Boxes connected together I dreamt about being in different environments, which looked like boxes, and they had all been connected together. Boxes that seem to resemble different environments could represent different possible paths or opportunities that would be available to you in the future. You may find a chance through your schooling, a social connection or your current place of work. The idea that these boxes were connected to each other may mean that one way or another you are destined to travel down this path. Your exact steps on this journey, however, could be quite varied.
Buying a big house very cheap My dream was about us buying a big house at a low price such that the seller was trying to cancel the sale. I didn't realize that the house we bought was so big and had so many extra spaces. A big and spacious house represents big dreams and ambitious ideas. This could be a very positive thing, especially if you are very committed to your goals and you have ample resources to implement your plans. However, getting the house for such a low price means others may be undermining your capacity to follow through with your plans and succeed in your undertakings. They do not see the potential of a business plan or a project proposal, so you would have to convince them to invest or your big idea would not come into fruition.
Houses, horse statues and a forest On the left I saw a row of grey terrace houses, next to them 2 large horse statues taller than the houses. Then in front - a dark dense forest area. So the view was 90 degree angle - houses and horses on the left and the forest directly next to them. I felt that I had been given a vision to help me. Houses in dreams symbolize the dreamer's self, both mind and body. So the row of terrace houses in your vision indicates aspects of yourself or even different versions of you and how you interact with the world. It can also represent your future which is characterized by domestication, stability and discipline. The neat lines and appearance of the houses as well as the grey color are all symbols of structure and order that you are striving for. However, the horse statues imply wildness and untamed energy. Your impulsive nature could be getting in the way of your life goals because they appear taller than the houses in your dream. This means you are not ready for responsibility and settling down yet. You still have a lot of passions you want to pursue, places you want to visit and a carefree lifestyle you want to lead. As a result, the dark and dense forest indicates looming conflict and discord within your household or involving family members. Your inability to follow a straight path towards a secure future could further aggravate and frustrate your loved ones who only want to see you succeed.
Remembering unfamiliar places Dreaming of memories of places I have never been to, but know exactly where everything is. Dreaming of places you have never visited in reality means something big is about to happen. This huge change would take you out of your normal routine. You could soon be traveling to a faraway place, changing your career path or moving to a new country. The good news is that you would thrive in this new experience or environment. Knowing your way around these strangely familiar places refers to you uncanny adaptability and resourcefulness. You would make friends easily and flourish no matter where you end up.
A slow motion dream about a stage Everything is in slow motion. I walk on to a large green stage. On the stage there is a television playing a music video (if it matters, the music video was in black and white and the song was "Got you where I want you" by the Flys). There are carpenter tools scattered on the stage. My wife is sitting on the stage holding a baby boy. Dreaming in slow motion means you are feeling sluggish or weighed down in reality because of all your responsibilities. In addition, you could be stressed out by piling duties, tasks and commitments you are juggling at work as well as in your personal life. Meanwhile, the stage alludes to performance or acting out. Despite all the difficulties and challenges, you and your wife are putting on a brave face and making it seem, to others at least, that you are in complete control of everything even when things are unraveling in your household. The baby boy could symbolize a new venture or journey you and your wife are going to take on and this is possibly the main cause of concern or conflict between the two of you right now. As for the song, it could just be your subconscious trying to find an anthem for your current predicament.
An old apartment being remodeled I have this reoccurring dream about this I guess secret apartment or maybe an old apartment I never let go. It always looks the same in the dream but I don't exactly get good vibes when I am there. I have this dream every so often I just dreamt about it again and this time it was torn down... I don't exactly remember being sad... Just kinda shocked. I almost feel like it was remodeled or something. I don't know that I felt it was gone forever but idk. Help :( A recurring dream about an old apartment, or a secret apartment, means you like to dwell in the past. You carry a lot of baggage from previous experiences and these thoughts or memories are holding you back from fully embracing the present and looking forward to the future. So seeing this apartment get torn down is actually a good sign because it means that you are mentally ready to close old chapters, tie loose ends and let go of memories weighing you down. This also implies a personal transformation after you have dealt with all your personal issues. So the remodeling actually represents your growth and maturity after this period of introspection.
An open jail door A dream about jail door was open. I am a female. Jails and prisons are normally dreamed of as a response to stress, especially when one feels they have little choice or few options to deal with a bleak, difficult future. It could be that your present situation is causing some feelings of anxiety and unrest, leading to this particular imagery. The open door, however, points toward someone on the other side of this negative situation who is helping you get through these challenging times. In many cases this refers to a partner, spouse or lover, but through this vision it could also point toward a parent, mentor or friend too. This vision may be a reminder to not get caught up in all the drama of everyday life and to remember those who have helped and continue to help you each day of your life.
Being inside and around a stable The things I dreamt in my dream are not related. First I dreamt about a beautiful environment with so many colorful trees. I saw a stable where horses live. Some person was talking about renovation of the stable. I saw beautiful shiny tiles. The color of those tiles was similar to the color of hay. And finally I walked around and then I went near a bush of grass and I picked some lemongrass plants and then I cut it into small pieces. But I cut those thinking that those are curry leaves. This vision is filled with both positive and negative imagery, suggesting that it contains both a reminder and warning to you, the dreamer. While they may not seem connected on the surface, all these images have a thread woven clearly between them, starting with the lush colorful trees you saw first. This scenery suggests prosperity and happiness, both current and potential. You have been blessed with many things in life, as both the stable and horses further reveal an abundance of love, energy and contentment surrounding you. However, the image of hay-colored tiles is somewhat troubling, because they could indicate jealousy. While this type of emotion usually comes through more strongly in dreams than in reality, it could mean you are not as grateful for your blessings as you should be or that you are not as forthcoming with praise and thanks as you should. The last image, the cut lemongrass, is a warning that you could lose everything if you do not mend your ways. If you have been putting off returning the favor to someone who has helped you recently, now may be the time to show them how much you appreciate their love and support.
