Lots of beautiful clothes I am a girl and I have dreamed about many beautiful clothes. What is the meaning of this dream? Please reply with your answer as soon as possible. Dreaming about nice clothes signifies your well-balanced lifestyle and contentment regarding your current plans and obligations. This could also be a sign of meeting with those you have not seen in quite a while or attending a big event someone has plans to invite you to.
Shoes belonging to the boyfriend When I woke up, my boyfriends shoes were in the entrance. Dreaming of seeing your boyfriend's shoes at the entrance of your house or of your room as soon as you wake up is an ambivalent sign For one, it may be that your partner is on his way out. In this case, it is possible that your partner is having an affair and could be cheating on you. Alternatively, it may be that he is inside your home, but simply physically absent. In both cases, your partner may have been or will be emotionally absent and unavailable, at least temporarily.
Clothes given and running away from someone I am dreaming about clothes someone give clothes to me and I put in suitcase then I go run away from my Mother of my employer. Dreaming about someone donating or giving you clothes which you noticed putting in a suitcase could be sign of potential hardship or disappointment brought about by the person who gave you clothes in the dream. The vision of running away from the mother figure you are describing could be an indication that these issues or troubles could also be coming from or caused by this person. These potential issues are likely to be related to your household or workplace.
Someone dancing and wearing white clothes Someone dancing in a white dress with lots of layers and wearing a white headband. The vision of someone wearing a white dress and dancing could suggest that someone in your social circle is about to get married or become engaged. The many layers could symbolize the number of marriage ceremonies you have attended in the past. The number of layers could also translate the number of people taking part in the upcoming celebration. You may subconsciously anticipate the marrying person's invitation to their wedding or engagement. The white headband could be an indication of incoming signs or signals from this person about their intentions to get married and the seriousness of their relationship and their desire to take it to the next level. It could also reveal that their intentions to get married could be externalized by their behavior or actions, which are becoming apparent to other people, including you. These could include love and affection exchanged between them and displayed in front of other people.
Noticing holes appearing on leggings I was walking down a street and I looked down and small holes appeared in my black leggings. Dreaming about noticing holes starting to appear on your leggings could serve as an indication that people around you could be taking your recent actions, behavior or attitude as frivolous or inappropriate. Their perception of you at this moment could be of little importance to them or has no impact on you (since the holes in the dream appeared to be small), but the situation may grow out of proportions if you do not take it under control.
Losing two pairs of sandals I was dreaming of losing my sandals, one pair was black, I think like a pair I own and the other one I cant quite remember the color, but there were 2 pairs. Losing sandals in a dream vision is an ill omen for relationships. In most cases, it symbolizes the end or crumbling of a romantic relationship, resulting in bad feelings for both parties involved. It can also point toward having your feelings rejected by someone you are interested in, no matter how noble and pure your intentions might be.
Fashionable shoes on display I had plenty of beautiful shoes displayed in a very fashionable manner as in fashion exhibits. I admired them and someone else too. The person said I have lovely shoes and I told her that I wear them at different times. I picked one pair and wore. Visions about a beautiful array of shoes which are commented on and admired by others represents your personality. Specifically, it indicates a tendency to share too much information with people you have only just met or come in contact with. While you may normally be a good judge of character, there may come a time when you make a mistake, meaning you are leaving yourself vulnerable to gossip and blackmail if you reveal anything which is too sensitive to others.
A woman giving undergarments I dream of a woman giving me her bra and panties (black and white), what is the meaning? Assuming you are a male, the meaning of this vision depends highly on whether you recognized this woman and whether she is a potential candidate for your affections or not in waking life. In general, bras and panties are often interpreted as signs of a successful encounter with someone who leaves a positive, meaningful impression upon you. If this woman is someone you have feelings for in reality, it could predict a positive interaction with her in the future. If you did not recognize the woman though, it could indicate a new person entering your life and sweeping you off your feet.
Being without clothes at church and not worried I was in a church, naked, with a group of people, some of the people were nuns. I was only slightly uncomfortable with my nakedness. There was one other woman who was naked as well. The dominant nun led us around through rooms, and there was a young woman who was very defiant towards her. At the end, the other naked woman was dressed, and I was given clothes, but once dressed, I felt uncomfortable in the clothes. Being in church is symbolically linked with the idea of protection and safety though in this case it seems to indicate a false sense of security. This is because being naked in a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign of becoming involved in an immoral relationship, such as one with someone who is already married. This is followed by the sign of uncomfortable clothing which can represent making a grave error, particularly related to sound judgement. You may think that your actions go unnoticed by others, but sooner or later others are likely to not only realize what you are up to, but also shun you for your choices, causing feelings of great regret and sadness.
A pink dress transforming into a wedding gown I saw myself being with my friend and in the store. I took a short pink dress to wear, but when I saw myself, I had actually wore a wedding dress, maybe it was a short one, I'm not sure about this. The color pink signifies love, happiness and affection. It could also be associated with being in love. A wedding dress, on the other hand, could indicate some concern or anxiety on your part about an upcoming important life event. Hence, your dream may be suggestive of an imminent occasion involving your current partner or someone you like, even if they do not know it, causing you distress and emotional pain. This is the way for your subconscious mind to remind you not to be overly concerned, because if you set your mind to it and do your best in whatever endeavor you take on, you will likely achieve success.
A dress made for two I had a dream that my mother and I were putting on a long white dress that was made for two people with backs touching. A white dress signifies purity, honesty and transparency. Perhaps you could soon become involved in a wedding-related ceremony or get married yourself. Aside from that, wearing this long, white dress with your mother reveals your mother-daughter bond built upon honesty and mutual support. It further points towards the amount of faith you have in each other, knowing that you have each other's back. On the other hand, having your backs turned against each other is also a sign of disagreement or misunderstanding. There is a superior-subordinate connotation at play here as well, however it is unclear which of the two of you dominates the relationship.
Difficulties undressing and clothes stained with peanut butter I dreamed I was having difficulty taking my clothes off and then I noticed it was full of peanut butter at my knees on the clothes. Trying but being unable to take off your clothes suggests you are currently experiencing difficulty letting go of things in your life. The presence of peanut butter, in this case, can indicate one of two things. It sometimes takes on a physical meaning, indicating you may have hoarding tendencies or collections of items that have grown out of control. On the other hand, the peanut butter could just indicate obstacles in general, pointing toward letting go of emotional baggage like guilt or anger.
Chef's clothes given as a gift I dreamed of all white beautiful cook wear given to me as a gift. Cook wear, such as an apron or a toque, alludes to self-confidence. You may be getting ready to tackle a challenge or start a new venture. An opportunity is waiting in the wings that will allow your skills and capabilities to shine.
Losing shoes at a party I found myself that I am in a party and there I lost my red shoes. I tried to find them but could not find them. Dreaming about being at a party speaks of your ability to make friends with little to no effort. You could be more socially active than most people around you. However, dreaming that you have lost your shoes signifies ending a relationship with someone special or you may be denied to be involved romantically or otherwise with someone you find attractive or interesting as a person in general.
A female friend wearing girlfriend's clothes I saw one of my very close female friend wearing the same clothes as my girlfriend. What does it symbolize? Why would I imagine my friend wearing clothes of my girlfriend? Envisioning your friend wearing clothes that you know belong to your girlfriend symbolically represents being suspected of cheating. This means your girlfriend may be suspicious you are up to something, whether you actually are or not. Perhaps you are not as open with your thoughts and feelings as you should be, or maybe you have a past that makes her doubt you. In either case, you may want to do better in order for your girlfriend to trust you more.
