Big waves threatening while being on top of a church building In the deep sleep I and my friend both are standing on top of the church roof and enjoying the view of sea in front of us. Suddenly, the waves rise so high like Tsunami and start coming towards us. But while there is a gap of only 5 feet, the waves don't hurt us nor does any damage and it just goes off by itself. At this point we are still standing on top of the roof of the church and praising God. This vision sends a powerful message about your future and should not be taken lightly. Standing atop a church can have a number of different meanings, but in the context of this vision seems to suggest the need for strength, endurance, humility and kindness. These attributes are likely necessary for what the future has in store for you. This is supported by the image of both the calm sea and the sudden waves which, albeit near, do not harm you. This means that your future contains a number of important events and opportunities which, while challenging, could also prove to yourself and others that you are ready for the next level.
In a coliseum with someone dislikable Entering a coliseum (felt like a learning institution) that was "guarded/protected" by large statues with glowing green eyes. A person who I can't stand to be around was only person with me. Envisioning yourself entering a coliseum symbolically represents the stress in your life or the weight of responsibility that you feel on your shoulders. This is seen in the green eyes of the guardians of that place, which indicate being tied to this work. You likely feel you cannot get away from the pressure or that something bad would happen if you stepped away. Your fears may be accurate, as being with someone you do not necessarily like could predict backlash from not doing what is expected of you, especially from peers or group members.
Staying in a hotel room and weird things happening Me and Tyler kids had this huge hotel room, it may have as well been a house. So they were in one bed and me and Jackie are in another, and the first thing that happened was the fire alarm kept going off while we were trying to sleep, but when we got outside, it was daylight at the moment, we went back inside and it was night. After the fire alarm was done going off Jackie fell asleep, I woke up cause I started hearing and seeing things. The most prominent symbol in this dream vision that stands out is the inconsistency with night and day. Having a dream in which there seems to be both day and night occurring at the same time usually represents a great love in life. This could be related to someone you are already in a relationship with, meaning that some event may come to pass which would strengthen your love for this person. Alternatively, it could be a completely new person appearing on your horizon soon who flips everything upside down and makes you feel special. In either case, there is unlikely to be another love experience like this one.
Being transported into a mental institution and interacting with patients An elderly woman running towards me down a bright white (sterile) hallway of a mental asylum, when she reaches me, she grabs my hand and puts it in her mouth while still running and is now dragging me down the hallway. All the patients have overly large misshapen heads. I arrived to the institution in a aerodynamically-shaped transport "pod", it had a slanted nose, it was also white, but this pod does have a yellow stripe the length of it. THIS is the only color other than the white that I remember. This vision contains two central symbols which predict negative circumstances in the near future. First, the crazy woman and the large, misshapen heads of the other patients of the mental asylum point toward an unfortunate event that is likely to have multiple negative impacts on your life. For example, if you applied for a job and were not hired, not only could you feel stressed or depressed, but you may also have difficulty supporting yourself or your loved ones, causing you to take out loans or borrow money. This cycle could spiral further downward, resulting in serious obstacles which need to be overcome. The mental asylum itself represents the great mental strain you may find yourself under and suggests that relief is not likely to come soon enough.
A house built on ground and water at the same time I am looking at a small house, half of the house is sitting on land, the other half on water. A large shark is trying to attack me? The small house you see represents your heart or your soul in the context of this vision. Half of the house is "built like that of the wise man's" which was placed on solid ground. The other half is in water, at the mercy of the waves which ebb and flow. In essence, this means there is a struggle within you to do what is good and right, or to do whatever you fancy at the time. Whichever side wins is based on the decisions you make in the near future, and the shark suggests that you cannot hold off deciding what type of person you wish to be any longer.
