself back up and over, but struggling for a while. I was terrified. Felt myself slipping and about to fall. I don't remember how I got back up and over. I was then inside in my bathroom washing my hands and they were very cut up and bleeding. Seeing yourself mopping floors has negative connotations. It portends the possibility of an untimely departure of an important person in your waking life. This sudden parting would have a deep impact on you mentally as well as physically. Just as when you lost your balance on the balcony, you may find yourself at a loss in your waking life too. However, the notion of you being back to the safety of your home despite the threat of falling out indicates that albeit all the struggles and problems, you would be able to overcome feelings of desolation and unhappiness. Be prepared and make sure to keep an open mind and heart if you do receive any sort of bad news in the future.
Strange tall figures inside dark house I was outside near my house, then went inside my house, it was completely black inside and there were very tall figures standing over me with the mouths sewn shut. Entering your own house and finding it to be pitch black is a highly ominous symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It suggests you are about to fall victim to some health issue or face an accident which would disrupt your daily existence. The tall figures themselves represent your friends and loved ones who would come to help and support you in this difficult time. However, seeing the mouths of the figures sewn shut suggests much the same in wake life, namely that no kind words can undo the pain or difficulty you would have to endure.
Holes in the bedroom floor I dreamt that I found holes in my bedroom floor when I moved the furniture. I could see down into the crawl space. Bedroom furniture is often thought to symbolically represent wealth and financial security, therefore, moving furniture could reflect your attempts to balance your finances or find ways to bolster your savings. This is opposed with the image of the hole in the floor, as this symbol is associated with the idea of being distracted or not paying attention to important matters. While your financial situation does deserve being kept an eye on, it is possible you are spending too much time obsessing over money. Other areas of your life may suffer, particularly relationships with your friends and loved ones.
Unusual-looking interiors of a house There were no stairs in the house, just a circular area with a settee-like area to jump down to. Also had to crawl under tables and through stable-type doors. A house with no stairs alludes to your simple lifestyle and humble existence. This can also be interpreted as a lack of ambition, especially since you find yourself crawling under furniture and doors within the dream. It illustrates your tendency to lower your standards or settle for something less than you deserve. This lack of motivation to succeed may stem from either insecurity or a tendency to be a perfectionist. A fear of failure may prevent you from taking any risks, hence you end up looking for easily achievable goals with no true value attached to them.
Swimming pool changing from clean to dirty I was in my apartment pool, it looked dirty black water with a dead pig from my side, but my brothers and others were swimming. I went inside the gates and it was clean and blue water and I started playing with them. I got pushed in and when I came out, the water turned dirty and the dead pig was there again. I started flying. Both the image of dirty water and the dead pig are negatively charged symbols in the world of dreams. They suggest your daily existence could be plagued with problems and setbacks. These issues are likely the result of your own lack of preparation or effort, and they may be difficult to overcome on your own. This is opposed with the image of the pool filled with clear, clean water, a symbol often associated with success and self-fulfillment. Your subconscious may be giving you a glimpse of the happiness and prosperity you could experience if your work ethics were better. The pool reverting back to its original dirtiness, however, may indicate that you are not yet ready to make that change.
Interiors of a brown color I was in a room next to a hallway. The walls were a light caramel and the white things that are in between the walls and floor had lace on the top and switched from dark brown to a light brown (not the same brown as the walls). There was also a fancy mirror hanging up with a brown desk and a tall bookshelf next to the desk and mirror. I then started to walk down the hallway, the walls staying the same color. I reached a red door with a golden handle soon. The brown color of the walls suggests you are at a point in your life that has some very troubling aspects. This could be a situation you are directly involved in, such as a conflict with someone you know or a general discontent with society and the behavior of those around you. This is supported by the image of the fancy mirror, a symbol that suggests you are having trouble making your dreams come true. Perhaps your troubles are related to other people getting in the way or taking what you want before you can get it. However, the red door at the end of the hallway indicates that the only thing standing between you and your goals is actually your own passion and drive. If you find a way to motivate yourself, you would have no problem getting what you want.
Dirty house and kids My children were small and dirty, they had lice and my house was in deplorable condition. It was the house where my children were born with my first husband. I was trying to fix the house and clean my son's bed full of lice and smelling bad and asking him to take a shower. My first husband was there too pretending he was going to fix and clean the house. Envisioning your house in bad condition is a sign that unfavorable occurrences or situations are about to take place. You would have to face these issues head on and resolve them before taking care of anything else. Discovering lice in your children's hair suggests you normally have good luck, but you may be fighting against your natural state by taking on tasks or behaviors that do not actually represent you as a person. For example, your efforts to clean your house could allude to relationships you need to repair. You may have unwillingly abandoned the connections because you thought you had other priorities. However, mending those ties could be the first step to turning your situation around.
