A toilet filled with white worms I haven seen in my dream some kind of dirty worms completely filled in toilet. Half of them are dead and other half are crawling. All are in white color, disgusting in look. Few are starting crawling on the wall of bathroom and I am trying to flush water on them to get over them. This vision gives a fairly negative vibe and paints a poor picture for your current or future situation. A dirty, insect-infested toilet represents becoming the caretaker of someone important in your life, most likely an elderly family member. This person is likely to need assistance for even the most basic tasks, including bathing and using the restroom. While this may be troublesome or even disgusting, you are unlikely to have much choice in the matter as other options are either unavailable or too expensive. This is coupled with the image of crawling worms which portends showing a brave face in response to these challenges while falling apart on the inside. While getting help may be difficult, you should still reach out to friends for love and support during hard times.
Surrounded by beds I was in an unfamiliar house at a party. I walked upstairs to a big room. I saw 4 big beds lined up in a row all unmade. I knew in the dream it was a kids' room. I found myself standing in the middle of the beds. Then I went upstairs from there to a beautiful made up bed. A large, unfamiliar house is often connected with the idea of meeting someone new, particularly someone who is interested in getting to know you. This could be for personal reasons, such as romantic interest or a shared hobby, but it could also be related to your career path, such as a mentor-protege relationship. Beds usually indicate death or the loss of someone close to you, but in this case seem to point to the idea that this relationship may be short-lived for some reason. Maybe the connection was only superficial or something or someone got between you. In either case, it would probably be best to enjoy it and learn what you can while it lasts.
Changing filter of a fish tank I was changing filter in a fish tank and fish started to jump out of the tank. I thought it was all of them, but my mother told me it was plenty left. When I looked inside of the tank again it was plenty left. I changed filter and put lid back on. Changing the filter of a fish tank denotes becoming entangled in a relationship that could have negative repercussions in your life. An empty fish tank in a dream typically signifies a growing frustration towards relatives, hence your dream showing the opposite of this and pointing to a strengthening bond with your kin, possibly after receiving guidance and wisdom in whatever challenges you may encounter in your life.
Catching dripping rainwater into containers I dreamed about rain coming through the ceiling being caught in clear containers. I emptied one that was full. To see rain pouring through the ceiling in your dream suggests suppressed emotional issues that may be forcing their way out of you by breaking down your psychological defenses. This vision is a sign that ignoring certain issues can cause bigger damage further down the line. On the other hand, rain water indicates a promise of success. Gathering rain water in clear containers and then emptying them points to feelings of ineptitude. Perhaps your low self-esteem is preventing you from fully taking advantage of opportunities. Maybe a part of you feels like you do not deserve recognition or success. These are personal issues that you need to reflect upon in order to lead a more fulfilling life.
A mushroom growing on the roof of a house Mushroom with gold studs hanging in the roof, then as I am looking at it, it dilated as l was trying to catch it, l woke up. Mushrooms are often thought to symbolize negative energy or a poisonous personality, although not your own. The mushroom's position above you (hanging from the roof) suggests that this evil is coming from someone above you in status, possibly a boss, manager, teacher or elder. In any case, the gold studs indicate that, to others, this person seems untouchable and wonderful to the core. However, you can see the truth that this person is only beautiful on the outside.
Room being cleaned and organized by a crush I had a dream wherein this boy that I liked/like (trying to get over him) cleaned my entire room and moved everything around. I was really thankful for that, and my room looked beautiful. It all felt organized and new. Dreaming that your room has been reorganized and cleaned is often interpreted as a sign that you have been slacking on chores or other daily tasks, such as homework or the dishes. This cause of your poor domestic abilities as of late is likely a personal matter, perhaps the boy you are trying to get over, considering his presence in the vision. In this case, dealing with your emotions or any drama the situation poses could be distracting you from the things that are really important. To truly move on with your life, then, you need to get back to normal and reestablish a routine that keeps you happy, well-organized and focused on the future.
Face to face with a stranger while watering plants outside In my dream I have a bucket full of water and I am going out of my front door to put the water in plants. As I open the door, there is someone in black robe skipping in my front yard. It starts coming toward me and I shut my door and am shouting for help. I can still see him. Dreaming about a bucket full of water that you intend to use on plants and other vegetation is a highly auspicious symbol associated with the idea of success in the face of opposition. This is also supported by the image of the person in the black robe, although black clothes on a stranger can have multiple connotations. In this case, it partially reinforces the earlier idea, predicting wealth and prosperity due to your victories. However, this is unlikely to bring you any material gains, as you seek fulfillment in integrity and moral behavior rather than in physical possessions.
