Graphic images of own chidlren My dream was of my youngest son. He was tricking and forcing my daughter who will be two next month. By making her drink from a water bottle then sucking on some man. I never seen before penis. As much as I was trying to shake myself awake from this nightmare, it continued. I am terrified!! Please help. Strange sexual situations or sex-related scenes can be disturbing, however the symbolic meaning of these dreams are more or less straightforward. The penis represents aggression, power and fertility. Other interpretations of seeing a penis in dream visions include family, wealth, respect and honor. Since your dream involved your young children, the sexual energy associated with the male organ can be discounted. Instead, the sucking action could refer to your anxiety over your daughter's future and the society she will grow up in. Will she be empowered or will she be dominated by men? This, and possibly other related questions that crop up in the course of raising your daughter, brought up the graphic images in your subconscious state.
Son trying to make others wear costumes My son giving costumes and no one would wear them, I got mad and we left and he was crying and I told him "You don't have to beg anybody to like what you do". Costumes are usually associated with deceit and distraction, so seeing your son giving them out could be a warning from your subconscious that he is up to something he shouldn't be. His sadness and your words of advice further indicate the presence of peer pressure. In your vision he is the one trying to influence others, but in wake life he may be at the mercy of those around him. Deep down you probably see and understand his struggle, though helping him deal with the situation is easier said than done.
Grandson upset because grounded Grandson is sobbing, deeply, in my arms while telling me he was grounded for the entire summer, in his room. He was hugging my neck on and off as he was told me this and I was holding him and trying to comfort him while asking questions to validate the details. Feelings of protectiveness towards your grandson and your family in general are reflected in this dream. You could be worried about his well-being and your subconscious is reminding to be his source of support and reassurance. Perhaps you sense some distance from your loved ones in real life and you miss the bond from previous years, anxious that he would no longer need you as he grows older. This dream vision is a reminder as well as reassurance to always be there for your family, and that your support and wisdom are invaluable to them, even if sometimes not properly acknowledged or reciprocated.
Being informed about daughter in distress Someone shouting at my window with a message that my daughter is crying. To dream that your daughter is crying indicates that you may cause distress to a loved one. Perhaps a family member may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed over your insensitive comments or thoughtless behavior. Alternatively, you could receive an unexpected news that may cause some emotional upheavals within your social circle.
Losing a grandchild while out and about I was at a yard sale or someone died and they were moving clothes out, said I could have what I want, so I kept setting clothes aside to take home. Then grand baby started crying, so I picked him up and he disappeared in my arms. I started crying and running for help, he was at home when I got there. Yard or garage sales in dreams signify repeating patterns in your behavior. Maybe you are clinging too much to the past, such as past achievements or past relationships, hence your subconscious is telling you to let go and move on. It is also likely that you keep relying on past experiences to use the lessons learned in your present situation. Babies traditionally represent new beginnings and opportunities, hence the disappearance of the baby implies failures or pursuing pointless goals. You may be looking for growth and pursuing your dreams in the wrong places, so you need to look within yourself to decide what you really want in life.
Adopted child and having twins as an addition My son who was adopted 7 years ago, he was taken and adopted. I saw him older and I gave birth to twins, but I don't remember having them in my dream, just that I had them. I was going to Hawaii. Traveling somewhere in a dream is a highly positive sign associated with happiness and romance, especially if the destination is physically far away from you. The twins you gave birth to paint the picture with more details, indicating a family celebration of sorts in which many people gather together. In this case, it seems that you are to either attend a wedding or be part of one yourself in the near future.
Trying to help a daughter in peril who does not exist in reality I dreamt I had a daughter, but it didn't feel like she was mine, she was suffocating with a cup in her mouth, then I removed it, gave her CPR and tried calling out for help and screaming, but no sound came out. Then came the ambulance and said to step back, she isn't mine and took her away, but allowed my cousin to go and all I did was cried until she came back and she was mine now and everyone was finally seeing that she was mine. I don't have a daughter in real life though. This dream vision contains two opposing symbols which are the presence of a daughter and her need for medical care. Having a daughter usually suggests happiness and prosperity in your life, so seeing your daughter in pain could point to difficulties getting in your way of having a better life. Trying to save you daughter and calling for help indicate that in order to get back on track, you should rely on your friends and family, even if you think you are better off alone or being independent. Your pride may be hurt, but their support may be the difference between living a full life or continuing to build a fortress around yourself.
