Ex-boyfriend fighting with another person and then appearing at the altar In the dream it was like I was on a battlefield, it was a red sky and my ex-boyfriend was there, he grabbed this guy who didn't seem to care and was almost apathetic. He looked familiar to me and I was worried. Mike was going to hurt him or kill him, he had the guy under him and he pulled out a wet cloth and wrung it out on him right over his chest and has this jealous but broken look in his eyes, like he knew what I was thinking like he was going to hurt him but he didn't. Then I woke up and I had a vision of Mike standing at an altar in a church looking like a groom at a wedding, he was happy. Seeing your ex-boyfriend trying to communicate with you in a dream is a bad sign. If you are currently seeing someone else, it could mean that this relationship could be in jeopardy or failing, which may eventually lead to a separation from or breakup with your current lover. The potential breakup is not only due to your unfair comparisons of the current boyfriend to the previous one, but rather related to the fact that you might actually be dissatisfied or unhappy with your current boyfriend. Alternatively, you could be overly nostalgic about the previous relationship and focusing on these feelings might cause major interferences with your current relationship. Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend marrying someone you do not know is a sign of your forgiveness towards someone who once made a big mistake which greatly affected your life and almost brought you down, this could be your ex-boyfriend himself based on the description of your dream.
Boyfriend saying he has another girlfriend My love telling me he has a girlfriend and he described her to me. Dreaming that your boyfriend or loved one is seeing someone else is often seen as an indication that he may be hiding something from you in real life. It may be that he is purposely trying to keep you in the dark about something important, or it is also possible that he simply did not think you needed or wanted to know about it. However, given that he takes the time to describe the woman to you in your dream vision, whatever issue he brings up is likely to change the course of your relationship, probably for the worse. Disagreements may lead to arguments or bad feelings developing if the two of you cannot communicate openly and find common ground.
Boyfriend with miscarried baby and deceased parents My high school boyfriend was carrying my miscarried baby at a party, his dead parents were by him. There was a large window, he was knocking on it trying to get his families attention. They couldn't see or hear him. This dream vision showing your boyfriend carrying your miscarried baby could serve as a warning that your plans and intentions regarding the future relationship with him could soon be jeopardized, if not crushed completely. If his parents are actually deceased in reality, the image of them in your dream means that something from your boyfriend's past could be preventing him from establishing a serious and meaningful relationship with you. Otherwise, it could be a subconscious reflection of your inability to accept them or existing tensions and misunderstandings which involve you, your boyfriend and his parents.
Staying with ex-boyfriend and seeing flowers in the garden In reality, my boyfriend and I had a separation, almost break-up, but I know we want to get back together. Now stuck. In my dream, we're entering a gate hugging each other, on the long entrance to their mansion. We stayed in his bedroom. When we woke up we went out the hall and met his mom. She was smiling. Me and boyfriend went out walking hugging, to the garden, feel the happiness. There were flower beds. I noticed two. They were planted with white and purple flowers that looked like gladiola. This dream has a number of complicated symbols that conflict with each other. Seeing yourself with a boyfriend or lover who you have had a separation with, even for a short time, indicates that he is often on your mind. However, hugging and intimacy with this person portends some problems with lifestyle or not seeing eye to eye on certain issues, possibly due to not saying everything that needs to be said. Feeling happiness and seeing flowers at the end of the dream represents feelings of peace and tranquility, most likely after a fight or disagreement. In summary, this dream seems to be a subconscious wish to rekindle your relationship with your boyfriend, but also a warning that, in order to make it successful, both parties will need to communicate and compromise with each other.
Hearing about ex-boyfriend from his relatives My dream was about my ex's family. His auntie was telling me how much he misses me being with him. She even told me in the dream that she moved in with his girlfriend. In my dream I was really shocked. She told me she didn't like his new girlfriend that she wishes that me and him went back together. In my dream I was sad because I did or do want him back. Dreaming about your ex and his family indicates that he is still on your mind or that you have had some interaction with him recently which has brought him to the forefront of your thoughts. The discussion you hold with his aunt represents the thoughts in your own mind going back and forth between wanting him back and not wanting to go through the same troubles again. While this dream vision does not give any indication of whether a rekindling of the relationship would be successful, it does suggest thinking carefully about all the events that characterized your past together before moving ahead.
Spending time with ex-boyfriend and his family Last night I dreamed about the family of ex-boyfriend together my ex-boyfriend. I attend the gathering but I don't know what kind of gathering. Talking, laughing and enjoying time with them. Dreaming about spending time with your ex-boyfriend and his family indicates that he is still on your mind or that you have had some recent interaction with him. Envisioning yourself in a dream talking and enjoying your time together with them may reflect your current feelings about the state of your previous relationship. You may be considering rekindling things, but you may also be hesitant lest the same problems occur. This dream suggests taking the time to consider all aspects of your situation before taking steps forward.
Imaginary boyfriend who is abusive and controlling I dreamed last night that I had a baby girl (I can no longer have babies). I was with an abusive boyfriend, who was muscular and not much taller than myself (not the boyfriend I have now, who is not abusive). In the dream the boyfriend's house was on a remote island. With family and friends. Constantly being emotionally and verbally abused all day. Went into the room where he was where he had me up against the wall strangling me, so I kicked him in the crotch, and hit him in the throat, he punched me across the face, and my friend came and took me, and we escaped with my baby on a seadoo. Dreaming of having a complete stranger as your boyfriend means you could have a tendency to become easily agitated and highly dissatisfied with everything you experience in your life, which may create a lot of conflicts and issues in the relationships with people you know. Having someone as an abusive and controlling boyfriend or having a boyfriend who treats you badly in the dream is a bad sign. It means someone could soon be entering your life and who will turn out to have negative influence on you, causing serious issues and problems to arise. The details of the physical abuse you are providing further indicate that you may be concerned and worried about your physical well-being or possible threats to your health at the moment, not necessarily caused by a person or people, but as a result of poor living conditions or hardships, existing or feared to emerge soon.
Worried about boyfriend's whereabouts and relieved knowing he is ok I haven't seen my boyfriend in about three weeks. I call and I text and I get no reply, we have not been in an argument, we were happy together. I do not know what's happened or if he's okay. I recently texted him "I miss you and hope to hear from you". Then I had a dream I saw someone who looked like him, but then I saw my boyfriend and I was so happy. He also called me in the dream explaining everything and why we lost contact and he got my text and he loves me. What does the dream mean? Having a problem with your boyfriend in real life that is resolved in a dream is most likely a reflection of your hopes and desires. Specifically, you want him to reach out to you instead of you having to contact him. While this vision does not give any indication of what might happen to this relationship, it does suggest that you should consider your own happiness and well-being and not rely entirely on your boyfriend to make you happy.
Chased by dark entity My boyfriend of 15 years and myself were being chased through our house by something that I couldn't see. We were both screaming for our lives. We got to the door and my boyfriend pushed me out. Then I see a black misty fog. My boyfriend pushed me out of the house and he was grabbed and jersey back into the house and then he was gone. This dream vision speaks of incompatibility you may have in this relationship. Even though things seem to work out well between the two of you, there is an obvious presence of external factors affecting you both in a negative way. These could be influences brought about by your families, friends or even physical surroundings you live in. Black color is portentous of worse things to come and you should watch for possible shakeups affecting your relationship, not because of your boyfriend's actions or infidelity, but rather circumstantial contributors.
Being pregnant and not wanting it Right now, I am 18 and in my final year of high school. I dreamt that I felt pregnant exactly this year. I didn't understand, because my boyfriend and I had been using protection. I was so afraid, but then my boyfriend whom I love so much became what I wanted him to become - so much more loving, caring and supportive... What does this mean? In the context of the dream you are describing, the feeling you had about becoming pregnant could signify a great change or shift occurring within the relationship with your boyfriend. It could have positive connotations, such as taking the relationship you have right now to a new level, especially with the note you provided about your final year of high school. Or, it could have some not so pleasant developments, perhaps due to the fact that after he became more caring and supportive, he also lost some of his freedom or personal space and may start thinking of getting some of it back to himself.
Ex-boyfriend cutting fish and wanting to leave I saw my ex-boyfriend cutting more than one fleshy big fish into slices, and after that he wanted to leave me so badly and go to his new girlfriend. I was crying and he kept on going away. Seeing fish being cut into slices by your ex-boyfriend indicates your lingering thoughts about and desire to continue to have sexual relationship with him. However, you also subconsciously reaffirm it to yourself that he has moved on with his life and is now seeing someone else whom he is interested in sexually. You could have also recently become aware of some new developments in his personal life which triggered these visions of being left behind once again.
Talking with ex-boyfriend's lover and being cautious I dreamt about my ex boyfriend. The setting was in a badminton or basketball court and I was having some personal business there when I saw him. Looking at him his face was very sad. Then I approached him. Then he told me the story. It was about his wife who is getting cold with him and he thinks that his wife wants them to part ways. Then I waited for his wife, in my dream we were good friends and she could tell me anything. Then she told me she's with another guy. And she asked me not to tell her husband that she's pregnant. Then I found myself embracing my ex boyfriend and crying with him. This dream has a number of complicated symbols that conflict with each other. Seeing yourself with a boyfriend or lover who you have had a separation with indicates that he is often on your mind. These thoughts, however, may garner some negative reactions from those around you, which is symbolized by the badminton court. Your conversation with your ex-boyfriend, specifically his indication of the difficulties he is having with his wife, suggests you want to open a line of communication with him, even though he may be in a relationship with someone else. Both the hugging and intimacy at the end of the vision portend some problems with lifestyle or not seeing eye to eye on certain issues with this person, possibly due to having communication problems in the past.
Discovering that the boyfriend is bisexual I was laying next to this guy after we had sex and I dreamed that he was pressing into my belly button.... After that, I had another dream about this girl telling me he is bisexual and I asked him in the dream. He said yes and I told him that's a turn off and I left. Images of relaxing or lying in bed after having sex with someone are usually symbolic of happy tidings and favorable developments occurring or soon to happen in your waking life. The notion of him pressing into your belly button also symbolizes some early signs or opportunities in your life which only you could pay attention to and use in order to reach these auspicious outcomes, perhaps offered to you not once, but on multiple occasions by now. However, the second vision you are describing has strong indications that you either missed on this opportunity already, or let it pass you by because you are not willing or hesitant to accept this chance for reasons only you know.
Boyfriend telling to wait longer for his return I had a dream that my boyfriend who is away told me he will be back in the summertime, but in reality he is supposed to be back now. If you were expecting your boyfriend to be back with you by now, and he is still away, contrary to what he may have promised to you, this dream vision serves as a reflection of your anxiety and worries about his whereabouts, devotion and sincerity. You could be subconsciously suspecting that he is intentionally delaying coming back for reasons of infidelity or because he may be seeing someone else, but at the same time, you could be just overreacting and being impatient while he has some other equally important obligations and commitments to follow through.