A flying horse wearing the same clothes I am a 28yrs old male, single. I have often in my dream used to see a flying horse wearing same color and design as my own clothes I put on? Horses tend to represent energy and confidence in everyday activities, so seeing a horse that seems to be dressed the same way as you reflects your internal desire to be more outgoing, sociable or spirited in your daily life. This symbol can suggest that your current mood may be low, and you are likely feeling tired and lonely. Envisioning this horse flying further supports this idea, as seeing yourself flying can point toward the freedom you wish to attain from the burdens you currently carry.
Being dressed in a strange way while hunting and fishing I was going hunting with my crush (which neither of us has ever done) and an old guy chased us off the road because he was mad at us. And then for some reason we were on a large fishing boat and I went into the basement of the boat and saw myself in the mirror and saw that my hair was combed like a nerd and I was wearing tight Corduroy pants with my school mascot painted on the front. I was super embarrassed and woke myself up trying to change. Seeing yourself hunting in your dream indicates the pursuit of personal aspirations. This goal can be associated with your physical or emotional needs. You could be yearning for intimacy and sexual satisfaction. An old man usually symbolizes positive outcomes, warmth and joy. Alternatively, an old person can allude to wisdom and maturity. Perhaps the old man represents your traditional values and old-fashioned beliefs that are holding you back from pursuing worldly desires. The final part of the dream involving a fishing boat is indicative of your survival instincts and adaptability. If you face major changes in your personal life in the future, they may take you outside of your comfort zone. True to your nature, you are likely to sail through any rough patches of your upcoming journey with ease.
A wedding dress which is too big I had a dream where l was wearing a wedding dress, but it was very big, so l tried to pin it in order to fit me, but it didn't. Dreaming of wearing a wedding dress suggests a dormant desire to settle down or find a partner for life. You may also be evaluating your current relationship whether or not you are both ready to move on to the next level. Perhaps you are beginning to look at your current partner as a potential spouse, wondering about what your life together would be like. However, the fact that the dress does not fit could mean that there are hurdles in your path which are holding your back. Maybe you are not yet financially ready to get married or some people may not be as optimistic about your partner as you are and keep telling you about this.
Being told to wash clothes by a dead person Someone in the grave told me to wash the dirty clothes. Talking to someone in a grave, particularly if you know them, emphasizes the negative energy that surrounds them in wake life. If you did not immediately recognize the person, it could be because they are wearing a disguise, that is they could be acting differently than their true nature. Dirty clothes predict learning some troubling or horrifying information about this person, possibly the reason behind their deception or their true aims in befriending you, whether in person or online.
Being asked to keep clothes someone had just bought Last night I dreamt of a man I know and it appeared that we were in a nice clothing store together. I bought a bright new dress and he brought a grey suit and insisted in a nice way I hold onto his jacket for next time. I folded up the jacket and put it into the sales bag he had and gave it to him. He kindly insisted I keep it for next time. He smiled, then walked out of the shop. I felt happy. Dreams that center around the idea of buying new clothes, particularly ones that make you happy and fit you, are usually a highly auspicious sign. In this case, a bright new dress could symbolize improvement in various aspects of your lifestyle, particularly your ability to communicate with and read others. You have likely gained or improved these traits through reflection on your own thoughts and behavior. By taking what you learn about yourself and applying it to communicate with others, you can connect with the people around you on a deeper level than before. This brings us to the image of the man in your dreams. Because you know him in waking life, it seems your subconscious is putting him in your vision for a special reason. A light-grey color of clothes seen in this dream is usually closely associated with material wealth or significant gain, suggesting an improvement in quality of life both for the dreamer and the person perceived to be wearing the clothes. In this particular case, the dream would have a much more positive meaning, as it implies you are seeing the potential value this person has for your future, either as a very close friend or possibly a partner to take your personal or business aspirations to a completely new level.
Sorting through clothes to be donated I had a dream someone donated my clothes to charity. I didn't necessarily wanted to get rid of some items, others I did and I didn't know who, maybe my ex-husband, or how they got them. I had to sort through them in public with people around. I was with someone who used to be my neighbor, we are friendly, but she is better off than I am. Some items were expensive jeans that I don't wear and an old sweatsuit of mine my daughter wears. Donation of clothes to charity pertains to shedding of certain qualities of yourself that perhaps no longer fit in with your current lifestyle. The notion that someone else donated these items on your behalf reflects your reluctance to change your attitude or adapt to the expectations of your friends and family. You may be feeling scrutinized by your social circle and you get a sense that they are trying to change who you are. With any kind of dynamics going, there would always be a compromise involved to maintain peace and order within a group. Perhaps sorting your stuff as they looked on is your way of looking within yourself and negotiating which qualities are essential to your persona and which ones can be shed off for personal development.
A lizard hiding in dirty laundry I saw a lizard among clothes that I was about to wash. I put the dirty clothes on the floor, went to fetch water and came back. I saw a lizard in the midst of the clothes. I tried to chase it away, but it kept hiding in between the clothes preventing me from washing the clothes. I was scared of the lizard. Then I woke up from the dream. Dirty clothes are symbolically linked with the idea of learning more than we want to know about those around us. In this case, your desire to wash the clothes further intensifies this feeling, meaning that you are trying to cover up or wash away what you have recently learned. The reason this so disturbs you can be seen in the image of the lizard which darts in and out of the clothes. As lizards represent self-reflection and analysis, you may start to question your own actions and behavior after learning more about your comrades. You may not like what you see, given your negative reaction to the lizard.
Having different-color clothes and girlfriend following My girlfriend following me with 4 sachets of water on a plate and wearing white clothes when I was wearing black clothes. Wearing black clothes in a dream is usually associated with sadness and death. This vision could be taken literally to mean the loss of someone close to you, however, the other symbols in this vision seem to point toward a more positive meaning. This is because white clothes represent happiness and prosperity which, in combination with the water symbol, predict being successful in an endeavor you are working on at the moment. In essence, victory and satisfaction in your results are going to be following you even though your immediate surroundings indicate otherwise. Things may look dark straight ahead, but if you keep pushing forward you can find a way to make things work.
Boyfriend's lounge pants with burn marks My dream was about a pair of sweatpants that my boyfriend owns, I wear them all of the time, they are practically mine! Anyway, In my dream, I found this pair of sweatpants in the bathroom, when I went to put them on, they were covered in burn marks, they weren't wearable anymore. Dreaming about a beloved article of clothing being damaged or destroyed by fire is an ominous sign which warns you to be careful of trusting people you have just met recently or who "sparked" your interest. This vision suggests that you should be more scrupulous in your evaluation of newer acquaintances as one of them may not be all they seem. Just as "getting burned" in wake life can have both negative effects literally and figuratively, so does this vision seek to prepare you for the worst case scenario.
Ordering a vest at a tailor's shop I entered in a shop for clothes and asked a designer to create a casual-like vest for me, he started taking measures and I woke up. Any meaning of this? Shopping for new clothes denotes personal transformation. It points to shedding old attitudes and perspectives to suit your current state of mind. This shift may be for the sake of your career or in support of a personal decision. Perhaps the vest refers to an upcoming commitment, an engagement or a promotion. Whichever the case, this seems to have a significant impact, as you are more than willing to do your fair share of adapting to the new circumstances in order to fully immerse and commit yourself to it.
Trying on a wedding dress I got another dream where I was trying on a wedding gown as a model, but in my dream I decided to make it real and I see myself dressed in a better bridal gown, walking down the aisle..? What does this dream mean please? Thank you. Trying on a wedding dress in your dream alludes to concerns and anxieties about entering a new phase in your personal journey. There may be some apprehension and hesitation in regards to which path to take moving forward. Are you thinking about settling down? Or would you rather roam free for a while? Trying on the dress suggests your evaluation of the pros and cons of commitment, and this does not necessarily have to be romantic. Deciding a career path or choosing a job for keeps are also within the realm of the symbolism in your dream. It is your subconscious allowing you to explore your options and decide which one is the right fit for you.
