Army entering the house and assaulting everyone in the room Dream of soldiers they where 4 came in our place they beat everybody there badly hard I was there but they didn't touch me I was carrying a baby and trying to play DVD. Dreams about soldiers or military personnel entering your house and when these dreams have negative connotation or contain scenes of violence indicate that attempts to get help from authorities or (social) agencies which you will have a need to contact because of some personal issues or problems might not be successful or will not be resolved in your favor. The notion that you were not affected by this visit also means that you will be solely responsible for solving possible issues or conflicts which may occur in your life, to the point of doing it on your own.
Teachers mad and shooting randomly I dreamed that I was in a school and was running away from some teachers who looked like frustrated, upset or confused while trying to shoot at random people including myself. Dreaming about being present at a random shooting could be a warning about possible careless actions you may be subjected to by others who do not realize the negative consequences of their behavior. This dream can also express your fear or hesitance towards something which needs to be taken care of or done by you in order to change your life for better, in the context of your dream - this could be related to school or self-improvement activities.
Hitting another person and he does not feel pain I am hitting someone and he doesn't feel any matter how hard I hit. Dreaming about hitting someone is a sign of unexpected news you are about to receive. It can also signify your fear towards the person you were hitting in your dream who in reality may behave aggressively towards you. Seeing this person not feeling any pain in this dream means that the root cause of your fear or antipathy in relation to this person may never be identified. Try to assess your feelings as to why you are so averse towards this individual.
A man washing his hands in a bowl The lady was eating and the guy washed his hands in the bowl that the lady was busy eating in. When asked why he did that he got angry. This vision of someone washing his hands in a bowl could be a reflection of some indecent acts or inappropriate behavior directed at someone you know and which you may have become a witness of. You may have an emotional dilemma related to this occurrence, but you feel reluctant or even threatened, certainly not willing, to share this information with others or come up with proper resolution. The symbol of a lady in this dream could point out that the person involved in this situation is your close female friend or acquaintance.
Someone obsessed and killing him I dream about a guy who is so obsessed with me. He attempt to hurt me and my friends and then we killed him. What does that mean? It's so weird! Dreaming about a stalker or someone who is obsessed with you is a subconscious reflection of your current life situation when you are exposed to or given too much attention or scrutiny from a person or a group of people. Based on the second part of your dream description, this is most likely the attention or attitude you are not comfortable with. Killing this person in your dream signifies your determination and readiness to do something about this situation before it escalates and gets out of control.
Fighting with a friend In my dream, my old friend who I no longer talk to showed up at my house and started shouting at me. I started shouting at her back as she was the one in the wrong. I said something but smacked myself afterwards. Having a dream about quarreling or having a fight with someone you know closely, such as a friend or a family member is a reflection of your aggressive attitude toward this person and your desire to provoke or humiliate this person, including by some indirect ways or actions. If you felt in your dream that the conflict with this person was a wrongdoing on your part or you felt bad about this confrontation afterwards, you might have doubts and second thoughts about continuing down this conflicting path with this person.
Not ready for a show, connection to school and random shooting A strip club and I was upset because I didn't have time to do my makeup before my first dance and I was wearing my glasses. Customers were really nice to me about it, but I was embarrassed. Work looked nothing like it typically does and had three floors. there were some kids from my high school there… went back to the dressing room which resembled a classroom. All of the sudden gunshots rang out and friend and I hid inside a little closet. voice over the loudspeaker that the shooting was over but that three people had been injured but not killed. All of these people from my high school then came. Being on stage often represents how you present yourself to others and how you are seen and judged by others. Being embarrassed because you were not ready for your performance could reflect your inability to gain other people’s respect or trust. This inability could result from your tendency to minimize your potential in front of others. Dreaming about being embarrassed for not being able to perform could also translate your fear of failure. You fear to disappoint yourself, rather than those around you. You feel like an inapt kid whenever the possibility of failure poses itself. Being present at a random shooting is a warning. Other people may act carelessly towards you. They could be unaware of the negative impact of their actions. Although their menacing behavior is not a constant in your daily life, such behavior could make you feel so fearful that you would want to hide in a closet. This part of the dream could also reinforce the meaning of the initial part when you regard other people’s watchful eyes as (at least sometimes) menacing. Rather than resuming with your social activities (such as dancing) in front of understanding eyes, as with the first part of the dream, you could feel the desire to hide from others and repress your social activities whenever you expect people to be less sympathetic. These are two possible follow-ups for a real or imaginary under-performance (being censured and not being censured; accepting imperfect outcomes or denying possibly imperfect outcomes). This dream can also express your fear or hesitation towards something which you need to do for your life to improve. This action could be related to school or your need for self-improvement.
Abusive relationship with a controlling boyfriend A dream where am involve in an abusive relationships.The controlling and drunk boyfriend. And the boyfriend is unknown. This dream about envisioning yourself being in an abusive relationship with someone you do not actually know could represent subconscious fears. You may be afraid of starting, pursuing, or committing yourself to a more serious relationship with someone who has recently offered you such an opportunity. This could refer to the establishment of a new friendship or a romantic affair. Also, being confronted or having to deal with a drunk person in a dream could represent a warning to be cautious, maintain focus and be prepared to face some serious unfavorable circumstance that may be coming into your life and would be difficult to deal with and overcome. Finally, dreaming of controlling and abusive relations may also stand for a subconscious reflection of being so extremely desired or wanted by someone that it hurts.
Ex-husband stealing possessions My ex-husband came to my house with my friends and stole all my furniture and car. Dreaming about your ex-husband visiting you, alongside other people, could reveal the presence of some unresolved issues or problems with him. These problems would be at least partly affective and need to be addressed and resolved. For example, you may feel that you are worthless (the furniture) and stuck in his absence (the car). Alternatively, you could currently be concerned about your safety. These security issues could be re-emerging because you are worried about protecting your life, and not necessarily in regards to material things or possessions. It also feels as if your past is coming back to haunt you and there is no one to protect you. Even your friends joined the enemy side. The presence of your friends on your ex-husband’s side could be indicative of their involvement or participation in your relationship. They might act as the linking piece between you two, for example by disclosing or sharing new information about his recent actions or behavior to you, which could make you worried and concerned about your own life.
Being humiliated by a teacher and hiding in the washroom stalls In my dream, my literature teacher humiliated me with the rest of my class to a point where I broke down. Later on, my friend went and brought the deputy head to the toilets as I had locked myself in a cubicle and refused to come out. This dream could be an indication of learning about something disappointing and which might make you feel less determined in pursuing projects you are currently intending to complete. It could be related to your studies or life outside the school. The vision of washroom stalls implies the need to re-consider the group of people you are currently having as friends or people who you think could be helpful in achieving your goals or aspirations. The newly acquired friends or acquaintances could improve your chances of succeeding.
People dressed in black trying to attack and no police available I'm in the driveway down the road which has a metal building. I was looking for my dogs and they stay down the road at this house(trailer or shop). I was calling my dogs to get into the car with my son. Then I saw 4 guys dressed all in black coming straight toward me, I was trying to get back into the car before they came where I was, and I asked my son to call the police and he said he couldn't because someone had it. They were there right beside me surrounding the car and not saying a word and no faces that I could see. They were forcing me not to get into the car, and then I woke up. Becoming a victim of some kind of an assault in a dream could be a warning. You presently should be very watchful of your enemies, adversaries, competitors or people who simply dislike you. They could be trying to interfere with your current plans, activities or wishes. The attackers seemed to be faceless. This could be a sign of their feeling of envy and pretense. The attackers did not actually exert any physical violence. Yet, they scared you and forced you into your car, alongside your son. This could suggest that this individual or individuals could about to strike. Alternatively, they could be forcing you to move, for example, into a different house or job, or change your ideas and perspectives about something. These changes could affect your loved ones who are symbolized in your dream by your dogs and your son. You also tried to call the police for help, but you were unable to reach them. This could reveal that no support or help can be offered to you during these difficult times. Alternatively, it could also mean that no one might be available or interested in helping you. For example, you dogs failed to show up in this dream. This reinforces the latter interpretation. Overall, this dream vision translates a fearful and frightened state. You are most likely not quite aware of its source or what could be causing you such anxiety, hence, you subconsciously projected this fear or possible threat to your well-being onto multiple faceless attackers.
Others trying to kill at a party So it started out as a party and then a group of people were trying to kill me. This dream could indicate your subconscious fear of or preoccupation with being influenced by people for something you have done or as a result of the way you have conducted yourself either recently or in the past. You could be anticipating that people around you in your waking life are going to go after you or degrade and humiliate you in some way. This would not necessarily be a physical attack or confrontation. The dream is therefore advising to carefully assess whom you deal with on everyday basis in reality.The symbol of attending a party is also an indication of your current position in life when you could be receiving a lot of unnecessary attention from people you really do not want to associate with.
Friends hitting I see in my dreams that some of my friends hit me. This dream vision of your friends hitting you could be symbolic of a surprise or unexpected news soon to be shared with you. This piece of information could be positive or negative in its nature, but it would surely make you jump out of your seat. If you felt in this dream as if the hitting was an act of aggression or hate in relation to you, you could expect having a confrontation or conflict with one of your close friends or several friends at the same time.
Fighting with people and animals I got into a fist fight with two guys and won. Walked back home, on the way I had to evade a horse trying to kick me, so I jumped in a tree horse kicked tree down and it splintered I landed on my feet. The horse ran away I ran towards my house. Then a friend was walking with me and we heard deep growls from behind us. An huge dog was sprinting toward us. We got in the house and I grabbed a gun went out back to look through the gate dog was trying to get at me and my friend we were going to go back in the house and didn't see my dog. Big dog had mine in its mouth I shot it twice. Then another showed. Overall, your dream visions about being attacked by animals (the horse and the dog) could be a manifestation of the period In your life when you are going through a lot of conflicts and confrontations with people you have to deal with on a daily basis, such as family members, relatives or coworkers. Being kicked by a horse in a dream signifies having to face enemies or adversaries and being defeated, which could in turn negatively affect your future relationships with other people. Dreams about a dog attacking you viciously symbolizes other people’s reactions to your behavior and actions. They either do not understand your motivations and reasoning, or try to protect themselves from your influence which they perceive to be dangerous or threatening. You could also be trying to build new relationships or find new friends, but because of your way of approaching people they seem to distance themselves because they tend to question your real intentions.
Daughter kidnapped by men and saving her from drowning In my dream my 6-year old daughter was kidnapped. As I was running in an unknown town I seen the guys who took her. They advised that she was sold. As I ran around looking for her, I found her at the bottom of a pool not dead, but close. I dove in the pool, brought her out and went running with her. I woke up in a panic. What does this mean? Dreams about your daughter being kidnapped or taken from you often indicate some secret or undisclosed information you have yet to share with her. This may be due to concern that she is too young to understand, or it may be fear that telling her could cause some ill effect. The men seen within the dream vision may symbolize this not yet shared information being about someone close to her, possibly her father, another family member, or even yourself. However, being able to save your daughter at the end of the dream and escaping from that place together may represent a subconscious yearning to tell her the truth and become more transparent, possibly leading to a better relationship in the future.
