Lava around the mall I was at a mall and took off in a black bike, as I was riding the bike I could almost see lava underneath. I had to be careful not to step on it or the lava would ooze out. I managed to run over one, I flung some but I guess I was alright. I kept going. I returned to the mall because my family was there and we took off, nothing happened to us. Malls in dreams symbolize materialism and facades or outward appearances. Dreaming about leaving the mall signifies your desire to move away from all that is physical and focus on things which actually matter. However, in your wish to do so you would face a great deal of trouble and difficulties. The image of the lava flowing under your feet further reinforces the notion of upcoming problems in your life. The fact that you still kept moving on your bike represents your steadfastness in achieving your goals. Nevertheless, you might have to return to your previous ways marked by pomp and show only because you want to keep your folks satisfied and happy with you. In order to achieve what you want make sure you take a middle path which keeps you as well as your loved ones happy.
An elderly couple in a small house in the woods We were in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Me, my friend, my boyfriend and a few others of our friends which I can't remember. And we went inside this house which was actually only half of an normal-size house and there was a creepy old man and woman, half of the dream feels like a bit of a blur, but the elderly couple tried to murder all of us. Me and my friend gave birth in this disgusting house and we left, but the man somehow found us and got in contact and that's all. Dreaming about someone trying to murder you could be a sign from your subconscious mind telling you to break free from people who can no longer satisfy you emotionally, possibly your boyfriend or your friend, while giving birth can predict a better future if you do so, not only for yourself but for others involved in your life. In the process, you could fall victim of rumors or unwanted talks, unable to determine who is betraying you or spreading lies about you, as indicated by the notion of being lost in the woods. The presence of the elderly couple in your dream also means you need to rely on wisdom and past experience during this time.
On top of stairs and someone at the bottom Female. I am at the very top of a flight of stairs full of boxes. At the bottom there is an unhappy looking man staring up at me. When you find yourself atop of a flight of stairs in a dream, it can be a symbolic image of your life achievements. The boxes you remembered in the same dream could be a metaphor for the things you hold dear to your heart and of which you will never let go, while the man staring at you from the bottom could be someone you have left behind, someone who was not able to keep up with you for some reason and now there is a vast distance between the two of you.
Riding a bicycle inside a dark tunnel My dream started at work but moved to a local train station. I had to make it back to work, so I was riding a bicycle through the train tunnel being very conscious of the third rail. I knew if I stayed away from the third rail I would make it safe back to work. As I went further through the tunnel, it became dark and I realized that if the lights of a train started coming towards me I would be trapped. I became scared and started back quickly towards the entrance. I was looking for cubbyholes to jump into in the event of a train, but noticed there were none in this tunnel. When I got back to the entrance, I saw cubbyholes that were big enough to fit lounge chairs. Back at the station I noticed my younger brother (who does not work) showing up to a party. The song "Machinehead" by Bush started. I realized that riding a bike through a train tunnel to get back to work was a foolish risk as it did not get me back there any faster. The side streets would have gotten me back just as fast. What do you think?? Bicycles in dreams generally refer to freedom, independence and spontaneity. Perhaps riding the bicycle reveals your free-spirited nature and risk-taking behavior. Meanwhile, going through a tunnel depicts moments of uncertainties and unfamiliar situations. In a sense, your choice to ride a bike through the tunnel points to your tendency to face challenges and obstacles head on, without due diligence and preparation. There may be important decisions and trials at work which you may need to overcome in order to get closer to your professional goals. As such, your mind could be reminding you not to be too reckless and fatalistic when it comes to your work and even other aspects of your life because you may end up being derailed or further away from your initial plans. Alternatively, "Machinehead" speaks of weariness and alienation. In particular, the line "Got a machinehead, it's better than the rest / Green to red" could be an allusion to burnout. There is a possibility that you are sabotaging your own career because your are feeling worn out, disinterested and jaded about the industry you are in. Maybe your mind is telling you to slow down and re-visit your priorities in life in order to gain some perspective and find clarity in your motivations.
Flying through a sinking vessel Hi. I am a 21-year old female. I had this kind of dream after a long time. I was flying through some kind of a sinking vessel (it was hollow but with obstacles) between water and the sky, fleeing from something along with my family and friends. I really want to know what this means. Thanking you in advance. Sinking vessels, like a ship or a boat, in dreams generally refer to failure. As such, the hollow vessel riddled with obstacles in your vision represents your current state of affairs. You and your loved ones are probably working through a lot of problems and issues, both emotionally and perhaps even financially. Meanwhile, flying alludes to independence and freedom. This is good news. It means you may be able to find a way out of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your way. You have the will and the confidence to get through and surpass those troubles.