Giving away leather jackets Giving out black leather jackets. Black clothes in dreams are often considered the manifestation of difficulties inundating your life. Passing out black clothes, then, could suggest you are quick to "pass" the blame onto others instead of taking responsibility for your own actions. It may be high time to take stock of where your life is headed and make some concrete plans as to how to improve your situation by yourself.
Focusing on lover's swimwear In my dream I saw the man that I have an affair with. In the dream I saw him wearing black swimming shorts with a big bulge. This vision is an ominous sign for your lover, as everything points to difficulties arising in your sex life as a couple. Black clothes, when seen on another person, usually predict health problems for that person. Because the clothes are only covering his privates, it is likely these medical concerns are related to the male organs or digestive tract. The bulge you see could suggest that, whatever the problem, your intimate life may be negatively affected, putting a damper on your time spent together.
Son getting new shoes I had a dream that I was sleeping, my son came in and said "Mom, look I got a new pair of shoes. I exchanged my old Converse which were black and old for these new red High tops". And I looked at him and asked him "How did you go do that?" He said "My grandpa gave me a ride to JC Penney." Then, as he was walking out of my room, he had a very large box and also the high tops red and they were a size 9. New shoes generally represent walking a new path, gaining fresh perspectives or a transformation of sorts. In the context of your dream, the vision of new shoes your son is wearing reveals certain changes in your interpersonal dynamics with him. Perhaps because he is growing up, he is also acquiring new habits and attitudes which may cause both of you to adjust. Alternatively, he may also be receiving advice from his grandparents without your knowledge. Perhaps the lessons he is learning from the elders are helping him navigate his growing pains.
Black and white clothes It started off as a football game with some family members, then changed to all my old graduating classmates wearing white, but me who was wearing my black work shirt. Playing football in your dream can represent cooperation and competition. You could be faced with tasks and challenges in which you would need the support of your family and friends. The appearance of your graduating classmates wearing white clothes alludes to a busy schedule or juggling many duties, perhaps as a consequence of being part of the workforce and earning your keep. In contrast, your black shirt suggests looming difficulties as you try to relate to your peers. You may be off to a different path and you find it hard to fit in with your age group.
Husband's clothes on another person Dreams about husband's clothes worn by someone else. A dream in which a stranger is wearing your husband's clothes points to the possibility of being suspected of wrongdoing. Your husband or somebody close to him may suspect that you are being unfaithful. This does not necessarily mean in a romantic way, it could also be that you are suspected of stealing money from him or having a secret you do not want him to find out. Open communication is always your best option in such a case.
A T-shirt in the laundry basket Saw bright yellow work t-shirt of ex boyfriend in my laundry basket. The laundry in this dream represents suppressed emotions and unresolved issues. So finding the yellow shirt of your ex in your laundry basket reveals lingering issues from your past. You may have been trying to deny existing problems and a lack of closure, but your dream is telling you that it is something you need to confront in order to get a fresh start. You may be having trouble finding someone new because you refuse to clean up past hurt or you are unable to let go of your anger and grudges.
Losing a shoe while on a roller coaster I dreamt I was on a roller coaster and my shoe fell off and I was going to retrieve my shoe. When I got off the roller coaster, I could see where it had landed. However, before I could do anything, I saw another roller coaster come off the tracks and crash and land where my shoe was. Riding a roller coaster in your dream could mean that your existence has been unstable and erratic lately. The constant ups and downs are negatively affecting your sense of security, particularly the financial side. Losing a shoe means major financial setbacks. Perhaps you need to find a more stable job or move to a more developed environment in order to ensure that your needs are being met. Make decisions based on the possible improvement of your current living situation.
Embarrassed to wear old clothes I dreamed about wearing ugly and old clothes and feeling embarrassed to go in front of my friends. Seeing yourself wearing ugly or unfashionable clothes and feeling shame and embarrassment at the prospect of having your friends mock you for what it appears to look could be a subconscious representation of certain feelings that you may be harboring. It is possible you no longer enjoy the company of some of your friends, most likely the older ones whom you have known the longest. You may feel that they drag you down and may even be keeping you from reaching or achieving certain goals. You should perhaps talk with them before doing anything that you could end up regretting later.
Frightened by men while wearing uniform I don't remember the dream in full, but this is what I remember. Prior to turning left to an intersection of a road I was walking on for a while, was wearing a inform dress like that a navy uniform sea blue. So I turn as I saw two men approaching me in my direction from a distance as I caught sight of them I turn back from my steps walking away from their sighting disappearing completely, maybe because I was afraid they will see me wearing that uniform. So please explain to me? The intersection in your dream alludes to a pivotal moment. Maybe you are currently in that situation or would soon be in a position to make a decision regarding the direction you are headed, whether professional or personal. Taking the left turn depends on your associations about the left. In general, it means you chose the less traveled and more risky path. Wearing the navy uniform possibly means that you know your decision is not the rational one. The uniform represents your pragmatic side, which explains why you were afraid to be seen. Maybe a part of you is ashamed or not proud of the decision soon to be made.
Wearing navy uniform pants I wore navy-blue lace pants. Navy blue clothing represents wisdom and truth. The symbol of the navy blue lace pants in your dream could reveal your desire to reconcile old-fashioned traditions with the lessons you have learned from your experiences. You may find that what you believe and what happens in reality could often clash.
Swapping slippers with a friend In my dream, a friend asked me to exchange her cut shower slipper with my leather slipper because she had to go somewhere with her husband. She brought the slipper, but the right foot was cut and the slipper was big in size and could not fit me. I was also far from my home, so I was very surprised and I was like, why would my friend want me to walk on my bare foot. The ripped slipper that your friend was wearing in this dream suggests you may become antagonistic with her some time in the future. This could be gossip done behind her back or a direct confrontation provoked by you or her. In either case, her wanting to switch shoes with you signals the end of your companionship, possibly forever. Harsh words are likely to be exchanged, which would be difficult to take back or forgive later by either side of this conflict. Finally, your idea that you would have to walk barefoot may predict becoming more social without her in the future, suggesting that she may have held you back before.
A black sari with a silver border A woman gave me a black sari which had a silver color border and along with another color... Is it bad? Receiving a black sari from someone in your dream signifies sadness, possibly brought about by personal problems. It could be due to any reason such as losing someone you care about, failures in your plans or maybe being deceived by a trusted person. Fortunately, the silver contour connotes hope in the face of adversity. No matter how bad things may get, you have the option of looking forward to a better tomorrow with much more favorable outcomes.
Wearing a long pink skirt My co-worker said she saw me in her dream and I was wearing a long pink skirt. She just remembers seeing me in a long pink skirt. The imagery of wearing a pink skirt in a dream is often associated with the idea that the person wearing the skirt has outstanding personal traits and strong character on the outside, but is, in reality, struggling with a roller-coaster of negative emotions and self-doubts on the inside. Your co-worker may be subconsciously attuned to your unpredictable emotional states and it is being revealed in her visions as a sign of poor communication or even possible conflicts making their way to the surface soon.
Little red shorts It seemed like I have had this dream before, something felt very familiar about the little red shorts outside my bedroom door. I don't know what else was in the dream, I just felt I dreamt about the shorts before. Symbolically, images of shorts in a dream are reflections of your regrets or worries related to some silly or thoughtless act or behavior you have committed or shown in front of someone who did not deserve such treatment. You could be subconsciously questioning your motivations or reasons for behaving this way and thinking of admitting the wrongdoing to the person or people affected. The red color of the shorts also indicates that these mistakes have been made on the spur of the moment or while acting in haste.