Unable to find a decent apartment and being frustrated I'm female. I have had dreams about searching for a new apartment. I want to live alone in a one bedroom, but the property manager shows me an apartment where a female needs a roommate. She isn't home, it's nice and clean, but the bathroom is odd. It was an open floor that looks down the stairs, she is not there to meet. The 2nd is also nice, but the female is having a party. I'm having a very difficult time getting any help to find the room that's not attached to the apartment. Makes me mad. Both searching for a new apartment and seeing an odd-looking bathroom portend major changes taking place in your life, especially changes regarding location or scenery. This vision seems to point toward traveling somewhere, either temporarily or permanently, which gives you the opportunity to see new things and experience a different way of life. It may be a good time to seize the day and make the most of any occasions that arise.
Lost in a big house, meeting an old friend and an owl hitting the wall All I remember is seeing an old friend I liked back in high school and still like. It's been a while since we've seen each other, so when I saw her in the dream I gave her a huge hug, told her I missed her whilst spinning in circles. Then I don't know if this was a separate dream or the same. All I remember in this next sequence was it being silent, and I was in some strangers' house and I was walking around trying to figure out where I was when a grey owl hit a wall. I wasn't frightened, just confused. This dream vision has two important messages which are the product of the past memories you have about your high school friend whom you used to like so much. Being inside a big and unfamiliar house, like a house you have never seen before or ever been to, is a sign that you could soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to be a part of your life. The imagery of the owl in flight which eventually hits the wall speaks of some upcoming unexpected difficulty or hardship affecting someone you may or may not be acquainted at the moment, and your readiness to lend a helping hand. There is a high probability that these two circumstances are interconnected, and would result in finding someone special in your waking life, just like the person you miss so much.
Swimming in an outdoor pool of a building The same dream I have every few years... I see a white oblong building which is a leisure center, containing an indoor and outdoor pool. When inside the building, I see that the indoor pool is busy, so I go to the outdoor pool (this turns to 3rd person viewing), and see myself floating about on a Lilo. Nothing else happens, but last night there was a man in the pool (a current work colleague of mine) who I was floating away from. Dreaming of a large building that you recognize as a leisure center suggests you are confident in who you are as a person and understand both your strengths and weaknesses well. This may be the result of years of self-reflection or of a few pivotal events which have shaped you, making you the person you are today. Swimming in an outdoor pool indicates, however, that you do not feel challenged in your current environment. In fact, the lack of difficulty is not only cumbersome, it makes you question your position in life. If you feel this is related to your work situation, you may want to seek more responsibilities. If not, it may be high time to take up a new hobby and push yourself to the limit in something new and exciting.
Lizards inside and outside the house and girlfriend waiting to be let in Lots of small lizards in the house of my uncle and outside a big lizard, and after a few minutes, a girl who I don't know and in the dream is my girlfriend waiting also for me outside to open the door. The lizards in your dream imply overthinking. You may be worrying about a lot of things at the moment. The big lizard is a warning that you could meet or get acquainted with an individual posing a serious threat to you. This person or group of people may have ill intentions towards you and may be out to destroy you. In relation to the appearance of the girlfriend waiting for you to open the door, it portends suspicious people trying to get into your good graces or take advantage of your good will. If you had this dream, be careful of people whom you meet in the near future.
Lots of things happening at a hotel and on the road It starts that I am about to enter a hotel. The hotel starts to flood. While opening the 2nd floor door dead or dying fish float in. Next, in a car going down a dirt road. Similar to Costa Rica to a place where guys were filming a movie. I am hating what I am wearing, in a washroom, meet two lovely local women. We sit and chat in the middle of the floor. I start to misplace items, purse, friend's jumper I borrowed, shoes, memory. Meet cute guy, he gets my #. Friend is mean. I leave, but can't remember the name of the hotel. Your dream as a whole alludes to a significant shift or transformation in your life. The luxury and comforts provided by a hotel refers to your current contentment with your status quo. Your existing lifestyle may however suffer a blow. Floods signify an upcoming misfortune. It could mean an upcoming illness, defamation of character coming from people who dislike you, or a long and useless court proceeding. The dead or dying fishes point to the resulting sorrow and losses from the challenges you are about to encounter, this could be related to material possessions or emotional and psychological aspects of your life. Possibly, as a way to recover from turbulent times, there could be a need to let go and unburden yourself of unnecessary baggage, material or emotional. Misplacing things and forgetting memories is symbolic of shedding parts of yourself that are no longer relevant to your soon-to-be-transformed self.
