A makeover for a male I was with my aunt and we went into a nail salon and she convinced me to get them done, I am a guy by the way. I went in with my aunt and started to get them done. A women came and asked me if I wanted my makeup done and she, my aunt, said yes. I was convinced and she made up my face and made me look very feminine. What does it mean? Please explain. Dreaming of feminine beauty rituals, such as putting on makeup and having your nails done, reveals your preoccupation with appearances. You could be fixated on looks instead of the character and personality of women. You could also be putting on a mask, as indicated by the makeup. It means that you are not fully being honest in how you present yourself to others. There may be secrets and flaws which you try to hide even from your closest friends for fear of being placed in a vulnerable position. Then again, maybe this dream is merely a projection of a healthy curiosity about the female body.
Black spots around the nose I saw my face covered with black spots. But not fully covered, only at nose and near the nose. I believe it would be blackheads. But I was looking in the mirror at that time. I was not feeling good. The black spots which mar and distort the usual appearance of your face suggest that you are about to get yourself involved with the wrong crowd. You may soon make friends with people who seem interesting and exciting, but are likely to lead you down a bad path if you let them. It would be wise to steer clear of their influence and find friends who share your values.
Hair being unbraided In the dream I asked the one I love to finish unbraiding my hair. Braided hair is symbolically linked with the idea of having too much to do and not enough time to do it. In one sense, it is like you are "tied up" in everything you have to accomplish. Asking the person you are romantically interested in to undo your braid, then, can be interpreted as a sign that you desire a partner (although not necessarily a romantic one) to help you get things done and ease some of the stress you are under.
Having a pig's face My face was human but like a pig's, two nostrils extra on my face and I was pleading to GOD to forgive me and not let me look like that. Pigs represent greed and selfish motives, so envisioning that your face resembles a pig suggests the presence of worldly temptations in your midst. Your values could be tested in exchange for wealth or acclaim, yet your conscience would keep you from fully enjoying the results of your actions if you gave in or even keep you from taking up such appealing opportunities in the first place. Alternatively, this could be an internal battle about something you thought you understood already. Maybe you are beginning to doubt or question some long-held beliefs and feel conflicted about the transformation within you.
Feeling beautiful while being pregnant Female. Dreamed I looked very beautiful in a black dress with black shiny hair, I was pregnant and carried small, not big. Felt really beautiful. My hair was long and shiny black. I do have black hair in real life. Dreaming about noticing the prevalence of black colors in your clothes and overall appearance, including your hair, could contain negative connotations. It symbolizes a period of unrest or annoyances in your life. However, the notion of seeing yourself pregnant and being comfortable with it indicates that despite the difficulties that you may face, this experience could bring along unexpected surprises, such as new acquaintances or even romantic prospects.
Using makeup on hands I had a dream that I was using makeup on my hands and then lying to my projections of that dream about using it. Also, when I looked again at my hand, it looked ugly. Hands in dreams symbolize relationships. Therefore, to see an ugly hand in a dream means there is a disruption in your current existence which could have negative repercussions for your social connections. Specifically, the makeup suggests you may be concealing or overcompensating for your shortcomings. Perhaps to hide your insecurities, you came up with a way to inflate your ego and exaggerate confidence. Unfortunately, this coping mechanism could make you appear aggressive, insensitive or even demanding towards friends, colleagues and your romantic partner. Maybe you are subconsciously aware that you are projecting your fears and frustrations onto your loved ones, which is why your hands appeared ugly. It may be in your best interest to confront and deal with your inner demons to avoid inadvertently hurting others.
Getting a better hairstyle I dreamt that someone fixed an automatic clipper on my head and it gave me a good hairstyle. When you dream about someone creating a nicer hairstyle for you, it could be a very promising sign that the projects you are tackling or planning right now, whether the ones in your personal life or the ones which affect your career, will be successful. That does not necessarily mean success in the long run, but your ability to undertake them with little or no difficulties and accomplish them independently, without any extra help from other people.
Makeup kits in the fridge I am a female. I went to the fridge and saw many makeup things lying, such as types of lipstick and eye shadow, etc. The cover of the makeup ingredients (Outer Body) was gold in color. Then I find out that a male friend of mine who is older than me (I don't know him in real life though, I know him in the dream) gifted me those makeup kits. It was night at that time. I was happy but a bit of confused. I then saw my uncle and my cousin brother outside my house then my dream broke. Dreams containing images of kitchen appliances, like the refrigerator from your vision, are often considered the manifestation of stress and anxiety in your everyday life. This dream is likely your subconscious mind letting you know that it is time for a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily schedule. However, you may be reticent to give in to your need for rest and relaxation, as the makeup you saw lying about suggests your ability to work hard and be independent are the traits you admire about yourself. The man who gave you the makeup may represent others who admire this quality about you. Although you may be proud and strong, there is no fault in taking a break sometimes to recharge your batteries.
A beautiful woman with green background Hello, I had this dream of a beautiful woman on dark green background. This dream is very auspicious and suggests good things are coming your way in the near future. In particular the general dark green color of the background of your vision points towards prosperity and happiness. The source of your happiness may be seen in the image of the beautiful woman, a sign commonly associated with joy and positive feelings. In many cases, this type of symbol is seen before a major life event, such as a wedding or birth. It is likely that you will experience something that would bring you great happiness as well as general improvement in aspects of your life which would benefit the overall quality of your everyday existence.
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