Boyfriend trying to kill Kicking a boyfriend out for putting some one up to try to kill me. Dreaming that your boyfriend hired someone to kill you is an ill omen indicating the rise of negative energy in the form of a person or people in your waking life. This person, likely a newcomer, may coerce you into doing things your would not normally do or sabotage your efforts to improve yourself while working behind your back. In both cases, their interference could spell disaster in your life if they are not removed or taken care of quickly.
Being visitied by ex-boyfriend's wife I dreamt that there was a large chicken about the size of a ostrich that was laying eggs, and about 7 ostriches inside my house. Then my ex-boyfriend from high school was hiding from his wife inside my house and as I said to him "Be careful..." Then she comes and finds him inside my house and as I said it, she came in with a child on her arm and he looked scared. She and I aren't friends. This is an interesting dream with several aspects available for interpretation. First, both seeing a giant chicken laying eggs and the symbol of ostriches predict that you may meet a man who exceeds your physical expectations, both in looks and in the size of his endowment. This may seem like a positive sign, but it is coupled with the imagery of your ex-boyfriend hiding in your house. In this case, your ex-boyfriend seems to be a stand-in for this mystery man you are to meet. However, watching him hide from his wife suggests that you might be tempted to let this new man too close to you too fast because of his attractiveness and superficial kindness. While this vision does indicate avoiding any major problems, you should be cautious in giving your affection too easily.
Boyfriend climbing up the window and seeing things This is actually my boyfriend's dream. He is very confused about it and so am I. It was very odd. In his dream, I was trying to sneak him in through my bedroom window. But he said I was in some sort of inter-dimensional apartment complex and he was seeing different flashbacks and people from his life in all kinds of different windows as he climbed up to me. And then he woke up from sleeping as he climbed into my window. Please help. Thank you!! Traditional dream interpretation sources offer the following possible meanings of this dream. Your boyfriend dreaming about trying to get to you through a bedroom window reveals his desire to either become sexually intimate with you, if this has not happened already, or to try new things to bring more pleasurable experiences and excitement into the sex life between him and you. Another interpretation of this dream could be also indicating that he needs to improve the relationship with you by constantly comparing it to other couples' lives and experiences, as depicted by flashbacks and situations he observed before finally climbing into your window in this dream.
Jealous over ex-boyfriend starting a new relationship I keep having a recurring dream where I go visit my ex-boyfriend (lives in England and we are best friends). I show up on his doorstep without telling him in advance. We hang out and spend time together, no romantic activities, he meets someone and they develop a relationship. I get overprotective and jealous and scare this person away. I have no idea what this means. Your relation with your ex-boyfriend, which changed from an intimate relationship to a friendship is likely a reflection of your desire to find and establish new connections. You could now be going in circles instead of following a new path. You seem to be extremely sensitive about the presence of new people entering your life, even when your interaction with them is superficial and unimportant. Your relations with current friends could be improved if you are able to invest more time and energy for that purpose. It looks like you need a fresh start instead of routines which could be preventing you from reaching your true potentials.
Cheating on the boyfriend discriminately I dreamt that I cheated on my boyfriend. My boyfriend has a good side and a bad side. I cheated with my boyfriend's bad side, initially I am cheating with the same person. I woke up and realized he was one and the same. Your dream suggests that you harbor a desire which is not yet fulfilled and that could potentially bring harm and havoc to your activities and plans. It appears that this desire for unusual change in your life is due to something inappropriate in the past that could soon be brought to your attention by others. The dual nature of your dream strongly suggests that you are beginning to realize that the cost may outweigh the benefits of your adventurism. Ultimately, you may wish to consider what options are left open for you if you feel that you are confronted with a rising tide of insecurity and uncertainty in your social relations.
Following ex-boyfriend while on the bus I am a female. It is the end of school and I don't want to ride my bus, so I get on the bus "M" which my ex-boyfriend rides. I still like him. I go onto the bus and sit in the bus seat across from him. We talk and I ask him if he is still dating this girl named "Vennie". He says "Yes", but in real life he isn't. We hold hands on the bus, and I get the feeling he likes me. Picking a different bus route from what you would usually take symbolizes the need for you to re-evaluate things in your waking life which you consider to be important or those you deem to be insignificant. At the same time, the images of following your ex-boyfriend on that bus and trying to communicate with him, speak of your current boredom and dissatisfaction with the way your life is going, you could be lacking love and affection coming from your current boyfriend, or just disappointed by not having anyone around at all. You insecurities and inhibitions are further illustrated by the notion of asking him if he is dating someone else at the moment.
Boyfriend receiving pictures of ex in the mail I had a dream my boyfriend got a letter in the mail and it was his ex-girlfriend sending him pictures of her and he looked at them for a second and then ripped them up and threw them out the window but was looking sad. Dreaming about letters in the mail is often interpreted as a sign that you are holding onto some negative feelings or resentment, possibly toward your boyfriend. In this case, this vision suggests you are subconsciously projecting your feelings onto your boyfriend. This could mean you want him to feel sad over his ex (giving you a reason to be upset), or you may have some lingering feelings or "what ifs" about someone from your past. No matter the situation, tearing up the letter indicates trying to move past this, though whether this is for the better or not is unclear.
Learning about boyfriend's ex-girlfriend being pregnant and not upset I had a dream that my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend came to our house with her family and said that she's 4 months pregnant with my boyfriend's child. In the dream I felt a bit sad, but not as sad or hurt as I should have been and I supported the pregnancy. Envisioning a situation in which your boyfriend could be cheating on you, but without any indication of the actual presence of such an affair, actually points toward your own feelings of being vulnerable or more trusting than you think you should be. Your boyfriend is someone whom you can and should be able to trust with everything, but leaving yourself completely vulnerable to someone else is still concerning and can cause apprehension, even after a long time together. Being aware of this situation may inspire you to try and change this aspect of yourself though it is possible that someone is actually taking advantage of you now and should be stopped as soon as possible.
Talking to ex-boyfriend and eventually starting dating again Last night I dreamt about my ex-boyfriend. We dated for just shy of 2 years. We were each other's first true love. In my dream we were at his parents' house watching TV. We talked about how and why we broke up, we talked about life and being with our new spouses. I have 2 girls with mine. He has no kids with his. We talked about anything and everything like we are still great friends. Then we are in a high school gym. I'm playing soccer and he is watching me. I gained some weight from the last time he saw me and he stayed slim... The weight was a key part of my dream. We kissed and started dating. Communicating with an ex-boyfriend in a dream has negative connotations. If you are currently with another man, it could mean that you tend to analyze the past and make unfair comparisons between your ex and current spouse. The fact that you dreamed about playing sports while your ex was watching you, coupled with the focal point of the dream about gaining weight, could be a symbol of you excessively focusing your efforts, attention, expectations or desires upon a particular person (possibly your ex-boyfriend), project or circumstance. To your disadvantage, you tend to disregard everything, but this aspect of your life.
Ex-boyfriend wearing women's clothes and shoes My ex-boyfriend was wearing white stilettos and his feet were blistered and bleeding at the heels. He was wearing very short shorts. We were arguing in my dream and I was sad. A dream which includes your ex-boyfriend, someone you were once romantically involved with in the past, predicts the return of some difficult, unpleasant problem in your life. This could be a physical circumstance, like domestic issues with someone you co-habit at the moment, or an emotional quandary, such as a person coming back into your life to raise issues you have forgotten about. In either case, seeing your ex-boyfriend in unusual clothes which are uncomfortable for him suggests that this problem is likely to affect your whole family, making the atmosphere increasingly tense and irritating.
Boyfriend trying to reach in a surreal landscape My boyfriend dreamed of me in a white dress and holding a white flower across the river of honey. My boyfriend swims across the honey river to reach me and the trees are covered with snow. Both white dresses and white flowers are symbolic of marriage and commitment. While this could be related to his feeling for you, it can also be the result of recent events, such as a friend getting married or visiting a church. Swimming across a river of honey can represent internal tranquility, meaning that things are not so difficult or hectic in his life at the moment. His subconscious is probably picking up on the happiness and wholeness that marriage brings and manifesting these in the images he saw in his vision.
Boyfriend deciding to be just friends I dreamed that I went to Disneyland with some of my friends. We couldn't get into the park, so we tried to sneak in but it didn't work. We went to a hotel and went swimming. My crush was there, and he told me "my goal is to figure out my feelings for you". One of the girls took my iPod and started taking underwater pictures of all of us. After a while, my crush came back with a note that essentially said "Let's just be friends" and then started cuddling with the girl who was taking pictures. The hotel and the accompanying swimming pool are symbolic of having an opportunity to be in a romantic relationship which could result in marriage. This seems especially relevant given the presence of your crush in this vision, meaning your subconscious could be testing him as a potential life mate. A vision such as this is likely the manifestation of feelings of loneliness and being ignored which are seen in the sign of being rejected at the end of the vision. You may feel on a deeper level that having a relationship with him or others is impossible. However, this vision gives no indication as to whether or not he actually does reciprocate your feelings.
Intimidated by fog and boyfriend helping Standing inside doorway with boyfriend. I go outside and start to run, but a ghost-like fog started pushing me backwards until I was back at the doorway. It made me lose my breath. I went back in the door and my boyfriend said he told me not to go out there. Both the images of being in the doorway and the fog represent the state of uncertainty which exists in the relationship between you and your boyfriend at the moment. This suspended state is most likely related to a major decision you both have to make or a choice which could dramatically change your lives if followed. You also seem to be the initiator of this move, but your attempts are either blocked and ignored by the boyfriend, or there could important repercussions, in your mind, for both of you which could be preventing you from taking the next step.
Ex boyfriend taking place of current husband I had a dream that my ex boyfriend was my husband, and he was wearing my actual husband's clothes. For you, as a married woman, the appearance of your ex-boyfriend in your dream could be a sign that you are experiencing discontent in your current relationship or feelings of frustration toward your current partner. It is also likely that his appearance in your husband's clothes surfaces in your dream as a result of wondering about what your life would be if you had worked things out during the past relationship. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you not to make the same mistakes again. Your vision expresses the need to be wary of behavioral patterns similar to your past relationship(s) because the lessons learned from the past could be applicable to the present.
Boyfriend's legs and breaking up with him I dreamt of my boyfriend's legs. He had dark blue activity pants. And he was sitting down. A few days later I found out he has been lying to me. So I broke up with him a week ago. Was this a warning dream? Indeed, it seems this dream vision was a warning. Seeing your boyfriend in a sitting position portends being the recipient of some highly disappointing news which breaks your heart or makes you very angry. You may have also learned more than you really wanted to. In either case, however, you are probably better off knowing the truth than living a lie.
Boyfriend not reacting to indecent acts I'm sucking a female friend's nipples and kissing her while my boyfriend watches, but shows no emotion. If you consider yourself to be heterosexual, dreaming of being intimate with a person of the same sex could be indicative of latent feelings of being attracted to them or perhaps curiosity on your part. This imagery also suggests personal appreciation of feminine qualities or physical attributes of women. The lack of emotion from your audience, in this case your boyfriend, could also imply your existing feelings of being neglected. Maybe you sense some distance from him recently, and, as a result, your yearning for his love and attention is manifested in your dream by these scenes.
