Daughter falling out of an open door My daughter and I are in a tall building and there is an open door at the end of a hallway. My whole family is there with us. My oldest daughter falls out of the open doorway at the end of the hall, I wake up before she gets to the bottom. I have had this dream several times in the last few days. Having a dream vision about a wide open door is a positive symbol which predicts receiving a very generous gift, reward or incentive, either as a result of accomplishments and hard work or just as a kind gesture. Falling through this door could represent becoming unpopular with those nearby, especially because of misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Considering that it was your daughter who fell out, it seems like she may be the one who receives a gift and is treated poorly by others because of it. Maybe her friends would consider it a sign of favoritism, or her rivals may become jealous and want to retaliate.
A future child resembling a friend I saw my future child who saw me and ran to me saying "Da-da" and I saw their eyes which I've only ever seen on my friend. Envisioning your future child in a dream symbolizes your strong desire to establish a connection with someone you consider important in your life or improve a relationship that could be faltering. Considering it was your friend's eyes this child appeared to have, it could point toward this particular friend being the one with whom you need to reconnect.
In a cave with wounded daughter I dreamt that my daughter and I were in a cave and when she got up to leave, she had blue sores on her knees. Dreaming about caves portends a period of gloom and depression. The fact that your daughter is in the cave with you signifies that the hysteria which you feel is somehow related to her, as it denotes intense feelings of helplessness. Perhaps your daughter's actions in wake life are responsible for you feeling this way. The blue sores on her knees could represent your desire to help her even though you are unable to actually do so. While you cannot fix the problem for her, you can provide complete support and give her assurance of your undying love.
Following a strange pair of children I dreamed about a little boy girl walking down a sidewalk and right before I got close to them, it was like I startled them and they turned quickly to look at me, but their faces were scribbled out with marker and the house they were walking towards was a 2-story white house but the door was scribbled out just like their faces. The entire dream was in black and white. In my dream it was like I was trying to keep up with them but I wasn't meaning to do so. Please help. Dream was very vivid! Your dream in general seems to have a nostalgic atmosphere. Perhaps you are trying to revisit your past or your childhood, quite unsuccessfully, in the real world. The little boy and little girl with their scribbled out faces allude to your youthful and child-like wonder. Maybe reality is treating you badly and you just want to go back to more innocent and uncomplicated times, no matter how futile it is. The black and white appearance of the dream likewise reveals a yearning for simplicity. You could be burdened by lots of gray areas and complex decisions to make, hence your subconscious is taking you to a comforting place.
Beating own children It's been 2 nights already that I'm dreaming of yelling at my 8-year old daughter but ending up beating so hard my 2 year-old son. I have 4 kids, need explanation about it because it's really weird after that when I'm waking up I'm feeling so bad for them ending up hugging and kissing them while they are asleep. Beating up your son in the dream, while disturbing, does not necessarily mean that you have a violent nature nor does it suggest rage towards your children. Instead, the violence and anger directed at them likely points to your need for control. Like any parent, you may be becoming too strict and authoritative towards your children in an attempt to discipline them and keep them safe from harm. In addition, the recurring aspect of this dream may have something to do with the stress and anxieties you are experiencing in the real world. The chaos and possibly never-ending problems may have been projected by your subconscious onto your children, as they are the ones with whom you can exercise authority and control.
Daughter snatched by wolves in a forest My young daughter was kidnapped by wolves in a forest (kind of like a State park). Most of the dream was me trying to search for her, with nobody lending a hand to help. I finally found a cave that was filled with several people (almost like tourists exploring the cave) and so I called her name and I heard her voice "I am here" and she crawled towards me through the other people and I lifted her up and out. I awoke in a complete sweat and could not fall back asleep. A dream wherein you see your daughter disappear could be indicative of secrets or undisclosed information which you have not shared with her. It is probably because she is too young to understand the nature of these secrets. The wolves could represent difficulties which you might face in your daughter's upbringing. Despite your best efforts to care for your daughter you may often face certain dilemmas or difficult choices which make you question your parental skills. Since no one was helping you in the dream, this could be a direct manifestation of little to no help you receive in the waking world while looking after her.
Looking for daughter who is suffocating My dream was more of a dream within a dream. I dreamt, but I was at a hospital with some friends and my children were playing hide-and-seek and in my dream I saw my daughter hiding in a closet full of toys and stuffed animals and she started to suffocate within a plastic bag. In my dream I watched her banging for help trying to get out. I've been searching every closet in the building looking for her emptying out bags of stuffed animals with no luck finding her until days later. Repetitive. To dream of a game of hide and seek alludes to secrets and information being kept from you. Since you end up being the one searching for your hiding daughter, perhaps you sense something bothering her in the waking world. She may be acting withdrawn and avoiding any line of questioning from you. In addition, the toys in the closet could be her comfort zone or anything that gives her a sense of security. Perhaps this is her escape, yet the burden of keeping a secret may be wearing her down because hiding also has the connotation of shame. She could be afraid of judgment. As such, it is your duty to draw her out of her shell and open her up to you in case she has some problems.
