Houses collapsing impacting neighbors Hello, I dreamt a white-colored house collapsed and the one next door badly damaged, I didn't recognize the house or anything, my brother in law was there searching in the rubble for his valuables. I helped gather some bits for him. Then my dream jumped to me visiting my sister in a flat that required me to climb a few flights of stairs. Whilst visiting, I went into her kitchen and heard banging, she told me it was her car that got pushed into the building when the next door house collapsed. I couldn't understand how, because she was a few flights up. Confusing dream. The white color of the house you saw suggests an upcoming change. While that does not sound bad in and of itself, the meaning becomes clearer (and more negative) when it is coupled with the sign of that same house collapsing. A collapsed or destroyed house points to experiencing major difficulties in your life. It seems, then, that whatever change you go through is likely to leave you in a worse situation than you were in before. The misfortune you experience may be related to your finances, such as having to file bankruptcy, or to your relationships, like going through a breakup or a divorce. However, walking upstairs to get to your sister's flat predicts a turnaround in this situation, as going upstairs is usually a symbol for success and good luck.
Unfamiliar houses with big rooms I keep having a dream about a house. I dream about one house then the other on different occasions. I dream about these houses repeatedly. I see many rooms, especially big and elaborate bathrooms. There is always an upstairs and a basement. The doors in one house won't lock. This is a fairly ominous vision that contains a serious warning. Dreaming about looking at houses predicts bad times are ahead. Specifically, seeing multiple houses tends to suggest financial problems or the loss of material possessions and property. The cause of such outcomes can be seen in the sign of the large, elaborate restrooms, which represent having unrealistic expectations of a certain situation. In this case, you may have made a bet or investment based more on your hopes and desires rather than on solid facts and practical considerations. It would be wise to carefully consider how you spend your money and take steps to mitigate any damage that may have already started taking place.
The need to have an extension to the top apartment My nephew came into my 2nd floor apartment (which is the top floor) and told me I was needed upstairs. He wasn't panicked but did seem concerned. That was when I awoke with a start from the dream. Dreaming about someone telling you about you needing to expand your quarters serves as a reminder that you are not doing enough for those close to you. You may have forgotten to send a birthday card or disregarded an invitation to a family reunion or celebration. You could be in a situation when people who once were important to you are slowly alienating themselves from you or find reasons not to communicate with you any more unless you do something about it. This vision is a stern reminder to look back and re-evaluate your connections, especially with those who really matter in your life.
An old home disappearing from where it used to be In my dream I was standing facing an empty lot where my home used to be. There was no sign of it and I didn't know what happened to it. Losing your home means that a major obstruction in your plans could impact your life. The routines of daily life and careless leisure activities may become overshadowed by tectonic shifts of events that could impact you in a negative way. Building spiritual and physical strength is your priority now in order to help yourself overcome tough times. It is not time for major investing, spending or indulging yourself, since the misfortune is unspecific, but of a kind that may throw you out of balance in a much more serious way than your experience could handle. Ultimately, at a very minimum, you might be left with little or no control over issues and events and you should exercise increased vigilance to prevent the worst from happening.
Neighborhood being built around All my neighbors completed building their houses except me. The symbol of building a house in a dream vision is connected to the idea of making improvements in your life or bettering your circumstances. In this case, because others are completing their homes and your are not, it represents an internal fear of not keeping up with those around you. While comparing yourself to others is natural and even a good thing at times, it is important to remember that everyone is on their own unique path and hits different stages at different times.
Falling into a well under a house I have had a dream on a number of nights about a well under a house and the house falling down with me in it and I get stuck! The well and the collapse of this house are both symbolic of an upcoming problem or conflict in wake life. This situation is likely to be both challenging and trying in multiple aspects of your life, including physically, emotionally, intellectually, and possibly even spiritually. Being trapped inside the house predicts that there is nothing you can do to avoid this situation, so you need to take some time and analyze circumstances or influences which may potentially cause disturbance in your life and how they can impact your life as a whole.
Being on top of a tall building and no way to get down In my dream I saw a scary building and I was on top of it and then I couldn't find a way to come down. Buildings are often metaphors for life choices. Being on top of a scary building could mean that you have reached an important decision in your life, but are afraid of the consequences of making this decision. The fact that you couldn't find a way to come down could mean that you are in a trap, you may have come to realization about other options that also exist. Whichever choice you ultimately make, it could have both positive and negative outcomes for you.
Walking through an old house and deceased family members Walking through a dimly lit old house, wooden with graying walls in need of much repair. Many rooms in the house. Dead family present. Envisioning an old house that is falling apart has two related meanings. It first represents the state of a relationship with someone who were once close to you, specifically, that it has deteriorated almost beyond repair. However, this vision also represents trying to find peace and reconciliation with this person, giving you both a chance to heal old wounds. This animosity could date back to when the deceased family members were still present. In this case, while it may be too late to make major changes in this life, turning to prayer and reconciling with those who are still living could help alleviate past feelings of hurt and guilt.