Encountering a boyfriend while being with someone else I dreamed that I was standing outside with my fitness trainer and that a guy I was recently seeing, but we are not really speaking at the moment and he was with another woman. And I saw them walking together dressed fancy and he kept looking back at me because I was with the trainer and they then walked into my old apartment building where I was headed as well, (strange). A fitness trainer in a dream, especially if you have one in real life, symbolizes your desire for personal and professional development. Maybe your current mindset is focused on working harder, being more disciplined and leading a healthier lifestyle. On the contrary, the appearance of your old apartment signifies your former attitudes, behaviors and outlook. While the trainer represents your future prospects and plans, your old apartment corresponds to past patterns and possibly negative habits that you want to leave behind. The dream communicates your reservations about your romantic prospect on whether he fits into the future you envision for yourself, or if he will lead you back into your old undesirable ways. This revelation requires reflection on your current priorities in order to help you make the right decisions and choices.
Boyfriend cheating with mother I dreamt that I walked in on my mom kissing my boyfriend. This vision of your mother and your boyfriend being together could indicate that there is something your boyfriend is hiding from you, although it is unlikely to be some kind of a relationship with your mother. Rather, seeing your mother acting this way may be your subconscious grasping his family relations, meaning your boyfriend has not shared something critically important to you about his family. It could be an embarrassing secret or something more serious. In either case, it is better to wait until he tells you himself, rather than backing him into a corner to have your questions answered.
Boyfriend appearing to be dead I see someone in the image of my boyfriend and when I go to him and kiss him, he looks like someone that is dead. I felt the kiss was cold and I see him as he died and came to me, so I run and cry because I know my boyfriend ain't dead, so what can this mean? Kissing the undead in a dream reveals an absence or a deficiency of warmth and affection from your loved ones. Furthermore, someone close to you may be showing signs of indifference or a lack of compassion. Sometimes, however, dreams about the undead can mean the opposite in real life. It could be an indication of longevity in relationships or life in general, depending on your mindset in the waking world.
Sister pregnant by ex-boyfriend In my dream my sister is pregnant with my ex-boyfriend's child. Seeing a pregnant woman in your dream suggests depression or an unhappy period. You could face challenging times ahead which could disrupt your regular routine. Someone close to you, quite possibly your sister, could also be riddled by problems you have encountered before. This problem may consume them and weigh them down. Being someone who already went through the same situation, you are in a position to lend a hand and help them get through this difficult time.
Breaking up with boyfriend because of him cheating My boyfriend cheated on me with a bustier, fairer, hotter woman and told me about it. He said it meant nothing, but he loved her breasts and I was the love of his life. I almost took him back. But then I got mad and dumped him. And he didn't try to get me back when I told him it was over. This dream of your boyfriend cheating on you reflects your insecurities and feelings of abandonment. It is possible that you are feeling rejected or taken for granted by a loved one and you are yearning for the attention and affection you feel you deserve. This could also be a manifestation of your self-doubts, of not feeling good enough for the people who matter. Dwelling on a negative self-image or a low self-esteem could potentially cause conflicts and other unnecessary confrontations in other areas in your life.
Old boyfriend offering money as a check My dream was about seeing my old boyfriend who wanted to give me a check for $1800 dollars for my old bedroom furniture. We walked to my house together to retrieve it cause I missed the bus and had no other choice but to walk. We both seemed happy to see one another. It was unexpected. I still felt love for him and it seemed he still cared for me also. I broke up with him - we had a congenial breakup with no bad feelings. I haven't seen him in years. I always believed he was my soulmate. Seeing a past boyfriend in a dream vision is usually associated with having problems in a current or developing relationship, especially romantic ones. This seems to be even more true considering your belief the he was your soulmate. Perhaps your current interests do not live up to what you had with him or maybe no one else can hold a candle to the memories you have of him. Receiving money suggests that you are a kind and generous person who is willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. In wake life you may be wondering whether or not you should be with someone if they do not seem to meet your expectations. Your subconscious is telling you, through this vision, that you have given them a fair chance, and it may be better to wait for someone truly special.
Recap of the time spent with ex boyfriend My recent ex boyfriend and I driving away together to a destination not disclosed. The ambience was that of two people still in good terms. Dreaming about someone you once shared a close relationship with is not uncommon, especially if something special, strange or difficult occurred with them recently. Sharing a car together suggests you are not happy ending things, either because you do not like the way you parted or because you feel there is more to learn and do together. However, the positive atmosphere is likely hiding an underlying strain which could be the cause of the separation. In essence, this vision represents your internal feelings about your present situation.
Boyfriend's disappearance and ignorance I keep having dreams about my boyfriend and me breaking up, but in the dream it's like he has completely forgotten about me, is with someone else and I can't contact him at all or find him. Breaking up in a dream can be upsetting, but this does not necessarily mean that the same thing will happen in real life. The break-up in this dream vision could be a manifestation of your anxieties about your relationship and where it is headed. The good news is, dreams like this one often allude to the opposite developments in your waking life. This may be an indication of your relationship progressing onto the next level. Instead of saying goodbye to your boyfriend, you could just be saying goodbye to your current status and moving on to greater things together.
Casting spells together with ex-boyfriend My dream repeats itself like it's a broken record player. Me and my ex-boyfriend from high school (3yrs of being together, almost made), dressed up in black witchy kinda clothes in the forest dancing, casting spells together and my current boyfriend dies. The presence of your ex-boyfriend in your dream reveals unresolved issues from the past. Maybe the both of you need closure in order to fully move on. Casting spells suggests a tendency and a need to manipulate or control things that are happening around you. This could cause some problems with your current boyfriend if you are too controlling as he would feel suffocated if you lean in too much. Alternatively, the dream of your ex may not necessarily be connected to him, but to your general past and other previous partners. Perhaps you need to reflect on the lessons you have learned and apply them to the present in order to make things work with your current boyfriend.
Boyfriend with a sandal on his back I dreamt that my boyfriend had one sandal fixed at his back... What does it mean? The sandal affixed to your boyfriend's back represents a falling out between him and one of his close friends. They could get into an argument or have a disagreement over something they may consider important. It is possible that you could get dragged into this conflict which may prove stressful and irritating for you in the long run.
Boyfriend getting a haircut done by a known hairdresser I dreamt my boyfriend was sitting in a barber's chair and was getting his haircut with scissors, and the hairdresser is my friend of the salon I go to and my boyfriend does not know her and has never been to that salon. Thank you! Dreaming that your boyfriend is getting a haircut by someone you personally know portends unfortunate circumstances in your future. Someone you know may betray your trust or try to deceive you. You should exercise caution when confiding in people, be sure that they really are your friends before disclosing any personal or sensitive information to them.
Boyfriend getting shot inside the library I had a dream about my boyfriend getting hurt and he got shot by somebody he doesn't know and I watched it happen so fast and I cried my eyes out and just held him in my arms crying so hard and screaming. And all of it happened in the library at our school. Watching your boyfriend get shot in a dream portends upcoming challenges affecting your bond. Him getting shot and subsequently dying in your arms could represent the fading passion between the two of you. Perhaps you sense some distance or detachment from him which is why this symbolism appeared in your dream vision. Though it appears that you are still invested in saving or strengthening your romance, as evidenced by your emotional reaction to the events in the dream. Maybe you need to get to know each other more, symbolized by the library setting, in order to understand the issues getting in between the two of you.
Boyfriend leaving on a train My boyfriend got on a train and left me. I was gutted. The train went to the right. Getting left behind as your boyfriend boards a train alludes to being abandoned. Perhaps your boyfriend is being distant, hence the dream vision of being separated. The train is also symbolic of personal journeys, so maybe you are both headed in different directions. It is possible that your subconscious and real-life aspirations are not in sync. Alternatively, it could just be your fear of abandonment manifesting in this scenario.
Boyfriend turning into a tiger I had a dream that I went to visit my boyfriend in some kind of rehab or adult daycare. I needed to bring him a jacket. When I went to give it to him, he was sitting on the end of a picnic table full of people outside in the snow. I the sat down, he stood up walked away towards a bus and turned into a tiger. He then ran back to the table I was at, jumped on top and made me scratch his back. Dreaming about visiting a rehab center is often associated with the idea of someone in your life needing your help or expertise on a regular basis. This idea is reinforced by the recollection of bringing a jacket to your boyfriend, meaning others tend to rely on you for aid. Together with the image of the tiger, these symbols suggest you give of yourself freely to others to the point that those around you go to you first before trying to do things on their own. In fact, it is possible that others are using you and taking advantage of your kind heart. This brings us back to the sign of the coat, which predicts the need for an overhaul in the near future. Before you get frustrated and refuse to help anyone again, try asserting yourself and asking those who rely on you to take a few problem-solving steps on their own before pulling you into the fray.
Taking different paths on a street with the boyfriend My boyfriend said he had a dream that we were walking together down a street and then we both separated and walked different paths. Please tell me what this means, even though it's kind of self explanatory... I think. As you mentioned, going separate ways in the dream reveals differing dreams and desires. The street in your dream represents your journey in life. As your journey moves forward, you may find yourselves wanting different things and these diverging paths may cause a parting of ways later on in your life. This is your subconscious letting you know about the possibility of this outcome. Alternatively, it could be a reminder that following different paths may be necessary, so the both of you can grow as individuals.
Interacting with an ex after body painting I had a dream that I was talking to my ex's sister and we put some red stuff on our hands and then we peeled it off. After I peeled it off, I noticed two splinters on my right hand that had been there for a while... I pulled them out and after I did, my ex came back to me and apologized. He kissed and hugged me, but when he was hugging me, the was a curtain around us... What does it all mean? Red as a color appearing in dreams is closely linked with the emotions of passion, joy and even anger. Generally speaking, it can represent any number of strong emotions you are currently taken by in waking life. However, seeing it connected with the image of you reuniting with your ex-boyfriend does suggest that the emotions evoked are on the more positive side of this scale. Specifically, hugging and kissing your ex-boyfriend could predict something exciting and unexpected taking place in the near future, bringing great joy and satisfaction both to you and others involved.
Ex-boyfriend by the bed I dreamt that my ex was standing at the head of my bed asking a question about one of my pillows and I was across of the room when he asked. The bed in a dream symbolizes intimacy and sexuality. It is a very personal and private space. Hence, the presence of your ex in that space suggests that you may be preoccupied by thoughts of him. Perhaps you have been thinking about pleasurable and intimate moments spent together. Then again, him asking you about your pillows alludes to his curiosity about a loved one. You may have someone new or a romantic prospect, and you unintentionally compare this fellow to your ex.
Meeting with boyfriend who wears red I had a dream about my boyfriend and his best friend who is a girl. In my dream for some reason I was going to school and my bf was outside my classroom. I was nervous because this was the first time seeing him since we are in long distance relations. I was walking with his best friend and I noticed both of them were wearing red. I wanted to talk to my boyfriend, but he wasn't coming into the classroom where I was, his best friend had to go, but she kept telling me that he will come but he never did. Being at school in a dream vision suggests this situation with your boyfriend is causing you some stress in wake life. It may be the distance between you or related to the fact that you cannot see everything that goes on in his daily activities. Red is often symbolically linked with the ideas of love and passion, so perhaps subconsciously you suspect there is more to their relationship than meets the eye. The fact that he does not enter the classroom could also indicate emotional space between you, like you are in different places. You may need to open the communication channels more to learn the truth and make an informed decision about your future.