Floors breaking apart inside the house So I'm in my own house, and somehow suddenly I see that the floor is breaking apart. But specifically, just breaking apart, not falling away. More like a fault line suddenly developing in my house. But the house is still standing, it hasn't fallen away. My wife is with me at the time, there were some other people also, can't remember, maybe my parents, maybe my friends. The dream was disturbing to say the least. Houses in dreams represent who you are as a a person, while different rooms in the house refer to the different aspects of your personality or emotional state. The floor is your foundation or your source of security. Hence, to see it breaking apart in the dream, sustaining cracks similar to a fault line alludes to events that could test your values and principles. The presence of your family possibly means that the upcoming shake up may involve or affect your loved ones. Small cracks can lead to bigger problems, hence the dream may be cautionary message regarding seemingly inconsequential spats and arguments that could lead to more serious conflicts.
Mopping inside a wealthy residence Dreamed about someone mopping the floor of a rich man's house. Seeing someone mopping the floor of a rich man's home could be interpreted as a warning. A dream like this could indicate that financial troubles may be heading in your direction. Due to a lapse of judgement on your part, you could end up losing a sizeable amount of money in the near future. Be careful with the way you invest or spend your hard-earned wealth.
Big masks in the attic I was in the unfinished attic of a new house where I was staying or living and there were 3 huge white face masks facing me. They were about 4 feet long and about 10 feet away from me. Exploring or being in an attic during a dream vision represents your attempts to improve yourself mentally, emotionally or spiritually. The unfinished condition of the attic reflects the journey you are going on to be completed in order to achieve this enlightened state, either through studying, prayer or meditation. The three white face masks, then, represent seeing some changes in your life and well-being, but perhaps not what you wanted or expected. Others may react negatively to your conversion of thought and behavior, possibly leaving you hurt and lonely.
Doors and windows of the house broken I had a dream that many glass windows and few doors of my house were broken and rain water came through the broken windows and doors drenching several winter jackets and overcoats. My two daughters and wife saw it, but were not very moved. When I complained that they didn't notice, they didn't seem to care much. I was feeling a bit concerned about our security as the doors were also broken. This dream is a reflection of your worries and anxieties in the waking world. However, your apprehensions could be for nothing. The rain seeping into your home means that troubles and sorrows are very rare occurrences in your household due to the presence of harmony and understanding within your family circle. This is why your daughters and wife were not troubled in the dream. On the other hand, perhaps you are the only one privy to your financial standing and you are worried of losing your source of income, as symbolized by the broken doors and windows. In which case, perhaps you need to communicate your concerns with your wife, so you can deal with the situation together.
Children following and a broken fish tank I was having a cute dream about three little Chinese girls playing around outside. They were on their scooters with their tutus and occasionally following me and as I was going inside my house, they followed and my fish tank was on the table almost empty because it had a crack on the bottom and I was all rushing to fill it up with more water because the fishes were about to die and they were just close giggling at me. This dream vision has two opposing symbols which seem to be connected on some level. Dreaming about observing children playing nearby predicts a period of excitement and good spirits in anticipation of something nice and pleasant to happen. You may have recently been invited to a family reunion, a coworker's surprise birthday party or a barbecue get-together. However, the image of a broken fish tank with dying fish portends these plans or expectations being seriously impacted because of some difficulties or complications appearing in your future. The dying fish is also a negative symbol, indicating health issues or an accident which would hamper your ability to fully enjoy yourself in the company of other people.
Food not cooked and turning light switches I left a pot of beans cooking on low all night long and when I came back, they weren't even burnt. In the same dream I also dreamed I kept trying flipping light switches to turn on lights, but got fussed at because I was turning off lights in other places. Dreaming about cooking food that specifically has not burnt is a positive sign regarding your family situation. It usually represents the peace and happiness your family is currently experiencing or is about to live through. In many situations it also points to contentment in your family unit, as though no one is lacking anything or has their wants and wishes fulfilled without much waiting. The second vision, turning on switches which do not light what you want, could indicate the presence of good and bad luck popping up at random intervals in your life. The frustration comes from the fact that you have little control over which period you are in at any given time.
A washing machine that does not fit New washing machine does not fit in kitchen! This vision seems to have both a figurative and a literal interpretation. Appliances and kitchen furniture are often associated with a build-up of stress in the waking world, suggesting you may be very tense or agitated at the moment. The cause of your distress can literally be seen in the notion that the washing machine does not fit. This could point toward things in your life not coming together as you planned and making you upset as a result. You may need to be patient while things work themselves out, so that you can see where you are from a different perspective.
A friend trying to rebuild the house Came home to a friend attempting to gut and rebuild inside my home, but unable to finish the job. I was stressed and was looking for somewhere to lay my head. Dreaming about someone trying to renovate your home unsuccessfully represents the troubling situation you may find yourself in sometime soon. Renovations in dreams are often associated with the idea of improvements in your life, so seeing this take place in your dream could signify your anticipation of receiving a promotion or moving house. However, the fact that your friend was unable to finish the work they started could predict someone interfering with the outcomes you expect. Your stress in the vision reflects much the same in waking life, so it is important for you to remember to have patience and let things happen in their due time.
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