A white coat-like dress My dream was about this guy that I've been talking to for about a year. We were together as a couple in my dream. He told me he bought me something special to wear for a special event that I was going to attend. He bought me a white coat-like dress and told me to wear it. I stood in front of a long-length mirror while he presented the dress to me. I wore the coat that was long like a dress to the event. Becoming a couple with the man you have feelings for in a dream represents having similar type of desire in waking life. You may long for the intimacy of a committed relationship and wonder when it would be your turn to experience the bliss of long-term love and affection. Your subconscious mind seems to be taking this a step further, as the image of a white coat which resembles a dress alludes to the idea of marriage and the wedding dress a bride would wear. If things are going too slow for you, it may be high time to take matters into your own hands.
Buying already owned shoes I was standing in a thrift store, looking at a rack of old shoes. Then my brother to my right, picks up my current shoes off the same rack for me. Then I started thinking to myself, "I wonder when the other people will come to pick up their own shoes?" Why are we buying my own shoes back? The image of your shoes in a dream generally represents your current lifestyle and attitude. As such, dreaming of buying back your own shoes suggests possible struggle of expressing your identity. There are probably individuals around you trying to control your actions or influence your personal views, so this vision reflects your fight to retain your individuality and make your voice heard.
Washing children's raincoats I was in a laundry room I have never been in before, alone but talking to myself about washing children's raincoats, 100's of raincoats I was putting into the washer and then putting them in the dryer. Doing laundry in a dream vision is often connected with the idea of acquiring wealth in waking life. That is, it usually portends being the beneficiary of some will or recipient of material property or money. The source of this inheritance would likely be surprising to you, as the image of raincoats could point toward a person you do not know well, most likely a distant relative. The absence of an heir in their life may be the reason they have chosen you to receive the fruit of their life's work.
Wearing platform shoes Please interpret the dream. I was looking at my left foot whereas I wore silver color sandals with white platform. A dream in which you see yourself wearing platform shoes likely points to a change in social environment or place of residence that could soon take place wherein there would be a possibility of meeting new acquaintances. This new surroundings and new characters in your life may make you feel uncomfortable and apprehensive. Therefore, you should look at these upcoming changes in a positive way and try to make the best out of what is to come.
Being ashamed of wearing jeans In my dream I was in a room of people I know and when they looked at me, they said "Oh my, Carol has on pants!" I hung my head in shame and said "It's all they had". I don't ever wear pants, so this is very puzzling to me. Also the pants were brand new blue jeans. Blue-colored clothes normally symbolize truth and wisdom. The fact that you are wearing blue pants and being ridiculed for it could represent such events as these happening in wake life. Your habit of taking a stand and speaking the truth might be made fun of by others. Additionally, those around you may misunderstand your point of view. However, it is important that you maintain your stance regarding what you believe is right. Despite what others think of you, you would always feel better if you do not compromise your morals or lower your standards.
Shoes upside down on a rack I dreamt all my neice's shoes were turned over on the shoe rack. Shoes in dreams are often thought to represent our place in life or the current status of affairs. In this case, seeing your niece's shoes inside a shoe rack suggests she is doing all the things she should be doing, such as working hard and treating others with respect. However, observing that the shoes have been turned over suggests that, despite her efforts, things are not going the way they should. Maybe others do not treat your niece fairly, or maybe there are other obstacles which prevent her personal growth. Your subconscious may be wondering if there is something you can do to help this situation, resulting in this dream vision.
A crush wearing purple and shoes that do not match The settings of my dream is unknown, but it was about my crush. However, the most significant thing about my dream is how she was dressed. She was wearing a dark pinkish color dress, it almost looked purple. Next, was one heel on one of her foot (a glass platform heel). And on her other foot was a white sandal. Do you guys know what this means? Please I need some answers. I really like this girl, and I'm curious of what this means. Dreaming of your crush reveals your infatuation or constant preoccupation with this individual. Constantly thinking or daydreaming about her in reality would make her likeness manifest in the dream world in order to continue your train of thought from when you were awake. Similarly, the pink or purple dress likely reflects your passionate feelings for her. After all, such colors signify love, happiness and affection. Perhaps this vision means you are falling in love. As such, the glass heel and white sandal allude to your trepidation about pursuing a romance with her because you may view her as someone too pure and innocent. Like glass, this illusion could shatter if you got too close. Alternatively, the glass heel could also point to your fear of messing up and losing someone precious in the process.
At school without shoes I was at my school without shoes, but I was wearing socks and it was raining at that time and I stepped on the grass then it got wet. In a dream, seeing yourself at school without shoes on represents the upcoming end of a relationship with someone you care about. It could be either a romantic or a platonic relationship, and you are likely to feel disappointed and hurt by this separation. Dreaming of rain generally symbolizes your tendency to alienate yourself in wake life, meaning you try to make your presence less noticeable. Perhaps this time your feelings of hurt and disappointment with the broken connection are the primary reason why you would exclude yourself from the company of others. This growing introversion could be a big problem in the future. You should try to open up to someone you know you can trust and share how you are feeling with them, otherwise this situation may lead to more serious psychological issues.
Wearing golden clothes My dream was about wearing a golden shiny color dress and shiny golden belly shoes. Envisioning yourself wearing a golden dress and shoes may represent a completely opposite situation in wake life. This symbol actually suggests that you are about to experience a period of financial insecurity, meaning you would lack the money to purchase such nice clothes and shoes. In essence, you may have enough cash or savings to get through, but you would not be able to waste money on extravagances. If you plan carefully and pick up a side job, you may be able to make this a very short-term situation.
A woman in red sari dancing I see in my dreams that a woman wearing a red Indian sari is dancing alone in a house. The red sari could be an allusion to repressed desires or hidden sexuality. You may have set your eyes on a romantic prospect and are contemplating your next moves to woo them. In addition, observing a dancing woman in the dream world often pertains to emerging love. It usually translates to the possibility of being about to fall in love or start a love affair. Both cases would involve the development of an intimate romantic relationship with an unexpected person. That is, you would become involved with someone that you had never thought you would. However unexpected, the relationship with this person would be pleasing and enjoyable.
Hanging clothes on the line while naked Saw myself naked washing and spreading clothes with some others at a public tap and some guys watching me spread the clothes from a close distance. But I had this carefree attitude in the dream. Dreaming about washing clothes has negative connotations. It indicates that your current ways could prove to be your ultimate downfall. Perhaps you have a frivolous attitude which is having an adverse impact on your relationships. This symbolism is further reinforced by the fact that you were nude and not bothered about it. It represents the insecurities which you face in your waking life. Perhaps this giddy attitude which you have is simply a show and you are trying to hide your vulnerable side. However, you should keep in mind that doing so is only going to create more trouble for you down the road.
Wearing black and white shoes I take off my socks and I am wearing a pair of black shoes without socks. I wearing black shoes and going through a small path. On the small forest path I can see a lot of white mushrooms. There are two pairs of shoes, one is white and another is black. White ones are quickly taken by my boyfriend's wife and the black one I am wearing. When I wear black shoes my boyfriend is looking at me. The colors black and white illustrate a stark contrast in your dream which could be interpreted in various ways. Generally, wearing black shoes alludes to the dreamer's overall satisfaction and happiness, however, it can also be associated with misunderstandings. The juxtaposition of the black shoes you were wearing with the white shoes worn by your boyfriend's wife denotes judgment. Maybe you cast yourself as the villain in the situation because you are figuratively standing between two people. Hence, you could be feeling guilty or ashamed of your actions.