Being kept in a factory with other kids My dream was about a man taking me and putting me in a factory-like building and I was put into a cart, kind of like a conveyor belt thing but there were also lots of other kids in carts too. I was young when I had this dream, like from 7-9, and it was a reoccurring dream. Also there were kids crying and yelling, I am a female. Factories are systematic and mechanized establishments. This means that in dreams they are often associated with discipline and precision. As such, being taken hostage in a factory-like setting may be an allusion to authority figures, such as parents or teachers, setting rules of behavior and expectations for your younger self. The anxiety and distress from the other kids likely mirrored your own displeasure and resentment at the time for being told what to do. Whenever you were being reprimanded by adults in reality, your subconscious may have interpreted this as an unjust situation which is why this particular scenario is a recurring theme in your dreams. Perhaps even in adult life when you feel like your freedom and independence are being threatened or undermined, similar symbols start cropping up.
A room with ice in it I saw a house with one room build up by ice and it had a clear door. This unusual one-room house could have a number of different interpretations depending on specific aspects of your current existence. For example, if someone you were once close to has been out of touch recently, this single room could predict a reunion that would bring much happiness to your life. Alternatively, the idea that this room was made of ice could be very auspicious if you garden, as it suggests your efforts in gardening and agriculture would yield many fruits.
Walking through a tunnel with brother My dream was about me and my older brother walking in the forest, then we went through a tunnel and started looking for someone in some rooms. We later found my grandmother laying helplessly with worms inside her genitals. If you were walking in the forest during daytime, it alludes to a romantic encounter. However, if it was nighttime, then it implies upcoming emotional distress. Meanwhile, the tunnel could be a metaphor of birth and renewal, although it can refer to a prosperous period ahead at the same time. In your case, perhaps you are worried about the health and wellness of your grandmother, especially with the imagery of worms in her genitals. In that context, the forest and the tunnel could be pointing to a period of fear and apprehension as your grandmother's health slowly starts to deteriorate. Maybe your mind is telling you to keep a close eye on your grandmother to alleviate whatever pain or illness she may soon start experiencing.
A staircase leading to a strange area I had walked down a set of spiral steps onto a metallic floor without walls or a ceiling that you could see through the small openings. It was suspended over shallow, clear water, and went on farther down to my right from where I had exited the staircase. Beside me I saw a sturdy dark brown bookshelf. It was as if this area suspended above the water was a library, and rows of these bookshelves went far down past my field of view. Some had books. A staircase in dreams usually alludes to progress or development. You could be trying to improve your current situation by aiming for a promotion at work or acquiring a new skill. The shallow, clear water upon which the staircase and the bookshelves are suspended likely alludes to the sharpness and clarity of your personal and professional goals. You know exactly what you need to do to get to the next level until your eventually achieve your ultimate dream. In that context, the bookshelves represent wisdom and continuous learning. It is possible that you are also contemplating on pursuing graduate studies as a way of increasing your market value. You may also be embarking on extensive research in relation to your current projects or preoccupations. Ultimately, the convergence of symbols related to achievement and motivation convey a high possibility that you would achieve your dreams through your consistent efforts at self-improvement.
Becoming lost at a park My husband and I went to a park. And we got separated. I tried to find him and went to the entrance of the park but it was closed. I went to the cave but there was no way out. The park was no way out. Then I saw a bridge. Just one step to the bridge, you can go to the other side. There was a fence. People were panicking. I had to help! So I jumped and for some reason the fence or walls crumbled and I got inside the bridge fighting something I could not see. But I felt like a hero. Dreaming of getting lost inside a park could reveal your current struggle with society. Perhaps you have a hard time understanding others at work or in your own community because you hold different beliefs and worldview. Going through the cave similarly points to your desire for enlightenment or at least a way to connect with your peers or people you disagree with. This yearning to make sense of the situation or strengthen your bond with your friends and loved ones is represented by the bridge. There could be a lot of enmity and misunderstanding going around that you just want to break the barrier as indicated by the fence or walls. Ultimately, you feel like you cannot just sit around doing nothing, so you have to do what you can to get through to people and try to reconnect severed bonds or help bridge the communication gaps, especially with people who are important to you.