Buying spoiled food and boyfriend lying I had a dream about shopping at the grocery store, and buying discounted meat, ham and corned beef, that had already spoiled. Then I went looking for my boyfriend who has been missing in action for the past week. I found him at a friend's house in my dream, and he was the climbing into a stolen truck and I ran to hop in the vehicle to get him to talk to me. He began to pull away telling me there was nothing left, but couldn't tell me why. I'm pregnant with his child, and he won't even acknowledge me. What could this dream mean? The spoiled food items in your dream indicate you may have some difficulties controlling your spending. Just as buying food that is already past its expiration date in real life is a waste of money, so does this dream represent being careless in financial matters or not as frugal as you possibly should be. Discounted foodstuffs may also point to inefficiency in your working style or experiencing some loss or failure in regards to a goal you are trying to accomplish. Being unable to find your significant other may represent a past experience or situation in which he let you down, possibly connected to the goal or aim you were working toward. His leaving and ignoring you within the vision may be a symbol of your apprehension to trust him completely, particularly in regards to fidelity.
A conflict involving ex-boyfriend I dreamed of my ex boyfriend trying to tell me something and when he was still trying to speak his fiance called him to come home and he was very rude to her saying he is still busy, but after a few minutes he lied to me and said he is going to the bathroom only to run away from me. Dreaming about having communication problems with your ex-boyfriend and his later attempt to run away from you both point toward recent efforts to catch his eye or try to rekindle your past relationship. While this was possibly done subconsciously, your endeavors may have gone awry. It may be that he did not notice your special attention given to him, or it is possible that he purposely ignored or scorned them. If the fiancee you saw in your vision really exists, it indicates a desire to know about his private affairs, potentially resulting in you getting in trouble for snooping or gossiping. Your subconscious mind, through this dream, may be pushing you to decide between letting your feelings go or continuing to pursue his affection despite his interests being elsewhere.
Trying to kill people at a skating rink In my dream I walked into a roller rink with some people who I guess I knew and we started trying to shoot at the rollerbladers, my gun wouldn't work so I grabbed a knife and started stabbing and cutting people and it was very gory. Both skating and rollerblading are symbolic of feeling like you have your life under control and everything is going smoothly. However, just like skating is almost like flying, you might suddenly stumble and fall if something gets in your way. This is also connected to the image of the gun, which is a sign of feeling edgy and on your guard, and shooting at people without hitting anyone, which indicates wild behavior that may negatively affect you in the future if you do not change your ways. All these images together mean that while everything seems fine on the surface, you may fear repercussions of bad behavior and should therefore carefully consider future actions. Switching to a knife and then proceeding to attack and murder people represents strong sexual energy, and possibly an improved sex life with your partner or lover.
Intruders throwing poisoned darts The mother of my children and one of my children were in the back room of the house and that morning or afternoon because it was daylight when I went outside. We were in the room and we heard commotion coming from the front of our house living room and I ran through a hallway between my kids room and another hall connected to from the hall. I saw two people run into my living room to my kitchen hallway and when they see me they throw sharp objects at me .. It was metal darts ... One hit me on my right hand... Something told me it was poison... And then I felt my body. Dreaming about seeing a stranger or strangers inside your house and threatening you could contain a prediction that you are about to see some significant changes related to your private life or family affairs. It could also mean that you are about to get involved in some unpleasant conflicts or disagreements. Most likely these matters will be closely related to your family, judging from their presence in this same dream. Being poisoned is symbolic that someone is presently watching you or your family members and waiting for the perfect moment to move on with their plans or intentions.
Spending time with boyfriend and being upset In my dream he came and picked me up I went back to his place we spent the night together. And the next morning he dropped me off and was going to pick me up again after work but the conversation we had in my dream was messed up. And when he left for work both of us were really sad. I woke up sad in the morning. Seeing yourself having fun with your boyfriend in your dreams is a warning that you are too preoccupied with your romantic relationship right now, possibly with the same person you had this dream about. Such excessive focus on your relationship might cause some misunderstandings or troubles within your own family. This means you will soon have to make a sound choice between your family circle and this relationship. Having arguments with your boyfriend in the same dream could also mean that someone will be entering your life who may negatively affect your life, causing issues and problems to arise.
Running away with boyfriend and fighting later I asked my dad if my boyfriend could come over and he said no, that he's not good for me and I don't know what I'm doing. So I got mad and ran away with my boyfriend. We took my baby brother with us. My parents followed us and we gave my brother back and my parents started to talk to the people we were going to live with and he got mad and told me I don't even want to see you again, you better stay gone you don't know what your doing with him and then I woke up. Dreaming about your parents scolding you or talking to you in a preaching tone means that you are too sensitive to the opinions expressed toward you by others and fall prey to people criticizing you, without any grounds for them to do so. Having your parents expressing their concerns about your actions or behavior in your dream signifies getting on the right track or being invited to be a part of some great event or celebration. At the same time, this dream could be warning you to change your ways from recklessness and indifference, if you want to see some major positive changes in your life and become a better person.
Trying to kill brother during arguments Dreamt I was fighting with my brother and trying to kill him on point. Dream visions about fighting with your brother mean that you are thankful and appreciative for something he has recently done for you or helped you with. However, at the same time, the result of this aid or assistance on his part was not enough for you because someone else (either other members of your family or some other unrelated people) stood in the way or interfered with the outcome of what you really wanted to achieve, gain or acquire.
Someone trying to take the tongue out I had a dream someone tried to take my own tongue out of my mouth, so I beat them up. I kept beating and beating them because of that. This dream vision about someone trying to get your tongue could be indicative of a recent situation when you caused a lot of grief or issues by either verbally insulting someone or saying things about them they do not particularly like behind their back. And, although you are subconsciously admitting that your behavior was inappropriate and hurtful, you could have some justifications and reasoning behind your actions.
Running and hiding from criminals in a jungle Me and this guy Jack that I really like were running through the jungle of Colombia to try and get away from Pablo Escobar who was chasing us, trying to kill us. We hit many obstacles like running up the side of a mountain with big logs on the ground, or being stuck in a hole in the ground trying to get out by climbing a rope. There was also a lot of shooting of guns and helicopters flying overhead trying to find us. Hiding out in a house was also part of the dream I had, and hiding out in an RV that was parked next to the house. Dreaming of running through a jungle dense with foliage and filled with many obstacles is symbolic of facing challenges and hitting roadblocks in real life. The cause of these issues is likely to be something sudden and unexpected, which is heralded by the sounds of gunfire and helicopters. These loud, abrasive sounds indicate hearing bad news or suddenly having to do something which is difficult and troublesome, perhaps in place of other things you would rather be doing. Hiding in your dream may represent trying to get out of such tedious or difficult work, though, given the overall hectic nature of this vision, it is unlikely you are able to do so.
Fighting with a crush I was fighting with my crush and we were both throwing objects on the floor. It was a very bad dream. When I woke up, I could still feel the bitterness of the fight. Dreaming about being with someone you like but having the dream end poorly represents feeling shy or reserved in front of people you want to make a good impression on. This might be about your crush, but it could also concern strangers, a superior at work, or another high-ranking individual. You may want to practice or prepare more for any important meetings you have in order to feel more confident and sure of yourself.
Being attacked by someone in a cabin My girlfriend is the main person in the dream. And dreams don't ever really make sense, but in this one we were in a cabin-like building, but the inside was an office. And we just kinda hung out there and then it was nighttime, and I went to an office next door and some security dude was there and he attacked me. But he wasn't a human. I ran out and started my truck and then ran inside to get my girlfriend, and just told her to get to the truck and don't ask any questions and we were running to the truck and the dude was running towards it too and I took out his legs. Both images of being inside unfamiliar places and being attacked by a complete stranger point to upcoming changes at home, in your workplace, career, business or personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. These changes could be as trivial as shifting the position of things at home, or as grand as kicking a bad habit, like smoking, or changing your sleeping patterns due to a revised work schedule or a completely new job. The notions of running away from the stranger, and if you felt in the dream as if you were able to escape, could also mean avoiding becoming involved in a risky or fraudulent activity which could otherwise undermine your existing relationship either with someone special in your life or withing your family circle.
Angry mother attacking viciously In the dream I frantically was trying to run from my angry mother who was trying to attack me... I sensed she was trying to kill me... I saw I was losing lots of blood and realized I was hemorrhaging... I was running within her home as I knew I needed medical help or I would die... Got to an old rotary phone and my mother yanked it so I could not call 911, and then used the phone to try and attack me as I was losing lots of blood... I woke up. This dream is rather complicated and depends highly on your current relationship with your mother in real life. The image of your mother attacking you and you running away from her portends unfinished business, an unrealized goal, or a lost opportunity. There might be a project you have been working on or planned to begin that may not come to fruition, despite your best efforts. Additionally, the large amounts of blood you saw in the dream from your injuries point to some financial troubles which may or may not come as a result of the lack of success you experience. Finally, the old rotary phone you tried to use represents difficulties in communication, most likely with you mother due to her presence in the dream. If you are currently having major disagreements with your mother or if your relationship has been shaky recently, this dream might indicate her interfering with your life in such a way that you lose out on some major aim or dream you have been working toward. On the other hand, if your relationship with her is very good, you may experience some unlucky event and, in your unhappy state, lash out in such a way that she is hurt. In both cases, you should be wary of both her actions and your own.
Children being harmed while other people killed I had a horrible dream where lots of people were shot and killed. One daughter (aged 10) was not harmed, while the other daughter (aged 4) was killed. My children in reality are a boy and a girl aged 40 and 36! Later a friend of mine was found dead in the same big mansion. What does this mean? This dream contains a lot of negative imagery within it. The most prominent signs are the shooting and killing, which suggests making careless mistakes which negatively affect many people. You may not be the cause of this problem, but rather a victim of someone else's actions. The symbol of the child becoming injured and killed is much more direct, implying a child around you may become seriously ill in the near future. This may or may not be related to the error mentioned before. Finally, finding a friend who has passed away separate from other people points towards feelings of loneliness and guilt, possibly for wronging this person in the past or not spending time with them recently. While the images are rather disjointed, it is recommended that you be on your guard and watch out for any dark forces that may be trying to wreak havoc on your life.
Confrontation with a woman from the past Dreamt of a woman I used to fellowship with years ago and we parted ways after realizing she was not OK spiritual-wise. I saw her tardy and sad.. Turning her face against me each time I would get closer. I was circled by a large singing crowd and suddenly a huge beautiful lace curtain was hoisted in front of me with her face sulking. Seeing a woman you interacted with some years ago suggests she has either recently turned up in your life again or that she has been on your mind. She may have made a strong impression on you at the time despite her perceived difficulties with spirituality. This woman may represent another person whom you are interested in currently. The image of her turning her face away from you in the dream represents both your desire to learn more and some apprehension about getting closer to someone, again either the woman you saw or another person you have recently grown fond of. The concern comes through a little more strongly in the symbol of the singing crowd that surrounds you, which means you are worried about your family and the larger community's response should you pursue a relationship with this person. The lace curtain at the end of the vision indicates that your subconscious is telling you to let things remain as they are, or to not go any further than you already have.
Meeting a stranger in the market and receiving threatening signs After three days of my marriage I had a dream that me and my dad in a market and my dad chose a yellow precious stone, and I wanted to see and hold it. Suddenly, a stranger who was sitting little far away asked my dad to show it. My dad gives it to him, he saw and throw it away. I got angry and ran to beat him, but he disappeared. After some time he again appeared and I grip his neck tightly and suddenly awake from the dream and what I saw was that my hands were on my wife's neck! The image of a precious stone yellow in color picked by your dad in this dream could actually mean that he has some reservations or doubts in regards to your spouse or about this newly-formed union. Perhaps you are sensing his uneasiness and subconsciously transform it into an image of a stranger. In real life, you want your father to be respectful and happy about the choices you make, but something on his part is holding him back and makes him hesitant. The projected anger toward the stranger is your dissatisfaction with how your father or perhaps other members of your family view and react to decisions you make in your waking life.