Finding new rooms in the house My dream was about finding many new rooms in my home, as I was showing the house to my daughter-in-law. I also discovered other people living or working in some of the rooms. New rooms in your house may reveal budding areas of interest or talent. In the dream world, your home tends to be the manifestation of yourself, so seeing parts of it you do not recognize could show where you are developing as an individual. This could be related to a habit you have recently taken up, an activity you have become involved in, or a new aspect of your personality you are working on. The idea that other people were living and working there could allude to some instability caused by these changes. You may need to get others involved in this process in order to maintain your current progress.
Barbecuing with a girlfriend I became a boy in my dream and my girl best friend became my girlfriend. My mother gave me hotdogs. And I cooked something together with my best friend outdoor. For a female, dreaming about becoming a male could allude to some upcoming situation that would be rather unusual or rare. Just as changing genders is a major shift, so does this vision suggest that the event in question would have a profound impact on your way of thinking or your interactions with others. You may not realize the full extent of this until much later, however. The type of situation can be gleaned from the image of you cooking outdoors. This symbol is often associated with the idea of successful romances or beneficial relationships. It is likely, then, that you would meet someone new by chance who would turn out to play a major role in your life.
Reptiles and frogs inside the house I dreamt that on a windy day we had left the windows and doors open. We returned to a house full of frogs, baby frogs, colorful lizards and a snake-like reptile (the snake was mating). I take the broom and try cleaning the mess and brooming them all out of the house. I touch the snake and it becomes bigger and it blesses me. We had left some milk on the burner which was reduced to half and a vessel with oil which was burning. I wasn't scared, it was a pleasant dream. Dreaming about a great many frogs inside your house has negative connotations. It signifies that you are about to get in some serious trouble with your relatives or those who are close to you. Such a situation could bring discord within your home. The notion of getting rid of the frogs symbolizes that you would try to resolve these conflicts on your own and may even become successful in doing so. On the other hand, a close contact with a snake is suggestive of a unique opportunity which is about to come your way. This would help you overcome all your problems and is something which you must grab with both hands. The idea of a good prospect is perhaps what puts you at ease and provides you with a pleasant feeling, thus explaining why you were not scared of the dream despite its terrifying imagery.
A miscarriage and a house break in I had a dream about having a miscarriage but I'm not pregnant. It then switches to a different dream where my family is involved in a shooting and house break in and I find myself somehow stopping it. I have no clue what it means. Please help. Dreaming about a miscarriage, if you are not pregnant in reality, may be an allusion to health issues. Perhaps you are taking part in unhealthy activities or habits, maybe even harboring self-destructive attitude or perspective. In addition, a miscarriage also symbolizes failure. You may be handling a particularly challenging project or venture which is not quite working out the way you had imagined. Similarly, the break in towards the end of your dream reveals your insecurities. You could be questioning your skills and capabilities. Your attitude and self-esteem may be the root of your previous failures and your subconscious is trying to reveal this weakness to you so you can overcome your personal issues and avoid repeating the same mistakes.
A neighbor moving into the house I am a female. My dream was that my next door neighbor was swapping homes with me. But already he was in my home putting in his kitchen cupboards and cooker. Dreaming about swapping houses with your neighbor indicates upcoming changes in your life. It portends events which would completely alter the way you live when your current situation would undergo a major upheaval. These alterations could be related to new relationships or a new job. The way you handle these situations would actually determine whether these would turn in your favor or against you. However, the notion of your neighbor trying to set things up in your home signifies difficult times ahead of you, which could be related to the major changes taking place. Try to take things in stride and focus on important issues to get through.
Having troubles while in a swimming pool Going into a swimming pool and being trapped in a bear trap and then being attacked by a shark and then saved by someone. Dreaming about swimming and being trapped underwater in the process could symbolize great difficulties to be faced in the near future. You may find yourself in a situation filled with problems and obstacles which you may not be able to overcome on your own. A task or project you are presently trying to complete could prove to be futile as you would not be able to act appropriately under pressure. If you are unaware of anything around you starting to become complicated at the moment, it could intensify the magnitude of feeling helpless in the future.