Pregnant by a former crush I had a dream that a guy I used to like got me pregnant, but then I had a miscarriage and I shook the baby out of a mason jar? Getting impregnated by someone you used to like in the past represents ideas and prospects gleaned from previous experiences. You may be inspired to pursue a business or opportunity inspired by lessons from the past. However, the miscarriage speaks of possible failure and disappointment. You may feel that not succeeding at it would become an ultimate disaster and result in a great loss. Things may not go as planned, and yet you retain the hope of starting all over again armed with the knowledge you have collected from any failed attempts to succeed.
Visiting a boyfriend from far away Well. Where do I start? I'm currently in a long-distance relationship, one of my friends told me in a Skype call "You have to go see (my bf), he's obsessed with porn and loves you!" or something along the lines of that, so I traveled to Colorado and when I got there, I kissed him and wrapped my arms around him, in public. And then he said "I'll never let you go" and kissed me again, and then the dream ended. This dream of traveling to visit your boyfriend in Colorado reflects the physical and metaphorical distance you may be feeling from your boyfriend in reality. You may be sensing some detachment on his part and you are yearning for some affection and validation to quell your fears. Kissing him in public is a way of validating your feelings towards him. Perhaps you declare your love for him openly in the presence of others in order to convince yourself that you are secure in your relationship. Maybe you need some assurance and the way to do this is to keep communication honest and transparent between the two of you.
Boyfriend switching places with someone else Wake up and find out your boyfriend has been replaced by a stranger who is claiming to be your boyfriend (same name, etc). You don't believe him. There is a man fixing your TV and you find out it is your boyfriend, but no matter what you try, even playing songs that mean a lot to both of you, he doesn't remember you at all. The interpretation of this vision depends highly on the circumstances and the relationship status of the dreamer. In general, however, dreaming that a stranger is acting as a boyfriend could indicate that the dreamer tends to become dissatisfied quickly. For example, they may get bored easily with a new gadget or change boyfriends (or girlfriends) at a speed that would leave others reeling. The opposite situation, recognizing a boyfriend but not being able to connect with him, could represent the dreamer's difficulty in communicating their feelings, which is a possible cause for their frustration when dealing with romantic partners or establishing new friendships.
Catching boyfriend cheating I had a dream I had caught my boyfriend behind the washer having sex with a girl and there was blood on white panties. This vision, despite containing the image of your boyfriend cheating, probably has little to do with him at all. Rather, being cheated on in a dream vision represents an upcoming situation in which you would interact closely with an enemy or rival who you know despises you. This person, as seen in the image of the blood on the white underwear, is likely to go to extreme lengths to sabotage whatever you are working on or aspire to, suggesting you should be extra careful in documenting your meetings in case they try to throw you under the bus at some point.
Trying to save a disabled boyfriend I had a dream that my disabled ex-boyfriend who is in a wheelchair was stuck in a building that was collapsing and I was trying to save him before the building collapsed completely. I also had another dream that my disabled boyfriend was sitting in a dark room waiting for me and I could see the frame of his shadow looking at me from the dark room and I was trying to run away from him. Dreams of an ex usually refer to unfinished business with him. Perhaps you did not have proper closure when you broke up. The first dream of trying to save him from a collapsing building possibly points to you holding on to lingering feelings and affection for your ex-boyfriend. He may have certain qualities that you have been missing lately and you are trying to remember your happy moments together. In the second dream, you are trying to run away from him. This may reveal your suppressed feelings which you are trying to deny. Perhaps a proper closure is necessary before you can move forward.
Boyfriend forced into submission My boyfriend was forced to perform oral sex on another man without a fight. Seeing your boyfriend being forced to perform oral sex on another man without putting up a fight in a dream portends some future issues with your relationship. The symbols in your dream point to the possibility that he is lying to you or withholding some important information. Your dream is also representative of the fact that your boyfriend may not always have your best interest at heart. This could eventually cause a rift between you two and may even lead to a breakup.
Being left by a boyfriend I have had repeated dreams recently where my long-term boyfriend has left me. I never know the reason, but I wake up with a huge emotional feeling of being alone. The dreams are always set just after a separation, when I am trying to sort things out and get back on my feet. To dream that your boyfriend has left you does not necessarily mean that the same scenario would happen in reality. In fact, breakups in dreams usually convey a positive message. It means that you are about to enter a new phase in your relationship with him. Perhaps something that would strengthen the bond between the two of you. The recurring aspect of this dream could be due to some changes you have been sensing from your boyfriend in the waking world. Is he perhaps extra attentive? Try to be a bit more observant in order to get more clues about what is causing the changes in his behavior.
Boyfriend breaking up a fight My boyfriend fell out a tree breaking up a fight between two friends. Seeing your boyfriend fall down from a tree has certain implications to what may soon happen to him. It is possible that he could soon gain a new insight into an issue or problem which has been bothering him for a while now. Furthermore, it is quite likely that he may end up needing your help when dealing with this situation.
Boyfriend doing drugs with a friend My dream started with me waking up in a hotel room by the beach without my boyfriend there. I was searching all day for him but could not find him. Finally I found him in a car with a mutual friend of ours doing cocaine. When I yelled and got mad about the drug use they left me on the side of the road at night, alone in an unfamiliar place. Waking up in a hotel by the beach speaks of your subconscious concerns about the future and what it holds. Likely, you are considering, through this vision, the potential for a future with your current partner. With this in mind, spending the whole day in search of him and then finding him doing drugs, an activity you do not like, suggests things are about to fall apart around you despite your best efforts. It could even end the partnership you have formed thus far. However, being left alone at the side of the road predicts being able to make the best of this situation and opening yourself up to new and wonderful opportunities in the future.
Socializing with the boyfriend and others In reality my boyfriend is a soccer player and works in a different country, so in a dream I went to see him where he works and found him laying on a pregnant woman's lap. I was kinda puzzled and asked him if it's his pregnancy and he told me the woman is his friend's girlfriend. He stood up and we started chatting about how that country gives out a lot of money and that if you show some skills they give you money. His friends also came and we were chatting when I saw a long hair in my knee-pit. Dreaming about visiting your boyfriend in a foreign country could be a positive or negative sign depending on the rest of the vision. In this case, the presence of a pregnant woman other than yourself represents a period of difficulty and hardship in your life, as some of the inconveniences associated with pregnancy suggest. The source of this negative energy seems to be related to interpersonal communication, most likely the conversations you have with your boyfriend. This lengthy discussion about skill and money in the dream could be a projection of your real-life feeling like your conversations go nowhere, making you feel as they are pointless and boring. Unless you find a way to spice things up, you may become extremely dissatisfied with the way your relationship is progressing.
A tornado turning into boyfriend A tornado (funnel cloud) came towards me and as it was picking me up it faded into seeing my boyfriend. And he came to me with a smile to show me that he cut off his dreadlocks into a low haircut. Tornadoes are often thought to represent the destruction of our best-laid plans, so seeing one in a dream vision could predict that the oath you have put yourself on may not lead to the results you desire. This could be due to your own lack of ability or the interference of outside forces. In either case, seeing someone you once cared about change their haircut could spell disaster for your financial situation, especially when seen in conjunction with the first symbol. This suggests that you may experience great financial loss or find yourself destitute and hopeless for some time.
Ex boyfriend not visiting while in town My boyfriend that I just broke up with came to my city but did not visit me. Why? A dream in which you envision your ex-boyfriend visiting your city but not coming to see you could portend certain issues with your next relationship. These future problems could be similar to the ones you had with your former boyfriend and could originate from a similar source. Be careful in how you choose your next partner when you start a new relationship and make sure that you know what you are getting into.
Boyfriend present in an empty room I was standing in my empty lounge and my old love interest was standing and looking at me while in the empty room, he was wearing a hoodie, sweatpants and Nike sneakers with an unimpressed look. It was my house, my lounge, the room is dark-green and looked same as normal. Standing in an empty room is often thought to predict that the hard work you are putting into a certain project or aspect of your life is about to be rewarded. This is opposed with the image of your past love interest looking unimpressed, a symbol associated with weak interpersonal connections between you and others. It seems that your ambitions and goal-oriented attitude may be distracting you from maintaining the bonds you once had with them. While it is important to work hard towards your dreams, you should not forget or neglect the ones who have supported you thus far.
Ex-boyfriend with strange glasses on and upset My ex from a while back had stayed the night at my house for some reason and the next day he alluded to wanting to fool around. My mom was there for some reason and got mad at him. He then dumped food all over the living room and stormed out. I chased after him onto the front porch. Out of nowhere he's wearing steam punk like goggles. I cup his face and tell him I love him and that I always have. Then I walk him to the driveway and he magically doesn't have the goggles on anymore. This dream vision of your ex-boyfriend staying at your house and your mother's presence could be indicative of the absence of any meaningful connections between him and your mother, especially given her sudden anger with him. You tend to consider their relations and communication to be insignificant, if not the reason for your breakup. Cupping his face and telling him that you love him is a sign that unexpected events or circumstances may soon come your way, completely taking you by surprise. Glasses tend to represent protection, so seeing your ex wearing these glasses at first could suggest you are being willfully ignorant of the past pain he has caused you. However, their magical disappearance could represent coming to terms with what has happened, accepting it, and moving on.
Trying to locate boyfriend I was chasing frantically to find my boyfriend and he would tell me where he was, but be gone by the time I got there. I never reached him before I woke up. Chasing after your boyfriend but unable to locate him in this dream actually has a very positive meaning. It could mean that recently you have witnessed something outstanding and remarkable done by him, which made you extremely proud and happy. However, there is some bittersweet connotation that goes along with these feelings, because you may feel that he has outperformed you in some way or made you feel less confident in your own abilities and success.
Boyfriend covered with white worms There was a party at my house, I needed to use the bathroom. My boyfriend said "You don't want to go in there". I went in, my brother was there, acted like it was nothing. I ran out when I saw two thin whitish long pencil-like worms in the sink. My boyfriend was laying down with two whitish plump juicy ones with brown spots on top with a lot of little legs. He says "They are good for me". He dropped it on the floor and it crawled fast up my side to my armpit, I froze, I woke up yelling OMG! No! Dreaming of seeing a wild party going on in the house is a bad sign. It foreshadows attending some sad event, like the funeral services of someone close to you, sometime in the near future. Seeing your brother in the bathroom with you, especially given his nonchalant attitude, is also a negative sign representing exasperation, sadness or hopelessness due to these unfortunate circumstances. The last symbol, worms, are often symbolic of the wall you tend to build between yourself and the world, particularly when going through a difficult time. You may act happy-go-lucky and cheerful around friends and family to put them at ease, but on the inside you may be suffering from sadness or even depression. It would be wise to seek out someone to talk to so that things do not build up unnecessarily.
