Taking a selfie and a dog biting Me and my friend took a selfie and realized there was a girl in it, so we ran around the house freaked out and then an imaginary dog bit my neck really badly, so I threw it in the dumpster and called the cops. Taking a selfie in a dream alludes to vanity and narcissism. It means you tend to focus on appearances instead of getting to know people on a deeper level. The appearance of another girl on the selfie may have something to do with an aspect of yourself you no longer recognize, perhaps as a result of being too self-absorbed. The dog bite to the neck represents conflicting thoughts and feelings. You know the right thing to do, but your emotions are forcing you into a totally different direction.
Worried about things getting wet in the house Hello, can you help me interpret my dream? I was in the house because it was a heavy rain outside and suddenly someone asked me to transfer with her into another house which is in front of the house we occupied. Then, when we get there, I feel confused why the bamboo floor getting wet where I could see a roof... And I was worried also when I saw a firewood that might get wet by the rain. Your response is so much appreciated... Thank you. Heavy rain surrounding the house you are in during a dream vision represents the negative energy coming from someone around you. While you may be in a good place in your life, a friend or family member close to you could be projecting their problems on you, bringing you down and making you feel worse than you should. The house with bamboo floors suggests you are afraid to speak against this person or to tell them to take their problems elsewhere. The water you saw on these floors further supports this idea. Through this vision, your subconscious may be trying to come to a solution. It would be wise, then, to take time to find the words that would calm the rage in this individual and give you some much needed peace of mind.
People admiring the house There were many people at my house viewing and admiring my house. It's like some wanted to buy it. But was too many people who just appeared at the same time. A dream in which you see people admiring your house as if they were interested in buying it could be representative of the current state of your life. It is possible there is something about your current living arrangements that you are not truly satisfied with. This, in turn, may be stressing you out and not allowing you to enjoy the other aspects of your life to the fullest. Until you decide to actively change whatever it is that is bothering you, you may find yourself unable to move forward.
Frightened by smoke others cannot see I woke up and the entire upstairs of my apartment was filled with smoke. I got up and ran downstairs yelling for my family to wake up. When I got in the living room, that was filled with smoke also. I thought something was on fire. When my family ran downstairs, they said that they never saw any smoke. I know what I saw and it was terrifying. It wasn't a dream because I was awake. Was it sleepwalking? I don't know. Can you help? It is possible that you experienced a lucid dream, in which you become aware of your surroundings whilst still being in the dream world. It is also likely that symbols from your dream became integrated into the waking world just as you were waking up, in a state in between sleeping and waking. Despite the terrifying nature of the dream, the smoke you saw inside the apartment while in this state is actually indicative of good luck and fortunate circumstances for new projects and endeavors. Smoke which makes it difficult to move about or find your way out suggests a lucky break or occurrence which is destined to make whatever you are working on successful.
White beds delivered home I dream that supposedly a king-size bed to be delivered only to have seen a white single bed was about to be delivered. I saw the bed at the door about to get inside the house with a couple of men attempting to get it inside the house. The dream was so vivid and the whiteness of the linen that covered the bed was very bright white. Dreaming about a large king-size bed denotes the amount of time you have been spending thinking about a certain individual in your waking life. Perhaps this person wants to be a part of your life and you are pondering whether you should allow that person in your life or not. You may be doubtful of their presence and in double mind regarding their true intentions. However, the presaging image of a white single bed represents your ability to ultimately make the right decision. You simply need to focus on your judgmental qualities and make your choices accordingly.
Raining inside the bedroom It was raining in my bedroom. The rain was a steady fall of big drops getting everything including myself wet. It was sunny outside, but raining inside. I was upset because I didn't hang my bras, so they were wet. Dreaming about rain in your bedroom has positive connotations. It emphasizes the fact that you are generally content and your home is very peaceful. There are no rifts between you and your loved ones. However, the fact that you felt distressed due to forgetting to hang your bras may point towards your subconscious desire for a bit of excitement and conflict. It would be wise to accept the peacefulness in your life and the ease of your daily routine instead of feeling disturbed about trivial things or asking for trouble.
Insects and cats trying to get inside the house I was at home and all of a sudden there were jeweled flying bugs, then one big black moth-like black bug with gold designs. I killed it, then realized my window was open, which upon closing a cat was trying to open with their paw, then five more showed up and scaring them away did not work, so I had to force the window closed with all my strength while they were sticking their paws in trying to open it and one broke open my screen. I finally got it closed and then felt scared our of breath, then awoke. The bejeweled bugs flying around inside your home in the dream symbolize your anxieties. These anxieties may be rooted in rumors you suspect are circling about you possibly coming from influential personalities or individuals whom you admire. The nature of the rumors could be related to you weaknesses or personal flaws which you fear are being used to discredit you. The cats trying to get into your home likely represent deceitful and malicious individuals who are trying to block your windows of opportunities for a higher position or a respected place in your social group. It means your enemies or people who do not like you are likely conspiring to steal benefits or expected outcomes from a project or other endeavors you have been working on for quite some time.