Being led into the basement by someone I had this recurring dream since before I could remember till I moved out of my childhood home. I wake up in my dream and a blue figure is at the end of my bed, I am led downstairs until I am outside into the night around the back of my old house. I stop at a trap door in the wall, ground level, into what would be my basement if it existed in real life and inside is a masquerade with slow low music. It's all very eerie but I am void of emotion, they all slowly turn to me and I ease awake calm. The basement in your dream represents subconscious thoughts and intuition. Perhaps the blue figure leading you to the trap door entrance to the basement is a representation of sadness. Whenever you are spiraling into depression or wallowing in negative emotions, you tend to escape to the world inside your head for self-preservation. Similarly, the masquerade suggests escapism and an inability to face the obstacles in reality. Perhaps you are indulging in unhealthy habits as your coping mechanism, hence your subconscious is forcing you to clean up you act and be accountable for your actions.
Hiding under a porch with others I'm a male, age 23. I have had this dream for about a decade. I'm hiding under a wooden porch with a group of people, and right when we are found, and before I see their face, I wake up. Hiding from someone or something in a dream could mean you are preoccupied with keeping some secrets or shameful aspects related to your past. The notion that it is a recurring dream could mean that you are constantly being bothered by your conscience and therefore are not able to move on in the right direction, perhaps because you are forced to follow some values or rules people around are pressuring you to accept. Being unable to see the faces of people who were with you in this dream is an indication that someone in your circle is constantly attempting to deceive you by gaining your trust or using your weaknesses.
House flooded because of a broken washing machine My friend was over at my house, he used the washing machine but he used it wrong. It exploded and flooded the entire house with waves and waves of water. When you dream about water flooding your house, it could mean that there is some kind of battle going on between good and evil inside you or around you. Your friend coming over to use the washing machine in this dream could signify someone you know closely who may end up causing issues which you may have no control over and which could directly affect your life. A sequence of events similar to envisioned in this dream could be about to happen in your life, so be wary of any ill intentions coming from those around you.
Finding additional space inside the house I have a dream every so often, that I will find a whole separate wing of my house. That no one knows is there. It's an entire apartment. But it is very dirty and unlivable. Yet I feel excited I found it, and want to be there. Your own house is a familiar place that should be completely known to you. Saying that in your dream you discover a separate wing could be related to your own unawareness about certain aspects of yourself, as if the house was you and the separate wing was a part of your personality that you could be ignoring or making sure that other people cannot detect. Mentioning that although the space was dirty and seemed unlivable and you still wanted to be there could reveal that you are ready to give attention to the parts of your personality which will probably not please others but which you still need to address in order to feel complete.
Unpleasant atmosphere of the bedroom and an ex I was standing in the bedroom in our old house. Walls were orange in color. There were many deep cracks on the walls. I was overhearing someone was arguing with an angry voice outside the room. The bedroom's door was wide open and my ex-boyfriend was standing at door step. Dreaming about being in the bedroom of your old house could mean that there is something bothering you recently about your past, while the orange color of the walls and the cracks point to feelings of instability or imbalance, like something you were hoping for is falling apart right before your eyes and you are unable to piece it all together. It seems as if you have been affected by some negative events of your past and you are feeling uncomfortable having to deal with them again, hence the angry voice coming from outside the room.
Blood in tap water and toilet Opened a tap to get water, after went to use the toilet. The water came mixed with blood and my hands became blood stained. A dream where you see blood in water is a bad omen. It points to upcoming misfortune about to fall on your household. Blood is also related to family, so the coming obstacle could be directly linked to familial bonds and conflict with loved ones. You may have been ignoring the signs of trouble for a while now and the cracks of conflict are starting to show due to neglect. Perhaps one way to avoid further problems is to confront the issue head on. You may need to develop the strength to recognize your own flaws and failures in order to obtain clarity in finding a resolution.
Hearing a door bell ring I dream regularly that the door bell rings when I am asleep and I am awake at that point. Female 37 years. Dreaming about someone ringing your doorbell is a sign of anticipation. You could be anxious to receive some promising and delightful news regarding something important to you, something which you think could change your life for the better. Because you mentioned that the noise forces you to wake up from the dream, you could also be hoping that this news will most likely take you by surprise when it does arrive.
Water pouring from a window Water pouring out of a window due to flooding. To dream about water pouring out of something could be a sign that you have witnessed or been involved in a conflict or disagreement. This vision, then, is a warning that you must do something about it or else face the repercussions of not resolving the problem. Your role as a witness should compel you to speak about the truth, as failure to do so could harm someone else's welfare, peace of mind and safety.
