Bedroom being re-organized and animals My master bedroom is being modified under observation of my deceased mother in law. She has become very fat and with changed style. She is scolding me. Suddenly an extra bed came there with a monkey who killed and ate white snake which came from inside the bedroom. The presence of your deceased mother-in-law in your dream means she left behind unfinished business which continues to affect your life. Her weight is associated with wealth, so the ongoing issue has something to with an inheritance or assets she left behind. Although it could also symbolize the weight that is causing a lot of strain in your marriage or family life. Nevertheless, her passing had probably created a whole new conflict, as indicated by the new bed. Oftentimes an extra bed means dishonesty or adultery. This is further elucidated by the monkey and the white snake which are both associated with betrayal. Look out for a third party carrying troublesome information that could threaten your marriage and overall peaceful existence.
No drain in the shower I have this reoccurring dream that I'm about to get in the shower but I realize there is no drain. What does this mean? A shower generally refers to increased strength, energy and overall enthusiasm. Wanting to take a shower can also reveal a desire to cleanse yourself from negative emotions and destructive thoughts. If this is the case, then the missing drain is an indication of your inability to rid yourself of negative energy. You probably do not have an outlet to unburden yourself of these bad and self-destructive musings, so they tend to pile up inside you and give you a lot of stress. You need to be able to find a safe and supportive environment or surround yourself with friends who are willing to help you out when you are in distress.
A broken door and light coming in I was awakened by a noise and I walked in the front room to see what it was and I saw a light and thought it was coming from the computer. It wasn't, the computer was turned off. My door was closed, but not locked. The lock had been extended but not fastened. The door was broken with the wood splintered. There was a metal rod protruding from the door. The light was coming from the hallway. A possible break-in suggests a break in your peace of mind. Since your home is your sanctuary and private space, the disturbance in security means someone is attempting to invade your privacy. This person could already be in your social circle, slowly earning your trust, and your subconscious is alerting you to this before it is too late. The tricks and manipulation may be so subtle that you would be taken by surprise once their evil motives come to light, as indicated by the details of intrusion in your vision.
The floor collapsing under feet I'm a male. The dream takes place in the house I grew up in, and the floor is falling out. No matter which room I go into, in each room it's getting worse and worse. In each dream the people are the same but they change. Sometimes it's mom, or sister, or my ex of over 10 years. Sometimes it's my dad (deceased). One thing is always the same. The floor is falling out from under me. Houses in the dream world often represent the dreamers themselves. In this case, your childhood home was filled with familiar faces from your past, a sure sign that this is directly related to your current position in life. As the floor is considered the foundation of the house, having it fall out from beneath you represents a lack of security in your daily existence. Given the figures in your vision, it is likely relationship troubles that are causing these doubts. Seeing those who are already long gone from your life, either those who are no longer existent in this world or those who are no longer present for other reasons, serves as a reminder that everything is fleeting and that sometimes opportunities to fix what is wrong pass us by. But the images of those from your present mean that there is still time to rectify mistakes and show others how much they truly mean before it is too late.
Selling belongings Selling all my belongings. Selling all of your belongings in the dream world could have two possible interpretations, depending on your circumstances. In some cases, selling what you own can be a sign that the dreamer has been letting go of important relationships, either by ignoring their friends or not keeping promises they have made. Alternatively, selling off your worldly possessions may mean you are letting go of something that has been holding you back. Perhaps you are even ready to move to a new place in your life, either physically or emotionally. In either case, you may need to spend more time reflecting on who you are and where you are going. Blindly casting off others or simply letting things be at peace should be a conscious decision, not an accident.
Strange people in the house I dreamt of a few men, including one I have not seen for ages, roaming around my house, with no intention to harm anyone or steal anything. There was also an unknown girl who I later caught and wanted to attack, however she was very calm and tried to explain what was going on, then I woke up. Envisioning men walking around your home could mean you are in a position to help someone in reality, but you are unsure how to do so without causing more trouble or making them upset. It is likely the individual you would be able to aid is male, possibly someone you saw in your vision, although not necessarily. Their roaming about reflects the ambiguous nature of the problem. You could step in, but if you do not know the entire situation it may cause more harm than good. On the other hand, not offering assistance and finding out it was needed later could cause you feelings of regret. The girl you caught and wanted to attack at the end of the vision represents a changing relationship, most likely with the aforementioned man who needs help. The best course of action in this situation would be to find out as much as you can about his predicament and then offer him a few choices as to how you could be of service.