Looking for a piece of a pink dress I had an expensive 2-piece pink dress. I feel asleep and when I woke up, the top half was gone. A friend was supposed to watch it, but she went out with a guy and got drunk. I went to look for the dress. I was in a large hotel. I asked the lady at the desk, she didn't have it. I went through glass doors to an outside area. I was younger and I could hear my shoes on the sidewalk. While outside, 4 men came, 2 in uniform. They looked at me and said "Not her", and started shooting people. I covered my eyes. The pink dress could be an allusion to love and affection. Hence, losing the top part likely means that you are unable to fully commit yourself to someone for reasons that are known only to you. This tendency to hold yourself back from falling head over heels in love may be a reflection of your straight-laced ways. Similarly, the men in uniform represent discipline and order. In that case, perhaps you feel like you need to be more organized and settled. You could be looking for a sense of stability, yet the men's decision not to shoot you suggests your inability to achieve your goals and targets. You may have a clear image of the kind of life you want to lead, yet time and again fate does not seem to be on your side. Personal or professional fulfillment has always seemed to evade you.
Washing underwear before going to a wedding Washing dirty underwear before going to a wedding at a church with daughter and then being late because the garment was not dry in time. This dream about washing dirty clothes is a warning that you are going to encounter some misunderstandings or conflicts in your waking life. You may find that continuing your current ways can pull you down, creating bigger problems for you in the future. It could also be a sign of worries or concerns that you may be currently experiencing concerning your daughter and her life. You may be suffering after witnessing a recent event that had a serious impact on your psyche. These difficulties may be hard to overcome and you may need to analyze which priorities are applicable to your current life and take action.
Clothes of a deceased mother My husband's cousin gave me 3 plum-colored dresses that used to belong to her mother. Her mother is deceased. She took them out of the bedroom closet and laid them on the bed for me. I did not touch them. She put on a beautiful spring dress that had a lot of wildflowers on it. I complimented her. She was very happy, spinning around like a little girl. The plum-colored dresses in the context of this dream are symbols of wisdom and kindness. Perhaps your husband's cousin likes to dispense practical knowledge or share lessons she learned from her mother as a way of keeping her mother's legacy alive. Some of the advice she gives you may be unsolicited, yet it could be part of her coping mechanism for her grief. In the process of unburdening her personal baggage to you or other family members, she may start feeling a little lighter and more excited about what the future holds for her.
A woman who stopped wearing hijab I dreamt when my brother-in-law came to visit together with his wife and I saw that his wife no longer wears the hijab. The hijab is a symbol of traditional values and conservative beliefs. Perhaps the fact that your brother-in-law's wife was not wearing a hijab in the dream reveals your impression about her. Maybe you find her opinions and ideas too radical or progressive in comparison to the other women in your social circle. Alternatively, her appearance may reflect her independent nature and candid personality. You either admire her for her newfound courage or are uncertain about how to handle her recent transformation.
Someone flapping covers Dreamed about somebody flapping my covers really fast up and down. Dreaming of flapping your covers or any type of sheet reveals your tendency to depend on others for support. You may soon encounter problems in the waking world and you could end up imposing on your friends and family hoping that they would bail you out. This neediness could backfire once your loved ones get tired of constantly coming to your rescue. Perhaps it is time for you to start helping yourself become more independent.
A wedding dress with three colors In my dream, I was supposed to get married when I noticed that my wedding dress had three colors: pink, black and white. But the person who came to help me wear my dress asked why I wanted to wear that wedding dress. Gender: Female. Getting married in a dream can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on your current situation. In general, this type of dream manifests itself during times when you are at a crossroads and facing a life-changing decision ahead. The colors are central to your dilemma. Pink is a symbol of passion and love, while black and white point to a more realistic and pragmatic perspective. Essentially, you may be conflicted on whether to follow your emotional instincts or your rational side. Since weddings and marriages are more personal in nature, this predicament could involve a significant other or a family member. Although marriage can also be interpreted as commitment in a more general sense which may also apply to work. If there is an opportunity for you to advance your career, then you may be trying to find ways to reconcile passion with practical matters in choosing the right path to take.
Finding own underwear on the street I was running for fun by myself at night. I couldn't see anything until I came to my underwear lying in the street. I found it inspiring, since they were mine it meant I am supposed to be here, and while I thought this the underwear was floating. I then realized that they shouldn't be floating and then they flew to the right and revealed a black and white face, like something from a horror movie. I woke up and wouldn't move and my heart started beating fast. Scariest dream I can remember. Dreaming about seeing your underwear lying on the street and then floating away from you could indicate that there are certain secrets which are going to be revealed. Such confidential information being leaked would have a profound impact on your life. The notion of you being scared could be your psyche trying to warn you about what you may soon discover. The scary face in your dream could represent shame and abhorrence that you would feel at what you will have discovered. It could be connected to your own past behavior or recent actions. It would be helpful to reassess your past and conduct yourself in a more prudent manner to avoid facing humiliation and disgrace.
A relative tearing a sandal My sister-in-law trying to wear my new and very beautiful sandals. She wore one, but the second one she torn that. It seems that she was trying to wear them forcefully even though the sandals were her foot size. Seeing someone else wearing your sandals suggests conflict between the two of you. Some news or information may come to light which would place a barrier in your relationship with her. Perhaps some envy is involved, especially directed at you. Your sister-in-law could be coveting parts of your life, wanting to be more like you or perhaps experience what it is like to live like you. This may not be immediately noticeable, perhaps even she would not like to admit it. However, those resentful feelings may just be suppressed and could surface once some type of conflict arises.
Setting an old wedding dress on fire I was in my grandmother's bedroom. And she had this mannequin-type thing that had an old wedding dress on it. For some reason I had this want to burn the house down. So I struck a match and lit the dress on fire. Then I started to gather my things before the fire got too big. But before I knew it the fire was out. And the only thing that actually burned away was the dress. I began to feel horrible because then I realized that the dress was my grandma's mother's old wedding dress. The mannequin in your dream is likely a representation of yourself and the vintage wedding dress alludes to your past, including childhood and family affairs. As such, the act of setting it on fire suggests the possibility of cutting off connections from your past or severing ties with some of your loved ones. Some unexpected news or surprising information could feed your increasing resentments and frustrations towards your kin. Committing arson also reveals rage. Perhaps your inability to unburden yourself of certain issues would stoke the fire of anger inside of you and when you do let your anger get the best of you, you may end up hurting your loved ones and possibly damage those relationships.
No dress to go to a party I dreamt that a friend suggested we can also go to a function in the evening. I agreed, but did not have enough money to buy evening dress. I looked all over but still could not find it. Woke up like that. Dreaming about planning to attend or getting ready for a party is indicative of your current situation when you are socializing or networking with a lot of people who you think could be helpful in achieving your dreams and aspirations. However, not being able to afford or find appropriate attire signifies your distrust in or doubts about certain individuals you have been interacting with, either because of their personalities which are different from yours, or because you feel apprehensive of their true motivations behind the facade they are maintaining while communicating with you.
Yellow clothes in a drawer I opened my drawer and found various t-shirts and athletic shirts in the same yellow-gold color. Dreaming about finding yellow-colored clothes signifies upcoming success and good fortune. It predicts a period of great happiness for you and you would be able to share the joy with the rest of your loved ones as well. The notion of finding athletic clothes could also indicate that you would enjoy good health and vigor, which would allow you to live life to the fullest. Keep yourself prepared for new opportunities and be sure to welcome enjoyment into your life.
A crush wearing ugly clothes I had a dream where I was having dinner with my crush and her friends, and she was wearing ugly clothes. She was wearing a blue and yellow striped sleeveless dress with a "Coca-cola" singlet on top of it. What does this mean? Sharing a meal with those who are close to you may predict one of them leaving or moving away for a long time. While the motive is unclear, your crush's ugly clothing could reveal one of two things. Ugly, dirty or ill-fitting clothing represents deceit in the dream world. On one hand, it may mean she has not been honest in her intentions and is planning to forsake you at some point. Another interpretation could indicate that she reciprocates your feelings but would act badly in order to force others to leave your circle of friends so that she has you all to herself. The blue and yellow dress further illustrates the unpleasantness and distress either of these situations would cause.
