Flooding and a lemon tree growing I was dreaming about a flood surrounding my house but I realized it has stopped and is receding and that the water will soak into the ground which will help grow a lemon tree that is already growing big lemons on it. Dreaming about a flood around your home indicates you may be having an internal struggle between doing what you want and what is right. It is difficult to make decisions which could negatively affect us, but we also have a moral obligation to care for the welfare of others and be compassionate. The lemon tree which benefited from the flood waters predicts finding a mentor or counselor who can help guide you in the right direction.
A house filled with smoke which later disappeared I was dreaming I went in a house and my lungs filled with smoke, I felt burning. Then went in a room and it was all gone. I was fine. Despite the gruesome nature of such a vision, dreaming about a house (and your lungs as a result) filled with thick smoke is usually interpreted as a sign of good fortune and success in something you are currently working on. This could be a project you are leading at your place of work or a craft you are creating before giving to someone or entering into a contest. However, if you envisioned having difficulties breathing in this vision, you may want to be on the lookout for fires, both literal and figurative, that could arise during this time.
A woman sweeping inside a house Dreaming about seeing a woman sweeping in her own house. Dreaming about a nondescript woman who is sweeping her own house is a fairly negative sign in two different ways. First, the sweeping aspect indicates becoming involved in shady activities, like fraud or deception. This is because you likely try to take care of this business when others are unaware of your intentions. But it is unlikely you are to be successful hiding your activities, as a woman is often said to represent the spread of gossip, both true and untrue. You may want to think twice before doing something those around you would frown upon because once it gets out, you may find yourself in bad standing with those you care about.
Spiders and smoke without fire inside the house I often see spiders on my wall in my room, but last night the spider ran as my babies screamed, woke me and there was smoke coming from my room like something burning but nothing was burning. Spiders often represent a feeling of constant pressure from society, or from your friends or colleagues. You may feel as if this pressure is restricting your personal freedoms or your ability to express your thoughts and opinions when you want to. The baby crying is usually a bad omen that could be related to major heath issues or another kind of unfortunate circumstance. The appearance of smoke, but without fire or actual burning, also reinforces these two visions. This vision, by itself, indicates a feeling of confusion, which could mean you may be around bad people who intend to deceive you. It is possible that you are already under the control of this bad person, and identifying who it could be is the first step in eliminating this person's negative influence from your life.
Unable to turn the light on I have had many dreams that include this scenario, I attempt to turn on a lamp or the light switch and they don't work. I am interested to know what this means since this dream has occurred so many times. Thank you. Being unable to turn on a light, especially when seen multiple times, can be an ominous indication of involvement in the upcoming death of someone you know. While you probably not doing this intentionally or even consciously, it is possible that some repeated task you are partaking in is contributing to their future demise. Even though it is not directly your fault, if you realize the connection too late to change the course, it may cause feelings of guilt and remorse for a long time to come.
People and things from the past appearing inside a house I was in a home, and something was going on with rain. A lot of people were there. I started crying loudly, with all I had. Nobody noticed. Then, I was in a place at night getting ready for bed. I was in the bathroom looking at the tub. I was going to say goodnight to my father who has passed on when my mother stopped and told me to leave dad be. I headed to the next room seeing clumps of cat hair from the cat I had many years ago. I dropped my cell phone along the way and my mom threw it to me. Then I woke up. Being in the home but knowing that it is raining outside could indicate dangerous people or situations encroaching on your personal life. Crying, in this case, represents the release of stress, tension, or anxiety caused by a build-up of negative emotion, probably as a result of sensing the imminent threat. The next most prominent symbol is seeing your departed father, which is often interpreted as a sign of having unfinished business. In the context of this vision, whatever you have put off or forgotten to do could be coming back to haunt you. Taking care of this task, then, may help reverse the situation and give you peace of mind and closure you are seeking.
Perplexed by decorations inside a room I dreamt that I walked into this room and saw many ornaments of the All-Seeing-Eye, all around. I guess I was looking for something in my dream, but I was just amazed by seeing all these different All-Seeing-Eye ornaments on top of the furniture and hanging on the walls. What could this possibly mean? This vision could be a sign that you have experienced an important change in your life without even realizing it. The All-Seeing Eye, or the Eye of Providence as it is sometimes referred to, has been used throughout history to represent various beliefs. It has also been associated with clairvoyance, omniscience, and the ability to look into one's own soul, meaning you have learned of gained a new level of self-awareness. The fact that it was so prominent throughout your dream could mean a spiritual awakening has taken place within you. Remain vigilant for any other signs that might appear to you in the near future.
Things and people appearing from the hole inside a closet I have been having this dream since I have moved into my room, so I have this closet and it has a hole that leads to the attic well. In my dream there is always something climbing out of the hole, like yesterday there was a little girl with black hair and a white dress and she is either climbing up or down the hole or staring straight at me when I open the door, but when my mom opens it she is not there. What does this mean and why is it always happening to me? In general, envisioning people or things entering your private living space in a dream could be reflective of your internal fear or concern that you are not going to stay in this place, in this case your room, for long. You could be feeling insecure or intimidated by the signs in real life which clearly show you that soon you would have to move. As for the image of a little girl crawling out of the hole in the closet, it predicts upcoming unexpected visits. That is, someone or some people may show up at your door unannounced. These uninvited guests may be the answer, good or bad, to your fears and uneasy feelings projected into these subconscious visions.