Being shot by a gang in own house I had a dream that two gang members walked up to my house and shot my mom, my boyfriend, and I. The shooter threw the gun and I picked it up to shoot back, but it was out of ammo. None of us died but were all shot in multiple areas of our bodies. What does it mean? Being shot in a dream is an ominous sign warning you to be more careful of your surroundings. There is likely someone who has been watching you closely, waiting for an opportunity to attack or take advantage of you. Trying to shoot a gun without ammunition may be a metaphor for ineffectively dealing with other people's attitudes and opinions. Your lack of positive reaction toward them or uncaring nature may give people the wrong impression, causing arguments and disagreements with those around you.
Murderers in an old folks' home I was in an elderly home and I was running in a maze of halls. So when I reached the waiting room there was murderers all in the room flashing their weapons and then Freddy Kruger. Also I've had this dream multiple times before. Dreaming about being intimidated or threatened by murderers could be a warning about possible careless actions you may be subjected to by others who do not realize the negative consequences of their behavior. This dream can also express your fear or hesitance towards something which needs to be taken care of or done by you in order to change your life for better, in the context of your dream, this could be related to relationships with older members of your family or advice you may have recently received from someone older and more experienced than you.
Twin boys in a fight I dreamed seeing a fighting twins and they were boys. Since you did not include your gender, we can provide you with two possible meanings of this dream vision. For males, seeing twins locked in a fight could be significant of the ambiguity or uncertainty related to certain aspects of their masculinity and how others, not necessarily women, perceive them. It could be that they are showing their weaker sides or unable to take control of certain situations. For females, this vision has more relevance to their intimate life or romantic affairs. They could be torn apart, or in half, by the difficult choice they have to make between two suitors who, in their eyes, are equally endowed, attractive or desirable.
Tensions rising among family members and friends My husband, daughter and I were walking out of the house. Our family had just came into a lump sum of money and our son's friend approached us as we were walking out and my husband grabbed his gun and shot my son's friend. The guy started yelling my son's name and once my son knew he had been made, he came out of nowhere trying to kill me and his sister and my husband shot him as well and killed him. What does this mean because i woke up crying but not because he was dead, but because he didn't think I loved him enough that he would try to take my life. Please help. Seeing your family leave the comfort and protection of your house is exactly opposed to the sign of coming into a large sum of money. While the sum of money literally represents physical wealth in your life, leaving the house suggests losing that money. You may, in this case, experience some financial ups and downs in the near future which make it difficult to plan for major expenses. This seems to be centered around your son, indicating you wish to pay for something for him or that he has requested you to pay for his needs. The shooting that occurs represents the difficult situation you find yourself in, namely, not being able to commit to such a large ticket purchase at this time. You may want to be more careful with money and follow a strict budget during this time.
An agitated stranger at grandma's house The dream takes place in the kitchen area of my grandmother's house. An angry male stranger (customer) asking for a refund. He is pacing, and reaching n a plastic bag for an item. He is talking loudly saying that he doesn't want this shit. While this dream might seem negative or be upsetting, it actually has a relatively positive interpretation. Seeing an angry stranger asking for his money back represents your personality, specifically being unafraid to speak your mind and speaking up when you think yourself or others are being treated unfairly. Watching the stranger reach into a bag which clearly has something inside it indicates receiving some small blessings in your life or finding happiness in the little things. If you continue to use your strengths for the good of others you are likely to be rewarded.
People calling names and telling to stay away from them I am 63, I rarely dream any more, but today I had a nightmare. In it, I was being pursued by people, lots of people. In fact, it seemed like everyone was either after me or wanted nothing to do with me. They kept calling me a "Carcinogen". Now, I knew the word had something to do with cancer but it's such an uncommon word to me. I had to look it up after I woke up. In my dream it was like people thought I was a carcinogen, could cause harm, so they wanted me either dead or to stay away from them. I don't know what to think of my dream. I can't seem to get the word "carcinogen" out of my mind. Being both chased and ignored are negative signs to see in a dream vision. Being chased predicts the rise of an enemy or rival who may cause disruptions or chaos in your life. This person may be someone completely new to you, like a neighbor who recently moved in or someone who joined your local church, or it may be someone you already know who has been a passive character until now. Being ignored suggests you often have negative thoughts or tend to be depressed. A new enemy could make you feel even worse than usual and bring out these traits more unless you focus your energy on positive ideas. While the word that carried much of the focus in your dream seemed unfamiliar to you, it is likely you did hear it recently, possibly in the news or in passing conversation and your subconscious picked up on it. This is supported by the perceived negative nature of the word and the traits discussed before. It may be wise to find ways to create more positive attitude and environment around yourself in the face of possible challenges.
Someone making feel uncomfortable and trying to run away from him I once had a dream about a guy I was very interested in. He is about three years older than me and also had a girlfriend, so due to that we never had much of a chance to talk. In the dream, we were in church where I had met him. He had came into the building and walked up to me without saying a word, then he proceeded to grope my left breast in which I received a very negative feeling afterwards. So, I began to walk away quickly and he followed behind me in a speed-walking type of movement until I rushed outside the church and he was trapped inside crying. He couldn't exit the building at all. Dreaming about a specific person usually means they have been on your mind recently, either because you have been thinking about them or because you have recently had a chance to interact. Churches are normally symbolic of protection, so it seems your subconscious self is trying to protect you from this man in the vision, first by limiting his speech and after by trapping him inside the building. This is supported by him touching your breast, which suggests close or intimate contact with this person, but in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, like moving too quickly or doing something you are not interested in or repulsed by. While you might have some feelings for him still, you may be better off not getting involved with him even if an opportunity presents itself in the future.
Fighting over the right to be on the throne I was sitting in my throne getting fed and my brother walks in and tries to take my throne away from me, so we fought over my throne and I won and got it back. This scene signifies that there may be some element of sibling rivalry between you and your brother, that could escalate in a conflict due to what appears to be attempts to assert your individuality as someone superior to others. The reasons could be trivial and based on jealousy of an irrational kind. The fight for the throne signifies the need for you to establish your leadership. This scene summarizes unhealthy state of your ego, something that could pose a risk to many of your social skills. Standing firmly on your two feet, asserting your individual qualities through pursuit of personal excellence may be just enough to prevent what can be an open conflict with many people with whom you may disagree in the future.
Being held down in a tent and calling for help Dreams about sleeping in a tent, and woke up with hand holding me down and over my mouth, so that I could not move or speak, eventually with considerable strength managed to break free and shout for help and at that time I woke up. Sleeping in a tent suggests you may soon be presented with some interesting and lucrative opportunities in the near future, like a part-time job or investment. However, being unable to move or make noise predicts that your rational mind may be at odds with your irrational desires. This means one or more of the opportunities may look a little too good to be true, but your desire for wealth and status may be getting in the way of your recognizing it. You may want to be extra scrupulous of people who seem to be giving things away for nothing, as you could be swindled or misled.
Being saved from robbers by a stranger in a car I dreamt that I was in my house and then it became another house, but still mine and all our family (ladies) were there. I peeped out to look at our car and it was there, the next minute it was gone and there were robbers in the house, but chasing everyone to kill them. I dreamt I tried to hide from them, so I began to climb the brick wall until they spotted me, so I began to run to a car wash. And I ran straight into a white BMW and the owner was there. These guys got into the car with their knife, however, the owner did not let them do anything to me and eventually they left and he fell in love with me. In your dream, fleeing from robbers is the central theme. It could signify that you strongly desire something or someone in your life to make you happier, and you are ready to use all means at your disposal. This search may increase your tendency towards more risky behavior, which, in turn, can lead to awkward moments and downfalls. Your social ties and established connections could be shaken up and uprooted during your ongoing pursuit, but there's also a likelihood of some new and rewarding experiences in your romantic life. You could soon be surprised by being exposed to events or circumstances demanding your immediate attention, things you cannot simply ignore or let pass by.
People invading the house and chasing around I had bought my own house with my girlfriend, it felt very unsafe, the whole neighborhood. We were outside doing yard work and around the corner drove KKK members, I was hoping they didn't see me, as soon as that happened we went inside. This lady knocked on the door and made her way through my house with a whole bunch of wild kids. It felt like a set up. So I started locking the windows and we finally kicked the people out. We go outside in the back and smoke a cig. We saw a guy on a motorcycle start beating up another guy. I grabbed both bats and tried to run and they started chasing me. There are many images in this dream, and most of them support each other in their meanings. Buying a new house in a dream indicates happiness and a good lifestyle that you presently enjoy. Seeing people fighting in your dream symbolizes the freedom you have to express yourself in life, without being concerned what other people may think about you. Of course, you should respect other people's rights, but you can pursue your own happiness. The appearance of kids in the dream indicates that you may have to spend a lot of time and energy on minor responsibilities and obligations. No matter how much you try to eliminate these, they tend to multiply. This could be related to house ownership. Overall, all these people randomly appearing in this vision signify the fact that you spend a lot of time trying to make the best out of your life with all its stresses, inconveniences and headaches.
An altercation with previous liasons I had a dream about my ex wife having a new lover, who was much older than her. I felt jealous about it and beat up this man really hard. But my ex didn't want me anyway and vanished. I saw my dead mother and I just couldn't explain what's happening to me. It was a sad dream, left me deeply disturbed. Dreaming of your ex having a new romantic interest is a sign that you are ready to forgive someone who once made a terrible mistake which had a great impact on your life and devastated you. The fight that you had predicts that something is about to happen to you that you did not expect. It could be a pleasant surprise or a terrible incident that could make you question your faith in humanity. Your deceased mother's appearance in this dream seems to suggest that these emerging circumstances are going to be positive in their nature, as mothers who are no longer with us usually predict positive experiences and things that benefit our lives.
Broken glass and confrontation with a stranger With two women, one dark, one fair, my age, child 5-7yrs, whom I told to put something on her feet, so she didn't hurt herself on glass. She then left. A man rolled up in something containing broken glass, I'm hitting him with a sledgehammer, the man is calm. Women are scared, of him not me. I want to badly hurt him, but am unable to. My age was current, the hut had blue furniture or walls, maybe both. The most prominent symbol in this dream is glass broken into pieces, which could be pointing to your excessive preoccupation with the things from your past. They keep coming back and seem to have special significance to you, and you could be spending too much time re-living past memories. Another important vision of the furniture and walls you recall from this dream could represent obstacles and challenges that currently prevent you from making progress in your life. Remembering being surrounded or blocked by furniture and walls could also symbolically represent how you feel about life in general, namely that other people tend to get in your way, which is supported by the scenes of fighting with a strange man also appearing in this dream.
A stranger getting inside the house and rubbing against I had a dream that a strange man opened my door while I was asleep and asked me "Is this (my name)?" and took me out of my bed rubbing on me. I felt scared and then I woke up. Dreaming about being in your room or a room that you believe to be your own is the manifestation of your life at the moment. Therefore, a stranger entering that room and accosting you could represent feeling unbalanced and vulnerable due to circumstances in your life. You may need to take some time for yourself to decide what you are doing and where you are going, as finding direction may bring you inner peace and contentment.
Attacking a mad woman Beating a mad woman in the dream. Dreaming about having a physical altercation with a strange woman can indicate a possibility of losing your advantage in an upcoming competition due to your inability to keep secrets, usually your strong points, to yourself. Coming across people who are mentally unstable, and, in this case, attacking one, could represent an impending conflict that might prove difficult to handle unless you manage not to reveal your wild cards too soon.