A woman in a white coat and hat I dreamed of well-dressed woman in a white coat with leopard print collar and matching hat standing over me. Dreaming of a well-dressed woman predicts receiving malicious news in the future. There may be individuals spreading rumors or gossip that may involve you. The woman's white coat represents your fear of being judged. You try so hard to control your image, so being talked about, accurately or otherwise, causes you a lot of stress and apprehension.
Matching clothes with jewelry I was collecting beautiful stones from under the bed. A lot of smooth beautiful stones that were rocks, not any kind of jewelry. However, I found a set of beautiful turquoise earrings. I smiled and chose to pair them with a black blouse and black pants. I held the blouse up to inspect it, asked my mother "Where are black pants?". She replied "On the line, drying". I looked out the window at the black pants and pictured the outfit on on me with earrings. Female. Dreaming about discovering precious stones under your bed signifies fresh opportunities which you would find in unexpected places. These would help you improve your life to a great extent. Stumbling upon a pair of turquoise earrings predicts that you would make the most of these prospects and become successful. The presence of your mother in the dream further reinforces the notion of the accomplishments and triumphs appearing in your life's path. Make sure you remain open to new developments and welcome them with open arms. This is a period of great fortune because things would turn in your favor.
Red jeans Keep having a dream about red jeans. I'm not wearing them and they have tags on them. I'm just holding them up in front of me. The red jeans in your dream represent a desired lifestyle. You may have been thinking about changing your ways of life and wondering about what it is like to live a certain way. Red is the color of passion, so perhaps this desire may have something to do with a long-held dream or aspiration. Merely holding the red jeans and not trying them on likely reveals your pragmatic nature. In theory, it may seem tempting to pursue your passion, yet your reality tells you it may be an impractical move.
Receiving clothes from an unfamiliar girl It was about a girl whom I don't know in real life giving me a piece of clothing and I was very happy to see her. Her name was Richa, with long black hair. In a box she brought me a clothing piece. Being given clothes which made you feel happy is a very auspicious sign to experience in a dream. It could mean a variety of positive outcomes, including possible improvements in everyday aspects of your waking life. However, because the girl giving this piece of clothing was unfamiliar to you in the dream, it could be some time before you attain complete inner peace and harmony present in your life.
Wearing torn slippers and people offering newer ones I had a dream in which I was walking with a pair of torn-up slippers on my feet. While walking, I got frustrated about the slippers and decided to remove them from my feet and to walk with my bare feet. Then immediately, a lot of passerby women decided to help me with their slippers so that I would not walk with my bare feet. And while they were all giving me their slippers, I realized that an old lady's pair of slippers was quite new and I chose it and put them on my feet and I awoke. Envisioning yourself wearing torn or old shoes could portend receiving unpleasant or bothersome news in the coming future, this is more so true if you found yourself unable to remember what kind of shoes they were. Walking barefoot means there are uncertainties or concerns about those who are close to you, such as family or close friends. The offering of old shoes by other women predicts trips full of difficulties and unwanted surprises. However, it seems that once you get over this period of time, you may find that you have developed inner peace and harmony within your life, as symbolized by the old woman giving you new slippers that you then chose to wear instead.
Mad at the lover for wearing white dress I am male. I have seen a dream in which my lover was married to another guy, she was in a normal white dress like the ones girls wear in school as their uniform whereas we Muslims don't wear white dress during a wedding. Then came to a thread and began to worship it, which we Muslims don't do. And I was very upset and angry in my dream and was continuously eating feces or shit. When you dream that your girlfriend has become involved with another man, it could be a manifestation of your frustration with work or everyday household tasks and responsibilities. It could allude to having a lot of difficulties achieving your goals and completing your duties within the established time frame and you could be feeling you are lacking the resources needed to take care of things properly. The notion of eating your own feces, on the other hand, could reveal your tendency to look at things with a rather negative perspective and this kind of outlook on life could be detrimental to you, maybe even leading to thoughts of self-inflicted harm or suicidal tendencies.
Wearing a biker's jacket I am a happily married woman, well I thought I was. I dreamt I was back in my home town when I met a group of bikers who were on tour, a good-looking guy bought me a drink and told me to wait for him, he told me that the pink jacket I was wearing was not nice, so he gave me his jacket and then left to finish the tour of Europe after which I put the jacket on and found he had left his wallet and watch in the pockets. If you are a married woman and you dreamed about having an outside affair or infatuation, it could foretell some future challenges arising inside your marriage. You may be at risk of losing the love and respect of your husband and this could be the result of the way you may have acted around him, for example when showing signs of irritability, anger or other sorts of negative emotions. Since your dream contained scenes of interacting with a biker, you could also be subconsciously hoping for a similar way of treatment coming from your husband, perhaps even with sexual undertones when certain fantasies on your part still remain unfulfilled.
Being given clothes and shoes by a deceased lady I had a dream that a lady I knew when I was a small girl, she is now long deceased. She brought for me two huge sacks, one full of clothes, the other full of shoes. Apparently she had made this promise still in the dream and kept it. I opened the bag full of shoes. I found assorted shoes. Many baby shoes, a pair of sneakers too small for me and several different types of black sandals that could fit. None of all these shoes were new. They were handed me down. I packed them back to keep for me. Your dream may seem contradictory at first because dreaming of a deceased friend could mean you may receive unexpected and exciting news, but envisioning old shoes could mean exactly the opposite, which is having to face some unwanted surprises and difficulties, most of which would involve trips to places or locales known to you. Perhaps the visit of the old lady you once knew is a sign that you should be preparing for some difficult times, while knowing that you have the strength to overcome them and embrace brighter opportunities which would allow you to improve your situation. The notion of old shoes could also mean that these problems you would face are not completely new to you, but you would finally begin to understand how to deal with them.
Fiance wearing high heels I am a female aged 38 years, I saw my fiance wearing my high heel shoes in a dream and he seemed so comfortable, what could be the meaning? Thanks in advance. Usually, seeing men wearing women's shoes, such as high heels, indicates you may be feeling some discomfort, since these shoes in general are not comfortable for those not used to wearing them. Since your boyfriend seemed comfortable wearing them in your dream, perhaps it could mean that there is something in your relationship you are concerned about, something you thought could be a problem, but you have discovered your fiance can handle it perfectly well and so a potentially problematic issue has come off as inoffensive.
Stealing clothes Stealing clothes. Stealing clothes in a dream vision is often connected to low self-esteem but also a penchant for false confidence and pride. In a sense, you are robbing yourself of opportunities to grow and learn about yourself by putting on a fake persona in front of others. The clothes you stole, then, are those other personalities. It is likely that you act more strong, obnoxious or careless than you normally would in order to please those you consider friends. However, doing so not only ruins your image in their eyes, but hurts your self-confidence as well. It would be better to be honest about your feelings and preferences instead of hiding who you really are.
Wife hiding clothes I have this dream or a dream similar to it over and over again. I am with my wife and other people and she hides my clothes. Everyone else changes their clothes to go someplace nice, but when I want to change mine, they are gone and she won't tell me where they are. So, I have to get undressed, shower and wait naked in the bathroom for my clothes which are hidden. If she finds my clothes, they are all tangled up and I cannot untangle them! So everyone else is ready to go, not me. So, I wake up mad at my wife! Clothing in dreams represents your image or outer appearance. In that sense, dreaming that someone hides your clothes could mean that somebody is trying to change certain aspects of your personality. It could mean that your wife's expectations of you are different from how you perceive yourself. As such, the clothes when they are found appear tangled up. Alternatively, being naked in the shower means being vulnerable. Perhaps your wife is forcing you to face your own personal demons and flaws. The longer you get to know each other, the more personality traits present themselves and not all of them may be positive. Sometimes you may bring out the worst in each other and that can be difficult to accept.