Items inside the house replaced with bikes While I was sleeping a friend and some other people (I don't know them) sneaked inside my house and stole my stuff and replaced it with lots of bikes that were his. They couldn't understand why I was so upset. This vision contains two opposing symbols which could affect your interpersonal relations in the near future. First, the thieving friends who entered your house and stole your possessions represent a conflict or possible betrayal by someone you feel close to. From your current standpoint, their actions or words would probably seem like a slap in the face after all you have been through together, making you ache for the trust you once had in each other. However, you should carefully examine both their actions and their intentions, as the second symbol suggests not all is as it seems. Specifically, filling your house with many bikes refers to success in either romantic or business endeavors. As such, it seems likely that your friends' supposed betrayal is more likely an attempt to help you out. It may be wise to cut those around you a little slack and accept help and direction from those who mean well.
Being watched from the roof Someone is standing on my roof watching us with our daily life. People there are me, my mom who I haven't spoken to in seven years, my ex best friend of 42 years who I haven't spoken to in 10 years, and my daughter. I can hear him walking and have only seen him once. Being watched in dreams is actually a manifestation of your own guilt and shame. The person watching you from the roof is actually your conscience judging your every move. The presence of people you have not seen or talked to in reality signifies your readiness to reconnect with them. You are feeling burdened by all the unresolved issues and resentment building up inside you, so your subconscious is encouraging you to reach out to people you have kept at a distance by looking at the bigger picture and learning how to forgive. You may even need to forgive yourself in order for you to find some peace.
Getting younger and a shark tank Female. I lived in a house with a lot of people, and my friend and I walked up the stairs with my friend Natalie, and the further you walked up the stairs the younger we got. Then we went to my other friend’s room, and Natalie said that he and I have been dating for years, even though we are not. Then, my brother got a huge glass shark tank with a big fish in it and I was very scared the glass would break. Then, the police came and the glass broke and we all ran away as the water gushed down. Getting younger as you are climbing the stairs refers to a better lifestyle because of your excellent decisions and exemplary work ethics. You are getting the success you deserve. Meanwhile, the big fish represents the big impact you are going to make in this world and that is a daunting thing to wrap your head around. That also entails a lot of responsibility. So, the fear that the tank would break reveals your own fears about failing to meet other people's expectations. There will be disappointments, you cannot always be on top, but what the dream is telling you is that you have to be prepared. After all the sheen of the accolades fades, you can still rely on your skills and your wealth of experience.
Wardrobes in disarray I dreamt I woke up to find my wardrobe on its side in the bedroom. My husband's wardrobe had gone, he was also gone. I went outside to find him sleeping in the car. I am a woman. Finding a wardrobe or closet in disarray, damaged or tipped over for example, means long-held secrets will be uncovered which could potentially damage relationships. In the context of your dream, the secret is yours since it is your wardrobe that you found on its side. Meanwhile, your husband's missing wardrobe alludes to more undisclosed information. Once your secret or secrets come out, your relationship with your husband will change dramatically. He would turn into someone you would not recognize anymore. This strain in your marriage would push him to focus his energies on work or other preoccupation, as illustrated by the image of him sleeping in the car. It would take a lot of effort and humility on both your parts to fix whatever damage has been done.
Returning home which is broken into In my dream I return home and I find my house open? Finding your house opened or broken into means you are having trouble understanding yourself. A troubling incident will introduce you to surprising things you did not know you were capable of. This trait you will uncover is going to be negative, making it more difficult for you to accept your capacity for evil. To forward your own ambition, for instance, you have no problem sabotaging others, even if you were friends at one point or another. You can either strive to do better or learn to live with the consequences of your actions.