Objects in the room spinning and changing A dream where everything is spinning and then drops, and when I wake up objects around room are bigger or smaller than normal and appear to breath or move. I am a male, I have had this happen 3 times over the course of my life, the first time was when I was 5. This vision has two distinct symbols that stand out, particularly due to their recurring nature. The first symbol is that of the spinning room. Envisioning everything around you spinning or whirling points to short periods of great change, either positive or negative. As a child, for example, you may have seen this dream around the time of a growth spurt, your entry into formal education or at a time when you understood something important about the world around you. For an adult, this type of symbol is often connected to changes in employment or living situations. Because the nature or result of the change cannot be determined clearly in reality, the distorted, moving objects around the room, the second symbol, is understandable. Seeing objects breathe or moved in an animated fashion is often seen as a reflection of your emotions in wake life, namely that you feel unsure of what to expect or lack the security needed to feel comfortable where you are. Considering the first symbol, it seems that periods of change may cause you some anxiety and unease. While you may not be able to control those changes, you can meditate to alleviate some stress or try to focus your energy on more consistent areas of your life, like family or a hobby.
Bedroom being re-organized and animals My master bedroom is being modified under observation of my deceased mother in law. She has become very fat and with changed style. She is scolding me. Suddenly an extra bed came there with a monkey who killed and ate white snake which came from inside the bedroom. The presence of your deceased mother-in-law in your dream means she left behind unfinished business which continues to affect your life. Her weight is associated with wealth, so the ongoing issue has something to with an inheritance or assets she left behind. Although it could also symbolize the weight that is causing a lot of strain in your marriage or family life. Nevertheless, her passing had probably created a whole new conflict, as indicated by the new bed. Oftentimes an extra bed means dishonesty or adultery. This is further elucidated by the monkey and the white snake which are both associated with betrayal. Look out for a third party carrying troublesome information that could threaten your marriage and overall peaceful existence.
No drain in the shower I have this reoccurring dream that I'm about to get in the shower but I realize there is no drain. What does this mean? A shower generally refers to increased strength, energy and overall enthusiasm. Wanting to take a shower can also reveal a desire to cleanse yourself from negative emotions and destructive thoughts. If this is the case, then the missing drain is an indication of your inability to rid yourself of negative energy. You probably do not have an outlet to unburden yourself of these bad and self-destructive musings, so they tend to pile up inside you and give you a lot of stress. You need to be able to find a safe and supportive environment or surround yourself with friends who are willing to help you out when you are in distress.
A broken door and light coming in I was awakened by a noise and I walked in the front room to see what it was and I saw a light and thought it was coming from the computer. It wasn't, the computer was turned off. My door was closed, but not locked. The lock had been extended but not fastened. The door was broken with the wood splintered. There was a metal rod protruding from the door. The light was coming from the hallway. A possible break-in suggests a break in your peace of mind. Since your home is your sanctuary and private space, the disturbance in security means someone is attempting to invade your privacy. This person could already be in your social circle, slowly earning your trust, and your subconscious is alerting you to this before it is too late. The tricks and manipulation may be so subtle that you would be taken by surprise once their evil motives come to light, as indicated by the details of intrusion in your vision.
The floor collapsing under feet I'm a male. The dream takes place in the house I grew up in, and the floor is falling out. No matter which room I go into, in each room it's getting worse and worse. In each dream the people are the same but they change. Sometimes it's mom, or sister, or my ex of over 10 years. Sometimes it's my dad (deceased). One thing is always the same. The floor is falling out from under me. Houses in the dream world often represent the dreamers themselves. In this case, your childhood home was filled with familiar faces from your past, a sure sign that this is directly related to your current position in life. As the floor is considered the foundation of the house, having it fall out from beneath you represents a lack of security in your daily existence. Given the figures in your vision, it is likely relationship troubles that are causing these doubts. Seeing those who are already long gone from your life, either those who are no longer existent in this world or those who are no longer present for other reasons, serves as a reminder that everything is fleeting and that sometimes opportunities to fix what is wrong pass us by. But the images of those from your present mean that there is still time to rectify mistakes and show others how much they truly mean before it is too late.
Selling belongings Selling all my belongings. Selling all of your belongings in the dream world could have two possible interpretations, depending on your circumstances. In some cases, selling what you own can be a sign that the dreamer has been letting go of important relationships, either by ignoring their friends or not keeping promises they have made. Alternatively, selling off your worldly possessions may mean you are letting go of something that has been holding you back. Perhaps you are even ready to move to a new place in your life, either physically or emotionally. In either case, you may need to spend more time reflecting on who you are and where you are going. Blindly casting off others or simply letting things be at peace should be a conscious decision, not an accident.