A black burnt apartment and a black dog Hi, today morning I woke up, had a cigarette, emptied my stomach and again went to bed. It's routine. After going to bed I saw something different from the dream that I remember. My friend lives in an apartment In front of mine. I saw that apartment as black burnt and a black dog in front of it. The dog was calm, not barking or not doing anything. Seeing a black dog is not a good sign. I am terrified. Please interpret it. You are right to be concerned after experiencing this vision. The symbols presented here seem to be a message from your subconscious to be vigilant of those whom you consider close friends. Seeing an apartment on fire and colored black due to the smoke predicts a possibility of becoming the victim of a robbery or burglary. Your possessions or financial security may be at risk in this situation, and if breached, could cause you a lot of trouble and hardships. The image of the black dog is also menacing, even if it seemed calm, as it predicts being disappointed in or hurt by someone close to you, most likely your friend. In the context of this particular vision, there are two possible outcomes. On one hand, this could mean your friend may not give you the support or aid you may need should you experience this incident. However, another interpretation of this same image could mean your friend may be the actual perpetrator or the person indirectly causing the crime to happen. It would be wise to keep an eye on your material possessions and avoid leaving important or valuable items unattended.
The bottom of the indoor swimming pool I was in an indoor pool (concrete walls and floor were a very light greenish blue). The water was clear. There were pieces missing from some of the bottom and some spots had large missing areas. There were also some rocks on the bottom of the pool. I am female. A swimming pool filled with clear water generally symbolizes success and self-fulfillment. Specifically, it means that all your hard work and perseverance would eventually pay off. Perhaps you may even start taking on a new role which would give you a great deal of professional leverage, in addition to the perks and privileges of this new position. The fact that the pool is indoor also reveals your rationality and "can do" attitude. You like being in control and fully prepared whenever you tackle your tasks or responsibilities, hence whatever challenges may be ahead, you can always count on your diligence to counteract any unpredictable situations or circumstances. In addition, the rocks on the bottom of the pool refer to a strong foundation. This may be a metaphor for your strong resolve and unshakable work ethic, although the rocks may also represent your loved ones who are always there to support you. Finally, the missing areas and spots at the bottom of the pool is an allusion to unrealized potential or abilities and skills you may not have had the occasion to tap or discover yet.
On the stairs of a tall building Me and a female friend were in a tall rectangular building (maybe 3 stories tall) and inside it was hollow, except for a staircase against the left wall leading up the top where there was a locked door. Suddenly a talking friendly dancing rat or raccoon appeared. Then, the huge stone door comes sliding up out of the ground covering the front wall of the building, trapping us. Building starts to fill with LOTS of water, fast. We run upstairs, through the door where there is a scared male owner and he starts shooting. This vision seems to allude to a path that is before you or a choice you would soon have to make. Choosing correctly would reap great rewards, while choosing poorly could lead to disaster. The tall building at the beginning of the vision represents the potential to make it big. You have the opportunity and ability to succeed in your chosen field or business, if only you could take the first step in the right direction. However, your hand may be forced at some point, which is seen in your suddenly being trapped in the room. Combined with the flood waters, this symbol literally refers to the idea of sinking or swimming. Taking the stairs in this situation points toward making progress in the right direction, so it is very likely you would overcome whatever shortcoming or holdup that is preventing you from getting ahead now. Bursting through the door at the end of the vision and seeing the man shooting represents the carefree, peaceful future you could attain.
A lightning strike and black rats I dreamed there was a lighting storm strike, it killed 2 people sleeping in bed, in the house we once owned. Also, dreamed I was going into a motel or building, there were small black rats running around outside the door. A lightning strike in dreams often portends an unplanned or unexpected development in your life. You could find yourself in a completely different situation than you imagined yourself even a few weeks or months ago. The fact that the lightning struck and killed 2 people in your former house likely suggests that this event or encounter would be shocking or disturbing. Someone from your past could cut you off completely or a sudden revelation could be the trigger that would set you off to a completely new path. Meanwhile, going into a motel means you are motivated to pursue your passions and turn your ideas into reality. You have a lot of dreams and you finally have the courage to do something about it. However, the black rats symbolize your fears that you are not qualified or skilled enough to achieve your goals. The black rats could also refer to pessimistic individuals in your life who are probably making you doubt your capabilities instead of supporting your decisions.
Meeting with someone at a stadium I was at an enclosed stadium but it felt like my work environment. I think I was a younger single woman and I was seriously dating this guy I interacted with there. I made a comment about his job that he didn't agree with and corrected me. I left the dining area quite upset to a lower section of the stadium which by the stairway were these small trees. They were pruned to keep short. I rubbed the tree and could feel the bark. I don't remember anything after that. Dreaming of a younger version of yourself could be an indication of nostalgia. You may be missing your younger and more carefree days, especially if you are currently facing a lot of adult responsibilities. In addition, a stadium represents ambition and the guy represents obstacles to your personal goals. So it is possible that you associate ambition and drive with your past self, maybe you feel like your priorities have changed because of various developments in your life and now you are wondering what would have happened if you pursued your passions. As such, the small or short trees, which symbolize growth and desire, could reflect your own stunted growth. Life may have led you down a path which veered away from your personal ambitions, so you feel like you still have so much room to grow and that your full potential has not been realized.
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