A dryer and flooding the apartment while neighbor laughs I had a drying machine in my bedroom inside the cupboard, it had flooded? The whole flat. I showed it to my neighbor and she laughed, I didn't think it was very funny and thought, why is she laughing? This dream contained two juxtaposing symbolic visions of a drying appliance and flooding water. They could be pointing out the existing contradiction between something important you have recently done or are about to do. You could be carefully assessing and weighing your options for the sake of not being ridiculed, criticized or made fun of for your actions. You might even be thinking of backing out of the whole idea, and it is completely up to you how you want to proceed provided you consider pros and cons. The laughing person could translate your concerns, if not fears, about how people would react once this action or intention is realized. Simultaneously, there is also the idea of the strange location of the drying appliance. It is in a place usually used to store food and kitchen utensils, and inside your bedroom. This could suggest that these recent or future actions are unconventional and of personal, emotional and private nature.
Living in a house with a strange man My dream consisted of me living with a man who owned a very large house and I would've believed it was haunted had it not been for the fact that it was a nice house and we lived there. The man was not someone I recognized, but he was sweet, however he seemed a little crazy too. It felt like déjà vu. Dreaming about living in a large and nice house with a man who looked unfamiliar to you means that you are subconsciously wanting to change your current place of residence or find a new house or apartment. This desire could be originating from your current dissatisfaction with the living conditions, your neighbors or particular attributes of the place you are presently living in. You could have been told by other people, for example your family members, coworkers, parents and so on, that this is not a good idea, or they could be just worried or concerned that the relationship between you and them would suffer if you move. Therefore you might have seconds thoughts or doubts about the prospects of moving, but at the same time "haunted" by these recurring thoughts. Even though the primary symbol in this dream was the house, it could also be true for establishing a new relationship with someone instead of changing places, because you focused your attention on the strange man in this dream just as much.
Hiding from the owner inside the house once belonging to dreamer I was at my old house. The house had been foreclosed on and already had a new owner. The new owner wasn't there and I was in the house doing stuff like it was still my house. The owner came home and I tried to hide and sneak out of the house. Dreams related to seeing your old house being occupied by a new owner is a reflection of your unhappiness and uneasy feelings regarding your current way of life. These feelings could be about your current household or family relations, but may also be your reaction to some current developments at workplace or in your social life. This inner emotional imbalance causes you to experience visions (most likely multiple and reoccurring) of your house being under someone else's ownership and management. The notion of sneaking into the house you used to own and hiding from the current owner can be interpreted as your attempts and desire to exert influence on someone's life. This influence is either because of your intentions to help the person, or you could be doing it because you want to control and rule them, regardless of the fact whether they like it or not.
Water pouring out of everywhere in the room and not being afraid I was in a room and water starting pouring out of different things, I especially remember it coming out of a wooden clock sitting on a table. I wasn't feeling afraid in the dream. I remember thinking it was weird. Dreaming about seeing water pouring out of things in your room could be an indication that you have been a witness or participant in an ongoing conflict, contradiction or disagreement. This vision is warning you that if you wait longer, procrastinate or do nothing to take measures towards solving it, you could face some undesirable circumstances (as envisioned by the image of the clock on the table). You could also be blissfully unaware that your role as a bystander could threaten someone else's welfare, peace of mind and safety.
Brother-in-law sprinkling salt around My brother-in-law was sprinkling rough salt in the house and telling everyone to go out of the house. Dreaming about seeing this person sprinkling salt inside the house could be a symbol of rejection he may face due to his opinions in regards to some family matters or issues. You could be witnessing that he is surrounded by people who do not share his beliefs and ideas, and dealing with them poses some difficulty for him. Furthermore, this dream vision portends a period filled with conflicts and disagreements within the walls of your own home or among the members of your and his families.
A gymnast in the bedroom A gymnast in my bedroom swiftly and slowly going between the tight spacing of a ceiling and curtain hanging poles placed on my bed. This dream vision of seeing an acrobat or gymnast practicing or performing right in your bedroom means you will be successful at avoiding a situation that would have required you to take unnecessary risks. This would be most likely related to your personal life or romantic affairs based on the notion of your private space where this action was taking place in the dream.
