Losing a daughter while at a playground Female. I had a dream in which I had a daughter. She was the most beautiful little thing, with blue eyes and blonde hair. She was on a playground and I left her alone for a few seconds to grab something from a bench nearby, and when I came back she was lying on the ground face-down, dead. It was the worst image my mind ever conjured up. At the last minute though she lifted her head slowly, so she was not dead but this was my worst nightmare ever. Also I am only 19, so too young to even consider children. Since you are not yet a mother, the daughter in your dream alludes to your femininity and youthful side. The playground likewise points to a carefree attitude and uncomplicated lifestyle. As such, there are aspects of loss and transformation in this vision. Perhaps your current journey to adulthood is alerting your subconscious about the realities of the real world. Growing up entails leaving behind the carefree days of pure play and embracing more responsibilities. The death, therefore, is not referring to a loss of life, but to the need of shedding certain immature ways or letting go of childish behavior.
Unsure about who the father of the baby is I dreamt I was pregnant with twins. I didn't know who the father was and had to figure it out. I had three guys it could be and I wanted to choose one for what he had to offer, but wasn't the likely father. I'm not pregnant and not trying. I'm single. Twins represent joyous occasions. Being pregnant with twins in a dream alludes to upcoming family gatherings or important events. On the other hand, the twins may also be symbolic of conflicting ideas and beliefs. The search for and selection of the father of these twins refers to your personal journey to come up with a decision about which path you want to take going forward. Do you want stability or adventure? Are you ready to settle down or do you want to explore other options? These are the things that you may currently be forced or challenged to contend with in the real world.
A grandchild vanishing from a boat I dreamt I was on a small boat with my grand baby and then she disappeared. Dreaming that you are on a small boat with someone who suddenly disappears can be interpreted as a sign of good fortune that would quickly vanish. You may win something only to lose it soon after or make a new friend and later find out that he or she was not all that nice to begin with. Treasure what you already have and do not let yourself be fooled easily by things and people that come and go.
Daughter wanting to move house I dreamt I was in my daughter's house on the steps and she was telling me she no longer wanted the house. I asked "Where would you move to?" and she was unsure, only that she wanted to leave her house. Thank you very much for your time and assistance. Moving house symbolizes a change of pace. Your dream wherein your daughter expressed a desire to move probably alludes to her current discontent. Maybe she wishes to change her employment or her commitment to her current partner is being put into question. Not knowing where to move reveals her confused state. Perhaps she needs your guidance in whatever predicament she is in. You may have had a recent encounter with your daughter which triggered the alarm in your subconscious, and this vision serves as a reminder to be there for your daughter in her time of need.
Giving birth to different twins I dreamt about giving birth to twins. One of the twins was OK and started rolling over the bed and l had to rush to help not to fall from the bed. The other one was not like a real human and was just lying there. Giving birth to twins in a dream vision is usually an auspicious sign which points to attending a happy family gathering or celebration in the future. This could be a wedding, reunion or birthday party which brings together many relatives you have not seen in a long time. The energetic baby, which almost rolls off the bed, suggests being completely surprised (in the good sense) by the presence of someone you really liked or admired when you were younger. However, the baby that did not move could represent some other people invited you would rather not meet again.
Pregnant with a baby girl without a father I had a dream I was pregnant, a nice round tummy. I wondered who the father was, but I don't recall having sex. I also knew I was having a girl, it was a gut feeling. And I know I didn't pull a J Lo and got a sperm donor. In the next part of my dream, I had a girl! Baby girls are associated with change and new personal experiences, so knowing that you are about to have a girl and then actually giving birth to a female child could symbolize your feminine intuition being spot on. You may want to pay closer attention to your gut feelings over the next few weeks as some unexpected situations unfold.
Taking care of an unfamiliar little girl I had a dream that my girlfriend and I were asleep. This little girl ran into our bed. I got up and went downstairs to make the little girl breakfast while my girlfriend was still sleep. Then I made sure she got ready and took her to school. Seeing an unfamiliar little girl in your bedroom and subsequently cooking for her points to an unexpected event. A surprising occurrence may soon take place in your life. Whether positive or negative, this event would shock you to your core and make you reevaluate certain important decisions you have made along the course of your life. You should not let doubt cloud your judgement afterwards or there could be unfortunate consequences for you.