Asking boyfriend to watch him urinate My bf had a dream where he woke up and we were both laying in bed naked. He got up to go to the bathroom and in the dream I asked him if I could watch him pee. This vision your boyfriend had of you wanting to watch him urinate could predict someone close to him, most likely you, becoming unwell in the near future. It is possibly because your boyfriend is subconsciously noticing some changes in your behavior or physical appearance, which could be the precursor to some illness or medical troubles. His dream shows that he is tuned into the rhythm of your body and mannerisms, a sign of closeness and affection.
In a cave with ex-boyfriend Me and my ex are standing in a cave. We are separated by extremely calm water. We stare into each other's eyes for what seems like eternity. His eyes are fierce, but in a pleasant way. It becomes totally silent around us. All of a sudden he turns around and walks away into the white bright light behind him. When I wake up I feel anxious, sad and angry. A cave in the dream world alludes to shelter, protectiveness and spirituality. As such, the cave in your dream is probably a representation of how you perceive your bond with your ex. You may see him as a source of comfort or refuge. Perhaps even if you have broken up, you continue to have a connection and the calmness of water depicts your dependency on him to achieve peace of mind. And yet he turns away from you in the dream and walks towards the white light. This act likely reveals your anxiety and fear of losing him. The white light could be a metaphor of him achieving enlightenment and moving on. Maybe this vision also urges you to stop clinging to the past.
Left in a big house by the boyfriend I was in a big modern house living with a boyfriend in the city. In the dream I was in high school while he was 4 years older than me. He was in the NHL and I woke up with him gone, he called me on a tablet saying he had to leave last minute because he was switched to another team. I was kind of mad because I had to be at the big house alone and pack up everything to move where he was. Hockey girlfriend? A dream wherein you see yourself living in a big and new house denotes certain issues or challenges you would come across in your current relationship. Your boyfriend leaving you behind could be the manifestation of uncertainties in your waking life. There may even be a possibility of a long-distance relationship. Perhaps you live in constant fear of your boyfriend abandoning you at some point. The fact that he does eventually call you to follow him reflects the fact that he cares about you to an extent. However, you as a person desire more than simple caring. The best thing would be to reassess your relationship and see if it provides you with the emotional fulfillment you require.
Boyfriend cheating with an older man Dreamt my boyfriend was cheating with an old man I work with. I caught him in the act, and got him to admit to doing it a few more times with different people. Dreaming that your boyfriend has been cheating on you with multiple people is a negative symbol in the context of dreams. It predicts soon having to work closely with or be around someone or a group of people you do not get along with. This could be due to ideological differences, but more likely it is related to some past experiences that have gotten out of hand. You may have great difficulty completing whatever tasks or goals you are trying to accomplish due to the negative atmosphere.
Boyfriend with someone pregnant at church In a congregation with people in some room. I am sitting a few rows down and my boyfriend is sitting in front row next to a girl with her pregnant belly exposed. He started poking and kissing the girl's pregnant belly with his tongue. Seeing your boyfriend sitting with another woman suggests he is hiding something from you in wake life, although not necessarily cheating or a double life. The secret he holds could be anything ranging from personal and innocuous to harmful or hurtful. The detail of the exposed pregnant belly may represent some unhappiness due to this secret. It would be wise to encourage your boyfriend to share for his sake, though you may want to be gentle and avoid pushing him lest what he is keeping from you is done so with a good reason.
Ex-boyfriend swimming and smiling Female, 28 years, dreamed of my ex (who dumped me 9 months ago) on a seaside resort smiling at me, then jumped in the water and started backstroke swimming (was still smiling). In real life, he came back and called me after 9 months, hiatus the next day after this dream. Still don't know if he wants to get back together. While this vision may have acted as a premonition for your ex-boyfriend contacting you, the meaning of it is slightly different. Spending time with your ex-boyfriend at a seaside resort could be indicative of soon encountering someone you would have a lot in common with. You would be able to share your views, ideas and opinions without being misunderstood or rejected. At the same time, watching your ex swimming may also predict that the events leading up to this future encounter could be unexpected and surprising. In a sense, the image of your ex-boyfriend in this dream represents your subconscious anticipation of meeting this new individual.
Making up with boyfriend in nature setting My boyfriend was backing away from me and I heard the words "He has given himself to another woman" and I felt our hearts rip apart like Velcro rips apart. Then I was standing on a mountain top and the wind was blowing, the skies changing rapidly, the clouds moving quickly, and he came up behind me with a cloak, or cape or blanket and put it across my shoulders and into my left hand he placed a softball sized diamond. The initial scenario in your dream where your boyfriend seemingly committed infidelity alludes to your insecurity and fear of abandonment. It is likely that you are starting to question your boyfriend's love and commitment to you. However, the mountaintop refers to harnessing your full potential and enjoying what life has to offer. Only when you focus your energies less on worrying about your bond with your partner and more on yourself would you attract the kind of security, love and devotion that you are seeking. In simple terms, this vision seems to be saying that you need to love yourself first before you can accept the kind of love you deserve.
Boyfriend telling he has to leave In my dream my boyfriend and I were sitting on the end of a bed. I could tell by his face that he was upset or had been crying. He looked at me and said "I can't do this anymore, I must leave". I said "I don't understand... What are you talking about?" He said "I can't do this financially any longer". "I got a job offer last year and I have decided to take the job. I am going to Paris, France". I looked at him in my dream and I was upset and I said "You knew this last year and never said a word to me? I moved here to be closer to you and now you are leaving???" He never said another word. He just looked at me with a sad face and then I woke up. I was upset in the dream and this dream happened to be in black and white. I don't know if this makes a difference, but most of my dreams (when I remember them) are in color. I was curious as to what this could mean. Black and white generally allude to clear lines and demarcation. As such, dreaming in black and white could mean that your subconscious is reminding you to be more objective in dealing with issues instead of jumping to conclusions. You may be prone to being stubborn and inflexible when you put your mind on something even when others tell you that your logic may be flawed. While this unshakable resolve is good for certain undertakings, it can often cause rifts with your loved ones when you fail to consider their perspectives and opinions on the matter. The dialogue in the dream likely reflects your fears and apprehensions. Certain circumstances in the waking world may be dredging up deep-seated issues of rejection and abandonment. Maybe the key to assuaging your fears is to be open and honest with your partner about your trepidation, so that he would offer his side of the story. In addition, black and white dreams also suggest emotional distress. Perhaps you think your connection with your boyfriend has gotten stale and lost its color. You could be looking for some sort of validation and assurance from him in order to know whether he is fully committed.
Ex boyfriend putting marks on a thigh In my dream my ex boyfriend wrote number 10 on my thigh... What does that mean. A dream wherein you see yourself interacting with your ex is a manifestation of your fixation on the past relationship with him. You may be subconsciously returning to the intimate moments the two of you once shared. The number ten represents that you could be going around in circles, unable to move forward. Perhaps the fixation which you have for your former boyfriend is stopping you from pursuing new relationships. Make sure you focus on the present and do not let the past dominate your current lifestyle.
Ex husband rejected in favor of a new boyfriend My boyfriend dreamt he was on a hotel balcony looking down at me talking to my ex husband holding his hand and then pushing him away and turning and running to my boyfriend smiling and jumping into his arms. The other part of his dream we were looking at wedding dresses just him and I. A dream wherein your boyfriend can see you choosing him over your ex-husband is the manifestation of his desire for the same thing to happen in wake life. Perhaps your boyfriend is insecure about your relationship, or he may be slightly jealous of the bond you once shared with your ex. This sense of insecurity is further reinforced by the two of you looking at wedding dresses. This denotes that your boyfriend is not very confident about your love for him. Make sure you provide him with the kind of secure love that he craves so that the two of you can maintain a happy and healthy relationship.
Boyfriends comparing genitalia I am female. One of my ex's was in my bed and I saw his small penis and my other come in my house and start to argue with my other ex and my ex told him that he has a bigger penis than his and pulled down his pants and said his was bigger than his and when my second ex did, it looked like his genital areas been shaved up real bad, with sores or something. Seeing two of your ex-partners inside your house alludes to nostalgic feelings and unresolved issues. Something in the waking world may have tugged at your sentimental strings. For instance, if you are currently single, you may be missing the feeling of having a romantic partner. This is partially illustrated by the comparison of their penis sizes. In trying to recount the good and the bad points of each ex, you are in effect trying to understand why each relationship did not work out. Knowing how and why it fell apart may help you improve future relationships.
Boyfriend fiddling with the shower I was having a shower and have washed off the soap on my body. My boyfriend was asked to fix the shower. Suddenly the shower stopped. He was fiddling with the main control and the shower started again, but it quickly stopped but not completely. Water was trickling and I stood waiting for him to fix it. He had not fixed it before I woke up. I am worried, please help explain. Thanks. Taking a shower in the dream world usually represents meeting someone new in the near future. However, even though you would enjoy this individual's company, like washing the soap from your body, their impact on your life may be fleeting and insubstantial, so there really is no point in cultivating a bond. Alternatively, showering can be a metaphor for cleansing negativity from your existence. You could be carrying emotional and psychological baggage which you want to get rid of. If this is the case, then the broken shower could be a metaphor for your inability to completely rid yourself of your burdens. There could be duties thrust upon you that you do not want to take on, yet nobody else is willing to step up to the plate and help you out with your problems.
Boyfriend guilty of not keeping promises I dreamed that my boyfriend is feeling guilty and sad. In real life he is very busy and he is making dates with me that he can't make it because every time something comes up. This vision is symbolic of your own suffering and sorrow. The notion that in real life your boyfriend is busy and unable to have dates with you because something else comes up, shows that your relationship is not satisfactory. You are being deprived of good time that you would otherwise spend together. This poses a risk to any positive developments between the two of you as far as your relationship is concerned. It is important for you to handle this concern and find if there is a way you can strengthen your bond before it is affected in a negative way.
Ex-boyfriend examining hands We were outside his house and my ex bf was touching my hand, looking at it and tracing it. I don't remember what he was saying. He is friends with some of my cousins, but we haven't been dating, he was my first love but we haven't been together. I see him on and off, but I'm with someone now so I haven't seen him in a while. Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend could predict unexpected or surprising events that may turn out to negatively affect you instead of benefiting you. Additionally, the fixation on your hands suggests this is related to your school or work situation. You may soon find your inundated with busy work or cleaning up messes that are not yours, making it difficult to do the things that are most important to you and your future.
Having a boyfriend for a lesbian Dreamt that I had a boyfriend and kissed him but I'm a lesbian. To kiss someone in a dream, regardless of your real-life sexual preferences, suggests wish fulfillment. Perhaps you want to know what it feels like to be with someone romantically, or it could be a yearning to be loved by someone, and not necessarily this boy whom you saw in the dream. Alternatively, this vision could reveal jealousy on your part. You could be wanting someone who is in a committed relationship right now all to yourself, but are in a position where you cannot really do much about it.