Deceased mother giving nice clothes I dreamt of my late mom giving me fancy, beautiful very neat clothes. I was so overjoyed. What could it mean? I'm a lady. Dreaming about receiving brand new clothes could mean that something important is about to happen in your waking life that would finally allow you to fulfill your wants and aspirations. The notion that it was your late mom giving you these items could mean that these events will be directly connected to your past, as if it was the conclusion of a long-term dream you once had and never thought you would actually be able to achieve.
Used jeans turning into leggings I was in a used clothing shop and having a look at used clothes. I bought one pair of light blue jeans but when I was wearing them, they turned to a dark gray stirrup leggings. It had specific design. A lace on the thigh and through it I could see my thigh that was so fat. Also the stirrups were loose. Also I realized that these leggings belonged to a very rich and divorced lady in my home town. She is two years older than me. Dreaming about trying on old clothes belonging to someone you know could mean that there is something in this person's life which parallels your current situation and so you refer back to them in order to have some sort of example, a paradigm that you can either follow or avoid. Since you mentioned that the leggins belonged to a very rich and divorced lady in your home town, it could mean that there are certain aspects of her life that you want to relate to, maybe a way of being, a certain freedom or style. You imagine yourself wearing her clothes in order to relate to her on some level. However, this does not mean that the person is a role model, it could just as easily be a warning to go your own way and stop imitating others.
Cutting clothes after being trapped I am a male. I had a dream of being trapped in a network beside a river. The trap was hooked to my clothes. So I had to tear my clothes and even borrow scissors from an old woman selling clothes there. I finished cutting the clothes, and I came out freely without wearing tops, only trousers. Being caught in a trap near a river could mean that you have been exposed to certain events or situations that, although challenging, may bring about positive changes in your life, making you feel rejuvenated and blessed. As for the old woman in this vision, she could be a sign that the troubling events or situations referred to by the trap symbol relate somehow to your past, possibly to some kind of unresolved issue that you would finally be able to put to rest.
Son choosing between two skirts for the mother Mother asks adult son to choose between two skirts. A skirt is a symbol of femininity and sexuality in dreams. They can also symbolize tact and chastity, depending on the length and material. The longer the skirt, the more old-fashioned and traditional the values that are being exemplified by the skirt. In a sense, the son is basically being asked to choose between two points of view when it comes to handling his sexuality. Would he prefer to handle his relationships in a more traditional way or develop progressive values? Perhaps this is your own preoccupation as well. You could be torn between two possible value systems and choices to make.
Dressing as a bridesmaid for males I am a man, it was the day before a wedding and I bought a white bridesmaid's dress for myself. I had a whole outfit: tights, shoes, pants. Everyone seemed to know I was going in this but no one judged or said anything. What does it mean? Cross-dressing in dreams may reveal your desire to understand or embrace the characteristics of the opposite sex. In your case, you may be interested in knowing the inner workings of the female mind. You may also be curious about certain feminine traits because of a particular female in your inner social circle, likely a romantic prospect. Understanding her would mean forging a stronger bond and a better relationship. Because the female clothing you are going to wear in your dream vision is a bridesmaid's dress, you may be thinking about settling down yourself. You could also be wondering whether your significant other is contemplating the idea of marriage. Perhaps you have received hints or signals from her broaching the subject of weddings and engagements. You seem open to the idea, which is why your mind conjured this scenario. It not only allows you to place yourself in her shoes but also gives you a taste of the significance of this occasion.
A friend stealing a pink coat I had a new coat, pink and woolly (I wouldn't normally wear something like this) and it was suddenly stolen from me by a once close friend whom I haven't spoke to in over a year! The coat just seemed to vanish but I seemed to know it was her that took it, I told my mum who didn't seem particularly bothered about it and when I wanted police involved she told me to go find my receipt to prove to police it was mine. She usually has very strong feelings about things that happen to me! I am female, 32. A lost coat in dream visions generally pertains to a period of change or transformation. The coat itself is a metaphor for safety and comfort, but it can also refer to a defensive characteristic and a tendency to put up walls. In your case, perhaps losing the pink coat refers to your desire to reconnect with old friends. Specifically, the friend who stole your coat in the dream is likely the one you are missing in reality. After over a year of silence and lack of communication, you may be ready to reach out and clear the air. In addition, your mom could be the voice of reason and experience that you have been looking for as of late.
A friend dressed in the same clothes I pass a friend in an old wooden hallway wearing similar clothing to me and hat to me and I say "Ha, we're dressed the same" after passing with no response but the friend responds in a cold way towards me and we pass. Wearing clothes that are similar to those your friend is wearing could symbolize your desire to possess qualities your friend has. For example, your friend may be particularly smart, out-going or confident, and you hope to develop such qualities in yourself. Your friend's cold reaction could be your internal concerns that you would be seen as a copy cat. However, if you truly want to gain positive traits, you should not worry about what others think and only focus on making yourself better.
Cutting roommate's clothes with scissors My house mate dreamt that I was cutting her clothes with scissors and we fought when she saw me doing it. Our clothing serves as protection and barrier from external elements. Clothes are supposed to protect our bodies from environmental threats. They can also represent modesty and privacy. The same associations are true for clothing as a dream symbol. As such, the act of cutting your housemate's clothes in this dream vision could be an indication of animosity between the two of you. Destroying her clothes with scissors can point to the possibility that you may be accused of ruining her reputation or making her look bad in front of others. Perhaps this is also a projection of your enmity towards her. Even if you do not acknowledge these negative feelings or you are hiding your distaste in reality, her subconscious may be showing her this dream scenario as a form of catharsis or a release of her or your thinly veiled anger and contempt.
Someone ruining clothes in the laundry 3 days ago I dreamed that I was doing my laundry. After I finished my laundry, the scene was I am outside which I no longer remember in detail but when I return to the house, a beautiful lady repeated doing my laundry. When I saw her, she was soon to finish it, but I noticed that she did not separate my light-colored clothes from dark clothes which caused stains and discoloration to some of my clothes. My dark blue jeans is next to my white shirt and gold dress. Both of my white shirt and gold dress had blue stains from my jeans. I did not confront her but I was frustrated deep inside. When I was inside the bus, I was able to share this with one of my friends. I wonder what this dream means. Dreaming that you are doing the laundry symbolizes spiritual cleansing and purification. You could be in the process of getting rid of bad habits or generally trying to become a better person after going through a lot of trials and making a lot of mistakes. Meanwhile, the beautiful woman or lady in your dream vision portends exciting occasions ahead of you. It could be a party, a reunion or a random encounter with someone from your past which would trigger strong emotions or even feelings of nostalgia. While you would initially look forward to parties or similar events, it may end up giving you mixed feelings which would affect your current resolve to transform yourself. Perhaps the discoloration of your clothes means attending those events could make you feel sad or lonely, as indicated by the blue stain. Instead of moving forward with your self-improvement plans, bitterness and resentments could come bubbling to the surface of your consciousness. Alternatively, the beautiful lady could also represent your aspiration. Perhaps in trying to achieve that ultimate goal, it may end up destroying you or bring out the darker or more chaotic aspects of your personality.