Twin boys dying I watched my twin boys being taken off life support and take their last breaths. I did have twin boys who passed in June 2014. Watching or re-experiencing the death of your twin boys in the dream world is likely part of trying to accept this loss and achieve closure following this incident. Something in the waking world may have triggered memories of their passing, making you re-live the grief and pain of the loss. The act of taking them off life support in the dream denotes the inevitability of the situation and allows you perhaps to forgive yourself and attain a semblance of internal peace.
A little girl seen from a distance I've dreamed of a little girl with a pacifier in her mouth standing next to a man. The baby girl you saw in your dream could predict fulfilling goals you have set out for yourself in the near future. These goals may be work-related, such as getting a promotion or asking for and receiving a raise, or they may be about your personal life, such as entering a steady relationship or meeting some financial goals. The symbol of the man can have different interpretations depending on how you perceived him. If you thought he looked kind or handsome, it may further point toward progress in your love life. However, if the man looked scary or overbearing, it may mean you would have to overcome some obstacles before reaching your goals.
Beating son with a belt I had a dream about beating my youngest son with a belt for letting his nephew break my phone when he was supposed to watch him. Seeing yourself beating your youngest son can be interpreted as a sign that you are afraid he would do something that would cause unhappiness and misfortune for you. As a result, you may tend to take direct control of his behavior and actions. Perhaps this dream has something to do with stress you are experiencing in the waking world concerning your youngest son. People and situations that cause mental strain in reality often manifest in dreams. In this case, you should pick and choose your battles with regards to your son. While some monitoring is necessary, you may be placing unreasonable expectations on both your son and yourself.
Sick children cracking eggs There were three brand new baskets with fresh eggs in each basket. Then my triplet sons who are autistic started to crack the eggs and as they did, the yolks were rising upwards. Then my son who is non-verbal said, "you see". Dreaming about baskets of eggs has positive connotations. It is an indication of the good tidings which you are about to experience regarding your recent endeavors. It signifies that luck is on your side and things would flow smoothly for you. When you saw your children cracking the eggs it again indicates integrity and goodness on your part. Regardless of the image of cracked eggs, such a symbol in the dream world represents your potential to excel in any sort of situation. Despite the difficulties in your waking life, you remain steadfast and that helps you earn the respect of your family and acquaintances.
A child left in the storm In my dream I'm told that there is a child in a storm water and I could also hear him crying and there was a man standing next to the storm water. The storm and the child are images that play off each other in the dream world. While the child represents worries and concerns that are directly related to your lifestyle and well-being, the storm can be interpreted as the manifestation of hardships and evil present in the world at large. In a sense, imagining a child in a storm can reflect your selfish tendency to ignore the universal issues happening around you and only pay attention to what affects you personally. Alternatively, you could be crying and complaining about the injustices in your life while others around you are suffering more.
A little girl asking about her dress It was a weird dream. I saw that a little girl doesn't like her dress, she's asking me about how she's looking. I told her "Honey, you look fine, but if you want to remove that belt it will look better". And then she said "No, I like it!" Then I told her "Okay, fine honey, just keep it like this. I'll tighten this up". And as soon as I'm done tightening her belt and she's started to run away to the washroom and said she needs to poop, in these fractions of time I found that all of my family members are standing around. This vision seems to represent a dichotomy between what you know you should do and what you want to do. To be more specific, the little girl in your dream is the manifestation of your conscience. The dress she is wearing refers to the habits and tendencies you have in wake life. Her discomfort or lack of satisfaction with the style of dress suggests you recognize that some of your behavior is morally incorrect or does not serve your future interests. Your desire to placate the child, however, shows that you may not be ready to change your ways. The little girl's need to defecate adds a sense of urgency to this vision, as excrement is often related to prosperity and wealth. If you were to become disciplined and get rid of the negative aspects from yourself, you would likely see other positive changes take place around you.
Daughter in an electric chair I dreamt that my daughter was in an electric chair shouting "Mummy, help me!" but I couldn't help her. I couldn't move. I just stood and cried screaming "Stop!" as they hurt my little girl. Witnessing torture in the dream world is an ominous omen. It suggests you or someone you love may soon become ill or be afflicted with some disease. The graphic nature of the torture and your inability to help your daughter could point to this being something very serious or life-threatening. The fact that it was your daughter who was tortured could signify that she is the one who would experience these health problems. Your subconscious may be picking up on something in wake life, and it has given you this vision as a warning to seek medical attention immediately should something appear wrong with your child.
Adopting children from Mexico I am moving to Mexico for my retirement and have been thinking about it a lot and last night I was dreaming I was there and adopted 2 little Mexican girls. Dreaming about your retirement plans, especially since you have been thinking about it a lot in reality, may be your mind's way of making sense of all the information you absorbed during your waking hours. Perhaps you are excited about moving to Mexico, hence your subconscious is fast-tracking the process by giving you a glimpse of the future. On the other hand, adopting children generally points to your generosity. Even though you are moving to a different place, you would carry your sense of altruism with you. Furthermore, adopting Mexican children could also be a metaphor for embracing a new culture and understanding this new environment.
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