Happy future life with the boyfriend Me and my boyfriend whom I live with have no children together yet. In my dream we were about 7 years in the future. We walked into our apartment. There we stared in awe and amazement at our 5-year old daughter and toddler son. We were seeing them for the first time, but our children knew us and were calling us mommy and daddy. Me and my man were just amazed and very happy! It was like we had traveled to the future because our kids knew us. Envisioning your future children in a dream symbolizes your strong desire to establish a strong connection with someone you consider important in wake life. This could be a new connection, but considering these were your children with your current boyfriend, it is more likely that you wish to improve your relationship with him. You may or may not be having some troubles now which are getting in the way of your complete happiness. You may subconsciously wish to get closer to him in order to make your dreams become a reality. This would bring you great happiness and satisfaction for many years to come.
Boyfriend in bed with two women Hello. I dreamt the person I am involved with was in bed with two women, just chilling, fully dressed, but in the dream I was upset with him as well. What could it mean? A dream wherein you see your boyfriend in bed with other girls is a manifestation of your own feelings of uncertainty about your relationship. This by no means is an indication that he is cheating on you. Rather, it points towards the fact that you lack confidence in your boyfriend and feel jealous even when he does not give you a reason to be. It is reinforced by the notion that you saw him simply chilling and not doing anything else, yet you still felt envious. It is better to have some faith in your relationship to ensure its longevity.
Boyfriend proposing I dreamt that my boyfriend proposed to me, please what does it mean? Dreaming about your boyfriend proposing to you is an indication of positive transformations taking place in reality. In some cases, this vision can refer to a literal proposal, but more often than not it simply refers to general luck and prosperity in your life. You may undergo changes that would work out in your favor or have lucrative benefits for you.
Boyfriend wearing white Boyfriend in a white suit. The prominent white color in your dream points to unpleasant but significant changes which are going to happen in your life in the near future. Dreaming about your boyfriend from real life in a white suit indicates that you may face some problems in your relationship resulting in some undesirable outcomes for both sides of this equation. The events that you are likely to experience would have negative and lasting effects on your present relationship with him.
Boyfriend emerging through a birth canal Boyfriend emerging through the birth canal. Dreaming that your boyfriend emerges from a birth canal may be an indication of new beginnings or new perspectives. Perhaps your boyfriend is undergoing a personal transformation or would soon have the opportunity to start anew, maybe by getting a new job or place of residence. Birth also represents new ideas. In your case, maybe you are starting to see your boyfriend in a completely different light. This could trigger a positive change in your relationship, giving it a much-needed jolt of passion.
Boyfriend telling truth to the judge I dream that my boyfriend snitched on me to a judge and they let him go. To dream that your boyfriend snitched on you reveals your guilty conscience. You could be scared that someone would discover your regrettable mistakes or shameful secrets. Your mind conjured up this scenario probably because your guilt is starting to become a burden. Also, you may be close to being found out in reality, so the fears and apprehensions are setting in. You may need to address these issues or come clean before you start imploding.
Happy around murderous boyfriend After a rough breakup, my ex shot me and killed my best friend in front of me. Now I'm having dreams every night of him being in my house and I'm excited to have him there. Like, I am pregnant and aware of everything, but I've missed him and I'm happy to have him home. But he's actually in jail on a murder sentence. Your ex-boyfriend's presence in your house in these dreams means that he is constantly on your mind, whether subconsciously or deliberately. The violent ending to your tumultuous relationship may have irrevocably altered your worldview. His massive impact on your existence is being processed by your subconscious mind, hence his recurring appearance in your dreams. Your positive reaction to his presence in the dreams does not necessarily mean that you want him back. Instead, it could be pointing to your yearning for a proper resolution and closure before you can begin the process of healing and moving on.
Boyfriend's picture on the phone I had a dream and I saw my phone showing my boyfriend photo with whom I recently broke up and for a while I looked very closely at that photo. Am female. Looking closely at the photo of your ex reveals your sentimental nature. The recent breakup may have triggered memories of the good times you shared, hence he manifested in you dream. It could also mean that you are dwelling on the past and perhaps entertaining thoughts of getting back together with him. However, the degree of scrutiny you placed upon his image could be a reflection of the careful considerations you are currently undertaking before deciding to move on.
Being mistreated by a mentally-abusive ex I was in my room sitting on my bed when my mentally abusive ex-boyfriend came in and started to touch me sensually and I started to yell "Get out!" over and over till a door was slammed in my face. I am a girl by the way. Receiving signs of affection from an ex-boyfriend whom you no longer get along with could predict some surprising events taking place in the future. The idea of a door slamming in your face could indicate that these surprises would be unpleasant in nature, as a closed door tends to represent obstacles or roadblocks on the path to success. You may need to have patience during this time or seek help from someone you trust in order to live through possible negative developments if they do occur.
Boyfriend and waterfalls Me my friends and my boyfriend were in a kind of place and I saw a small waterfall and I went and watched it fascinatingly and on the way to returning I again saw a waterfall which was huge and more beautiful and I had to walk uphill. There I asked some kids the way to go there and they showed us. I turned to my boyfriend and asked him to go along with me but he said he doesn't want to. I got angry and asked him my things, he was about to give in and then I got more furious and discussed with him why he doesn't want. Dreaming about observing a waterfall has negative connotations. The turbulent water rushing down signifies problems and calamities which you would have to face in your waking life. The notion that you saw an even bigger waterfall when you walked uphill, points that these problems could continue taking place for a prolonged period of time. This negativity is further reinforced by you getting into a fight with your boyfriend. The difficulties that you face could result in creating discord between you and him, possibly involving other people around.
Ex-boyfriend giving money Ex-boyfriend walks into my bedroom, hands me a stack of hundreds, smiles and hugs me saying "You deserve this" while my current husband is watching looking at me crazy. Receiving money from your ex is a validation of your choices. Your ex in the dream world alludes to your general past, not just your relationship with him. Money signifies success and confidence, which means that all your previous experiences have led you to this moment. Based on your dream scenario, it means you are content with your current existence and you owe this to the lessons you have learned over the years. Perhaps your ex-boyfriend also made you a better person equipped with wisdom about love and relationships that you can apply in your current marriage.
Losing boyfriend during a shooting At an event with the boyfriend when shot is fired and people are screaming and running to Hut shop place, I'm almost at Hut and turn round to see where boyfriend is. Then I'm grabbed by a horse-masked person and can't get to boyfriend. Then I'm running around in panic looking for the boyfriend and come to an area made into a hospital and ask if he's come there and get told he's hurt, that's were I wake up, I'm a girl. Hearing gunshots in the dream world could symbolize death. There is a possibility that a distant relative or someone close to you would pass away. Alternatively, this dream could serve as a forewarning. Someone may be striving to win the affection of your boyfriend and damage the relationship you have with him. You and your boyfriend may be evading a problem because you do not want to have a confrontation. Perhaps this issue between the two of you could end up creating a gap or significant tension if not addressed immediately.
Boyfriend befriending a strange girl My boyfriend had a dream and about a girl, but she wasn't human so therefore nobody liked her. They became best friends and he said people started accepting her cause she told them about who she was and she started hanging out with her other guy friend more and he was jealous cause they we hanging out as much. But then I came along in the dream and we became best friends in the dream and we did everything together. He calls her the silver girl cause her skin tone was silver. The nonhuman entity in your boyfriend's dream may be a projection of an undiscovered or perhaps a misunderstood aspect of himself. Silver denotes femininity and mystical qualities. In that sense, the silver-skinned being may be the embodiment of his own characteristics that he could be suppressing for fear of being judged. Fortunately, as his dream implies, he may be starting to accept this part of himself and become more honest with his interactions. Therefore, your arrival in the vision could be associated with his personal transformation of becoming whole and loving himself for who he is as well as embracing the freedom to express himself.
Role-playing with an imaginary boyfriend Role-playing and imaginary boyfriend caressing me and having sweat on his body. To dream of role playing in intimate scenarios likely reveals your desire to express yourself more in reality. Perhaps there are a lot of rules and social standards that inhibit you from fully exploring your sexuality or desires. Alternatively, you could be feeling trapped in your current circumstance and you wish to break free from it. Other people's expectations may have led you to a path you do not necessarily like, hence the yearning for escape or release.
Boyfriend turning into a boar I dreamed that I was making love to my boyfriend and he turned into a big furry boar. Dreaming of having intercourse usually points to disappointing outcomes in your current preoccupations. Such disappointments could be due to delays and hindrances to your plans, including cancelled trips and partnerships falling through. It can also be a metaphor for union or coming together. Perhaps you and your boyfriend would uncover more intimate and personal information about each other which would bring your closer. However, a boar is associated with laziness and decline. Thus, his transformation into a boar could be a reference to the saying that "familiarity breeds contempt". As you grow more comfortable and familiar with each other, the feelings may start to wane while little annoyances become more salient.
Ex-boyfriend at the airport I dreamt I was at the airport where my ex was dressed in his marines uniform with his friends waiting to board a plane. Dreams about seeing someone waiting to board a plane could be indicative of issues and troubles soon appearing in your waking life. It could also predict becoming very busy with your duties and responsibilities because of an unexpected turn of events. At the same time, seeing your ex wearing marine's uniform could be symbolic of your current or future efforts to use the knowledge and experience from the past in order to solve existing or upcoming issues as clothing of this kind envisioned in a dream usually represents wisdom and truth.
Ex-boyfriend appearing aggressive Last night I had a dream that my ex-boyfriend was in my room and looked totally different, still him, but he had aggressive mannerisms and his face was aggressive. He had bruises and scratches all over him including his face, I remember pushing him away. Dreaming about doppelgangers often reveals the dreamer's hidden fears and suppressed feelings. They are also associated with negative energy and the dark aspects of someone's personality. In your dream, your ex-boyfriend appears to look the same but behaves differently, hence there is a possibility that you would uncover secrets or new information that would shed some light on the negative aspects of your interactions with him, perhaps ultimately revealing what led to your separation. The scratches may represent a part of you that is entertaining thoughts of getting back together with him. However, this vision may be trying to remind you of the issues you had in the past as a way of closing that chapter of your life for good.
Ex-boyfriend taking pictures while in a bath My ex-boyfriend asked to take photos of me naked in a bath - not showing any private parts. We searched the green garden for a leaf to cover my breasts. A boy got in the bath and made the water dirty, so we had to run another. I felt angry and shouted at him to get out. When the new bath was run, the water was warm and soapy and I felt happy. If you are currently in a relationship, then the presence of your ex-boyfriend in your dream may mean that you are unhappy with your current partner and looking for certain qualities of your ex in him. This unfair comparison may have triggered guilt and shame in you which is illustrated by the elements you are describing in the first part. However, if you are single, then you may still be hoping that you would get back together with your ex. In that case, the dirty water in the bath represents your clouded thoughts and conflicted feelings. The water mirrors your state of mind which may be preventing your from indulging in any pleasure-seeking activities at the moment.
Carrying boyfriend I am female. I was carrying my boyfriend on my back in the high school gym. A lot of kids were sitting in the my path, so I had to step over them. Dreaming about carrying your boyfriend is somewhat synonymous with carrying a heavy burden. Such symbolism could denote that you would have to take on additional responsibilities in your relationship. It's an indication that you might have to be the one who is more dependable and ready to face any challenge. The notion of trying to avoid people by stepping over them symbolizes your desire to carry through your liaison with your boyfriend despite all sorts of problems. While it is good to be resourceful in the eyes of others, it is also important to take care of yourself, so while giving your relationship your best try not to hurt yourself in the process.
