Trying to escape from a house through a chimney It was a war zone. My husband and I were in a wasteland and running from attackers. We were allowed in this one house. The doors were all bolted up and not allowed to open them. No windows. I asked the man if there was a way out. He said the chimney, but first you had to dump the bucket of water on your head. My husband had already gone to for a match to his shoe. I didn't think he would make it back. I looked up the skinny chimney and empty bucket, but that's when my 14-month old woke me up! Female. Both the vision of a deserted area and trying to escape the house through a chimney indicate growing tensions and disagreements inside the relationship with your husband. The bolted up doors and the absence of windows in the house could be pointing out the lack of communication and unwillingness to listen to what one or both of you have to say or share. Not surprisingly, your subconscious mind is suggesting to resolve this standoff in communication by conjuring up the symbol of a bucket of water you were told to dump on your head, meaning only straightforward and decisive actions can help you out of this situation. It is also quite possible that your husband is already thinking of or planning on having a conversation with you soon to sort things out.
Falling into a hole inside a mansion I had a dream that I bought a big mansion, as big as a whole block, and there was a room and I opened it and there was two beds but I looked down and there was a big black hole and I fell inside it and woke up. Buying a large mansion in a dream could predict coming into contact with an individual who wants to be in your life, possibly more than you are interested having them be. This, in conjunction with the idea of two beds, suggests that your entanglement with this person would be short-lived, most likely because you do not want them around you. However, falling into a black hole at the end of the vision may indicate that this situation could be distracting you from other more important areas of your life. It is important to remember that nuisances should not take precedence over your health, family or career.
Graves on the rooftop I saw myself in a town where I have never been before, and then I saw I'm at my sister's place. The house I saw in the dream is not the place where she actually lives in real life. I said to her "I am going on the rooftop". The staircase seemed to be never-ending, taking me higher and higher. Where the staircase ended at the very top of rooftop were two graves. One grave was built behind a small door. I read the tombstone, it was a grave of some young girl. The other grave was ordinary. Being in a new town and finding yourself in an unfamiliar house could predict meeting someone who has a great desire to be part of your life. This could be someone seeking a romantic entanglement or an individual interested in a joint business venture. Walking up the stairs to reach the rooftop suggests that your partnership with this person could be very beneficial either socially or materially, especially given the seemingly endless nature of the climb. However, the graves at the top of the stairs could represent these benefits causing you trouble in some form unless they are managed or divided up carefully.
Hiding from a bear in a restaurant I was chased by a bear. I hid in a Mexican restaurant that was owned by an Asian family that wanted me to leave. Same scenario over and over. All night. Being chased by a bear in a dream alludes to possible health issues. Evading the bear by hiding can be a sign of facing some minor health problems which you would be able to overcome and get rid of in a short period of time. Unfortunately, it may feel as if you have to deal with problems on your own. The recurring scenario of being asked to leave the restaurant you were hiding in could mean that you have to bear the burden of your medical expenses all by yourself.
An old fort with a snake pond In my dream I was walking in an old fort then suddenly I fall into a bunch of big snake water pond with them all having different color and size. And many times I see an old and haunted fort. Dreaming about being in an old fort could be the manifestation of your fears or anxieties when dealing with people who surround you in your everyday life. You could be distancing yourself from those who wish you the best or genuinely want to try to help you. The multi-colored snakes further enhance this interpretation, highlighting your inability or unwillingness to welcome help and support others are trying to offer.
A tall house tipping off I'm walking up to the house, I see a house that's tall, kinda like a castle, but it's not big in diameter, but it's tall and it's like an old-type house made of wood. As I walk to the center of the house, the house feels like it's going to tip off the edge of the cliff. The farther you go into the house, the more it feels like it's going to fall. But it never falls. In the context of this dream, the tall house you happened to be inside of could be representative of your own emotional state and regrets related to the choices you have made, especially most recent ones. Standing in the center of the house which seemed to be out of balance could reveal your hesitations or doubts in regards to something you have recently done or been through. Most likely, you wish you could go back and do or say things differently. These thoughts could be haunting you because you feel that you did not act appropriately or caused some negative repercussions to surface following your decisions.
Flooded closets and floors I was at my sister's house. I opened the closet, it was flooded with clear water and I was trying to stop it. I looked up the ceiling and I saw heart-shaped white paint and I looked back down the rug under my feet was soaking wet and I quickly left the room. The closet symbolizes secrets, particularly those that are embarrassing or shameful. As such, the flooding reflects the serious nature of the secret you may be hiding and you are struggling to manage your emotions to prevent from divulging this information. It could be an issue of strong attraction to someone, as indicated by the heart shape and your long-term suppression of your desires is starting to overwhelm you. Ultimately, this vision foretells the inevitable release of this long-held secret as a way of preparing you for the possible repercussions you would have to face.
Birds and a man on a balcony I was on a balcony with an elderly man, standing facing out, and the man was seated to my right and facing me. I was watching sparrows at a feeder and the man seemed to be watching me. We weren't speaking but seemed content and I recall wishing that a bird would come to me. Shortly two birds came over, one nudging the other and landed in my cupped hands. I squatted with the birds in front of the man and looked up at him. I was delighted. He smiled and had a bird in his hand as well. I woke up. Standing on a balcony in a dream is symbolic of your wistful nature. It suggests that you are a dreamer at heart. This tendency to space out and take your wandering mind away from reality extends to the sparrow birds you were watching in the dream. A sparrow symbolically represents loneliness. Sometimes, being overly focused on goals, success or aspirations can be isolating. Consequently, the birds landing in your cupped hands is a favorable sign of your ability to make your dreams a reality. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with loneliness for long because the man in the dream could signify a pivotal and influential figure in your personal journey who shares your dreams. He could be a romantic prospect or a mentor type who would support your ambitions and help you realize your full potential.