Being chased on stairs with the intention to rob I was sleeping and I began to dream that this guy that I am dating and some girl were chasing me in the stairways of the building and trying to rob me. Then I woke up. Being chased or running away from something or someone is a common dream theme usually brought about by the flight intuition when things are starting to get stressful in your daily life. Perhaps you have made some enemies with significant influence in your social circle and you are struggling to assert yourself in their presence. In your dream, the person you are dating and an unknown girl pursuing you with the intent to rob you could be the signs or signals of self-preservation on your part. You are afraid of being taken advantage of, so you run away from situations that make you feel vulnerable.
Sister fighting and drowning Sister had a fight with someone and drowned in a ditch with the person while fighting. Witnessing family members or close friends in a fight translates your possible involvement in a disagreement between people close to you. They may be stuck in a quagmire and refusing to resolve or confront the consequences of their actions. You could find yourself as a mediator in the conflict between squabbling parties in order to keep the peace. Your diplomatic nature could kick in and come in handy to help cooler heads prevail before anyone gets hurt in the process.
Being chased by people and ending up in a pool of blood I was being chased by people trying to kill me. I fell into a huge deep pool of blood and noticed eyeballs floating all around me. The 2 chasing me had stopped and were looking down smiling evilly. It was horrifyingly real and when I woke up, it took about 10 minutes to get over it. Bad dreams often come up when stressful situations in your life become overwhelming. The symbols are a way for you to understand, confront or cope with the source of tension and anxiety pervading your consciousness. To dream that people are trying to kill you suggests suspicions about people's intentions. It also implies a fear of change and the consequences that come with it in your waking life. Falling into the pool of blood signifies unexpected encounters and unusual events. It is possible that certain individuals with considerable influence in your social circle are instigating certain changes in you or your situation that is making you feel uncomfortable. The eyeballs floating around you in the pool of blood could point to yourself and your ideals. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to dig deep and find the strength within to help you deal with the challenges standing in your way.
Trying to apprehend a dangerous person but to no avail A scary person able to hurt physically. Cannot get away. Try to put in handcuffs, but shrinks wrists and slips out. Cops just keep saying they are on their way, but never get there. Hard time waking up from this dream. Woke up very scared. Experiencing frightening dreams such as the one you had points to negative emotions and setbacks in your waking life. The fear which manifests as a scary person or some threatening presence suggests psychological aspects or emotional parts of yourself that you no longer recognize or possibly want to get rid of. You could be yearning for freedom from the darker side of yourself or your personality. However, in the dream you had a hard time handcuffing the person, which means you may be having trouble controlling your rebellious or misbehaving side. The solution lies inside you and not any external influences, hence the absence of the cops.
Getting into a fight and ending up in court I was out with three guys and one of them offered me a steamed fish and I refused to eat it, and we get in a fight, and I beat him so bad. We end up in court. The judge was in favor of him, but residents were in favor of me. Eating fish in dreams pertains to receiving money acquired by legal means, good news or closing a deal. Your refusal to eat the fish indicates your resistance or defiance in regards to a pending decision. Maybe you want to be more independent or rely on your own capabilities and tactics in business or private matters. Your refusal to go along with other people's plans or points of view is likely to put you on a tight spot and could lead to confrontations. The dispute is a complicated and divisive one which may involve other people in your social circle.
An enemy sweeping the ground and asking them to pay money owed I saw my enemy sweeping their yard and went to her asking for my money, as if they owed me. A dream where you see your enemy sweeping the yard alludes to avoidance. Perhaps someone is not communicating with you about a problem or keeping something a secret from you. While you are on the offensive, a rival or competitor may be on the defensive side, which makes you feel frustrated. In order to arrive at a mutual ground and hash out the issues, both parties need to be willing to compromise.
Being arrested for gathering vitamins in a tree I was in a dream when I saw myself plucking vitamin C in a well-greenish tree and police came and arrested me and my family members. While slightly unusual, this vision seems to carry a fairly positive connotation. Seeing a tree full of green is usually indicative of good things blooming in your life, similar to how trees blossom and come to life in the spring. This means you can expect to receive great happiness or to achieve the things you have been working toward. Additionally, being arrested in a dream is often associated with being invited to participate in lucrative business endeavors. While you should do your research on individual offers, the returns are likely to be good, considering your efforts and resources are put in the right place at the right time.
A woman using all means available to attack Ever since we've moved from my brother-in-law's and his wife's house I've been having very horrifying dreams and she's always in them! I dreamed that I was in a dark room, all I saw was that woman's shadow, then a black hissing, growling evil cat came out of a closet and was viciously attacking me. I was screaming and that woman was laughing at me, she had this evil laugh. She was just watching the cat attack me. She won't leave my dreams. I also had a dream she had done black magic on my family. This vision is a highly ominous sign regarding your brother-in-law's wife, and you should be very careful with your future interactions with her. Black cats often predict the rise of a powerful adversary or enemy in your life, someone who is interested in ruining your life for no reason other than their own enjoyment. This is supported by the cat's hissing, which also indicates that this person is interested in making your life miserable and challenging. You should limit your time spent with this person as much as possible and try not to get into altercations that you may later regret.
Throwing glassware while fighting with an ex I am a female... I was sitting at a table with my ex and he said something rude and laughed, threw a glass of water at me, I then threw a glass of milk at him and then I found a glass of water and hit him with it. There were people surrounding the table who began to take his side and threaten me. Having a fight with your ex-boyfriend suggests that your current relationship or love interest may not be treating you with the love and respect you expect. In fact, he may not even treat you as his equal, brushing off what you say and putting his needs before yours. Others may have already warned you about him, but you have, to this point, chosen not to heed their advice and get out while you can. However, throwing water and milk at each other predicts finding yourself in an embarrassing, almost mortifying situation because of your blindness to the truth of the situation. You may be able to avoid these adversities if you react quickly and stand your ground, but anything short of a quick, decisive move is likely to end poorly for you.
Being beaten up by an obese person I saw that a fat person was beating me and my son in an unknown place and no other person was there around us, he kept on beating and we were crying and bleeding. The fat person in your dream symbolizes a rich person or a powerful individual. Being beaten by this person suggests repression or hopelessness. Your family may undergo trials and tribulations wherein you could be overcome by a sense of being powerless. The person of power could also be an institution and trying to deal with this organization or agency may sometimes seem futile. When faced with challenges, you have the option of succumbing to the powers that be or to fight back to defend your rights as a human being.
Followed by men and attacked by lion cubs I was at my sister's house looking for clothes to go to church. 3 men waiting for me outside. They walked with me. Then I start running, one man runs with me, but he fell from a hill. Then I saw a white lion sitting with its back to me. Then I saw 2 cubs and 1 tried attacking me. I throw sand in his eyes. I woke up then. Being with an unfamiliar group of men suggests finding yourself in unusual and unexpected circumstances in the near future. This has likely been brought about by your own doing, which is seen in the symbol of the white lion and cubs. This particular sign points toward having higher expectations than what you are currently capable of achieving. In essence, you may be surprised to learn that things are not going the way you want to because you have not yet acquired the skills or practical experience necessary to be successful.
An assault by a student A fellow student pulls me onto the ground and rips my panties off and tries to keep them. Underwear represents a part of you wish to keep private. Being assaulted in your dream and having your panties torn off indicates a violation of personal space and privacy. There could be people in your life threatening to expose your secrets or use them to blackmail you. On the other hand, this vision could also allude to feelings of ineptitude and intimacy issues. Perhaps you feel insecure in your own skin and uncomfortable about your sexuality.
Ex husband fighting with strangers and winning I saw soon-to-be my ex-husband taking me to a house with him to fight strangers. I was too scared to get in. He went in and fought strangers. It took a while. Then I entered the house, I see him coming towards me with no bruises. The house symbolizes yourself. The fight that takes place inside that house between your soon-to-be ex-husband and some strangers reflect the kind of troubles he could create to your emotions and psyche. There could be some discord underway because of him intruding in your personal life. Fighting with a complete stranger also indicates upcoming changes at home, in your workplace, career, business or personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. These changes may leave him unscathed, however the same cannot be said for you. It is best to keep your guard in order to avoid having anyone take advantage of your temporary weakness.
Fighting with a stranger to protect boyfriend I was fighting with a strange woman in order to protect my boyfriend from getting hurt. While fighting the woman, blood was drawn. A dream in which you find yourself in a verbal or physical altercation with a strange woman to protect yourself or someone you care about is an ominous sign. It portends the possibility of losing a competition due to a secrecy breach. A rival of yours may gain the upper hand thanks to having found a particular bit of information you would have normally kept hidden. Try to not be careless with private information and be more serious about whom you ultimately trust.
Harming girlfriend after finding out she is unfaithful I saw my girlfriend. She had a scar on her face. I felt like she was cheating on me, so I decided to check her phone. I saw her messages and realized she was cheating on me, so I slapped her. Then I took her face and rubbed her scar on the wall, hurting her more. At the end, I started crying. The scar on your girlfriend's face could reflect unresolved issues between the two of you. Perhaps you had previous issues and arguments that have not fully healed, leaving behind lingering resentments. The scar could also be a reflection of you projecting your own inadequacies onto her image. Once trust is broken, it gets harder to restore it. So the act of cheating in the dream may be validation of your uncertainties about the current state of your relationship. On the other hand, too see yourself in a situation where you are being cheated on by your partner or lover can also be a positive sign, depending on the actual status of your relationship. If you have no issues whatsoever, it means you are about to enter a period in your life where you can be worry-free and satisfied.
A conflict and reconciliation with a male of a different race My dream is about me fighting with a white male, he was disturbing me and in the end we both were a couple and we got back together. The main thing is I am an Indian girl who has not encountered or had any relationship with a white male. Fighting with a male figure that you seem to be unfamiliar with suggests you are about to enter into a new, happy phase in your life. There are likely to be many changes for the better, such as moving house, starting a new job or meeting a new romantic partner. Making up with this person, however, indicates that at least one of these "happy" events is likely to not be as good as it seems on the surface, meaning you should not let your guard down, especially if something seems too good to be true.
Sleeping with someone to get a revenge and feeling guilty afterwards I met a girl I could really love, yet thought she had too many male friends, thinking she wouldn't be faithful I slept with another girl in a drainage ditch, but the next morning I had to ask my friends what I did last night (the night I cheated). They said I slept with some old girl in a sewer ditch, I tried to feel better by asking a mate if the first girl was good and he replied she is a female version of you (me). I went to find her and she was on the top of a large cupboard, she was very sad. Thinking that the person you like would not act faithfully towards you and then going out and partaking in questionable behavior yourself suggests you may find yourself in a bad situation in the near future. More specifically, it points toward illegal or unethical actions which could negatively affect your relationships with those around you. However, realizing that this other person is you in the opposite gender indicates going through a period of growth and soul-searching which would bring balance back into your life and get you back on track, helping you patch up the relationships which were damaged in the past while making them stronger than ever before.
Seeing an old crush arguing with her husband I saw in my dream the girl I had fallen in love with 20 years ago. I had never been able to date her, she was quarreling with her husband in my presence and for a while during her argument she looked at me with disgrace. Witnessing these two people, a woman you once loved and her husband, having an argument is a very positive sign to experience in a dream vision. It represents your personal freedom to choose your path in life and do the things that you want to do. You are probably seeing this vision now because you struggled to be independent in the past, meaning you were under pressure to act in a certain way or believe certain things. Now that you are older and wiser you can make these decisions for yourself.
Having to witness someone's inappropriate behavior So, I was at school with my best friend and the guy I like and we were all just hanging out in this room when this girl I know that is friends with the guy I like came in and sat next to him. She starts smirking at me and then goes and sits on his lap and he's acting like it's totally normal and I'm getting a bit upset. Then they lied down by each other, almost spooning and the whole time this girl is still smirking at me. I get so fed up that I confront her, yelling, and she eventually leaves. It is possible that some misfortune is about to befall you. Dreaming that you are inside your school hanging out with friends is symbolic of negative elements being present or soon appearing in your life. It represents the possibility of people holding you accountable for something you did in the past. The altercation you have with the flirtatious girl points to the risk of getting involved in a shady or fraudulent activity which could ruin your reputation for good. You should consider the consequences any of your actions could have in the long run before you make important decisions.