Being in prison and looking for a friend I am a female. I had a dream I was in prison. I don't know how I got there and the other inmates were talking about inmates in other wards and I heard my best friend's name, so I went searching to see if it was her but before I could find her I woke up. Finding yourself in prison during a dream vision is an unfortunate symbol to be connected with in the dream world, as it portends an upcoming turn of events that would not work out in your favor. In particular, this usually refers to work or school projects which have a significant effect on your position at that place. Hearing your best friend's name in this context suggests she would be an ideal person to rely on in this situation, as she is both loyal to you and capable of helping you achieve your goal. The caveat is that you would also need to be there for her when you are capable of providing the same support and advice. In essence, this vision is a reminder to rely on your friend when times are tough but do not forget to offer a helping hand when you are able to do so.
In a cave with snakes In a dark cave with snakes, scorpions and running away from someone or something? Being inside a dark cave means you are seeking refuge. It can also represent exploring your subconscious. Unfortunately, even inside your safe place, there are many threats that lurk. For instance, snakes can represent untrustworthy individuals and ruthless personalities, while scorpions often signify vengeance, betrayal as well as being manipulated by someone with significant power and influence. Meanwhile, running away from an unknown danger can signify escapism. You want to escape your problems in reality and this is probably why you are looking for a place of comfort and safety. Unfortunately, as this vision shows you, running away is not the solution. Even if you distance yourself from your troubles, the issues would continue to worry you and keep your mind restless. Therefore, you have to confront your problems and actively find solutions to make them go away permanently.
Opening a door for someone with a key I dreamt that I was passing and I saw a man sitting and lamenting that he could not open the door to his room. Many people have tried to open the padlock, but they could not. But I collected the key, tried the first time, I could not open. When I tried it the second time it opened. The man sitting in front of the closed, locked door likely represents a close friend or acquaintance who is embarking on a new path in life. They are trying something new, such as a hobby or career, but are not having much success with it, as is witnessed by the door that they cannot open. You, however, are able to find the key and open the door. This means that while your companion may not be suited to the position they are attempting, but you have the skills and talent to succeed. Not succeeding on the first try implies you would have some struggles on the way, but opening the door does predict eventually triumphing over those obstacles.
Betrayed in a swimming pool I had a friend who betrayed me in a swimming pool. Finding yourself in a swimming pool during a dream vision is often synonymous with passionate, romantic love. This suggests that there may have been a misunderstanding between you and your friend in wake life regarding your relationship to each other or affection for someone else. In either case, your friend's betrayal in the vision has the opposite meaning in reality, as being betrayed during a dream predicts an improved relationship with this individual in the future. You would likely come to a mutually beneficial understanding and be able to forgive and forget any past wrongdoings.
Dogs and an older couple in a beach house I dreamed I was looking at a beach house for sale. The older couple that owned it invited me in. I really didn't want to buy the house, was just looking. They had 3 dogs in the house, they were all friendly. One was black lab. One was real tall and skinny and could talk, he said "Hi", that one kept wanting me to pet him. I saw shells, and the older couple was going to give a great deal on selling the home. I stayed and talked a few hours with them, mostly played with the friendly dog. The beach house represents your desire to slow down and give your mind and body time to heal. After all the years of stress from work and personal issues, you are looking forward to a more laid-back lifestyle. The elderly couple who owned the beach house symbolize wisdom. You are beginning to think peace, stability, routine and all things associated with settling down are what you need for a better life. Meanwhile, the dogs represent your friends and family who are fully supporting you in your decision to find a more balanced lifestyle for the sake of your overall well-being.
Coworkers at a restaurant and assault outside I dreamed I was in a restaurant, saw some coworkers sitting together having lunch. They snickered as I walked by. I turned around and said something back. As I was leaving the restaurant, it was dark outside. I had my keys out going to my car. Someone was hiding in the bushes as I walked pass. A man grabbed me from behind, I tried to scream, there was no one to hear me. He had his arms tightly around me, all kinds of thoughts went through me, I was scared. I didn't see his face. The presence of your co-workers is an indication of fatigue. You have been working hard lately, perhaps even taking some extra tasks from someone, so your own subconscious is telling you to take a break. In fact, the restaurant symbolizes leisure and time away from work. Alternatively, being in a restaurant also refers to skill advancing opportunities. If you are feeling unsatisfied with your current job or what you do for a living, then this symbol foretells a fateful encounter with a powerful personality which would give you a chance to pursue another avenue. There is a downside to this opportunity, unfortunately. The man who grabbed you at the end of the dream points to a domineering person who will try to control your actions. This could be a loved one holding you back from pursuing your passions or the very person providing the opportunity who will abuse their power over you.
Falling into a pool with boyfriend I'm a female and last night I had a dream about running from someone who wouldn't leave me alone. Somehow a pool appeared and I fell in it. My boyfriend jumped on me and was choking me underwater. After he released me, his friend said he did that so we could break up and get back together because I'm supposed to be hurt and want to get back together and hangout more. Running away from someone in a dream actually means you are avoiding an important issue in reality. Unfortunately, you cannot keep evading this concern forever because it will eventually catch up on you or catch you by surprise when your guard is down. The pool represents your subconscious, so falling into the pool means you need to confront your problems sooner or later. You may be suppressing this or perhaps even unaware of it, so a little introspection should help you figure out what has been bothering you recently. The notion that your boyfriend was choking you underwater could be an allusion to tension in your relationship. You likely feel very controlled or smothered, hence you need to address this problem before it gets out of hand.
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