Dreaming about home land My husband is currently incarcerated, he has been having different dreams of himself in his country of Honduras. Your husband's dreams of his homeland suggest a longing for a more idyllic past. Perhaps his current situation is causing the vision of Honduras to manifest while he sleeps. It is an escape to more innocent years, as well as a recollection of fond memories. It is also possible that he associates his country with freedom as a counterpoint to his present-day existence. Along with his life in his country of birth could be valuable lessons he wishes he has taken to heart in order to avoid a life behind bars. Furthermore, homeland could simply imply home, wherever that may be. It is only his most salient association with the word which explains its recurrence in his subconscious states.
A big complex under construction Saw a big complex under construction in a big town, perhaps Mumbai, whose owner is myself. In fact, I wish to have such a big house in reality because after my grand father's death in 1983 I lost a big house of my childhood. Large buildings, such as the complex you saw in your vision, are good signs, representing the confidence you have in your abilities and personal success. Perhaps, at this exact moment, you are unable to have the house of your dreams, but this symbol suggests you have, within you, the power to make this dream a reality. It may require sacrifice and hard work, but the results are likely worth the effort on your part.
House walls expanding and distorting the building Living in a house to wake up noticing the walls are slowly moving and taking different direction of the house, making it unlivable. Dreaming of seeing the walls if your house moving away and apart refers a loss of security. Something is threatening your source of livelihood, hence your anxiety manifested this symbol in your dream. You could be experiencing some hindrance or interference from those who are working with you to complete a particular task or goal.
Being put in a wooden box to suffocate Someone tried to suffocate me by putting me in a wooden box, but I got out OK. A dream in which someone tries to suffocate you to death by locking you in a wooden box, but when you manage to escape, points to certain issues with your current relationship. The excitement may have started to fade, that spark that first ignited your romance could be long gone. If this is the case, you may need to bring variety and novelty into the relationship. Try to be innovative and do not be scared to welcome new things.
Being inside a filthy house I dreamt my brother in law, sister and I moving into a house that had a lot of junk inside, was greasy, feeling dirty and smelled piled bags with dirty diapers in it, clothes, everything was dirty, except the kitchen. It had silver back splash over the stove, there was a pot with writing on it, a flower pot hanging with fake white flowers, a lot of them, in one hall I saw a door, so I opened it, it was a closet hidden door to kitchen, looked in and was eye-leveled with floor couches were dirt, I was trying hard to clean them. Houses you see in dreams generally refer to your current self. So moving into a filthy house together with your family members suggests emotional baggage and psychological clutter. You could be feeling weighed down by unresolved issues and feel it is time to scrub your mind clean of worries and damaging thoughts. The presence of your family members probably means that they may be getting dragged into your personal problems or maybe they are part of the reason for your emotional turmoil. As a counterpoint, the clean kitchen symbolizes warmth, healing, nourishment and maternal associations. Your mother, or whoever embodies a maternal figure in your life, could be representative of the kitchen and the one steering you into a path of renewal. Alternatively, it could also be the part of you that is yearning for comfort and security. To get yourself back on track and your existence in proper order, you need to look closely at your positive traits and learn to love yourself.
Opening doors inside the house from the past I saw my dead granny's house which was sold a few months back. I am in it and it's empty except one old dressing table and another center table in another room. I opened the door to another room and my brother is sitting behind that table doing some work. I came in and opened the windows saying "Fresh wind will refresh you". While coming out of the room I saw rusty corners windows, I felt a pity. Then I am opening the door for my mother's, by the time I opened it, she went to the other door to get in. There is a sense of nostalgia and deep grief in dreaming about your deceased grandmother's house. The emptiness of the place mirrors the cavernous hole inside you due to her passing and possibly exacerbated by the recent sale of the house. Even if you are slowly moving on, you are still mourning and there are likely triggers in the waking world that sent memories of her flooding back in your consciousness. The wind, as referenced by you in regards to your brother in this dream, alludes to vitality and energy, perhaps as a way for you to cheer up and chase away the gloom. This vision is a reminder not to dwell on negative emotions and to turn to your family for strength and support.
Stuck in places floating on water I have dreams that are all similar, I'm always trying to find a way to get out whether it be a hotel, hospital or just any sort of big building and the building itself is floating on water. I have these dreams often and in the dream I am under pressure to get out, so I can get ready for work or to find someone, but I'm stuck. Like being in a Vegas casino where it's difficult to find the exit doors to get outside. But again, wherever I am, the structure is always on water. This vision is highly symbolic of your position in life and, until it is resolved, you are likely to continue having this same dream. Being stuck in a building, whether it is a house, hotel or office building, is a fairly ominous sign which represents growing disappointment in your life. It is usually related to work, a living situation or a consistent activity you perform. Basically, being unable to exit the building suggests that this activity or task does not add value to your life, instead bringing you down little by little each day. The water that surrounds the building is the manifestation of the different opportunities that you could take advantage of if you were able to escape. In this case, then, you subconsciously feel there is no escape from your current cycle. Until you build up the courage to change and make concrete plans to do so, those chances are likely to be forever out of your reach.
Moving in a bad neighborhood I moved into a new home. The neighborhood had lots of young children as I walked around. Later, some older teens and young adult neighbors began to gather on my porch. In conversation, I found out I moved to a troubled area. I had a feeling that the neighborhood wasn't safe. I tried to call a friend on my cell phone, but the phone fell out of my hand and broke. Moving into a new home in a dream signifies uncharted territory. You could soon be traveling to some distant land or handling new responsibilities and projects for work. This new chapter you are about to enter is characterized by unfamiliar environment and interpersonal dynamics. In relation to your work prospects, you may end up being surrounded or having to deal with much younger colleagues, perhaps even fresh graduates. Maybe there is a generation gap at play. There could be plenty of challenges, for sure, and as demonstrated by your dream vision, your previous experiences and practical knowledge may not be too helpful. Perhaps it is time to learn new things or acquire a few extra skills to keep afloat.