Discovering about having twins at the doctor's office I dreamt that I was at my doctor's office to have my IUD (birth control) removed and when they pulled it out, they also pulled out the twins I was carrying and didn't even know I was pregnant! The twins looked to be maybe 11 weeks along. Then the nurse did this weird thing for me to see their faces with what she called "light projection therapy" with special "balloons" filled with saline and then let me hold them in my hands... I am not pregnant in real life but I do have the Mirena IUD. Giving birth to twins in a dream vision is a highly auspicious sign, despite the surprising nature of their birth in your vision. Twins represent happiness and celebration within your family and, to a slightly lesser extent, good news and prosperity in your personal life. The scene about getting your birth control removed seems to only serve as an introduction to the dream as well as possibly indicating that whatever happiness is coming is likely to be extremely unexpected. The testing as well may show some disbelief on your part as to whether or not such happiness is even possible though your circumstances are likely to prove it is.
Father playing with children who looked unfamiliar My dad was playing with three little kids, I couldn't see their faces. They were my husband's skin complexion. I couldn't tell the genders. My dad looked like he could see and smiled really big and went back to playing with the kids. The kids didn't see me. I've miscarried 3 kids. Dreaming about your father playing with children, especially given the fact that you have miscarried the same amount of children in wake life, suggests you may still be carrying some of the grief or unanswered questions from these events in your heart. Your subconscious needs more closure, perhaps by talking to a trustworthy, fatherly figure, which is seen in the image of your dad. Seeing that these children are happy and playing indicates that, with time and patience, you can find the peace of mind you seek and be happy with your circumstances.
Grandson being chocked by family members I dreamed that my grandson was being chocked by his mother then by my boyfriend. Seeing someone getting choked in a dream alludes to control and restriction. It may be a sign that your grandson is unable to voice his opinions due to being overpowered by authority figures, quite possibly his parents, in his life. It is possible he is going through some personal issues but hesitating to share them out of fear of being judged or criticized.
A child walking on a busy road Dreams about my 7-year old daughter walking alone on a local busy road. Why am I dreaming this? This could be a reflection of your concerns over your daughter. The street signifies the path she would take as she grows older. It is possible that you are anxious about the coming adolescent years and the times you are not around to supervise her. However, there is no need to fret just yet. Dreaming of loved ones walking alone is merely a subconscious state reminding the dreamer to continue being present and to take care of them.
Talking with a little girl and a boy I was talking to a little girl while combing her hair. Also there was a little boy there with us also talking with us. Dreaming of talking with a little girl while you comb her hair is a symbol of unexpected news. In other words, it is possible you may go through a surprising situation or an unexpected revelation in the near future. The nature of such news, however, is not yet clear. That is, it could be either good or bad depending on the situation which is about to unfold.
Being separated from children forcefully My mother and two children are living in my basement, I am not allowed to see my kids. My ex-husband comes in the middle of the night and takes my youngest away, I see him drive away with her and I don't get to tell her goodbye. I start crying and run to my room to pack clothes and leave, I break down and start to bawl, my youngest then comes into my room and grabs ahold of me so tight and says "Mommy, I love u, I love u..." as she's crying. Dreaming about your children being kept from you and then taken away is a highly ominous sign suggesting that you have recently made a major mistake which may lead to further complications in much of your day-to-day existence. The tears and anguish only further emphasize the severity of the troubles awaiting you. In order to avoid more difficulties, it may be wise to try and fix or make up for whatever was done in order to seal the wound.
Giving daughter for adoption and taking her back later I had a dream last night that I gave my 4-year old daughter away. But then later on in the dream I decided I wanted her back, and so I went and took her back since it wasn't a "legal adoption". I knew the people I gave her to. Most of my dreams don't stay with me, but I haven't been able to shake this one. Putting your child up for adoption alludes to a sense of loss. You may have given up in something, possibly a long-headed dream or ambition, thinking that it is a long shot. However, as indicated in the next scenario, you could be regretting passing off on this dream in favor of a more practical, stable route. Your subconscious is telling you that all is not lost. You still have time to chase your goals and aspirations, you only need the right attitude and motivation.
Children at play bothered by a pig I see that I am standing at one of the roads and my small children are playing (although now they are grown-up). I suddenly see a pig running towards them. I shout to warn them, but they do not notice and busy playing, the pig makes two rounds, but my children were not bothered, they were playing, I woke up. Seeing your children as kids reflects your longing for simpler, more innocent times. You could be missing their company due to their busy lives as grown-ups. The pig running and circling them as they play symbolizes all the wickedness of the world. As kids, they are under your protection, so maybe this reflects your protective instincts whenever you sense that your children are in trouble. However, them being grown-ups now and as revealed in your dream, you may be unable to shield them from untoward influences in the real world. What you can do is provide sage advice to strengthen their values and principles to guide their decisions as adults.
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