Moving into a filthy house occupied by strangers I had this dream that I had moved house, but the place was filthy and I was trying to clean up, then strangers were coming in and sitting down but I couldn't seem to lock the door. I was trying to get them to leave, but they just sat there making a mess and not caring. It was very stressful. Also there was no room for me to sit. Dreaming of seeing yourself moving into a new house is a sign that you may soon receive important news or suddenly go on a trip that you were not expecting. A home in disrepair or decay means that unfavorable situations are about to occur and that you cannot just ignore them. These circumstances are extremely important in your life and can have a great impact, therefore you need to take some action sooner. This hardship could relate to either your personal or professional life, and it will probably have an impact on others as well. The repulsive strangers in your dream, who made you feel uneasy, symbolize change for the worse.
An old house which needs repairs I dreamed about a particular fixer-upper house in my old hometown that I moved away from 8 months ago when I moved to the coast. Dreams about a house that are currently in a state of disrepair are symbolically connected to the act of moving. This is because they represent the mind taking note of all the little things that must be done to make a house a home and is trying to get itself settled in a new place. Because you moved 8 months ago, it is likely there is still a little something missing in your life, such as a favorite photo or a stuffed animal you once loved.
A room on the upper level detaching from the rest of the house In my dream I was in a building with a lot of my friends and family. It was a big building considering that the building was on a ranch in the country. I was on the third story of the building. There was some construction going on because the building had a new installment on the third floor. It was an extra room but I'm not quite sure what it is supposed to be used for. Me and my brother went inside the room to kind of look around a little bit when I noticed there was a button on the floor. So I decided to push it and when I did the room detached from the house. This image of a house with construction being done to it is often symbolic of positive changes happening in the life of the dreamer. Just as home renovations make the house better and more beautiful, so does this sign indicate improvements taking place either in the form of health, wealth or overall happiness. The fact that your friends and family were with you during this time could indicate a similar situation befalling all of you. However, envisioning the room you were in detach from the others could indicate a selfish desire to keep the good things you may receive to yourself.
A house with a broken deck and crocodiles under it I dreamed I had a house and my husband (still living) and my mother, brother and grandmother (in reality are deceased) lived with us. The back deck is on top of a swamp and the boards are all broken up from the crocodiles breaking through. There was a bug in the house and I went out across the deck dodging the crocodiles to put the bug safely on bush. My grandmother went after me, but fell in. The next thing, we were safe back in the house. This dream has a fairly complicated story line which makes it difficult to come to a concise meaning. Dodging crocodiles in a dream vision suggests you may currently be dealing with obstacles created for you by those who are jealous of your accomplishments or by those who simply wish to see you fail. This constant looking over your shoulder has likely wreaked havoc on your nerves, making it difficult to relax or even trust those who are actually on your side. This is opposed by the presence of your deceased mother, brother, and grandmother, which represents that, despite the challenges you are currently facing, you always have people who are on your side and watching over you. With their support, you can overcome your current situation and thrive.
A big tree growing into the walls of a house A very big tree, in fact, so big that it had started growing into the walls of my mother's house, and my two kids had climbed up on it cutting branches. And I kept blaming my mother for neglecting her home to the extent of having a big tree which is almost damaging her house. I could also see close relatives with us. Trees growing inside of a house normally portend good things blossoming in your life, such as finding meaning or a purpose to your existence. The tree in your vision is in the house of your mother, indicating that you may see, if only subconsciously, that she is trying to make herself happy. However, your children's actions of cutting down the tree branches and your harsh words about it growing there can be interpreted as a sign that you and your family may be preventing your mother from having the life she really wants. She probably does not mind the sacrifice, but your subconscious could be feeling guilty about this situation.
Being dragged into a building and raped I know my dream was odd but it's been bothering me, so I need to figure out if it means something. In my dream I was with a group of people and we appeared to be studying something, so we were out in the woods. The next thing I know I found this old building type thing and once I got in it almost looked like a spaceship. When the door shut behind me a group of soldiers ran up and grabbed me and dragged me somewhere. They ended up giving me to this guy who was really tall and creepy looking. He then kept saying how I was of great importance to him and repeatedly raped me. The beginning of your dream involving a group of people studying in the woods could mean that there is an impending shift in your lifestyle or at work. The act of studying implies an improvement of a current situation. The building you saw, on the other hand, refers to your sense of self and self-image. Hence, its outside appearance could mean a low self-esteem, while the strange, alien-looking interiors suggest a personal transformation, such as beliefs or point of view that are different from your usual perspective. The people with the appearance of soldiers, including the man who rapes you, represent authority figures or institutions imposing order and discipline. The act of rape indicates an emotional upheaval as a result of things, ideas or behavior being forced upon you.
Strangers invading the house and ignoring pleas to leave I have a recurring dream of strangers invading my home and taking up residence without my knowledge or permission. I tell them to leave, even shout at them to leave, but they ignore me flat and just carry on as if I never said anything. Recurring dreams are often signs that you are avoiding an ongoing problem. The strangers invading your home suggest problems in your relationship with your family. Perhaps you sense a change in your relationship that makes you feel insecure or apprehensive. You may be feeling neglected and lonely even in the comforts of your own home. This is probably your subconscious telling you to end this cycle of dejection by confronting the problem once and for all. Once you acknowledge the source of your uneasy feelings, then you can begin to take the necessary steps to address them.
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