Looking for daughter at a party I dream of myself and looking for my daughter at an all-white lesbians party. Looking for your daughter during a dream vision may actually represent your desire to regain some part of yourself that was lost in the past. This could include anything from picking up an old hobby or regaining self-confidence in your looks and abilities. This symbol may be interpreted further to suggest you would be given some type of opening or suggestion to pursue this goal, perhaps by your daughter given her presence in the vision. The party with lesbians suggests that your dreams may be partially career-related, like going back to school for a particular type of degree or giving up a *normal* career to pursue something unusual or less business-oriented, like painting or music.
Having a teenager for a daughter Having a dream about having a pretty teenage daughter with an abusive ex of ten years. The pretty teenage daughter in your dream is a representation of your self-image. This is an aspect of your personhood that is vibrant and youthful. You likely aspire to reconnect with this part of yourself instead of being weary or jaded about the real world. In this context, the abusive ex symbolizes all the hardships you experienced over the years which negatively affected your worldview. Your subconscious is telling you to let go of any personal grudges which may be holding you back from living your best life.
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