Abandoned animals and arms cut off I had a dream that I walked into a large house with my mother choosing to go one way to get ready for something, and my brother going another way to look around. We were just given the house and everything in it, although it looked like no one took their things out before moving. There was an extremely large enclosure with many reptiles in it in one of the back rooms facing the outside. The animals were abandoned and crammed into the enclosure in squalor conditions. No one had cared for them for some time, so a few lizards were dead or crushed by others. Two extremely large, dark green frogs were pressed against the glass at the top of the enclosure. There was water at the bottom and many of the reptiles had a hard time staying afloat. One turtle swam up to me, but stuck his face out and had the face of a frog. I pulled him out of the enclosure and held him. I was then aware that he was a large frog with an odd looking, humanoid face. I held him and gave him my love. I felt horrible for the other pained and forgotten animals, so I planned to help them move into proper enclosures or adopt them out. However, this was halted when from my mother’s party upstairs, she began to scream for help and an ambulance. Her left arm and hand were severely burned on the stove top as she was somehow stuck there. I tried to call for help, and a sleeping Viking man, awoke and handed me a telephone to call for help. I then found out that my dearest friend’s left arm was cut off clean. This is all that I remember from the dream, but it has stuck so pervasively to my mind, I must know what it means. This dream vision contains quite a few ominous images, and it should be carefully deconstructed to find the true meaning. For instance, the first symbol, the large house that was given to you, points toward the presence of someone on the fringes of your life who wants to be a bigger part of it. This is likely an individual you normally overlook or possibly do not get along with, leading you to ignore or even act hostile towards them. Continuing through the house, you come across the reptile room, which further illustrates some of the relationship issues you may have affecting your connection with this man or woman. In fact, the multiple frogs in this vision could represent discord and a lack of harmony, suggesting your difficulty managing interpersonal relations affects more than just your interactions with this individual you dislike. You may even be having troubles with those you normally get along with. This can clearly be seen in the turtle whose head seems to morph to a frog and then a human. The original turtle you picked up can be interpreted as the manifestation of a power struggle. Whether you struggle with a friend or an outside foe seems to depend on the final main symbol of this dream, which is the left hand. The prominent image of the left hand that was injured on two different individuals in your vision reveals betrayal. Your mother's burned left hand specifically points towards bad news, while your friend's amputated left arm predicts death and destruction, although not necessarily a physical death. In this case, the death of a friendship could very well fulfill the predictions laid out in this dream. This means that it is more likely that your troubles with the outlier in the vision are only a precursor to the challenges you would face when you feel the knife in the back from your friend. The only possible way to salvage this situation may be to completely overhaul how you interact with others and be more generous with praise and compliments than you have been in the past.
Forced to leave home I’m a 32 year old woman who lives alone. I have a reoccurring dream about being forced to leave my home at the last minute and have to take only what I can carry and rush to decide which things are most important to take. Being forced to leave your home suddenly or without warning is a negative symbol to behold in the dream realm. It suggests you are surrounded by men and women who seek to ruin your reputation, literally forcing you to evacuate without the support of those who were once your friends. This is especially illustrated by your rushing to figure out what you should take with you. These enemies would try to turn your true supporters against you by spreading gossip that hurts your image and damages your credibility. You would need to be very open and honest with your dealings in the near future to avoid any rumors that you are hiding something.
Setting a garage on fire I was in the garage of my childhood home with 3 of my siblings. I picked up a ladle with some type of oil in it. I dropped it and sparks came up, then a huge explosion came up. After the explosion a fire happened. My sister was badly burned. I remember saying to myself that I could put out the fire because that would make worse since the source was chemical. We all left the garage as my mom showed up. Because garages are generally separate from the house or are not usually filled with people consistently, being in the garage at the beginning of your vision points toward a feeling that you are somehow different from or separate from the rest of your family. Perhaps you consider yourself not like the rest of your siblings due to the path you have followed or your interests in wake life. The oil in the ladle points toward a desire to smoothly fit in with the rest of your social group, and you may be willing to go to great lengths to feel like you fit in. However, the explosion suggests this is not a good idea, and conforming yourself could lead to worse outcomes than just being yourself. This vision, then, is a reminder that while being different is difficult, denying who you really are could have far worse consequences.
Cleaning at sister's house I dreamed I was at my sister's house, she wanted me to clean her house. I was going to, but she wanted a spring cleaning, too much to do and it was really dirty and dusty. I wiped behind her bed, and it was full of dust, dust everywhere. I told her I could not do it as it was too much work, for too little money. Dreaming about cleaning your sister's house alludes to soon running into or inviting over someone you have not seen in a long time. This individual may have once been a friend or colleague, but it has been months if not years since you have last spoken. The dusty state of the house means things are not as they should be, suggesting that your one time friend may not be who they once presented themselves to be. You probably tend to look for the best in people and have overlooked some of the warning signs that this man or woman could be a danger. The bed you clean behind of represents something bad happening to someone you are close to or intimate with, such as a lover or best friend. You may want to be on the lookout to see if the sudden arrival of your long-lost companion sparks any undesirable changes.
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