Beating a baby and getting beaten up I dreamt that I was beating a baby with a pole, then I was getting beaten up with a pole (don't know who was holding the pole), but my screams woke me up and I was in tears when I awoke. Babies represent innocence and hope, so to dream that you are beating up a baby could indicate a need to purge yourself of naivete and vulnerability. Maybe you are trying to get over your helplessness. This is closely associated with getting beaten up in the dream yourself, as being beaten is indicative of the desire to change certain things about your character. The violence manifested in the dream reveals your great need to consciously re-evaluate and transform yourself in the process. On the other hand, these visions could also signify that an individual in the real world is forcing his or her ideas and opinions on you, which you are trying to actively reject.
Arguing with ex partner while on the street I dreamed about my ex partner, we were standing outside and I was telling him that our son is asking me about you. I ask him if he is staying with someone already and he didn't reply, I ask for her name and he told me. I told to tell her to leave the house, so that I can bring my son to visit for two days and he said OK. We were going to court he holds my hand and says "Let's cross by this house", the house roof structure was incomplete, so while passing I saw the baboon. I told him we must never pass people's houses. Seeing your ex-partner in a dream vision is a fairly ominous symbol indicative of problems with a current romantic partner or a future connection you are attempting to make. The complicated conversation which ensues, especially if it reflects similar conversations in the waking world, could point toward your past rendezvouses being the source of these troubles. You current or future lover may have some issues with things you have said or done in the past, leading to a serious debate or discussion about this topic, which can be seen in the image of the house without a complete roof. The outcome of this talk cannot be determined from this vision alone, but may depend on your negotiation skills and sympathy for his feelings.
Trying to barricade inside a house from a dangerous stranger I am in a field next to a house, meet a man who says he grew up in CT, my home state, and won't tell me what town. I immediately have a bad feeling about him. I look down the hill and see him choking someone and I run to the house to hide. Trying to close and lock windows and locks won't work. Dark in front of the house. Run to back of the house, bright outside, windows open, safe here, back to front need to lock the windows, he is coming. Try and try, windows won't lock. I never see him in rest of dream. This dream of a man who appears to pose a threat reveals your cautious stance towards someone at work or possibly within your social circle. Seeing the man choking another in your vision points to an individual who may be preventing you and your colleagues from expressing your opinions. This man in your waking world may be manipulative and controlling without you being aware of his maneuverings. Running into the house but being unable to lock the windows suggests that your fear in relation to the man has to do with your ambitions. Perhaps this real-life person is blocking opportunities for you due to their cunning moves and wily behavior. Your subconscious could be telling you to stay alert in case a friend or co-worker is gaining your trust and basking in your good graces only to stab you in the back.
Someone kicking a woman in the crotch I dreamt that a guy used the leg to hit a female friend of mine's private part and she was crying. I saw myself comforting her in the dream. I don't understand? Legs are associated with control and independence. Within the context of your dream, using the leg to hit woman's privates suggests that a male figure may be controlling your friend by using her femininity against her. Or perhaps he is taking advantage of her womanhood and manipulating her to his whims. Your female friend may be suffering from a low self-esteem and in need of support and affirmation. She could use some counseling to help her get out of a possibly destructive pattern of behavior.
Fiance caught cheating on other girls Me and my at the time fiancee were together and I never thought or accused him of cheating. I had a dream he was going what felt like next door and to flirt with some chicks and I jerked his ass up by waist of pants and belt and brought him back home. We broke up not long after that and a year later he still says he loves me. Dreaming that your fiance is cheating on your does not actually represent such an event in wake life. Rather, dreams about infidelity represent your own lack or trust in him. Additionally, this could represent a subconscious desire not to fully commit to the partnership for one reason or another. Maybe you became dissatisfied with the relationship or his habits became annoying. It is possible you did not want to settle down yet or saw opportunity elsewhere. In either case, your vision has more to do with your state of mind than his actions.
Girlfriend cheating with a gangster My girlfriend of 2 1/2 years told me she was having sex before I came along with this gangster guy that came out of nowhere. He started threatening me over the phone. It resorted in my girlfriend and I fighting. I ended up hitting her repeatedly (which I don't do), then I pulled up to my house, I walked past him and his car and he was reaching for a gun, a fully automatic uzi. When I got upstairs, I saw through the back window she got in the car with him and left with the passenger door still open. Dreaming that your longtime girlfriend is sleeping with another man, whether it was inspired by a similar event in reality or not, is the manifestation of your frustration with work and household tasks. Specifically, this vision suggests you are having difficulty completing your duties in a timely manner or that you do not have the resources to take care of things as it should be done. In either case, fighting with your girlfriend represents much the opposite, mainly that she does not blame you for your recent failings. Watching her leave with a dangerous man predicts experiencing the same small fights that normal couples have, but making up with little to no long-term repercussions.
Daughter being abused by her boyfriend I just woke from a dream where my daughter was hit by her boyfriend while sitting on a step outside, in front of a house. Somehow I appear in the dream fussing at boyfriend and find out from a bystander my daughter cheekbone is crushed, she has to go to hospital and two guys immediately beat up her boyfriend that heard me say "Why did you hit my daughter?". What's this dream mean? Dreaming that your daughter's boyfriend is abusive towards her is a sign from your subconscious that something is not right with the relationship they have. It may be something benign and harmless, but it is more likely to be something that could seriously hurt your daughter in the future, either physically or emotionally. This is followed by your daughter going to the hospital, which portends hearing some unpleasant, possibly shocking news, most likely about her boyfriend. Your worst fears about him may be on the verge of being confirmed.
Threatened by a white man A white man with evil face looking and screaming at me. This dream of an evil face screaming at you suggests fear towards a powerful and influential figure. Much of your life may be in the hands of this person who you feel is oppressing you. Alternatively, this evil face could represent a darker side of yourself, tempting you to go astray or get into trouble.
Running from circus people I am in a circus with bouncy castles. I go into a secret section with two friends and there is a group of people, they see us and chase after me and my two friends who stay behind. I jump into a house and find a nice old woman and a Cheshire Cat. I run into my room, my house is lit on fire and me and my family survive. Dreaming of a circus means you are looking for some excitement and adventure. Things may have become predictable and boring as of late that you yearn for some lively stimulation. However, this quest for fun may lead you to encounter rather shady personalities. The Cheshire cat represents deception and mischief. They may abuse your free and generous spirit, getting your loved ones involved in the process. Such challenges are supposed to test you and your family. Surviving the fire means overcoming challenges and revealing who your true friends are.
A fight provoked by a lit red candle I lite a red candle near my bed, near my head. In the room my daughter and her boyfriend were there. He sees the candle light up and he gets upset and starts fighting and then grabs my daughter and they leave to another room. Lit candles in dreams often symbolize the union between two people, resulting in new associations, connections and relationships. While this sounds like a positive situation, the fact that the candle was red, and the subsequent fight between your daughter and her boyfriend, suggests there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Red is often associated with passion and strong emotions. In some cases it is connected with the idea of deep love, however, it can also show instances where the tension runs so high that it leads to irrational and even violent behavior. It is possible that you see this type of dynamics forming in either your relationship or your daughter's. It would be wise, then, to talk to her and make sure she is happy in her current partnership.
People at random yelling I was in a random house, I remember there was a long hallway and it led to a room and there was a window in that room close to the ground and outside of it this man was yelling and freaking out. I kept telling him to go away and I was yelling at him, the next part of the dream there was this teenage girl and she was also yelling. I ran in the room and tried telling her to stop, but I couldn't talk, so I was mouthing the words telling her to kill herself. Visiting an unfamiliar abode is often associated with an upcoming encounter with someone new to you, however, it is likely this individual has had their eye on making your acquaintance for some time now. Despite their interest in you, the feelings may be one-sided, as being yelled at by strangers could point toward negative reactions to things this man (or woman) says or does. Being unable to reply to the man, but not the teenager later in the vision, may predict feelings of futility when it comes to removing this person from your life, suggesting you have come to terms with their presence or are too tired to fight their intrusion anymore.
Taking bags out after an argument In my dream I was arguing with someone I'm sleeping with and I used an old co-worker's luggage to get my stuff out of his house as he grabbed the bag, not aggressively, but because it was heavy. Also, I carried a small bag. He tried to carry them for me, but I grabbed the small bag. This dream is your subconscious mind's attempt to weigh the pros and cons of staying with or leaving your lover. The heavy bag or luggage represent all the moments and experiences you shared with him. Packing them up means you are willing to treat all those things you shared with him as part of the past or a closed chapter. The small bag, on the other hand, is your innermost secrets, dreams and aspects of your own identity. Staying would mean opening up that most intimate part of yourself and sharing it with him, both the good and the bad. Yet you grabbed the small bag, which seems to reflect your reluctance to fully commit to him.
Being abused by mother on a birthday It's my birthday and only one friend came. I was playing a little, my mom made me eat on the floor. After eating, my friend told me my mom is strict, I went to her room sad. Then I told my friend "Let's go outside". My mom then told me to get firewood on the way. I got a few pieces of wood then I put them at the table outside and I started playing with her to avoid the sadness. I played and got happy again, then my mom came outside and said "I told you to get firewood, not play!" and started hitting me. Feeling lonely when it is your birthday and eating off the floor could predict losing something important to you in the future. This could be a physical object, such as a favorite toy or a missing coat, or something more intangible, like time or attention of others. In either case, going outside and collecting firewood could be interpreted as a sign that you have done or are about to do something which gets you in a lot of trouble, thus resulting in the loss mentioned above. While you may not directly hurt anyone, it is possible that your ideas or behavior could make others feel uncomfortable. Seeing your mother being upset at the end of the dream could indicate how stressful and difficult this period of time would become for you.
Being chased by men at a zoo I'm a lesbian. I dreamed I was being chased by middle-aged men at a zoo. At one point I was even topless? This vision seems to have some link to your sexuality. More specifically, being chased by someone bigger and more powerful than yourself could point toward the rise of powerful enemies in your life. In some cases this could mean a rival or competitor, but it can also represent conflict with someone you love, such as family or friends. The cause of your trouble could be linked to the notion of being topless and exposed, as being naked in a dream suggests involvement in something that others would disapprove of. For example, your parents may think you are too young to date or you may have a friend who is jealous of your attention given to someone else in the group.
Being attacked three times in a row Three dreams in one month. All three have dilapidated houses that won't keep danger out. First dream, I was attacked by hoodlums. Second, I was attacked by wolves. Third, I was attacked by a lion. All three, no person would help me. The dilapidated houses in your dreams allude to a lack of security in your waking world. You may be emotionally unstable or your life could be characterized by doubts and insecurities in every aspect of it, including financial situation. Bandits and hoodlums breaching the house represent anticipated financial difficulties. The wolves and the lions represent adversaries and enemies who are out to bring you down. Your dream warns you not to be too trusting and keep your wits about you, so that others would not take advantage of you.
A house destroyed by a truck My house and the neighbors' house was destroyed with a huge truck intentionally by an angry man. He then comes after me and sprays with red-hot paint on the back of my legs. Having your house destroyed by a truck during a dream vision often represents feeling overwhelmed in wake life, particularly by work or domestic responsibilities. Seeing your neighbor's house destroyed as well could be the manifestation of your sympathy for others who are facing a similar situation as you. The red paint could symbolize becoming emotionally unstable or worked up, suggesting that prolonged exposure to stress and unhappiness could negatively affect your ability to think and react rationally in front of others. It would be wise to find good ways to manage both your stress and workload lest you lash out at someone accidentally.