Strange people in the house I dreamt of a few men, including one I have not seen for ages, roaming around my house, with no intention to harm anyone or steal anything. There was also an unknown girl who I later caught and wanted to attack, however she was very calm and tried to explain what was going on, then I woke up. Envisioning men walking around your home could mean you are in a position to help someone in reality, but you are unsure how to do so without causing more trouble or making them upset. It is likely the individual you would be able to aid is male, possibly someone you saw in your vision, although not necessarily. Their roaming about reflects the ambiguous nature of the problem. You could step in, but if you do not know the entire situation it may cause more harm than good. On the other hand, not offering assistance and finding out it was needed later could cause you feelings of regret. The girl you caught and wanted to attack at the end of the vision represents a changing relationship, most likely with the aforementioned man who needs help. The best course of action in this situation would be to find out as much as you can about his predicament and then offer him a few choices as to how you could be of service.
Items inside the house replaced with bikes While I was sleeping a friend and some other people (I don't know them) sneaked inside my house and stole my stuff and replaced it with lots of bikes that were his. They couldn't understand why I was so upset. This vision contains two opposing symbols which could affect your interpersonal relations in the near future. First, the thieving friends who entered your house and stole your possessions represent a conflict or possible betrayal by someone you feel close to. From your current standpoint, their actions or words would probably seem like a slap in the face after all you have been through together, making you ache for the trust you once had in each other. However, you should carefully examine both their actions and their intentions, as the second symbol suggests not all is as it seems. Specifically, filling your house with many bikes refers to success in either romantic or business endeavors. As such, it seems likely that your friends' supposed betrayal is more likely an attempt to help you out. It may be wise to cut those around you a little slack and accept help and direction from those who mean well.
Being watched from the roof Someone is standing on my roof watching us with our daily life. People there are me, my mom who I haven't spoken to in seven years, my ex best friend of 42 years who I haven't spoken to in 10 years, and my daughter. I can hear him walking and have only seen him once. Being watched in dreams is actually a manifestation of your own guilt and shame. The person watching you from the roof is actually your conscience judging your every move. The presence of people you have not seen or talked to in reality signifies your readiness to reconnect with them. You are feeling burdened by all the unresolved issues and resentment building up inside you, so your subconscious is encouraging you to reach out to people you have kept at a distance by looking at the bigger picture and learning how to forgive. You may even need to forgive yourself in order for you to find some peace.
Getting younger and a shark tank Female. I lived in a house with a lot of people, and my friend and I walked up the stairs with my friend Natalie, and the further you walked up the stairs the younger we got. Then we went to my other friend’s room, and Natalie said that he and I have been dating for years, even though we are not. Then, my brother got a huge glass shark tank with a big fish in it and I was very scared the glass would break. Then, the police came and the glass broke and we all ran away as the water gushed down. Getting younger as you are climbing the stairs refers to a better lifestyle because of your excellent decisions and exemplary work ethics. You are getting the success you deserve. Meanwhile, the big fish represents the big impact you are going to make in this world and that is a daunting thing to wrap your head around. That also entails a lot of responsibility. So, the fear that the tank would break reveals your own fears about failing to meet other people's expectations. There will be disappointments, you cannot always be on top, but what the dream is telling you is that you have to be prepared. After all the sheen of the accolades fades, you can still rely on your skills and your wealth of experience.
Wardrobes in disarray I dreamt I woke up to find my wardrobe on its side in the bedroom. My husband's wardrobe had gone, he was also gone. I went outside to find him sleeping in the car. I am a woman. Finding a wardrobe or closet in disarray, damaged or tipped over for example, means long-held secrets will be uncovered which could potentially damage relationships. In the context of your dream, the secret is yours since it is your wardrobe that you found on its side. Meanwhile, your husband's missing wardrobe alludes to more undisclosed information. Once your secret or secrets come out, your relationship with your husband will change dramatically. He would turn into someone you would not recognize anymore. This strain in your marriage would push him to focus his energies on work or other preoccupation, as illustrated by the image of him sleeping in the car. It would take a lot of effort and humility on both your parts to fix whatever damage has been done.
