Eating a key in front of a celebrity I dreamed that I am eating a small metal key, I chewed it slowly and crushed it completely like candies, then swallowed it. This scene happened in front of a famous star singer in my home country, he was watching me doing this process astonishingly, I asked him "Did you eat a key before?", he answered sarcastically "No I didn't", after a while I felt afraid that it may hurt my stomach or have negative consequence or could kill me, I asked my mother is that danger, she looked at me with worry. Eating the metal key in your dream represents your yearning for a fresh start. After several bad decisions and a few frustrating failures, you are ready to let go of the past and try your luck in a new place or meet new people. The celebrity or singer watching you in the dream is a symbol of your aspirations. You want to make a splash, so that the right people would notice you for your unique abilities and skills. Perhaps you want to become an influencer or a vlogger, so you are planning to reach out to other successful people in this field to find out the secret to their success. Your commitment to eating the metal key reveals your hunger for success. You will do whatever it takes to be rich and famous.
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