Upset with friends and slashing wrist In my dream my two closest friends replaced me with this girl we all don't like and all three of them together tried to get info off me like gossip and whatnot. They did that for four years, then I found out and I cut my wrist so deep that I hit a big vein and I bled out. Then my stepdad came and found me in the bathroom and said "Oh, well" and left me there to keep bleeding, then at my funeral no one came and i woke up crying. Being abandoned and replaced by your friends in a dream vision often means just the opposite in wake life. In this case, you are likely to see some growth and improvement in your friendship, possibly including the girl you currently do not like. Cutting your wrist and bleeding profusely, however, could predict that the cause for your deepening bonds is a sad one, as this symbol is often associated with something terrible happening to someone you know, either a mutual friend or acquaintance. Your lonely funeral suggests that this news would not directly affect you, but rather would be passed along by someone related to the actual event or victim.
Women fighting with one of them dying In my dream, I saw two women fighting, and suddenly one fell to the ground and died. I just passed by and was watching the event. To dream that you are witnessing a fight is good news. It is a symbol of freedom and indicates that you are free to decide and mold your own life regardless of what other people might think or say. Alternatively, these women may symbolize clashing aspects of your beliefs and you are turning a blind eye on the negative consequences of your actions based on erroneous judgments.
A lover spitting in the mouth I'm a female. Past male lover kissed and spit in my mouth. Dreaming that you have an altercation with a former lover which quickly escalates could point to the possibility that your current lover may be overly possessive toward you. He may be a jealous and controlling person, an aspect of his personality which could be annoying you or causing you undue stress. If this is the case, an open line of communication is always the best option.
Being whipped Someone beating each of us with a whip. Being hit with a whip often signifies that you tend to engage in selfish behavior at the expense of other people's happiness and well-being. You are likely to be met, however, with a great deal of criticism and disapproval from those closest to you if you do not change your ways. Failure to be more generous and thoughtful could cause serious conflicts arising in and affecting these relationships.
Being assaulted by an ex-friend I was skipping down the street and singing, very happy. A car pulls up and an ex-friend jumps out with a metal pipe and beats me to a pulp. The blood, teeth and bones seemed like that of 6 people. She is laughing and belittling me the whole time. She is a self-professed vigilante murderer and we had a bad falling out. Dreaming about being beaten up by an old friend signifies feelings of repression and hopelessness. Although you may have stopped being friends, you still harbor some feelings of resentment which seem to surface time and again. Perhaps they betrayed you and every time you think of them it brings back that feeling of utter desolation. The fact that your friend beats you until you are reduced to a bloody mess signifies the loss of trust which occurred due to their devious actions.
An enemy packing up and leaving I'm a female. My dream was me and my enemy were in the same house together, but she was packing and leaving. Dreaming that you are in the same house as someone you identify as your enemy could represent fortuitous developments. You may soon achieve an important victory over something you may have been tackling for a while now. This would, in turn, allow you take over new challenges which could help you grow as a person, both internally and professionally.
Fighting with men in a cabin I live in a cabin with other men. Strangers show up and I feed them. One stranger tries to kill me. I kill him. The other (very tall and bearded) bludgeons my men with a hammer. I disarm him and ask why he's done this after I've fed him. I try to kill him and attacks are weak and he seems to be faking that I do any damage and my blows are weak. I disarm him after he pulls out a screwdriver and he still taunts me. My weapon is a broken broom handle. I try to shove the handle through his eye socket but I can't pierce through. To dream that you are residing or staying in a cabin indicates that a person from your close circle is in dire need of your help, but is reluctant to confide the matter to you. You would learn of that person's predicament from others in your circle. Being attacked by a complete stranger points to upcoming changes at home, in your workplace or inside personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. Combined with the image of the cabin, it seems your relationship with this individual in reality may change some aspect of your life due to the importance of the challenge they are facing and your potential involvement. Killing or trying to kill people in your dream signifies your determination and readiness to do something about this situation before it escalates and gets out of control.
Threatened by ex-boyfriend's wife I was somehow at my ex-boyfriend's house in his bathroom. I came out into the living room and he was on the couch looking sad with a toddler who was handicapped. I said sorry for showing up and he said it was okay because he and his wife don't spend time together. Then I tried to leave and the door was locked. Out of nowhere his gun-toting wife comes running down the stairs with a few kids behind her! She told me to never come back and stay away from her husband. She unlocked the door and I woke. Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend is symbolic of you having strong feelings for him despite being distanced and out of touch. It could be especially true when you notice a major change or upheaval in his life. The fact that you found your ex looking dejected signifies that he may be facing a tough time and you feel sorry for him. The handicapped baby in your ex's lap could represent some of his bad habits which could actually be the very reason for his misfortune. On the other hand, a vision of a locked door could point towards your own inability to help your ex during challenging times, and maybe these issues could only be resolved with the help of his current partner or wife.
Assaulted by a man in a bar A man poured a drink over my head whilst holding me up by the neck. Then I threw my drink at him and asked why he did it to me. He then lifted me by my neck again and tried pouring another drink down my throat. Then he had me hanging by the legs. I noticed under all the tables in this bar we were in were black bags with people in them. Then I shouted to my friend who is a security guard. He came over, the mean guy dropped me and he and my friend squared up. The mean guy beat my friend up. Dreaming that you are being tortured by someone who is using water or some other liquid, such as pouring the drink down your throat or dousing you with liquid, alludes to being pressured to perform in the real world. The neck, as a symbol, represents the divide between the heart and the mind, so being held by the neck reveals your confused state in relation to your current circumstance. Perhaps your superiors are forcing you to do something that is against your values. Your rational side knows that in order to gain their trust you need to follow their orders, yet your heart does not approve. You may need to decide whether your job is worth compromising your personal beliefs.
Being attacked by a jealous man I dreamt that during a dispute over a woman by her jealous man and myself, he started attacking me physically continuously and I picked up a gun off the ground and shoot him with the said firearm, but he wasn't dead the first time. He then attacked me again with a knife during which I shot him several times with the revolver and he subsequently died of his wounds. Dreaming of being accused of adultery mirrors unfounded accusations you may be facing in reality. Some colleagues may be threatened by your talent and unjustly point fingers at you for mistakes you did not commit. As such, shooting and eventually killing the man in your dream is actually an auspicious message. This vision alludes to the upcoming realizations of your goals and long-time aspirations. You may soon get the chance to reap the rewards of your hard work and determination, or you may finally reach a great conclusion to a project you have been working on.
Strangers cutting a thumb and writing with it Male. In my dream, a group of men came into my house, at that point I could feel that their presence was evil. Then one of them cut my right thumb, took out some blood and used it as an ink in writing a whole lot of numbers on a plain white sheet. Finally, he told me that am number 5, but not just 5 but 55 and that I am what they are looking for. And they left. The evil men could be a subconscious projection of your unwillingness to accept the help and support offered by others because you feel there could be more damage than good if you allow them to step in or learn too much sensitive information about what you are going through. The reason they may think you need help could be due to the fact that you take on too much, for example, getting involved in multiple projects or volunteering for extra work. This can be seen in the written numbers you observed. The last part concerning the numbers 5 and 55 predicts getting involved in conflicts unnecessarily because of this situation. It would be better to let your guard down and accept the help of others rather than suffering by yourself.
Trying to save children during a shootout There was chaos going on and then shootings began. i was trying to hide with my children who were young again, but I got shot in my stomach and I could feel and see the blood gushing out. My phone wouldn't work so I could phone an ambulance or taxi to get to the hospital and my son was trying to find a way to get me help and my other kids were frantic one minute and playing about the next. I felt calm even though I knew I would die if I didn't get help in time and I held a pillow over my stomach. Dreaming of your own children is often thought to be a warning from your subconscious to pay more attention to the well-being of your immediate family members. This seems to be emphasized by the fact that your children appeared young again and, as a result, would need more care and support than if they were older. The shooting and chaos suggest that the reason for this warning has to do with some frivolous, careless behavior you have recently engaged in. Because you have been focusing on yourself and what you want, others may be suffering. Being shot in the stomach may point toward losing money, further indicating that some of your habits may be limiting the resources available for your children or other family members. To avoid further complications that may ensue, you should focus on being generous and look after those who may need more care and attention than yourself.
Killing a friend during a gladiator fight In my dream I was in a boat traveling, there were armed men who captured me and other men. We went to Patmos Island and were forced to fight in a gladiator pit using swords. I befriended a giant man. We were paired against each other, I was with another man and he had someone on his team. We fought. I out-moved my friend and killed him with my sword. He said "Put these flowers above my fireplace at home". They were white flowers. I cried like a baby with him dead and I went back to the lock room. The gladiator arena in your dream alludes to a big confrontation in reality where you would have to fight for survival. There could be enemies in your midst trying to take you down or discredit you. In particular, the giant man probably represents influential or respected opponents, personalities who have more power or hold higher positions than you. This is a tricky situation especially if the people in question are your direct supervisors. On the other hand, it could also be a personal issue, such as an insecurity that has been holding you back all these years. Only with sheer power and ambition would you be able to overcome your own weakness, as symbolized by the sword you used to kill the giant.
Forced to breathe through a sink drain An older Korean woman commands me, as punishment and as a totalitarian, that I must put my mouth up to drain opening in the sink to breathe in only the filth from the sink. Dreaming about being punished means you are feeling guilty or ashamed about something you did in wake life. You may have committed an offence which you have come to regret or simply acted rudely without thinking. The dirt or filth from the sink symbolizes your insatiable appetite, perhaps indicating that you have a hard time appreciating your loved ones or that you take your blessings for granted. While it is important to be grateful and appreciative, you should take it easy sometimes and give yourself some slack for little mistakes here and there.
An enemy cooking in a dark room An enemy was cooking in a dark room of an apartment next to me. The dark room in your dream represents your fears and worries over uncertain outcomes. There may be some projects or upcoming events and you are afraid that complications would occur, especially with tasks you are working on. In relation to that, the image of your enemy cooking in this dark room suggests a bit of paranoia on your part. Perhaps you think your adversaries or competitors are devising a plan to damage your credibility or jeopardize your overall goals. However, it is possible that the point of your vision is to highlight your overactive imagination in order to show you how you can become your own worst enemy. By focusing on what others are doing, you may end up becoming distracted and sabotaging your own progress.
Bikers and police So I'm with a group of people having a drink and having a chat and smoke. When the cops come to question us about a break in by a group of bikers. Because we had bikes. They leave and so do my friends, the bikers group comes and breaks into the neighbor's house. And I call police. They accuse me of doing it until the bikers cross the highway in front of us. Being accused of breaking into a private property usually reflects the dreamer's guilt. You may have committed an offence that you now regret, and your mind is playing up your fear of being found out through this vision. On the other hand, witnessing the break-in at your neighbor's house portends an upcoming conflict with someone close to you. Perhaps you are often misunderstood because of your laid-back lifestyle and happy-go-lucky attitude. A loved one may accuse you of being irresponsible and unreliable, even though you have actually been looking out for them all the while.
Hands cut off because of lying I had a dream that my father cut my hands off because he believed I had lied to him. In my dream I knew I had not lied but he punished me by cutting my hands off. Being accused of lying in the dream world actually conveys the opposite interpretation in reality. It means that you are likely dealing with a deceitful personality in your social circle or even within your family. This individual is probably turning the tables and making you look bad in the eyes of your parents, particularly your father. Furthermore, cutting off your hands as a punishment alludes to the damaged bond between you and your father due to this massive misunderstanding. In order to patch things up with him, you may need to convince him that you are innocent of any perceived wrongdoing.