Walking in a green garden My dream was about me walking in a green garden. Walking about a lush, green garden in a dream vision is a highly auspicious sign representing your personal growth and development. You may have recently found or are about to find some wisdom which could drastically alter your perception and help you mature as a person.
A strange place with a rat and owl inside There wasn't a door, but it was small, really small, and if you face it, the door was to the left and it was in the building and when you walk in there, there is a little space of wood floor and then a room of hay where you keep a horse or something. But there was a rat, a big rat, I guess it was building a nest, but it ran out and then there was an owl that came out of nowhere and ate the rat slowly and blood went everywhere and shit. But there was someone talking I can't remembered what they said. This vision contains powerful imagery represented by the rat and the owl. In this context, the rat, despite being large and grotesque, signifies happiness in your life, particularly events which bring joy and satisfaction to you. However, the image of the owl suggests you are ruled by fear, and this fear prevents you from living your life to the fullest. The fear could manifest in the form of a phobia, such as being afraid of heights or spiders, but more likely is related to stepping out of your comfort zone or leaving the safety of the group. In either case, seeing the owl devour the rat shows quite literally how your own lack of drive and desire to overcome your weaknesses prevents you from grasping at the opportunities which surround you. Until you can move beyond your fear, you are doomed to remain where you are.
Trying to keep balance on rocking caskets I was in a house that kept shaking and I couldn't get out, but when I did, I walked onto a stage that had tombstones all over it. The next thing I know, I'm standing on rocking coffins and I'm struggling to stay standing while my crush is standing next to me and he's not struggling to stay standing. This vision is highly ominous and warns of some serious troubles which may affect your relationship in the near future. The first sign is that of the shaking house, which can be interpreted literally to indicate a "shaky" financial situation. At present, you probably do not have any money saved up and may even be in debt and, therefore, under a financial strain. The dream then moves you to the image of tombstones, which are often thought to represent the slow death of a close relationship, usually romantic. Together with the first symbol, it seems very likely that the problem is related to money. Coffins which shake and shift imply that the other party in this relationship is about to move on despite your best efforts to keep it viable.
Trying to escape from a building and being barefoot I was moving up and down, but stranded in a commercial building failing to get to an exit, but later, I saw an exit gate where a young girl opened it for me, while I reached out I realized I was walking barefooted, and rushed back to pick my shoes. I came back holding them in my hands. To get an overall view of the meaning behind your dream, a breakdown of the symbols is necessary. First, trying to find an exit in a commercial building suggests a latent need to escape an undesirable situation in the real world. Second, the young girl represents your child-like nature. Third, being barefoot alludes to poverty. Finally, the shoes you pick up symbolize a new approach in life. Given the context of your dream, it seems as if you are trying to improve your living conditions. Perhaps you are having financial difficulties and you are looking for opportunities to get you out of a bind. The way to overcome your plight is to leave behind your carefree ways and be more mature in dealing with your problems.
Being warned not to go into the woods and running inside an abandoned building Male. I was walking on the road with 4 of my friends, the feeling was very eerie, a sunrise with fog coming off the cracked pavement. I see these woods on the side of the road, I remembered I just couldn't remember how I want to go there, but all my friends said "No" and wouldn't tell me why they wouldn't go to the woods. Then we are in a huge abandoned building, like a post-war setting and me and my best friend are running through this place. The setting of this had been in over 100 of my dreams. Dreams revolving around the idea of a path or a road represent your journey through this lifetime and the events, activities and experiences which take place during that time. In this vision, you were traveling with friends, which is interesting, given the consistent presence of a forest near you. The forest symbolically represents feelings of loneliness or isolation. You may not be physically alone in the waking world, but you probably do feel emotionally isolated from others or a certain friend or family member. This is supported by the image of the abandoned building which illustrates your deep dissatisfaction with your present situation.
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