In a swimming pool with unknown creatures I was in a swimming pool that had multiple "organisms" in it. They were not fish and I remember being very upset because I really wanted to swim. Your dream appears to be a manifestation of the current problems in your life. Your repulsion to swim in the pool with the strange creatures symbolizes problems and obstacles for you. The strange organisms represent those difficulties which you are encountering in your wake life. The best thing would be to deal with all your problems head on and ignore the negativity which pulls you down.
Being kept in a hospital against own will I was in a facility. Almost like a hospital except me and my dad were getting hauled off for something we had done. As I was following behind him, I got lost. And wandered into a girl's bedroom. For some reason I couldn't escape and a woman would feed me daily. A little girl was there with me and she helped me leave. As I was trying to find my dad, I woke up. I am also a girl. Dreaming of being in a hospital, especially if it was perceived as an institution depriving you of your freedom, suggests an upcoming period of time in your life characterized by increasing levels of stress and anxiety. The sources of stress are likely external forces pressuring you to do something you disagree with. This may end up causing a rift or distance between you and your loved ones. The challenges you find yourself facing during his time may be difficult to solve, particularly if you struggle to cope with your emotional state at the same time.
Sleeping in a strange house and surrounded by ants I am at a strange house, in bed asleep with my partner. The house is dirty and there has been a party. Someone spilled a drink at the bottom of the bed, and into my open suitcase on the floor at foot of bed. I am dreaming (in the dream) of being extremely itchy, and wake to find my legs covered in busy, black ants! I kick them off, shake off the bedding and see ants everywhere in my suitcase. I am disgusted and slightly afraid of them. I wake up. Dreaming about being in a strange house with your partner has some negative connotations. It denotes that your present relationship is not giving you the kind of satisfaction you crave. The image of the house being dirty is a direct manifestation of your subconscious feelings of disappointment or hurt. This symbolism is further reinforced by finding your legs covered with black ants. This is a forewarning of upcoming troubles and difficulties which you may face in your love life. It would be better to have an open talk with your partner regarding your feelings and reassert what actually matters to you in this relationship.
Someone spying while in the restroom I was in a building like a school that had restrooms with stalls. I kept going to the restroom, as I was using the bathroom I looked up. A man was staring at me with his arms crossed, he had glasses on and a tan shirt. He never said or done anything, just stared but it was every time I went to pee. Your dream visions have mixed symbolism. Dreaming about being in a school building has negative connotations. It could point towards the fact that someone is trying to hold you accountable for your recent actions. However, urinating while at school points towards your wish to make yourself well-known or successful in front of peers. The man watching you in the stall could be an individual or people who could be preventing you from achieving what you want. The only thing you could do is keep working towards your success irrespective of who stands in your way and interferes with your progress.
A plane circling a house surrounded by smoke I'm on top of a high mountain in my best friends' new mostly glass home. Beautiful place. The sky is dark, black like it's going to storm badly. It doesn't. There is a ring of heavy black smoke settled on around the home and a plane keeps flying by to dust it up. Under the doors and inside the home. As the plane passes, smoke settles back down towards the ground. While the plane circles back around for another pass. Dreaming about being on top of a mountain symbolically represents your upcoming successes. You would be fortunate enough to achieve power and fame due to your hard work and fastidious attitude. However, the fact that you see yourself in a glass house could be indicative of your actions being observed by a few individuals who are jealous of your good fortune. This is further reinforced by the image of a plane drudging up dark smoke and dust, meaning certain people may try to blemish your reputation. The best way to deal with this situation would be to keep working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labor while also watching out for those who stand watching in the shadows.
Being attacked by monkeys in a strange house Me and a girl where about to have sex in an old house, cops showed and came to the door. I went because I'm good with cops. They believed that I knew the owner and I was just checking on the place. Then another two people where added, one with me. We went in and found a pile of fleshy bones which was once the girl's. Baboon-like monkeys had set traps to ambush us. The guy stepped and had the monkey's huge incisors sank into his neck, I fell through, ran from them and got out without a scratch. Dreaming about having sex with a girl is a manifestation of your own latent concerns about your own sexuality. Perhaps you are not happy with your current relationship and are somehow bored by the monotonous sex life. Cops in dreams represent authority figures and you may have even tried to talk to someone older or more experienced regarding this matter. The notion that you saw the girl crushed to a pile of bones is your desire to break free from such a relationship which provides you with little sexual gratification. Monkeys or baboons represent irresponsible individuals who may create problems for you, therefore it is important to keep your problems to yourself instead of sharing them with outsiders who may not be reliable.
Corpses in a property for sale Hello, I am closing a deal to buy a motel and I had a dream about seeing corpses in that motel. And now I am considering if I should go with the deal or not because I am not sure what the dream means. If anyone can help me interpret it, it would be very helpful. Thank you. Dead bodies or corpses in the dream world oftentimes reflect your emotional state. As such, you could be anticipating uncertainties and difficulties in your future. Perhaps you feel like the deal is not going to fly or it would not be a lucrative investment as you initially thought. Multiple corpses as symbols have also been associated with betrayal and cheating, in some cases by trusted people or colleagues. There is a likelihood that you think something is amiss in this deal and your subconscious is sending your doubts into the fore by painting this grim scenario in your dream vision.
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