Being urinated on I see that I go to meet my friends and one of my friends is urinating on all of us, but very rare, hiding but suddenly I see some drops on my hands and I try to run but I fall down. Now one of my friends is also urinating. And my head is under his urine, I try to save my hair, but it is already wet with his urine and now intentionally he does people on my knee, and I start my car, all of them are stopping me, but I leave that place. Dreaming that others are urinating on you likely alludes to your low self-esteem. Maybe within your social circle, you tend to be the sounding board of the group, quietly listening to their woes and endless rants. Unfortunately, your passive personality could be prone to abuse. Some of your friends may take advantage of your submissive nature by forcing you to do things you would not otherwise commit. Hence, the latter part of the dream where you drive away is your subconscious encouraging you to muster the courage needed to speak up and assert yourself. You would soon find your voice and gain the confidence to be more outspoken.
Unable to cross a narrow bridge because of someone I was crossing a high narrow bridge above water, as I got to the middle, a man appeared from the other side and attempted to cross, but the bridge wasn't wide enough for us both and we struggled as the man tried to throw me over. I was very scared. A dream wherein you find yourself trying to cross a bridge but being unable to do so because of the presence of someone else, indicates the difficult time you would face in your romantic relationship. If you are already involved with someone, it could portend obstacles in your love life. If it is a case when your new liaison is on the verge of becoming someone permanent in your life, you might be disappointed in this person. Perhaps some of their habits cause you a great deal of intolerance. The notion that you saw someone trying to throw you off the bridge could point towards an individual who could make things harder for you and your lover, so remain alert and try to protect your relationship from their influence.
Being threatened with weapons at work I dreamed that I was at work and a lady told my boss "It's time". She seemed calm while I did not. Another woman walked in with a gun but didn't shoot. My boss gave me a note that I put on my clothes. We then proceeded to the elevator. I got off while they did not and then the tribulation began. Everyone was for themselves and saving their own. I was trying to save everyone in the room when I thought to look at the letter. All it said was "Basement". I fled to the basement, the "safe zone" where my dad had died. The sense of dread in your dream could be a reflection of your real-life fears and anxieties. For instance, the woman with the gun illustrates your bleak worldview and a pessimistic attitude. Perhaps recent tragedies reported in the media or personal problems may have brought on this grim perspective, however you still want to preserve a positive impression of the world. The source of the tribulation in your dream is unclear, but it could mean that you are bracing yourself for a conflict at work. Perhaps you are up for a promotion and some colleagues vying for the same position are being very competitive. To block out the stressful environment, you may tend to retreat inside your head, represented by the basement in the dream. Introspection may be your reprieve during tumultuous times, not only to escape from reality, but also to gain insights about the best way to tackle your problems.
Someone trying to attack with an axe I felt like I was on a public bus and then I was on the street in my suburban area. Then a light-skin woman wanted to attack me with an axe, so I ran. Then her brother too helped her to attack me. Somehow, I got the axe from her and shove it under the drain. The axe went further into the drain. I could see the drain, it was very clean and clear. The public bus in your dream reflects your personal journey in reality. The fact that it was traveling in an area familiar to you could represent your nostalgic feelings toward this place or your contentment living there. In both cases, the woman who tries to attack you with an axe could point toward an upcoming event which greatly disrupts your community or, more specifically, causes you to dislike living there. This could be a change in the social or political climate, but it could also be a general decline in the standard of living. The clean drain at the end of your dream may portend difficulty getting out of this situation due to money problems. If you do not have any money set aside, it may be wise to do so in case an emergency situation arises.
People vandalizing the house Woke up to people wrapping my house and throwing eggs, only to find out they were government agents trying to take me away. I got into a standoff and they finally took me away. Only to find out it was a dream inside my dream, I then walked to the kitchen to find a strange man trying to convince me to leave with him, when I suddenly woke up in real life. The first vision about finding out that your house has been pelted with eggs, represents the attacks of your enemies against you. Specifically, this symbol is associated with rumors and false information being spread about you by those who dislike you or are jealous of your success. The second part of of this vision, being in the kitchen and asked to leave, could have two different interpretations. Kitchens are often associated with worry or anxiety in waking life, so it could be your subconscious trying to get you to forget about these things which you cannot control. On the other hand, it may also be a warning to get out while you can and put as much distance between you and your aggressors as possible.
Arguing with an old friend Hi, what does it mean when you have a dream that you are disagreeing with an old friend in an argument? We haven't spoken in 3 months. Arguing with an old friend or a childhood friend in the dream world is often a reflection of inner turmoil. Perhaps the significance of your friend in your reality has something to do with the issues you are grappling with. For instance, old friends can symbolize past mistakes or old issues that are resurfacing. You may need to delve into your past to learn a valuable lesson which you can use to resolve current problems or concerns. Alternatively, your present perspective and worldview could be in conflict with your upbringing or previous beliefs.
A person set on fire Hi, I am a female. I had a terrible dream I don't remember everything, all I remember is that two people were on my porch and I opened the door and set one of them on fire with a lighter and I closed the door, locked it and looked through the window on the door and watched the person burn alive, but my house and nothing else didn't catch on fire, just the person was. I don't know who the person was, I don't remember seeing a face. I got depressed about going to jail afterwards. Crazy dream. A house in the dream world represents the dreamer's personality as well as social connections. As such, having intruders on your home's premises suggests there is instability in one of your relationships. A secret or some surprising information about someone close to you may come to light, which would inevitably affect your dynamic. For instance, setting fire to this intruder may reflect your tendency to lash out or have an emotional outburst due to disagreements or differences in opinion. Consequently, finding yourself in jail predicts a negative turn of events as a result of your careless actions. You could end up severing ties with loved ones or keeping yourself isolated because of pride or self-loathing.
Conflicts during a concert While waiting for the performance to start my girlfriend is upset with me and talking to her ex-boyfriend when everyone is kidnapped by the stage crew. I end up rescuing my friends by killing the stage crew with my sword and the female singer at the concert tries to get me to join her by seducing me and turning into a clone of my girlfriend. I kill the singer and my girlfriend leaves me for her ex. Kidnapping scenarios in the dream world, especially those involving loved ones, can oftentimes indicate barriers in your relations with those individuals. Perhaps you have recently been having trouble communicating clearly with your partner or you are inadequately acknowledging her needs and personal issues. This tendency to undermine or neglect your partner could make the both of you drift apart. In addition, the presence of her ex-boyfriend may refer to her general past. This may be a source of your insecurity about the stability of your bond. Maybe you feel that even your best efforts to reach out and get to know her better end up being futile because she is still burdened by previous experiences or relationships. As such, trust and an open communication may be the message your subconscious is sending you in this dream scenario.
In a house which belongs to an attacker I had a dream that I was walking and someone was chasing me, so I ran to a house for help and it turned out to be the person that was chasing me's house and they tried to kill me. This vision is a warning to not stand by idly while injustice is being done. Just as the unknown person chased and attacked you, so does this dream suggest your actions, or rather inaction, would catch up with you. Not stepping in to help those who are being hurt is as bad as treating them poorly yourself. You should try to act justly and protect those who are less fortunate than yourself.
People criticizing after husband's death I lost my husband five months ago, he was my everything and our social circle was very small. I have no friends to speak of really, however, I dreamt everyone in my small circle was critical of everything about me. They were really ripping into me. This was very hurtful and I don't understand why. I am very good to everyone and try to treat people kindly and with respect. What does this mean? Dreaming that you are being criticized by your peers reveals your insecurities. You may have issues with your self-worth, especially after the death of your husband who was once a significant part of your existence. Alternatively, this may also represent your tendency to be overly accommodating because of your need for approval. Perhaps you may benefit from being a bit more assertive and not too agreeable. It is good to be generous and kind, but not at the expense of your own self-respect and value.
Someone throwing knives and overpowering him I dreamt of a man throwing knives at me and I managed to fight with him and got control over him. A dream wherein you see a man throwing knives at you is symbolic of some harsh words and actions from an individual in your waking life. You might encounter a person who would try to create problems for you through their spiteful attitude. They would do this to discourage you from forging ahead. However, the notion of you being able to overpower that person indicates that you would easily handle all their hatred and antipathy towards you. Your inner strength would help you get on with your life. Keep yourself away from negative people to avoid trouble.
Being attacked after taking a shower What does it mean when you come from the shower and someone jumps through my window and attacks me. A dream about being attacked by someone has negative connotations. It portends being physically assaulted by an evil individual in wake life, much like you were in the vision. However, the attack could also signify an emotional offense by someone you know. Make sure you stay away from malevolent people and avoid getting into circumstances which could spell trouble for you.
Being chased by a roommate Running away from angry housemate (girl). I am a boy. I dreamed around 2am. She kept murmuring, but I could not understand and kept running, so she would not catch me. Running away from someone in a dream usually means that the dreamer is avoiding an issue. In your case, running away from your housemate reveals some tension building up between the two of you in reality. Perhaps a problem has been brewing for a while now and you have been ignoring it because you do not want to deal with it. There is also a likelihood that you still have no idea about this issue, hence your subconscious is urging you to be more observant about any unusual behavior that could have a serious impact on your relations with your housemate.
Setting a trap for an enemy using a baby I put a picture of a baby on my Facebook to draw my enemy out of hiding and then use it (whatever "it" is) against her. Essentially, I was setting a trap for her. This is the 3rd dream in the last three days with a baby in it somewhere. The idea that you were setting a trap in this vision reveals that there is someone you are attracted to in waking life but are unable to confess to for one reason or another. You may strongly desire to express your interest and admiration, although it is also possible that even you are somewhat unaware of these growing feelings within yourself. The use of a baby in this trap and the consistent presence of babies in your dream visions predict that you would be pleasantly surprised by some upcoming event. This is likely related to your love interest or potential suitor.
Intimidated by a stranger and trying to escape I am female. The dream started with me being scared of a man I thought was a bad man. I think he wore a suit and glasses and was a little older. I tried to kill him but couldn't (felt bad). Then soon after he came back to present proof that my parents actually kidnapped me as a baby and have murdered other children they kidnapped. Then the man gave me money, $200 exactly. He gave me more money throughout the dream. I remember running a lot and locking doors. The doors were red, my friends were at this place too. The man in a suit at the beginning of the vision is likely there to set the tone of the dream and provide context. In this case, the suit should be considered a warning that something bad is about to happen. Your efforts to kill him, then, represent your denial or unwillingness to believe you are in trouble. The type of trouble seems to be related to feelings of limitation or restriction. Learning that you were kidnapped could reveal that you feel trapped, possibly by your parent's or other people's expectations. However, the money you receive suggests that not all is bad, as there are individuals in your life who understand you and are willing to help when you need them. The red doors that you lock at the end of the dream could symbolize closing the door on irrational emotions. You may be trying to find a more logical answer to your problems rather than responding emotionally or over-dramatically.
Being molested by a security guard I was at the train station with two friends when a security guard came up, brushed my hair back and said "Is that perfume I smell?", pulled me back to his house or room in the back filled with weird old ladies. I pleased him to let me go but instead he hosed me down in the shower. I managed to escape and my two friends pulled me away. When you dream about being sexually assaulted, it could indicate that you are feeling helpless in the real world, when you are unable to control things which affect you in a negative way and when you cannot deal with the consequences you experience as a result. In case you have been through a similar episode in real life, it could be your subconscious way of dealing with the fear and abuse, which can exacerbate during more stressful periods. Since it was someone in charge who assaulted you, that could also mean you harbor a strong feeling of repulsion towards societal standards and rules, which could be a consequence of the way you were raised as a child and you feel violated by having to comply with certain rules and norms dictated by more powerful individuals.
