Being in a friend's parents bed In my dream, I woke up at my friend's house on her parents' bed (her family was not present in their house in the dream), saw my full body half-naked in their mirror, then walked into another room, started changing the bed sheets, then saw a notebook belonging to a kid. Your dream contains symbols referring to a moral conundrum, specifically when it comes to sex and intimacy. For instance, finding yourself on the bed of your friend's parents suggests a curiosity about other people's intimate and private lives. It could also mean you want to experience someone else's romantic relationship. Maybe you feel attracted to one of the couple you know and you find yourself wondering what it would be like to be their significant other. Your half-naked self represents your conscience as you see your fantasies as shameful desires. There could be an immoral or sinful aspect to your attraction to this committed person. At least, in your perspective or personal beliefs. Finally, changing the sheets reveals your yearning to be more open with your sexuality. You could be attracted to the same sex and you find this uncomfortable. Your journey to self-acceptance and embracing your sexuality is a constant struggle. You need to understand which desires are inherently bad, because acting on them could have legal ramifications, and which ones are perfectly normal and merely made taboo by conservative parties and religious beliefs.
Having a flat from the past I keep having a recurring dream, it’s a flat I own but secretly. I keep ending up in this flat either to decorate or just visit and it’s in a place I lived with my grandpa. But then last night it was decorated exactly the same as the living room I had in my real flat 25 years ago but this flat keeps popping up in my dreams. I’m waking up in some fright states sweating or crying. A recurring dream about an old flat or a secret apartment means you like to dwell in the past. You carry a lot of baggage from previous experiences and these thoughts or memories are holding you back from fully embracing the present and looking forward to the future. So seeing this place redecorated as another living space from your past means that you are still not ready to close old chapters, tie loose ends and let go of memories weighing you down. The results of decorating that evoke feelings of sadness in you represent your vivid memories and experiences from the past which will never leave you no matter how much you try.
A scarecrow by a fence I keep seeing a fence with a straw man running down it. The combination of these two symbols implies your planned vacation or adventure will be carefully weighed and either postponed or canceled completely due to existing or impending circumstances which are beyond your control.
Walking through a dark mansion My dream was about me and a group of faceless, unrecognizable friends walking through an old dark mansion. One room had nonthreatening zombies, another - an attractive woman with four arms. I fingered her with my friends behind me. I am male. All of the symbols in this dream suggest an aura of negative energy surrounding you. This is based on the modern interpretations of each of these symbols. For instance, the unrecognizable friends in your vision allude to unstable relationships with those present in your life, while the old, dark mansion points towards relationships that are in steady decline or already in a state of disrepair. Even though the zombies in this vision did not appear to be threatening, they suggest a tendency to indulge in bad behavior, harmful habits or violent outbursts. This could explain the state of your personal connections in reality. The woman you fingered suggests that sex or highly intimate relationships are also at risk here. Perhaps you need to rethink some of your choices or the current direction your life is headed.
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