Being told to bathe with flowers I have dream a young girl was telling me to bathe with flowers inside my water. Because inside the dream I was bathing with a bowl full of water an put a soft drink inside the water and she showed me that the top of it contained fine yellow flowers inside the top and she said I should add it to the water and bathe with it. So I woke up from this dream. Bathing is associated with cleansing, transformation and renewal. Your dream shows you two ways you could bathe - one with soda in your water and the other with yellow flowers. The former reveals your usual coping mechanism whenever you experience a burnout or face trying times. Maybe you are the type who likes to unwind through hedonistic pursuits to get away from your problems. On the other hand, the young girl is showing you another, more sensible way to achieve happiness, which is to focus on improving yourself. The yellow flowers added to water allude to a much deeper kind of cleansing, not just the superficial kind. The dream is telling you to change tactics and start being kinder and more generous to others as this way of being happy lasts longer and radiates positivity onto others.
Almost falling out of the balcony while mopping I was mopping on my balcony, the mop bucket was too full, tried to dump some water out over the side of the balcony. All of a sudden I felt intoxicated and I fell over the railing, but held onto the railing upside down and backwards. I tried to pull myself back up and over, but struggling for a while. I was terrified. Felt myself slipping and about to fall. I don't remember how I got back up and over. I was then inside in my bathroom washing my hands and they were very cut up and bleeding. Seeing yourself mopping floors has negative connotations. It portends the possibility of an untimely departure of an important person in your waking life. This sudden parting would have a deep impact on you mentally as well as physically. Just as when you lost your balance on the balcony, you may find yourself at a loss in your waking life too. However, the notion of you being back to the safety of your home despite the threat of falling out indicates that albeit all the struggles and problems, you would be able to overcome feelings of desolation and unhappiness. Be prepared and make sure to keep an open mind and heart if you do receive any sort of bad news in the future.
Strange tall figures inside dark house I was outside near my house, then went inside my house, it was completely black inside and there were very tall figures standing over me with the mouths sewn shut. Entering your own house and finding it to be pitch black is a highly ominous symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It suggests you are about to fall victim to some health issue or face an accident which would disrupt your daily existence. The tall figures themselves represent your friends and loved ones who would come to help and support you in this difficult time. However, seeing the mouths of the figures sewn shut suggests much the same in wake life, namely that no kind words can undo the pain or difficulty you would have to endure.
Holes in the bedroom floor I dreamt that I found holes in my bedroom floor when I moved the furniture. I could see down into the crawl space. Bedroom furniture is often thought to symbolically represent wealth and financial security, therefore, moving furniture could reflect your attempts to balance your finances or find ways to bolster your savings. This is opposed with the image of the hole in the floor, as this symbol is associated with the idea of being distracted or not paying attention to important matters. While your financial situation does deserve being kept an eye on, it is possible you are spending too much time obsessing over money. Other areas of your life may suffer, particularly relationships with your friends and loved ones.
Unusual-looking interiors of a house There were no stairs in the house, just a circular area with a settee-like area to jump down to. Also had to crawl under tables and through stable-type doors. A house with no stairs alludes to your simple lifestyle and humble existence. This can also be interpreted as a lack of ambition, especially since you find yourself crawling under furniture and doors within the dream. It illustrates your tendency to lower your standards or settle for something less than you deserve. This lack of motivation to succeed may stem from either insecurity or a tendency to be a perfectionist. A fear of failure may prevent you from taking any risks, hence you end up looking for easily achievable goals with no true value attached to them.
Swimming pool changing from clean to dirty I was in my apartment pool, it looked dirty black water with a dead pig from my side, but my brothers and others were swimming. I went inside the gates and it was clean and blue water and I started playing with them. I got pushed in and when I came out, the water turned dirty and the dead pig was there again. I started flying. Both the image of dirty water and the dead pig are negatively charged symbols in the world of dreams. They suggest your daily existence could be plagued with problems and setbacks. These issues are likely the result of your own lack of preparation or effort, and they may be difficult to overcome on your own. This is opposed with the image of the pool filled with clear, clean water, a symbol often associated with success and self-fulfillment. Your subconscious may be giving you a glimpse of the happiness and prosperity you could experience if your work ethics were better. The pool reverting back to its original dirtiness, however, may indicate that you are not yet ready to make that change.
Interiors of a brown color I was in a room next to a hallway. The walls were a light caramel and the white things that are in between the walls and floor had lace on the top and switched from dark brown to a light brown (not the same brown as the walls). There was also a fancy mirror hanging up with a brown desk and a tall bookshelf next to the desk and mirror. I then started to walk down the hallway, the walls staying the same color. I reached a red door with a golden handle soon. The brown color of the walls suggests you are at a point in your life that has some very troubling aspects. This could be a situation you are directly involved in, such as a conflict with someone you know or a general discontent with society and the behavior of those around you. This is supported by the image of the fancy mirror, a symbol that suggests you are having trouble making your dreams come true. Perhaps your troubles are related to other people getting in the way or taking what you want before you can get it. However, the red door at the end of the hallway indicates that the only thing standing between you and your goals is actually your own passion and drive. If you find a way to motivate yourself, you would have no problem getting what you want.
Dirty house and kids My children were small and dirty, they had lice and my house was in deplorable condition. It was the house where my children were born with my first husband. I was trying to fix the house and clean my son's bed full of lice and smelling bad and asking him to take a shower. My first husband was there too pretending he was going to fix and clean the house. Envisioning your house in bad condition is a sign that unfavorable occurrences or situations are about to take place. You would have to face these issues head on and resolve them before taking care of anything else. Discovering lice in your children's hair suggests you normally have good luck, but you may be fighting against your natural state by taking on tasks or behaviors that do not actually represent you as a person. For example, your efforts to clean your house could allude to relationships you need to repair. You may have unwillingly abandoned the connections because you thought you had other priorities. However, mending those ties could be the first step to turning your situation around.
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