A house perceived in multiple dreams My boyfriend has had the same nightmare for years, the last day he had it, I had the dream, but it wasn't a nightmare, it was like a vision. The house that was in his nightmare was the exact same house in my dream and my aunt tells me a family member I never met has a house exactly like the one in the dream. What does this mean? Dreaming about a particular house that you have never been to could have one of two meanings, depending on the circumstances. If something scary or traumatic occurred in that house in real life, you and your boyfriend's visions could point toward a need to solve the mystery and lay those ghosts to rest, possibly through prayer, a blessing, etc. If nothing out of the ordinary happened at the residence, however, this vision should be considered a warning to stay away from the place, as going there could unleash beings or entities from your boyfriend's past visions.
Traveling through a tunnel Was going in a snow tunnel, came out on the other end, and there was a green gate where old women let me in. Then I have seen two big fish that were abnormal. Both the snow tunnel you pass through and the green gate at the end of it represent entering an auspicious and prosperous period. You may have good luck with financial activities such as investment or the lottery. However, the strange-looking fish could symbolically represent the idea that money does not buy happiness, suggesting that your new financial freedom cannot fix every problem in your life, including health issues, relationship problems or moral dilemmas.
A door that leads to the ocean side At first I am in a building which seemed authoritative, like a police or government office, and I am looking around, trying to find my way out. I then come upon a door and go through it. The door brings me to a marina, I look around and find myself looking into the ocean floor and see an old wrecked ship. I dive in to go aboard the ship and extract something from a crate and then swim to shore, then I woke from the dream. Please interpret what this means? Being inside an official public building, such as a police station or government office, is a highly ominous sign predicting loss and misfortune at your current place of work or at the task on which you are placing the most importance at the moment. This means you may make some bad business decisions, ruin a project or lose an unprecedented amount of money in the near future. However, going through the door and exiting to a view of the ocean suggests that through this unfortunate situation you could find an extremely lucrative possibility. Ship wrecks often predict someone trying to fool you, such as with false promises or deals that seem too good to be true, but your ability to remove an item from the ship and return to land safely could be interpreted as a sign that your redemption and success lies on this new path.
Unable to take a shower and a strange staircase In this dream I'm trying to get a shower, all the showers are open, like no walls, or they are just in a room, no drain, etc., or I can't find towels or shampoo, etc. I'm not able to get a shower, for one reason or another. Also in this dream there is a spiral staircase, it's open all around in a big room. As I'm nearing the bottom of the steps, I see what looks like a bunch of dog hair and dust, and when I pick it up it's a kind of woven little bag and inside is a tiny hummingbird flying around. Being unable to take a shower due to hindrances in a dream is an ill omen predicting failure and doom for business or academic endeavors. Showering, and cleanliness in general, in dreams are associated with success and prosperity, so the opposite situation you have experienced has a very negative connotation. It may be possible to overcome this misfortune, but the spiral staircase suggests it would be extremely difficult, something that requires more effort and willpower than anything you have done in the past. This situation can, understandably, put doubt into your mind and heart as to your worthiness, skill or abilities. The hummingbird inside a woven bag at the end of the vision, then, can represent the uncertain future beginning to unfold for you starting with these trials.
Inability to find or use a restroom Recurring dreams of issues using restrooms, either public or during a party in someone's house. The issue is usually that every stall is super dirty or doors not closing, being too short, no privacy. Nobody else in dream has a problem using the stalls except for me. I end up spending time in dream searching for a clean stall or cleaning it forever until I can use it. If door offers no privacy, then I spend time in dream trying to fix it or find one that is more private. Coming across a dirty toilet or restroom in your dream is a symbol of your utter disgust and revulsion towards indigents, sick and disabled persons who are left in your care or in general. You may have been forced to provide care-giving services and you feel this is your punishment for treating underprivileged people badly in the past. Alternatively, being unable to find a suitable stall to do your business may reflect a lack of privacy in your reality. Maybe you are reluctant or afraid to show who you really are to your friends and family.
A house near the ocean with no doors I was going to either rent or buy a house. It was kind of built into rock near the ocean, and there were several open entrances to this "house" or living space. Someone showing me the house said it was "dangerous", and I asked if it were dangerous because of the ocean or because of all the open entrances with no doors. The inside was very pleasant. Open from several open entrances, but it had a little nook with a fireplace inside that I really liked. I hung canvas doors for protection. Houses in dreams represent your persona. Trying to rent or buy a house alludes to changing perspectives and personal adjustments. The presence of open entrances reveals your openness to ideas and experiences. Maybe you are also the kind of individual who is very trusting and easily swayed by your emotions, which could make you a target for certain unscrupulous figures in the real world. And yet, the location and seemingly sturdy foundation of this home means you may be able to weather any storm as long as you listen to your instincts and gut feelings.
Doing things at friends' house Went into male friends' house in the dream and it was normal, except for old cobwebby passageway with old couches. I went to the garden to bury a mug and sow a flower. The house covered in cobwebs and old furniture in your dream represents a neglected relationship. Entering this house means that you are willing to reconnect and reconcile with long-lost friends. Burying a mug alludes to burying the hatchet. It reveals your readiness to let bygones be bygones if it means gaining back the people whom you almost forgot about and who once were an important part of your life. The flower likewise represents healing and compassion. You want to start nurturing your bond with them.
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