Boyfriend licking neck in public I'm a female, I dreamt of my boyfriend licking my neck in public. Being licked on your neck means you need to be extra cautious in any future plans or ventures. Perhaps you easily get swayed by loved ones, especially your boyfriend, without considering the ramifications of making decisions based on their input. You may tend to let your emotions dictate your actions. So, before making any major commitment, it would serve you well to take a more rational and pragmatic stance to avoid any future regrets.
Ex-boyfriend becoming sick I used to have dreams of my ex-boyfriend. I always dream about love, like making love or caring for each other. I never dreamt of fighting with him. He used to love me or I used to take care of him. In my recent dream I was lying in his bedroom and his mother asked me to wake him up so that he can study, but when I tried to wake him up, I realized that he is having fever, so I put over the blanket on him and started taking care of him. This vision has two primary symbols that stand out. The first, being affectionate with a previous partner, predicts something surprising you or catching you off guard. Unfortunately, it is likely it would hurt and upset you rather than please you. Seeing your ex-boyfriend ill and in need of your care may reveal some issues that had caused the relationship to fall apart. Specifically, this symbol suggests he could have been cheating or engaging in a secret affair. However, it does not always have to be the case. For example, he may also have been keeping things secret from you or going against your wishes when he thought you were not aware. In essence, even though the relationship has ended, it is possible you are still learning about some of his transgressions.
Boyfriend furious about his appearance I had a dream that my boyfriend and I of five months went to a party. He was balding, had missing teeth and had put on some weight, but I didn't care. While we were inside, he seemed very uncomfortable and I told him that I'd be back in ten minutes because I wanted to mingle upstairs. I went and he vanished. He was in the car. I met him there and he ripped off his hood, started yelling at me about how he let himself go and that I'm too good for him. I am female. It was terrifying! Dreaming that your boyfriend turns violent means you are probably refusing to acknowledge an existing problem. Perhaps in reality you sense something is not quite right, yet you choose to ignore the signs because you are not ready or afraid to deal with these issues. In addition, his insecurity and sloppy appearance in the dream vision likely means that you are spending way too much time together. Perhaps you need to spend some time apart and hang out with your own groups of friends. Or better yet, a little "me time" could be good for the both of you.
Boyfriend being told to watch sex with ex-husband My boyfriend had a dream where I wanted him to watch me be intimate with my ex-husband. He said at first he thought he would be OK with it, but it really bothered him to the point where he woke up from the dream. What does this mean? Your boyfriend's dream of you wanting to watch you having sex with your ex partner likely reveals his insecurities. Perhaps he still feels threatened by your ex because of the memories and experiences you shared with someone else in the past. On the other hand, dreams of being cheated on actually carry a positive message. They mean the emotional investment is growing and he may be starting to think more long-term about your bond. As long as he does not let uncertainties get the better of him, you can both enjoy a satisfying existence together.
Trying to find a deceased boyfriend I dreamt about my boyfriend who passed away many years ago. He was in a room and I was trying to get to him but couldn't. Felt like I was on a loop where no matter what I tried I couldn't make it to him and the longer it took, the more anxious I became about finding him with someone else. Trying, and seemingly failing, to get to your boyfriend in the dream alludes to unresolved issues. Dreams about a deceased loved one usually mean that the dreamer is harboring regrets, especially in relation to the deceased person who manifested in the vision. In your case, the endless space you had to navigate in order to get to your boyfriend means you could be wallowing in your own misery and sense of powerlessness. Maybe a part of you feels you could have done something to prevent his death. The loop could also represent your inability to find answers or rationalize his passing, hence you have a hard time moving forward. Perhaps this dream is meant to show you how dwelling in the past could put your life on hold or at a standstill. Until you learn to accept or even forgive yourself for past mistakes, you would not be able to find peace of mind.
Ex-boyfriend giving a t-shirt Kindly interpret my dream. I dreamed my ex-boyfriend gave me a white t-shirt. There is a round smiley face sewn on it with sequins in silver color. Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend offering you a gift of this kind could mean that there is something still unresolved between the two of you and you are attempting to make peace with it. Him giving you a t-shirt with a round smiley face could be a way for your subconscious to let you know that it is okay to let go of this past relationship and that you should not be concerned with what your ex-boyfriend thinks of you or the things that may have happened between you two and now are history.
Stabbing boyfriend I stabbed my boyfriend 3 times with a blue pocket knife. In the stomach, side and leg. Dreaming about stabbing your boyfriend in such a way could mean that there is something you are hiding from him which causes serious damages to your feelings of love towards him. It could be a dislike for the way he acted in certain situations or it could originate from a fight you had in the past and which you never really got over. You did not stab him in the face because you do not yet have the courage to really confront him with your feelings and so you attacked him in the lower body in this dream.
Boyfriend having an affair with a male manager I (a girl) caught my guy manager laying with cloth on snuggling on top of my boyfriend (the father of my unborn child). When my boyfriend saw me, he said "Babe, she's here". I slapped my boyfriend, said "Babe, really?", kicked him out, told president Michele (as she sits on the couch) and others. The guy manager said it wasn't supposed to happen, they were at the movies one day and it just happened. I told him "I'm having his baby. What do you mean it just happened?". Then my boyfriend said he didn't want to be with just one person, 6 slaps later I woke up. Although this dream vision may seem strange or even shocking to you, it only represents your present worries and concerns about your boyfriend not being around as much as you would like, especially with your current state of pregnancy. Dream visions about significant others turning gay rarely mean the same situation in real life. Rather, you may be excessively worrying about a growing emotional distance or a lack of communication causing problems between the two of you. Instead of taking on this burden on your own, you should talk to friends and family, especially your boyfriend, so you can be assured their love and support are available and reaching you when needed.
Ex-boyfriend sending a gift I had a dream my ex-boyfriend send me a gift which was a beaded necklace and a kind of hair piece which I immediately put on my head. What does that mean? We broke up in February this year. In a dream vision, receiving a gift from someone you know in reality suggests they are about to become a real nuisance in your day to day life. In this case, your ex-boyfriend may be bothering you because he is jealous of other guys you are hanging out with. Of course, it is also possible he misses you and would try to bully you into giving him another chance. In either situation, you should try to avoid any outside pressure and make a decision for yourself whether or not you want him around.
Meeting a younger version of boyfriend I am female and my boyfriend is male. I had a dream that I was at an airport and seen a little kid running around. It was my boyfriend when he was little. He was crying and told me that he wanted to give up and that he wasn't happy. I, of course, started crying and hugged him and reassured him that in a few years he would meet me. Once he met me we would be happy and that he wouldn't have to worry about being sad. I assumed I traveled back in time or something because he was much younger. The younger version of your boyfriend in the dream likely represents his past or some immature aspects of himself. Perhaps you feel like he is latching onto his childhood or unable to let go of his past. Maybe his tendency to dwell on previous failures and mistakes is keeping him from moving forward and exploring new opportunities. On the other hand, it is also possible that the crying kid reveals his anxiety about embracing more adult responsibilities and entering a new chapter in your lives together. The airport symbolizes new opportunities and journeys. As such, you may have sensed his reservations about his capability to handle the transition. He may feel ill-equipped as an adult and looking to you for some kind of assurance before he can fully take off and succeed in new ventures.
Being teleported in boyfriend's jail cell My boyfriend is in jail. Had a dream I teleported into his cell to see him and one of the prison officers came in and saw me. Both got taken to a room, I didn't get into trouble but my boyfriend would end up going to court again for it. My mum came to get me then asked if I could stay there a week and they then let me stay there for a week in my boyfriend's cell. Based on your dream, it seems that your boyfriend's incarceration is taking its toll on your relationship with him and your own well-being. You feel an urge to be close to him, but at the same time you seem to be conflicted about it and that is why you dreamed about your boyfriend ending up in court again for it, as if you were punishing yourself all over again. Also, the notion about your mom asking if you could stay another week could mean you sense that your close relatives are not happy about this situation but cannot provide any help or support you need. You seem to be suffering a lot because of your boyfriend and you can see the impact it has had on your other personal relationships.
An ex-boyfriend missing a hand What does it mean when your ex-boyfriend appears in your dream missing a hand? He's my ex as of December 29 2016. He's also an untreated bipolar man. Most importantly the love of my life. I've known for 13 years and 7 months. I've let go and let God lead as his illness has taken him away from me again. I was shocked that I dreamt of him and in that condition. In the dream he tried to hide his hand from me. Then he showed me unwillingly. It was grotesque. It's still freaking me out. A lost or amputated hand is often thought to be associated with arguments and fights. In particular, this image suggests the person you were in conflict with was someone close, like a lover or spouse. As a result of this problem, you may have become temporarily or permanently separated from this man. Therefore, this vision of your ex missing his hand seems very apt given your description of your relationship. Rather than providing you with peace of mind or advice about the future, this dream could be helping you consolidate your understanding of the situation. As your thoughts become clearer, you would probably find some comfort in knowing that you tried your hardest and did what was best for the both of you.
Boyfriend's strange wedding I am a girl. My best friend is a guy and he called me to come at his wedding, when I reached there I saw many goats, cows and in the center of them was my best friend's house. He was looking like an old man in a white dress he was wearing. He said to me "You are late", then I started looking for the bride, but couldn't found any girl except me, there was an old couple standing with him and then I saw a kid and asked her for a kiss and she made my cheek red with her kiss. I asked him who she was, he didn't say anything. Envisioning being invited to your best friend's wedding is often a sign that this individual requires your help or advice in some way. Seeing him in white could have two possible meanings in this situation. On one hand, he may need some support in a serious relationship he is currently pursuing. On the other hand, it is possible that he needs help finding a partner and your mind is suggesting you would be a potential candidate for a good long-term relationship. This is seen in conjunction with the images of the cows and goats, with cows symbolizing your kind, generous nature and goats representing your tendency to be flirtatious and a little obnoxious. These qualities may be warring for balance within you, making it difficult to be a good, impartial friend or a strong candidate for a romantic partnership with your friend. You may need to carefully consider your actions if you are hoping to influence his actions in one way or another.
Unable to meet and see ex boyfriend Female. Reoccurring dream: I visit a city I used to live in, for a holiday. I do the usual sightseeing, then at the end of my trip I realize I haven't met up with my ex boyfriend, who still lives there. I feel slightly panicked and disappointed because I wanted to see him, but have run out of time. Both the image of a city you used to live in and the presence of your ex-boyfriend are indicators that something from your past is on your mind at this time in your life. However, it may not be directly related to either where you once lived or your past relationship with the person. Rather, these images may be a metaphor for the what ifs which could be bothering you. It is possible you are at a turning point in your life or are about to make some important decision which is making you reflect on past experiences. You may want to think about what you have learned from previous situations to help you make informed choices now and in the future.