Returning home which is broken into In my dream I return home and I find my house open? Finding your house opened or broken into means you are having trouble understanding yourself. A troubling incident will introduce you to surprising things you did not know you were capable of. This trait you will uncover is going to be negative, making it more difficult for you to accept your capacity for evil. To forward your own ambition, for instance, you have no problem sabotaging others, even if you were friends at one point or another. You can either strive to do better or learn to live with the consequences of your actions.
Abandoned animals and arms cut off I had a dream that I walked into a large house with my mother choosing to go one way to get ready for something, and my brother going another way to look around. We were just given the house and everything in it, although it looked like no one took their things out before moving. There was an extremely large enclosure with many reptiles in it in one of the back rooms facing the outside. The animals were abandoned and crammed into the enclosure in squalor conditions. No one had cared for them for some time, so a few lizards were dead or crushed by others. Two extremely large, dark green frogs were pressed against the glass at the top of the enclosure. There was water at the bottom and many of the reptiles had a hard time staying afloat. One turtle swam up to me, but stuck his face out and had the face of a frog. I pulled him out of the enclosure and held him. I was then aware that he was a large frog with an odd looking, humanoid face. I held him and gave him my love. I felt horrible for the other pained and forgotten animals, so I planned to help them move into proper enclosures or adopt them out. However, this was halted when from my mother’s party upstairs, she began to scream for help and an ambulance. Her left arm and hand were severely burned on the stove top as she was somehow stuck there. I tried to call for help, and a sleeping Viking man, awoke and handed me a telephone to call for help. I then found out that my dearest friend’s left arm was cut off clean. This is all that I remember from the dream, but it has stuck so pervasively to my mind, I must know what it means. This dream vision contains quite a few ominous images, and it should be carefully deconstructed to find the true meaning. For instance, the first symbol, the large house that was given to you, points toward the presence of someone on the fringes of your life who wants to be a bigger part of it. This is likely an individual you normally overlook or possibly do not get along with, leading you to ignore or even act hostile towards them. Continuing through the house, you come across the reptile room, which further illustrates some of the relationship issues you may have affecting your connection with this man or woman. In fact, the multiple frogs in this vision could represent discord and a lack of harmony, suggesting your difficulty managing interpersonal relations affects more than just your interactions with this individual you dislike. You may even be having troubles with those you normally get along with. This can clearly be seen in the turtle whose head seems to morph to a frog and then a human. The original turtle you picked up can be interpreted as the manifestation of a power struggle. Whether you struggle with a friend or an outside foe seems to depend on the final main symbol of this dream, which is the left hand. The prominent image of the left hand that was injured on two different individuals in your vision reveals betrayal. Your mother's burned left hand specifically points towards bad news, while your friend's amputated left arm predicts death and destruction, although not necessarily a physical death. In this case, the death of a friendship could very well fulfill the predictions laid out in this dream. This means that it is more likely that your troubles with the outlier in the vision are only a precursor to the challenges you would face when you feel the knife in the back from your friend. The only possible way to salvage this situation may be to completely overhaul how you interact with others and be more generous with praise and compliments than you have been in the past.
Forced to leave home I’m a 32 year old woman who lives alone. I have a reoccurring dream about being forced to leave my home at the last minute and have to take only what I can carry and rush to decide which things are most important to take. Being forced to leave your home suddenly or without warning is a negative symbol to behold in the dream realm. It suggests you are surrounded by men and women who seek to ruin your reputation, literally forcing you to evacuate without the support of those who were once your friends. This is especially illustrated by your rushing to figure out what you should take with you. These enemies would try to turn your true supporters against you by spreading gossip that hurts your image and damages your credibility. You would need to be very open and honest with your dealings in the near future to avoid any rumors that you are hiding something.
Setting a garage on fire I was in the garage of my childhood home with 3 of my siblings. I picked up a ladle with some type of oil in it. I dropped it and sparks came up, then a huge explosion came up. After the explosion a fire happened. My sister was badly burned. I remember saying to myself that I could put out the fire because that would make worse since the source was chemical. We all left the garage as my mom showed up. Because garages are generally separate from the house or are not usually filled with people consistently, being in the garage at the beginning of your vision points toward a feeling that you are somehow different from or separate from the rest of your family. Perhaps you consider yourself not like the rest of your siblings due to the path you have followed or your interests in wake life. The oil in the ladle points toward a desire to smoothly fit in with the rest of your social group, and you may be willing to go to great lengths to feel like you fit in. However, the explosion suggests this is not a good idea, and conforming yourself could lead to worse outcomes than just being yourself. This vision, then, is a reminder that while being different is difficult, denying who you really are could have far worse consequences.
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