A boy and a girl as twins Dreams about 2 beautiful blond twin boy and girl. A dream about twins of different genders alludes to opposing ideas or differing perspectives. These opposing forces actually serve to balance each other instead of clashing. Like yin yang, the appearance of the twins in your dream suggests your need to achieve a semblance of balance at work and at home. To achieve contentment and security, both feminine and masculine characteristics must be taken into account to get a holistic view of your situation and create the kind of lifestyle you desire.
Emotionally touched after meeting a little boy I walk into the room and see this little boy playing with his friends and it looks like my house and when he sees me he comes running to me and hugs me and won't let go. Fast-forwards to outside, he's still hugging me and I told him that I had to go and he looks at me sad and then gives me a kiss on the cheek and I start to cry and hug him again and I just wake up crying and every time I think about it I am in tears?? Help! The little boy playing in your house may be a representation of a boy you know in the waking world. This little boy could be a significant part of your social circle, maybe even a loved one. Alternatively, it could be the boy inside the man that you know. Maybe saying goodbye to the boy in this dream alludes to the opposite of the Peter Pan syndrome, such that the man you know may have lost his innocence and youthful wonder which you think is a shame. Perhaps this individual had to grow up too fast and too soon.
Saving children from drowning in the pool I have 5 kids, one threw 5-year old in my dream, I was trying to save my youngest daughter from the bottom of the pool. As I grab her and head back up I see my middle son fall to the bottom of the pool and I continue to try and save them. One of the five keeps falling back in. Seeing your children falling into the pool over and over despite your best efforts to prevent this from happening has negative connotations. This vision portends the possibility that your children, or those belonging to close acquaintances or relatives, may be susceptible to certain health problems. This dream could also be an indication that they should be kept away from anything that looks like a source of disease or infections, at least for the near future.
A man collecting chidlren in a bag Children are in a church. A man in a top hat and tux starts collecting the children into a bag. The combination of symbols you have experienced in this dream vision points to a recent episode when you may have been insulted or taken advantage of. The innocent children in church represent your feelings of acting out of kindness and good heart, but still being used by someone or some people for selfish and immoral reasons. It is quite possible that you hold a grudge against some influential or authoritative figure for being abused this way, as the symbolic construct of the man seen in church suggests.
Daughter kissing someone and injured after A group of young girls sitting at a table and my daughter is standing up kissing a girl in a wheelchair and someone escorts my daughter away and she has blisters on her face and chest. Dreaming about your daughter kissing another girl could be interpreted as a sign that disagreements and hostility among family members is about to come to an end. The blisters on her face and hands, however, suggest that the emotional wounds that were inflicted during this time may not heal so quickly or easily. While the open animosity is likely to end suddenly, recovering and rebuilding relationships may take much longer.
Confused about own son and son-in-law I watched my son-in-law is sleeping in my son's bed. I thought it's my son, so I called my son's name and turns out it's my son-in-law and then I wake up. Dreaming about your son-in-law in place of your son is a negative sign associated with someone close to you, either your partner or an immediate family member, beginning to act strangely. Their behavior is likely to disturb you as much as it would surprise you, causing disappointment and possibly embarrassment as well. Unsurprisingly, this could negatively impact your relationship and future interactions with this individual, driving a wedge between the two of you.
Daughter undergoing blood transfusion I had a dream that I was siting next to my 16 year old daughter in an emergency room hospital bed watching her have a blood transfusion. About two weeks later she was talking in her sleep telling me several times that her blood was too thin. She didn't know about my dream and did not remember her dream, only knew she had one, when I asked her the next morning. The symbol of blood in dreams has a lot of interpretations. Being blood-related, this dream about your daughter having a blood transfusion is associated with the state of your relationship with her. Are you perhaps experiencing some distance or gap in reality? Maybe you have not been seeing her eye-to-eye lately or you are unable to relate to her or understand her as you once did. You may be feeding off each other's energy in the real world and she is also noticing the growing gap in communication. This way, your subconscious experiences are inevitably linked. A transfusion means reviving or bringing back vitality. As such, the similar visions you both had serve as a reminder to keep your relationship alive by communicating more openly.
A child given a high position I saw my kid been crowned the chief of our community. Being crowned is highly significant in dream visions, as it usually points to toward major changes and improvements in the individual observed being crowned. Considering that it was your child perceived in this setting, you could soon start seeing some major positive changes in their behavior or physical appearance, possibly a growth spurt or a building of character and strong personality.
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