Enemy wiping tables at a food court I was sitting in a crowded food court. Suddenly one of my enemies came in and started to wipe and clean tables. I was sitting quite far from her. I was so shocked to see her in this position but turned away my face and pretended to not see her. However, she didn't care and continued wiping tables. Her belongings were in a black pack bag on a seat. Only a head of a baby girl came out of the bag on top. Finding yourself in a food court in the dream means that you may be running out of avenues for expressing yourself. Perhaps you feel like no one understands what you are going through. This moment of weakness could be what your enemies are waiting for. Cleaning the table means your rivals may conspire to alienate you from your loved ones by making you look bad. Stay close to your loved ones instead of pushing them away because unscrupulous personalities may take advantage of this gap to keep you powerless and isolated.
Finding boyfriend naked with another man I walked into a room an found my boyfriend on the floor naked next to the bed with another man that was also naked performing oral sex on my boyfriend. Dream visions about significant others turning gay rarely mean the same situation in real life. Rather, you may be excessively worrying about a growing emotional distance or a lack of communication causing problems between the two of you. You could also be skeptical or excessively critical about some of your boyfriend's physical features or aspects of his personality which, in your opinion, he needs to work on or improve, thus projecting the imagery of another male during an episode involving intimacy.
Arguing with relatives Got into an argument with my sister and ex-wife. Dreaming about arguing with your sister and ex-wife could mean that you have some unresolved issues with both of these women. Additionally, you may not yet feel comfortable enough to face them directly and explain what is bothering you about their behavior. The purpose of this dream may be to help you come to terms with this situation and work through your troubles, but eventually you should consider having a real conversation with both of them so that you can move on with your life.
Being threatened with a razor Threatened with a razor blade, female. A razor blade in dreams suggests a potentially major problem that would arise soon. Depending on the identity of the person who threatened you, this may be an issue at your workplace or in your own household. You may have ruffled the feathers of a colleague or a loved one over a disagreement or something you initially brushed off as a minor spat. However, if you do not clear things up with this individual, it could grow into a bigger conflict which could irreparably damage, if not altogether sever, your ties. Perhaps your subconscious is reminding you to reflect on your recent outbursts in case someone you know took it particularly badly.
Trying to escape from two women I saw two ladies working in my house, one warned about the other. Then I went out to escape the two ladies in white sarees, they followed me, they were wearing ghoonghat. Then I offered 100 time payment to rikshaw puller and succeeded to escape. Dreaming that you are being chased by women wearing veils or scarfs, such as the ghoonghat, could be an indication that there are duplicitous personalities in your social circle. Your subconscious may be warning you not to readily trust individuals who are trying to win you over. They could be outwardly preaching loyalty and good intentions, yet they may be hiding other motives with the intent of smearing your reputation or taking advantage of your weaknesses. Perhaps the rickshaw represents your decision to live a simpler lifestyle or focus on your basic and most important priorities. Refocusing on more essential aspects of your existence may keep you from attracting the wrong sorts of characters.
An argument with a woman I dreamed a woman (I had felt threatened by her) took over his job while he went on a comedy tour. In real life she is a parent of his players. During the season she "poked fun" at me for coming. In the dream she befriended me, cut her hair short, and became coach. She came to my house, laughed that I carried this torch. She said he didn't want me, that many other women were bedding or paying him. I pretended to be his gf, but the rest of them knew he wasn't dating. This vision is rather disjointed and has mixed symbols, but there are a few points which stand out. This woman who takes over and moves in on the guy you are pretending to date could be the manifestation of fears related to intimacy and relationships. In a sense, she is playing the part of the devil on your shoulder, warning you that there are many fish in the sea, and the guy you like could choose to be with any of them. Furthermore, her threatening aura could mean you are not confident in the qualities you possess or worry that they would not complement the guy you are interested in. While voices in the back of our head can be helpful, it is also wise to know when to ignore them and try to make your desires a reality.
Fighting with a friend who cheated I had a dream I caught my friend having an affair with my child's father in the bathroom of someone's home we were visiting and once I caught them he didn't say anything but me and her fought. While you may be concerned about your partner's loyalty, dreams about cheating and affairs rarely have anything to do with the other party. Rather, these symbols suggest the dreamer is unsatisfied with their life in one way or another. It seems you may find your current lifestyle or habits a bit boring or monotonous. This is supported with the image of the fight with your friend, which does indicate such a conflict occurring in reality. You may be looking to pick a fight with her or someone else you are close to in order to add some excitement and drama to your days. However, doing so could backfire and lead to the loss of a perfectly good friendship. It may be wiser to find a new hobby or mix up your schedule rather than jeopardize your prized relationships.
A gang of black men My husband and I were in some city, parked our van. We could see the parking lot to the right of our apartment building. My husband and I noticed a group of people entering the parking lot, like a street gang. Our apartment was to the left, and the man from the right side came out. He was a black man. I think we were in a black neighborhood like Harlem. I think my husband called the police as I watched the gang circling an individual in the parking lot. I woke up before the violence began. Seeing a street gang threatening someone in a dream likely reflects your sense of powerlessness or fear in reality. A person or group of people in your social circle, or perhaps at work, may be overpowering you or ganging up on you. It is also possible that you may be working on too many projects or handling a lot of responsibilities, so you feel overwhelmed by the things you need to take care of. In this context, the parking lot as the site of confrontation becomes a significant dream symbol. Oftentimes the parking lot symbolizes a break or time off. Maybe your subconscious is telling you to slow down and take care of yourself before your mind and body succumb to the stress.
Walking behind a rival Walking with my rival slightly in front. She is wearing a pinkish floral blouse holding purple flowers. Walking behind your rival does not necessarily mean you are lagging behind them in reality, although it does suggest you see yourself as possibly one step behind. Perhaps they always seem to get what they want on the first try, or they often seem to know everything before you. The floral blouse she was wearing and the purple flowers she was holding are opposing symbols that can be interpreted as a sign of two possible future outcomes for your relationship. On one hand, the purple flowers could mean a reconciliation of sorts, as rivals tend to have a lot in common with us to begin with. Alternatively, the floral blouse may predict a major conflict that drives you even further apart and may even alienate some of the friends or acquaintances in your overlapping spheres of influence.
Being assaulted by a careless driver Female. Children in front of school were hit by a slow-moving car. The driver doesn't care. I yell at her. She calmly walks over, hits me in the head with a big rock. I'm on the floor and can't move. I am aware that others want to take me to hospital. She won't let them. Worried about getting in trouble, I'm trying to get them to take me, getting weaker. The dream is so real that I can't move when I wake up, the head feels heavy, takes a minute to realize I'm OK. Witnessing children getting hit by a car suggests a loss of playfulness or innocence. Someone in your waking life is trying to control you and force you to abandon your carefree ways. Personality traits that could be deemed child-like and immature may be ridiculed by your elders or other authority figures. They would even try to convince you to abandon your curiosity and sense of wonder in favor of more practical pursuits and a stable career. In this context, getting hit by a rock points to insult and criticism. The driver represents an authoritative and domineering personality who would try to knock some sense into you by belittling your achievements and criticizing your life choices. Your fear of disappointing a parent or a mentor would keep you trapped in this undesirable situation, as indicated by your inability to move in the dream. Ultimately, your subconscious is trying to rouse you from passivity and urge you to assert your rights so you can follow your heart's desire.
Shooting a violent uncle My uncle was trying to attack me and my family, he had already hit two teens in the head with a hammer, then the police arrived and we couldn't find him. I found him and yelled. Ran inside and he charged after us and was going to hurt us. My mom said she was going to shoot, he charged again and she shot him, everyone was crying. She didn't kill him though. Getting attacked or threatened by your uncle could indicate family secrets that would create conflict and chaos within your family. It does not directly relate to your uncle, but your subconscious could be using him to represent a problem that your family is grappling with. A hammer is a symbol of power, so hitting the teens with the hammer means manipulation and brain washing. An influential relative or family member could use the younger members of your family to sow seeds of misunderstanding and discord. It is also possible that you think your uncle is to blame for being a bad influence on your family. In this context, your mother's act of shooting your uncle restores the power balance between your parents and other untrustworthy elders. A particularly tense confrontation would occur wherein your own mother or one of your relatives would assert their authority and finally dissuade any crooked personalities from causing trouble in your household.
Mother attacked by football players I had a dream where my mother was attacked by football players at a frat party where they beat her up and bruised her face. To witness your mother getting attacked or beaten up in a dream means you are experiencing or about to have some misunderstanding with her in reality. You both feel passionately about something and you would end up arguing your side while trying to discredit the other. While this may start as a friendly debate, it may escalate to something more hurtful if both of you are unable to control your tempers. This is a word of warning from your subconscious so you do not inadvertently damage your relationship with your mother.
Sex with someone not on good terms with I’m female... I had a dream about having sex with a guy I’m in love with but not in a relationship with. After sex we cleared up an issue that currently has us not speaking to one another. Sex in dreams usually represents a union or merging of differing characteristics between the two people having intercourse. In your case, having sex with someone you are not in good terms with reveals your desire to reconcile with him in reality. So sex in your vision symbolizes a compromise. This also reveals your reservations about making the first move because you are afraid of being rejected. While your mind could be stubborn in your decision to stand your ground, your love for him seems to be persuading you to reach out or meet him halfway in case he is trying to patch things up with you.
Fighting with strangers at a pub In my dream I was in a locked pub as it got late, saw these blokes fighting and looking for one rich dude, they later confronted me thinking I was the one they were looking for. I told them boldly it wasn't me, and they left me... I got to out to go to the ATM to pay the bar owner as I didn't have enough, on my way back these two guys were trying to attack me. I was going to fight them with the beer bottle in my hand when I awoke from the dream? Being in a pub means your rivals are plotting against you. Be careful because though you may feel safe and secure with your career and your relationships, your enemies are going to take advantage of your weak spots to foil your plans. In addition, not having enough money or cash to pay for your bill suggests complacency. It is in the moments when you have your guards down when they would seek to tarnish your reputation by spreading malicious and inaccurate rumors about you. Finally, the beer bottle in your hand represents your social connections, including friends and family, who have your back. Just in case your enemies attack, you know you have your loved ones willing to fight your battles with you.
Meeting an enemy at a mall My enemy was talking to me nicely in a shopping mall where we met as if nothing had happen. Being inside a mall, such as a shopping area, means you will be faced with options and opportunities which require immediate decision-making. So meeting your enemy at the mall signifies inner conflicts and opposing sides. You are trying to establish your identity and choosing a definite career path, but you are having a hard time deciding since you have a lot of interests and you do not want to box yourself into one narrow specialization. The mall can also signify worldly desires and material needs, so you could also be trying to temper your spendthrift ways with your practical side.
Arguing with someone That happened in a dream, I don't know whom I was arguing with and then the argument was over in the dream and something happened after that. Then I wake up and all I could think is I should have said this. Arguing in the dream world is normally interpreted as a negative symbol to behold, as it is associated with conflict, betrayal and impolite behavior. Not knowing exactly who you were arguing with makes it difficult to come up with a precise interpretation, but considering your waking thoughts, it seems likely that this is related to some disagreement you are having with someone in reality. Your thought that you should have said something points towards a prolonged issue that is weighing on your mind. Until you resolve this issue, it would be difficult to feel at peace. You may even need to swallow your pride and allow the other man or woman to win in order to move on from this troubling situation. While it might be difficult to do so at first, you would surely be happier in the long run.
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