Reading fan mail together with a celebrity I'm a girl. In my dream, I was cuddling with a Kpop idol from the band BTS. His name is Taehyung Kim. He was reading letters fans had sent him. I was sitting in between his legs and his head was on top of mine while he read them. It was cute and chill, cuddle time. This vision of being in a close physical contact with a Korean idol is likely the manifestation of your internal desire to have this type of relationship with someone under real circumstances. Focusing your thoughts on a single person in a dream vision often has similar connotations for your waking life, meaning your subconscious is trying to show you what it wants and needs through your already strong feelings for this celebrity. In this case, your subconscious seems to desire an affectionate relationship and a connection with someone who does not feel the need to put on a front when with you.
Cooking dinner together with a celebrity I'm a girl. Alright, so in my dream, I was with a Kpop idol named Sehun. He's from the band Exo. This the fourth time I've had a dream about being with a Kpop idol. Anyways, in my dream, it was just him and I in a house, cooking together. We cooked and had fun and all that jazz. We ate our dinner and that was it. Then I woke up. It was really casual. Why do I keep dreaming about idols? And being in couple situations with them?? This vision of being in a close physical contact with a celebrity suggests you subconsciously desire to experience domestic bliss with someone in wake life. In this case, your subconscious is using your affection for idols (whose lives are easily accessible to the public) to recreate a close, intimate atmosphere in the dream vision. The consistency between visions further amplifies the meaning of each individual dream. More specifically, you may be experiencing a lack of physical and emotional intimacy in wake life, causing your subconscious to project these images during your sleep.
Talking with the royals I was dreaming about Prince William an Prince Harry, actually talking to them. This dream has two meanings depending on your personal situation. First, it could be an indication of your obsession with or excessive interest in Prince Harry and Prince William. You could be completely absorbed and taken by their life story and appearance and yearn to be closer to them. The second interpretation involves your own desire to live their life. You may want to be in their shoes to know what it feels like to live with that level of prestige and attention.
Wanting to be an actor First, I want to become a leading actor in my country. I want to act for TV series, movies and theater as a leading character. A dream in which you see yourself aspiring to become a famous actor points to something surprising happening to you in the near future. An unexpected event may be waiting for you just around the corner. Depending on how you react to it, the outcome may either benefit you or have negative, long-term consequences for you.
On an obstacle course with celebrities I'm at a waterfall and standing beside me is Leonardo DiCaprio. I turn to look at him and when I look back at the waterfall, there is this awesome looking parkour obstacle I've ever seen. We start to do some parkour, when all of a sudden all the actors I know of start coming from the bushes and start bum-rushing us from everywhere. There's too many to fight off, so we start to parkour in one direction and the way we were going seems endless. When I go to jump on a platform, it disappears and I fall. This dream involving crowds of celebrities reflects your ambitious nature. In particular, you may aspire to follow the steps of Leonardo DiCaprio, either in terms of his career path or his dogged perseverance to succeed in his chosen craft. The first part by the waterfall alludes to some turbulent times ahead. You may already be experiencing unpleasant circumstances or difficulties in reality and your mindset, in connection to DiCaprio, is to refuse to give up even when the odds are against you. The inclusion of other actors, therefore, symbolizes competition and parkour as a way of navigating the obstacle course means that you need to be alert and adaptable to remain one step ahead of your toughest rivals.
Being helped by a celebrity on the street I was crossing the street when near the end, right by the curb, I fell and was unable to continue. A car was heading right toward me, but it stopped before it could hit me. I was still unable to get up because I did not have any energy left, when all of a sudden, Tony Stark (Iron man) came and helped me up onto the sidewalk, and stayed with me. Crossing the street in your dream means putting yourself in danger. You probably have a tendency to take risks and go against popular opinion. Your rebellious nature could be creating a lot of enemies or detractors for you. However, the appearance of the superhero Iron Man in your moment of weakness could be indicative of your tendency to depend on others when the going gets tough. Perhaps you are used to being bailed out or being rescued. The vision could be opening your eyes regarding this personal shortcoming, so you can work on being more independent.
Husband interested in a dead celebrity I dreamt that my boyfriend was watching Anna Nicole Smith mow the lawn and I was extremely jealous because I knew he thought she was very attractive and he kept watching her. We got into an argument about it. I have no idea why I would have a dream such as this. I just think maybe he doesn't think I'm attractive. Thank you very much, this is just a very weird dream. I don't know why she would even be in my dreams since she passed away and he is desiring her but she was attractive and not me. Dreaming about celebrities usually means that you admire or covet certain qualities of this individual, whether physical or other salient characteristics. In your case, it seems like the dream could be a reflection of your insecurities. Perhaps you think you should have Anna Nicole Smith's physical attributes in order to remain desirable to your boyfriend. However, this may not be the case in reality. Perhaps this dream scenario is merely a projection of your doubts and uncertainties. Alternatively, his wandering eyes in the dream could mirror his lukewarm attitude in reality but perhaps the reason may not be what you expect it to be. It may be best to keep an open mind and maintain a relationship based on mutual trust.