Others turning hot water off I was in my house and turned on hot tap water and everyone kept turning it off. I would turn it on and ask that it stay on and it would be turned off every time I turned it on. This dream vision could have two possible interpretations, one of which could be related to incontinence issues or concerns about the possibility of having them. If this is not the case, you may be entangled in a situation when you try to express your urges or get your points across in front of other people, but end up facing a wall of indifference and rejection.
Children around and feeding chickens A lot of kids and I feeding chickens. Dreaming about children running or frolicking nearby can be taken as a good sign. It could signify the happiness and peace of mind which you will secure for yourself. This prevailing sense of peace will last for a quite a long time ensuring your complete contentment and happiness. The symbolic vision of feeding chickens in a dream is also an auspicious sign predicting receiving an unexpected gift or surprise, meeting a very kind person or people as well as receiving fair and kind treatment as far as your family or existing relationships are concerned.
A doll delivered by someone I am sweeping the floor when a courier comes with a doll in white tulle dress with alphabet letter "V" written. Sweeping the floor is usually associated with receiving an unexpected visit from someone or meeting up with someone you have fallen out of contact with. Receiving a doll from a messenger suggests you have recently been lonely or feel that others are giving you the cold shoulder. You may want to use the opportunity presented to make a new friend, as it can help assuage the solitary situation you find yourself in.
A boy and a dog walking in the hallway I had a dream of a little boy and his dog walking in the hallway and the dog was pooping. This dream has a few negative images. Small boys usually represent negative emotions while dogs that follow someone indicate danger lurking nearby. This seems to predict someone working in the shadows to bring you down or at least cause trouble in your life. This is further supported by the image of the defecating dog, which suggests childish behavior on the part of the aggressor. Most likely this person is jealous of you and does not have a mature way to deal with their emotions.
Sweeping dirty water off the front porch I dreamed I was sweeping water off the front porch. The water was dirty....cloudy. Murky water is usually a symbol of danger or chaos in your life. Sweeping is also a negative sign associated with death, so it's possible that the death of someone you know may throw things out of balance in your life. This might be because of the grief their loss causes or because their physical presence disrupts your way of life. You might want to take precautions with your schedule and plans to avoid trouble if it does arise.
Raining inside the house In my dream I saw rain inside my house, lots of it just falling right through as if the ceiling were clouds. What does this mean? When, in a dream, your home is being flooded due to rain, even imagined or surreal, this is an indicator of a peaceful and calm household. You seldom see any troubles in your home, and it is even more rare for anyone to ever be upset or hurt by another person. Your home is a place of peace and tranquility, and your family is always very empathetic towards one another, in almost every situation.
Retrieving mail from a mail box What does it mean if you dream of receiving letters and picking them up from your mailbox? Receiving letters and post in a dream vision is actually a slightly sad sign. It indicates feeling some regret or disappointment because of losing contact with someone who was once an important part of your life. You may have recently been reminded of this person, which is why it is occurring now, or you are experiencing this dream because your subconscious mind is trying to get you to remember someone (most likely with the intention of inspiring you to reach out to that person). In either case, you should consider calling, emailing or even writing a regular letter to reestablish the lost connection.
Being scared of an intruder inside the house When I was younger I always had a dream that I heard someone in our house running in my parents' room and I lock the door and try to wake them up and see they were murdered. What could this mean? Dreaming about someone being in your house suggests instability in your relationship with someone close to you, as homes often represent your inner being in visions. In this case, feeling there is an intruder is a shock to the system, meaning something is not right with one of your relationships. This may be related to your parents because of their presence in the dream, but seeing your parents dead, on its own, indicates upcoming troubles in your personal life, likely caused by existing problems with those around you.
Living with an old couple and cleaning after them I was living in an apartment with a mature couple that I knew from many years ago and I was upset that I had to clean behind them and their dog. This dream is filled with symbolic imagery connected to relationships. The first major sign is finding that you live in the house of an older couple. This type of home, possibly filled with the possessions they have accumulated over the years, indicates the need to reconnect with someone from your past. In some cases, this may require reconciliation and forgiveness, even if the party in the wrong is not ready. It may be good to apologize even if whatever happened was not your fault at all. Cleaning up the house, despite your annoyance at having to do so, further supports this idea of bringing two people back together, representing physically cleaning your home and mentally preparing your heart to receive this person after being apart for so long.
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