Boyfriend's penis falling apart I was given my boyfriend head and a piece of skin fell off his penis. Then I started gagging and I tasted the blood in my mouth, then I spit out half of his penis from my mouth, then the piece left on him shriveled up and he just had a hole and he kept wanting to continue to have sex and I would try to tell him he didn't have a penis. Then I woke up because he was calling me. In dreams, a penis that falls off or gets cut off is a symbol of emasculation. As such, dreaming that your boyfriend's penis gets cut off or bitten off during oral sex could be an allusion to your controlling or domineering tendencies. You may be prone to undermining your boyfriend or manipulating him to get your way and this is making him feel weak or insecure. On the other hand, this could also represent your impression of your boyfriend. Maybe it is you who sees him as weak. Perhaps you want him to be assertive at times instead of always submitting to your will or allowing you to make decisions in your relationship.
Being separated from boyfriend Female 23, I am deeply in love with my boyfriend and my heart hurts feeling like he has become distant in the last couple days and then I had this dream. I got separated from him and had to watch him from afar laugh and enjoy his time with another beautiful woman. Right after waking up from that, the following dream was, I was cleaning out my school locker reminiscing with old crushes from grade school. I am extremely sad and feel I had this dream following his distance in the last day or so. Seeing your boyfriend with another woman or watching him having fun with someone else usually means that he may be hiding something from you. This secret that he is hiding may be the key to explaining the changes in his behavior that you have observed recently. You may have to coax this out of him without scaring him off or make him feel safe enough so he can confide in you. Alternatively, this could also reveal your own insecurities. Maybe you think you are not good enough, so the painful scenario is a projection of your fears of losing your boyfriend to someone else. Meanwhile, cleaning out your locker means you want to get rid of negative emotions or issues that may be holding you back from being truly happy. You may need to confront your own demons, past and present, to avoid creating complications for yourself and the people you love.
Boyfriend in jail and flirting Incarcerated boyfriend was with my old high school friend (whom he doesn’t know) while I was in the visiting room at the prison to see him and they were flirting with each other and he was ignoring me. In the dream my old friend has her own boyfriend. The prison setting of this vision suggests a feeling of being trapped or uncomfortable in reality. While you may not be able to put your finger on the problem, your subconscious likely can feel the tension in the air around you. This is coupled with the image of your boyfriend flirting with someone else. Despite the obvious appearance, this is not actually related to your boyfriend but rather your experience in reality instead. This symbol suggests that the tension you are picking up on in reality is due to dealing with someone who puts you on edge. It is possible that your friend has recently acted in a way that made you uncomfortable, but it is more likely that she is simply a stand-in for a person you truly dislike. Until you finish whatever has brought you two together, you would have to deal with the negative atmosphere surrounding you.
Boyfriend trying to get inside the house My boyfriend shows up in a car and screams my name outside of a new house. He tries to get in but I’m shutting the door and he’s using a knife to try and stop me from shutting the door... I feel the presence of an unknown woman outside the house, she doesn’t like me. My brother finally comes behind me and slams the door shut and my bf goes away. The idea that you were in a new house at the beginning of this vision suggests there are multiple paths open to you that could lead to wealth, prosperity and happiness. However, the unfriendly female presence outside the house may reveal your hesitation to take the opportunities available to you, perhaps because you fear they would upset others or cause rifts in some relationships. This may be particularly true of your relationship with your boyfriend. Envisioning him brandishing a knife and trying to force his way into your new home suggests major changes taking place in your future. It is possible that he is resistant to these changes because they would affect either his access to or influence over you. It is your responsibility to determine if his intentions are good and if you are ready to move on to this new phase in your life with or without his presence.
Being jealous of boyfriend's friends So apparently this day I couldn't go to my boyfriend's house because I was stuck at home. I called him with no answer when he called me back and I asked what he was doing he said he was with two girl friends at his house. I got really mad even though I trust him, so I asked my mom to take me to his house because I just wanted to go over there and beat someone up but she couldn't, so I decided to walk but I could never get over there and I got REALLY frustrated and then I woke up. Nobody woke me up. Your inability to visit your boyfriend in this dream likely points to issues that are driving a wedge between the two of you. The initial phone call which he does not answer may be a reference to communication problems. Perhaps one or both of you are keeping secrets and not very forthcoming with each other, so resentment may grow. In addition, walking but never arriving at your boyfriend's house suggests a metaphorical distance. It is possible that no matter how much you try to reach out to him, he may constantly shut you down or put up a wall. In this sense, the girl friends may symbolize your paranoia or anxiety because of his tendency to be closed off. You may sometimes tend to think the worst even though there may be nothing going on that is worth stressing over.
Boyfriend losing an eye My bf lost his eye and nerve. I had to find it and take care of it until medical put it back in and it was fine. Losing an eye means confusion or a lack of understanding. Your boyfriend or someone close to you may experience a challenging period during which their knowledge and understanding of the world may be turned upside down. It is also possible they would lose sight of their priorities in life or personal goals. It may be up to you to help them get back on track during this time of self-doubt when they would be overwhelmed by feelings of ineptitude and uncertainty of their future. It may be as simple as listening to them and reassuring them whenever they start doubting their capabilities.
Boyfriend showing up unexpectedly My dream was that I was asleep in my bed late at night (I could see myself there lying on my bed), must have been around 11pm or so and that my boyfriend (who doesn't live with me or has my keys) came into my house and put my keys on the kitchen table. As he was doing this, I asked from my bedroom "You're home babe?". He muttered "Uhuh" softly. What might this mean? Thank you in advance. Lying on your bed means you are content about the current state of your life. This also refers to your sense of comfort and security. In particular, you are feeling secure in your relationship and even though you are not living together, the idea of settling down with your boyfriend has crossed your mind. However, this could also point to a pivotal moment in your relationship which would strengthen your bond significantly. The fact that he has the keys to your house in this dream vision indicates a crucial moment ahead that would entail letting your guards down and allowing yourself to be more vulnerable. In doing this, you would be opening the next phase in your relationship.
Showering with boyfriend I am a female and I had a dream that I was in the shower at some random place that looked like a dorm shower where there’s multiple ones. I was taking a shower naked and my boyfriend was taking a shower in one across from me. He left his to come to mine and shower with me. There was one difference though, I was naked and he wasn’t. That really confused me. He carried me and we were kissing and showering together, but I noticed he had clothes on only until he put me down and left to his again. Taking a shower can mean meeting someone new, though it can also symbolize cleansing. If you are unhappy with your current relationship, the former dream interpretation may be appropriate. You could engage in a brief affair to add some excitement in your life. This ultimately would not work out because either you break it off or the other person decides to walk away. However, if you are content with your significant other, then showering reveals your desire to be more honest or come clean to your partner. In this context, being the only one naked is an indication of shame on your part. You are hiding something from him and you are afraid that he would find out. He could make it harder for you to open up and be vulnerable because he constantly has his guard up.
Boyfriend talking with family members My dream was about my boyfriend. I saw him coming to my home with his friend. He talked to my mom, my sister and my grandmother. He sat there for 1 hour and by the time I was in the bathroom he went to his home. Being visited by your boyfriend in a dream vision means you are entering a new phase in your relationship. Since he is interacting with your family, he would also learn more things about your personal life in reality. He wants to take things to the next level, but your personal issues could get in the way or cause potential conflict just when you two are getting more serious with each other.
Boyfriend sick and unhappy about meeting his family My dream was about my boyfriend being sick with dextrose attached to him while lying on the couch asleep and his family came in and I met them with handshakes. But when my boyfriend woke up and saw us, it seems that his was not happy that I had met his family. Then, as I asked permission to go out, he followed me and seems like we talked about something that made us emotional in the dream. Dreaming of your boyfriend being sick means a part of you needs to be healed or fixed. You could be depending too much on your boyfriend and this is starting to push him away. In addition, meeting his family in the vision probably reveals your desire to have a more loving and supportive family of you own. You wish you could have experienced happier moments with your parents and siblings, unfortunately your family may not be as affectionate or as close. So ultimately, this dream vision is your subconscious telling you to confront your personal issues because they could start to negatively affect your relationship with your boyfriend.
Mother approving of a secret boyfriend I'm a girl. I was at home and my mother grabbed my phone to look through my pictures and she saw a picture of me and my boyfriend (background info - my parents don't know I'm dating). Then she said as if she knew him "Oh, that's a good picture of you and (my boyfriend's name here). Then my mom continued to see pictures of me and my boyfriend saying the same thing. Dreaming that your mother knows about your secret boyfriend reveals your guilt about keeping this information from her. Your mind is getting stressed out trying to keep your mother in the dark when all you really want is to share this relationship with her. It is possible that you want so bad to seek advice from your mom about certain aspects of your relationship, but at the same time you are afraid that she would be disappointed in you once you reveal this secret. So her approval in the dream is wish fulfillment. This is your subconscious reassuring you that things will be fine if you do decide to open up to her.
Reconnecting with ex boyfriend My ex boyfriend had became my boyfriend again but this time my family liked him and we went out to dinner with him and my family all together. Then when my family left me and him alone I said I've missed you, then I said "And I really do love you" and he just looked at me and smiled and said "I love you too" and then when we got into the car. I held on to his arm and I was just lying on him halfway awake and halfway asleep, but then I woke up and that was the end of my dream. This dream is intended to give you closure. Being back together with your ex boyfriend actually means the opposite in reality. Instead of wanting to get back together, you are finally ready to let go and start a new relationship. All the affection and love between the two of you in the vision serve to reaffirm all the good times you spent together. You want to keep all the happy memories, so you have a positive view of this part of your life before you completely close the chapter. This is your subconscious tying loose ends, so you can face the future with no personal baggage or grudges for your ex. So, when you were half awake and half asleep in the end, you were actually preparing to be fully present in the waking world instead of daydreaming about the past.
Boyfriend and ex-boyfriend fighting My ex boyfriend and I going on a trip with our kids and my current boyfriend was going with us as well but when I walked away they got into a fight. Dreaming of your ex means you are thinking about your past mistakes and transgressions. You are going through an issue involving your children, perhaps they are misbehaving or you are questioning your parenting skills, and you are blaming your past relationships for this dysfunctional dynamic. On the other hand, your mind could be helping you figure out a solution to a current predicament by advising you to use lessons you learned from your ex boyfriend. The fight means you are analyzing the pros and cons of being in your current situation, so you can fill in the gaps in parenting to make it more beneficial for the kids.
Boyfriend leaving unexpectedly It is about me and my boyfriend finally being able to have a family and be together in the same house and stuff, but I for some reason always end up messing something up and he gets mad and then one day I come home and he is just gone like poof, he's gone and I never see him again. Dreaming about living together with your boyfriend may refer to the happiness and contentment you feel in your current relationship. You may be very happy and in love right now, and you are possibly contemplating the next step of your journey together as a couple. Being left alone by your angry boyfriend in the dream world does not mean this future is not possible. It does, however, point toward a need to address some aspects of your past and current situation before embarking on a new path. For example, perhaps you have some emotional baggage you need to deal with or do not actually have a strong enough financial situation to realistically afford a marriage and house together. You may need to address these issues and consult someone older and wiser before taking the next step together.
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