A singer trying to donate money I dreamed Usher the singer was climbing through my window and stated he was there to make a donation. This vision seems to represent a shift in values or qualities in your life. For example, dreaming about donations could reflect getting rid of dead weight in your life, such as disregarding outdated values or ideas that do not make sense to you any longer. Conversely, someone coming in through the window suggests welcoming new habits or principles into your routine. Envisioning Usher as the main vehicle of change in this vision further reveals an ambitious desire for your future, possibly to become rich or famous like the singer himself.
Being cheered by an actress I am a male. I woke up with tears in my eyes. I was in a strange empty house but it seemed that I was there before. When I went downstairs, Marilyn Monroe was sitting on the floor drinking a pink cocktail. She wiped my tears and blew me a kiss. After that she disappeared and I woke up. Overall, this dream vision portends something extraordinary and unusual soon happening in your waking life. Crying and seeing a celebrity figure blow a kiss for you hints at important changes soon to take place. Someone may look to you to regain their strength or get a piece of advice from you. You may also realize that you need to re-think what you are presently doing with your life. Putting important things on the back burner or ignoring them could be preventing you from experiencing these positive changes.
Being assaulted by a group of celebrities I am a female. I woke myself up scared and trying to escape terrified. I was drinking with 3 celebrities, 2 men and one woman. I thought it was cool until they raped me and then made make go in a room they put a passcode on my phone and one by one came in and were beating me saying really mean things to me. I was so scared. Celebrities in dreams often embody certain attributes or characteristics you want to emulate. Rape and torture, however, often have a highly negative connotation. Those violent acts typically represent a very difficult time period for the dreamer. So, in the context of your dream, being raped and tortured by celebrities could mean that society or perhaps peer pressure is forcing you to follow in the footsteps of some well-known or famous personalities. Even if you do admire those celebrities in real life, a part of you knows that emulating their habits or lifestyle is not good for you in the long run.
Pregnant from a celebrity I dreamed I was working with Noah Wyle and dreamed we had made love and I was with a child, his child. We were working on a TV show together and he had left his wife for me. Also I was the artist in the TV show, we had met at an art showing in Boston. Dreaming about becoming romantically involved with a celebrity or a famous person could reveal a deep desire and longing to connect with someone in reality. In a sense, the celebrity is taking the place of someone from reality, probably because their face is well-known to you or you felt a strong connection with their character. You may desire such a loving, companionable relationship as the one you envisioned with someone from your reality, likely an individual you see on a fairly regular basis but who is not close to you.
A celebrity having sex with someone I dreamed of a celebrity, Blac Chyna, sleeping with a random white male. Sex with a celebrity is usually thought to predict those from a higher echelon of society recognizing your talents, abilities or potential. However, because you saw this famous person with a random male, it possibly means you see others being chosen for special roles or being mentored. You may feel left out and overlooked, jealous that these unworthy, according to your opinion, individuals are getting opportunities meant for you.
In bed with celebrities I dreamt that I was in a bed with my husband, a woman who resembled Beyonce and another man who resembled her husband Jay-Z. The way we slept was particularly interesting. I was in the front, she was behind me, my husband was behind her, and her husband was behind him. I remember waking up in the morning. I saw twin babies and the lady changing the diaper of one of the twins (baby girl) telling my husband as he got dressed for work that he made her the happiest woman on earth. Then he kissed her and left. Seeing or interacting with celebrities or famous personalities who appear in dreams usually means the dreamer has been bombarded by media, such as news and images about them in the waking world and these may have seeped into your subconsciousness. Alternatively, this also means the dreamer admires the celebrity to a degree. In your case, you probably look up to both Beyonce and Jay Z, so they appeared in your dream vision. The deeper meaning has something to do with the state of your marriage. Having them in bed with you and your husband means you aspire to be as wealthy, powerful and influential as them. Beyonce was behind you while Jay Z was behind your husband because you want to imbibe Beyonce's qualities and you want your husband to be more like Jay Z. The twin babies reveal your conflicting emotions. On the one hand, you want to work on you marriage and help each other become better versions of yourself. On the other hand, you are also being eaten up by your insecurity and you think your husband is unhappy with you and that he is looking for someone else to fulfill his needs or desires.
Helping to make a movie Planning "Gone in 60 seconds". Angelina Jolie and Nick Cage were helping me an my dad's classic car was one of the 50 cars and was named Darla. Envisioning yourself being part of a movie represents your desire to escape your present circumstances. A car usually represents social mobility and success, which means you or your family are struggling to make ends meet or unable to afford a major purchase. This dream is your subconscious trying to find a way out of your problems, although not in a realistic way. Darla could be a metaphor for daring to find the answer to paying off debts or taking advantage of an opportunity to improve your way of life, but you need to be proactive in finding the right connections instead of relying on luck and fortune alone.
A celebrity telling what to do Celebrity and two little girls and a celebrity gamble with chocolate candy, tells me to find the rabbit hole. I turn into a mouse, bear chases me into a rabbit hole? Dreaming about chocolate candy suggests an immediate increase in your performance and productivity. In most cases, this symbol also means you would have an excellent opportunity to start a new enterprise with a partner. The celebrity in your vision indicates that this man or woman could be someone prominent and well-respected, like a boss or local leader. It is also possible that a new co-worker would be hired by your company, and this employee would either work together with you or support your current team. They would have exceptional power and knowledge to help you achieve your goals and realize your vision. Furthermore, being chased by a bear indicates romance may also bloom during this time. The future is full of very exciting and interesting prospects for you.
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