Being given saris at a temple I dreamt about me, mom and sis at a Temple (Kaliamman Temple) by the beach. We attended for prayers and coincidentally they were offering sarees to all the women there. Most of them were purple and a little bit of green. We were queuing up. But I guess I woke up before I received it, I told my mom and she said next month we are going to an island where they have a Kali temple opposite to the beach. A temple in dreams denotes growth and transformation. This can also refer to spiritual enlightenment. Since the temple is located by the beach, it means you are conflicted. You are torn between following the advice of your elders or letting your emotions guide your judgment. The sari provides further clues about the source of your dilemma. A sari symbolizes safety, security and modesty. It seems that you want to break free from traditions and be free to make your own choices, but your family could be trying to rein in your stubborn nature so you can have a more stable future.
Partner wearing blue shoes I saw my partner coming out surprisingly from nowhere when I was passing by but he didn't see me. And he was wearing blue Adidas shoes. What are your interpretations? Seeing your partner wearing blue shoes could refer to an upcoming separation from this individual. This does not necessarily mean a breakup or a permanent disunion, however. It could mean one of you would have to travel or go away for awhile, possibly because of work or familial obligations. You would not need to worry about anything specifically during this time, although you may have some concerns about traveling or the reason for traveling in general.
Husband buying and wearing a sari My hubby purchased a new saree for me and he is demonstrating first himself with new saree. A saree or sari can have intimate connotations in the dream world. It can also refer to new experiences. So in the context of your dream, it means your husband would open up your mind to new ideas and experiences when it comes to your marriage and your relationship in general. He would be guiding and teaching you new skills, be it about physical intimacy or more practical matters related to making your marriage stronger. Alternatively, your husband could have a tendency to be controlling. He could even be underestimating you on a lot of matters and your subconscious is pointing out this power imbalance.
At a hotel wearing formal attire A distinct dream where I have a black dress on with black high heels. I'm at a hotel and saying I only want room number 17 and it must be an executive suite. Trying to get a room at a hotel and specifically requesting a suite may mean you are about to go through a series of trials and tribulations, most likely something to do with an important project or task you would soon undertake. The number 17, then, takes on a special significance, as it indicates frustration and mental fatigue upon facing these challenges. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed and tired after days and weeks of long nights and little peace. However, the black dress and matching heels predict bad news, in this case, that your hard work is all for naught. Whatever you hoped the outcome to be, there is little chance it could come to fruition. It may be better to cut your losses early or choose a plan of action that is more likely to succeed.
Husband receiving clothes from a dying man I dreamed about a man and my husband, I didn't recognize who the man was in my dream, but I saw that the man is really sick and he is dying. My husband suddenly appears in my dream and it seems that he knows the man, then I don't know why but the man gives my husband clothes. 3 different colors - red, black, and I think the other one is gray. My husband took the clothes and he wears the black one and I found out in my dream that the man who gives him the clothes is already dead. That's all. Seeing a dying person in dreams denotes impending hardship you and your husband would experience. The origin would be unknown which would make it harder for you to cope, especially if someone back-stabbed or betrayed you. The clothing given to your husband represents different outcomes to your personal trials. Red clothes mean you would triumph over your enemies and enjoy material gains as well as overall happiness. But since your husband chose the black clothes, then failure is ahead accompanied by misery and suffering from this setback. After the dust settles, your partnership and marriage would either become stronger or it would break under the sheer weight of your problems.
A shirt with unfitting sleeves I am wearing a shirt of which one sleeve is loose and the other tight. I want the loose sleeve tailored to fit. The tailor begins to cut and we realize it is the wrong sleeve. The tailor cuts the both sleeves. Ill-fitting clothes in dreams, whether they are too large or too tight, signifies change. This represents an end to old habits or lifestyle. Sleeves in particular refer to work ethics. You are ready to focus on advancing your career and working hard to achieve your goals. However, since the tailor ends up cutting both sleeves, it means things would not go according to plan. There will be distractions and obstacles in your way, so you have to be flexible enough when unforeseen things occur. Having a strict plan and putting all your hope in it would only make you frustrated, whereas flexibility and adaptability would give you more chances to succeed.
Wearing a bridesmaid's dress Wearing or trying on a white bridesmaid dress. Trying on a bridesmaid's dress reveals your desire to be in a loving and committed relationship. You feel like you are always overlooked by potential partners and this makes it harder for you to make meaningful connections. Fortunately, the bridesmaid's dress is also associated with a blossoming love, so you would soon meet someone who would make you feel appreciated. Rather than a whirlwind romance, you and this person would have plenty of time to strengthen your bond before getting romantic.
Wearing a sweater with an enemy I dream of a person I was not friend with, she is dead, and I let her put on my yellow sweater. We both had one arm in it. The yellow sweater means a loved one would betray you. The person in your dream could be instrumental in making you understand the motivations behind the betrayal. The reasons why you are not friends with her would likely be the same reasons why someone would turn his or her back on you. This unpleasant experience would teach you a valuable lesson about empathy and being more sensitive to the feelings of others.
Wearing fur suits I was in a house, I saw four furries. They were really nice. I wanted to be one too. They told me that there was two fur suits in the upstairs bedroom on the right. There was a tiger fur suit and another one that I do not remember. I put on the tiger fur suit. Me and the furries had some fun and talked. Then I woke up. I thought that I had it two days in a row because there was two parts. I didn't have it for two days though. It was the best dream I ever had and I tried to have it again but I couldn't. Fursuits symbolize warmth and comfort. As such, the furries in your dream refer to people, likely friends or family members, who make you feel loved and accepted. They are your source of strength whenever you feel insecure or whenever you doubt yourself. Meanwhile, putting on the tiger fursuit represents your duality. On one hand, you are a very caring and friendly person. On the other hand, you can also become fierce and aggressive, especially when your rights are being violated. Ultimately, this dream lets you know that you have good people around you whom you can rely on whenever things get rough. You just have to look out for each other to keep negative energies at bay.
Several layers of clothes The lady I'm in love with was putting on several layers of clothes with no regard for how they fit. She put on lace turquoise panties over jeans at some point. Asked why? She said she is getting ready for whatever we decide to do for the rest of the day. Dreaming that the woman you are in love with is putting on clothes in the dream world refers to the numerous stages, events or situations you could find yourself in while pursuing a romantic relationship with her. In essence, each layer of clothing represents a layer of her personality you would learn about or a trial you would go through together. For example, putting panties on over jeans may refer to a period of time when lust would overrule more important values, like trust or loyalty. Either of you may be tempted to objectify the other in search of sexual gratification. While short periods of time engaging in this behavior are neither uncommon nor bad, there were obviously multiple combinations of clothing in the vision, alluding to the variety you may expect in the future. The best course of action should you wish to continue with this woman is to accept developments as they occur and try to keep an open mind to each new situation that unfolds.
Buying a vest Mother and I looking through clothes in a store. Clothes I was looking at had some holes in them. I saw mother trying on vests. The symbolic vision of looking for or buying clothes at a store is usually a positive sign of expecting to reconnect with family members, old friends or other people who play an important part in your life, but who, at the same time, are presently not close to you for one reason or another. However, the next two symbols, both of holes in the clothing and an item of clothing without sleeves could contain a prediction of big disappointments or regrets once the anticipated reunion takes place. Perhaps you should protect yourself and your company from any negativity by being more considerate and understanding toward each other.
Taking off boyfriend's socks I dreamt my boyfriend and I were lying in bed talking and he let me take his socks off his feet. Being in bed with your boyfriend symbolically represents strain and stress in the real world, particularly in regards to relationships. You and your boyfriend may be going through a rough patch currently or could soon go through an ordeal that shakes your foundations. This is opposed by the image of you removing his socks. Socks represent illness or disease, so it is possible that your disagreement revolves around sickness. Possibly you worry about how this disease was contracted or who would be responsible for what in the case one of you cannot work. Taking off the socks, however, points towards turning over a new leaf, meaning you would be able to move past this event and perhaps grow stronger as a couple because of it.
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