A duvet being pulled off the bed I had a dream that in the early hours the duvet was being pulled off me slowly. I felt a cold but could not see anyone. I pulled the duvet back onto me but again it was pulled off slowly. I felt paralyzed by fear. Then felt a bare foot on my left side, which made me even more scared. Then I woke up. Blankets and duvets are considered a symbol of wealth and prestige, so having such an item slowly removed from your body represents your attempts to maintain your position in reality. Perhaps you feel threatened by someone you work with or see on a daily basis, worrying that your colleagues and friends may come to like and appreciate them more than you. This is followed by your inability to move, a symbol commonly seen by those holding two opposing viewpoints. While you may want to sabotage this individual's chances with your group, you would also be extremely agitated if they tried to do the same to you. You may have to rethink your strategies and find a better, more productive way of maintaining your relations with others.
No one at the door Late at night someone jiggled front door knob and it woke me up. I called out "Did you forget your key?". No answer. I got up, went to the front room, turned on a light and asked again "Did you forget your key?". No answer. I then turned off the light and looked through the window curtains. No one was in the driveway or at the front door? Envisioning the front door knob being twisted and turned could reveal you are about to meet someone who would become a major romantic interest for you. They would give you butterflies in your stomach and make you feel warm and happy all over. However, seeing no one at the door and receiving no answer when you called out means that this individual is likely not who they are making themselves out to be. They are playing with your emotions in order to take advantage of you. If you fall victim to their schemes, it may take a long time to recover and get your life back on track.
Colorful bathtubs Many colorful bathtubs Bathtubs and showers are generally considered to be auspicious symbols in the realm of dreams. They usually point toward growing strength of mind and body, and in some cases they can refer to improved health or increased knowledge. However, the multicolored bathtubs you saw in your vision may also be a reminder that great strength comes with great responsibility. Because you are able to do more, you should be able to give more of yourself unto others.
An irritating dog and unclear water I dreamed there was a large dog that kept jumping on me as I walked. He wasn't mean, just kept jumping up, irritating. Then I went inside, someone turned on the kitchen faucet. The water was really yellow coming out, it tasted salty. I saw the yellow water in the sink, and there were some green water spots too. A large dog symbolizes a person in your life, likely a loved one, who takes up a lot of space. This space could be a mental one, such as constantly fussing over them or worrying about them, or a physical space because your live in close proximity and you always interact. Meanwhile, the yellowish or unclear water means you are tiring yourself out with inconsequential things. Worrying about a needy loved one may not be your responsibility. This person is capable of taking care of themselves and coddling them may not be helping. Sometimes, you need to put your needs first and look after yourself before you can properly help out others.
A child showing a house and a secret room I was touring houses with two adults and a child, I see this from the child's view, we run across a house. A little kid comes out of nowhere and starts to say he will show us the house, then the door flies open and he starts walking us through and randomly would talk to what seems to be nothing. I ask him if someone else is there as he looks at a doll in a crack in a wall that you could see a secret room through, and turns back to me and says no. And when I try to leave I get attacked. Dreams which contain scenes of a house and children in a combination are a reminder for you to adopt a less stressful and relaxed lifestyle or daily routine. You could be dealing with a lot of responsibilities at the moment, so your subconscious is advising you to take it easy. Similarly, the doll you focused your attention on in this dream could be a reflection of recent excessive spending, debt or financial hardships you have been through. Not finding your way around the house and the presence of a secret room is also a strong indication of your inability to solve your current problems, so being attacked in the end highlights the state of despair and uncertainty which is growing in magnitude unless you take concrete step towards resolution.
An old friend visiting a messy house I dreamed my house was a mess, everything misplaced, a spider web too. A very special old friend came to visit that I haven't seen in 45 yrs. I didn't even bother to put on makeup, just talked with him long time in the dream. I normally would have looked my best. Envisioning your house in bad condition is a sign that unfavorable occurrences or situations are about to take place. You would have to face these issues head on and resolve them before taking care of anything else. Your conversation with your friend while in a less than presentable state could reveal your less than positive state of mind after dealing with those troubles. Perhaps you are being reminded that in some cases you need to take care of minor troubles and issues before taking care of yourself.
Snake plants on the veranda I dreamt there is 5 or 6 snake plants in my veranda. Dreaming about snake plants on a veranda means you would soon become inspired and engrossed in a new project. You may soon discover a new hobby or pick up an old skill, like knitting, dancing or playing a musical instrument, that would give you much satisfaction and enjoyment. Alternatively, you may be daydreaming about trying something different to spice up your wake life, but are unsure how to go about starting, in which case you should consult with friends or try joining a club or school.
Staircase pieces not connected Female. 39. So I'm in a building I live in on the 4th floor (I'm from Oklahoma I might add)...flat one level honest etc. Every floor was fairly well except 4th which wasn't bad. I get to top stairs and it doesn't connect to my floor by a step or 2 and stairways down about 5-7 steps to a bi-level room, eventually shaking head 2 head 2 hall for home. Awake! As I'm walking, so never saw home in dream? This vision seems to be an analogy for your relationship with others in reality. For instance, walking up the stairs is usually considered a positive symbol with each step up representing an achievement or successful moment in your life. However, as you reach your house and the top of the stairs in your dream, some of them are missing or broken. This can be considered the manifestation of stress and sluggishness in your life. Until recently you were probably pretty happy and content with the pace and direction your life has been taking. This is supported and explained by the fact that you never actually reached or saw your home in the dream. This suggests that a friend or family member has betrayed you in wake life, and this situation may have negatively impacted your faith in those around you. Perhaps you need to find someone or something else to believe in so that you can establish your positive life trend once again.
Trapped inside a house in old France I am 46 and female. My dream was set in 16th century France, I was at a music festival where I found a handsome man playing a guitar and singing, I was mesmerized, I then went down a muddy path on a journey to a little house alone, a big fat ugly man told me I wasn't going to be free again, I asked for water, whilst he was getting me some, I ran through every room in the house moving barricades such as furniture and nailed up boards to try and escape. I then woke up a bit freaked but okay. Thanks. The setting of this vision, a music festival in the France of the past, represents your happy place in reality. It suggests that you are in a good place right now, and this positive energy would only attract more fortune and blessings. Music may play a role in this positive atmosphere. Wanting water could reveal a desire to have even more success, pointing toward some discontent even in your relatively carefree state. Running through the house and trying to find a way to escape supports this idea, as it symbolizes needing to get away from something in reality. In this case, it seems your current peaceful existence is too boring and simple for you. You desire wild success and adventure perhaps. It may be time to pursue some of your more lofty ambitions and goals.
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