Being stuck inside a house For years I have dreamed about being inside a house, in different rooms, I have never seen the outside. A house in a dream represents you and the different rooms represent multiple, yet interconnected aspects of yourself. Dreaming of finding yourself in different rooms points to the issues you go through over the years, which are usually brought about by stress or sudden changes. Not seeing the outside of the house could indicate that you are still in the process of evolving and discovering who you are by resolving challenges you encounter in your everyday life.
A puppy in the floor hole A hole in a wooden floor. In the hole a puppy happily in a harness swinging. The floor in this dream represents your foundation for and source of emotional support, usually associated with your family or close friends. A wooden floor suggests that you may be suppressing your emotions while dealing with a new or existing situation in your life, whether a professional development or a blossoming relationship as depicted by the puppy hanging inside the floor opening. The hole means that while you may feel unsettled by this new circumstance, you will eventually be able to open yourself up to it.
Parakeet birds in a cage and bananas In my dream there were two parakeet birds in a cage. Then they multiplied to a flock of big parakeet birds. They were yellow. And bunches of bananas. The bananas were everywhere in the house all over the floors. Dreaming about birds in a cage represents an aspect of your personality which is a perfectionist, wanting to micromanage and control the work of those around you in order to create what you think is the goal of your assignment. While you may have very interesting or well-planned ideas, your insistence on doing things your way may inhibit the creative ability of others and lead to discord within the group. This is supported by the image of the multiplying birds which suggests a rebellion by those who feel powerless under your reign. If you do not let loose the reins and share some of the decision-making power, you may lose friends as well as support for the project you are working on.
A strange room inside a house and frightened to go in Hello.. I am a 50 year young female. My recurring dream is I find a strange room in my house. I am very frightened by the room. It gives off a bad feeling. I can't bring myself to go in there. I just look around. There is an old bedroom suite and personal things that belonged to someone??? I feel it was a lady there. I can never get myself to go in. What in the world ??? LOL. Thank you so much for your help!! Different rooms in your house characterize your specific attributes of personality. Dreaming of a strange new room could mean that you are developing new perspectives or taking on new roles. The negative energy emanating from the room and the bad feeling it arouses in you indicate possible repressed emotions or uncomfortable scenarios. A bedroom in particular reveals the side of you that you want to keep private, especially those related to sexuality and intimacy. It could be that you are experiencing and pondering unfamiliar impulses and compulsions which is why the room appears to belong to someone else, as if it is an aspect of yourself that you do not recognize. Whatever is it that is inspiring curiosity and fear in you, the key to resolving the issue is for you to decide whether you want to explore it further or close the door behind you.
Being left alone and things happening around the house My school had a event at my house where our parents couldn't watch us the whole day, but my house was huge, the harbor was inside and roads were too. Then me and my boyfriend were kissing and a picture fell out of the ceiling, so I tried finding my mom. Then I couldn't find her so I put the picture somewhere. Next, I posted my boyfriend on Snapchat and then me and my boyfriend went upstairs and my mom was wondering what happened the whole day while we were gone. This vision is fairly complicated and contains a number of interesting symbols. School events usually represent stress from wake life building up though having a school event in your home seems to indicate you are comfortable with a certain amount of stress or work well under pressure. This is supported by the image of you kissing your boyfriend, which signifies your confidence in yourself or that you are comfortable in your own skin. Despite understanding yourself, you may have some doubts about the relationship. This can be seen in the image of the picture falling from the ceiling. You may need to think about where the relationship is going and evaluate whether or not it is worthwhile to continue.
Part of the house slanting towards the ground The side of the house where the kitchen is was leaning toward the ground, the kitchen window was open. A house and the different rooms that are manifested in your dream represent yourself and various parts of your personality. The kitchen reflects your need for nourishment, warmth and comfort. It could also represent a life-changing opportunity and a personal transformation. Similarly, the open window implies possibilities, hope, new ideas and an open mind. Maybe you are letting go of your lofty ideals and seeking a more grounded existence. It could also be an indication of your desire to settle down, which you associate with emotional stability and security, as manifested by the ground-leaning position of this part of the house.
A horse tail being dragged by a string across the floor A horse tail (black) being dragged on the floor by a string. A horse's tail by itself as a dream vision represents success in creative endeavors and gracious, well-polished behavior. In essence, the tail alone is a positive sign suggesting that the dreamer is well-liked and respected. However, seeing the tail being dragged on the floor is highly ominous. If you were the one dragging the tail, it may suggest a callous disregard for the rules of polite society. If someone else was doing this, it may mean that certain individuals are seeking to drag your name through the mud.
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