In a house which belongs to an attacker I had a dream that I was walking and someone was chasing me, so I ran to a house for help and it turned out to be the person that was chasing me's house and they tried to kill me. This vision is a warning to not stand by idly while injustice is being done. Just as the unknown person chased and attacked you, so does this dream suggest your actions, or rather inaction, would catch up with you. Not stepping in to help those who are being hurt is as bad as treating them poorly yourself. You should try to act justly and protect those who are less fortunate than yourself.
People criticizing after husband's death I lost my husband five months ago, he was my everything and our social circle was very small. I have no friends to speak of really, however, I dreamt everyone in my small circle was critical of everything about me. They were really ripping into me. This was very hurtful and I don't understand why. I am very good to everyone and try to treat people kindly and with respect. What does this mean? Dreaming that you are being criticized by your peers reveals your insecurities. You may have issues with your self-worth, especially after the death of your husband who was once a significant part of your existence. Alternatively, this may also represent your tendency to be overly accommodating because of your need for approval. Perhaps you may benefit from being a bit more assertive and not too agreeable. It is good to be generous and kind, but not at the expense of your own self-respect and value.
Someone throwing knives and overpowering him I dreamt of a man throwing knives at me and I managed to fight with him and got control over him. A dream wherein you see a man throwing knives at you is symbolic of some harsh words and actions from an individual in your waking life. You might encounter a person who would try to create problems for you through their spiteful attitude. They would do this to discourage you from forging ahead. However, the notion of you being able to overpower that person indicates that you would easily handle all their hatred and antipathy towards you. Your inner strength would help you get on with your life. Keep yourself away from negative people to avoid trouble.
Being attacked after taking a shower What does it mean when you come from the shower and someone jumps through my window and attacks me. A dream about being attacked by someone has negative connotations. It portends being physically assaulted by an evil individual in wake life, much like you were in the vision. However, the attack could also signify an emotional offense by someone you know. Make sure you stay away from malevolent people and avoid getting into circumstances which could spell trouble for you.
Being chased by a roommate Running away from angry housemate (girl). I am a boy. I dreamed around 2am. She kept murmuring, but I could not understand and kept running, so she would not catch me. Running away from someone in a dream usually means that the dreamer is avoiding an issue. In your case, running away from your housemate reveals some tension building up between the two of you in reality. Perhaps a problem has been brewing for a while now and you have been ignoring it because you do not want to deal with it. There is also a likelihood that you still have no idea about this issue, hence your subconscious is urging you to be more observant about any unusual behavior that could have a serious impact on your relations with your housemate.
Setting a trap for an enemy using a baby I put a picture of a baby on my Facebook to draw my enemy out of hiding and then use it (whatever "it" is) against her. Essentially, I was setting a trap for her. This is the 3rd dream in the last three days with a baby in it somewhere. The idea that you were setting a trap in this vision reveals that there is someone you are attracted to in waking life but are unable to confess to for one reason or another. You may strongly desire to express your interest and admiration, although it is also possible that even you are somewhat unaware of these growing feelings within yourself. The use of a baby in this trap and the consistent presence of babies in your dream visions predict that you would be pleasantly surprised by some upcoming event. This is likely related to your love interest or potential suitor.
Intimidated by a stranger and trying to escape I am female. The dream started with me being scared of a man I thought was a bad man. I think he wore a suit and glasses and was a little older. I tried to kill him but couldn't (felt bad). Then soon after he came back to present proof that my parents actually kidnapped me as a baby and have murdered other children they kidnapped. Then the man gave me money, $200 exactly. He gave me more money throughout the dream. I remember running a lot and locking doors. The doors were red, my friends were at this place too. The man in a suit at the beginning of the vision is likely there to set the tone of the dream and provide context. In this case, the suit should be considered a warning that something bad is about to happen. Your efforts to kill him, then, represent your denial or unwillingness to believe you are in trouble. The type of trouble seems to be related to feelings of limitation or restriction. Learning that you were kidnapped could reveal that you feel trapped, possibly by your parent's or other people's expectations. However, the money you receive suggests that not all is bad, as there are individuals in your life who understand you and are willing to help when you need them. The red doors that you lock at the end of the dream could symbolize closing the door on irrational emotions. You may be trying to find a more logical answer to your problems rather than responding emotionally or over-dramatically.
Being molested by a security guard I was at the train station with two friends when a security guard came up, brushed my hair back and said "Is that perfume I smell?", pulled me back to his house or room in the back filled with weird old ladies. I pleased him to let me go but instead he hosed me down in the shower. I managed to escape and my two friends pulled me away. When you dream about being sexually assaulted, it could indicate that you are feeling helpless in the real world, when you are unable to control things which affect you in a negative way and when you cannot deal with the consequences you experience as a result. In case you have been through a similar episode in real life, it could be your subconscious way of dealing with the fear and abuse, which can exacerbate during more stressful periods. Since it was someone in charge who assaulted you, that could also mean you harbor a strong feeling of repulsion towards societal standards and rules, which could be a consequence of the way you were raised as a child and you feel violated by having to comply with certain rules and norms dictated by more powerful individuals.
Enemy wiping tables at a food court I was sitting in a crowded food court. Suddenly one of my enemies came in and started to wipe and clean tables. I was sitting quite far from her. I was so shocked to see her in this position but turned away my face and pretended to not see her. However, she didn't care and continued wiping tables. Her belongings were in a black pack bag on a seat. Only a head of a baby girl came out of the bag on top. Finding yourself in a food court in the dream means that you may be running out of avenues for expressing yourself. Perhaps you feel like no one understands what you are going through. This moment of weakness could be what your enemies are waiting for. Cleaning the table means your rivals may conspire to alienate you from your loved ones by making you look bad. Stay close to your loved ones instead of pushing them away because unscrupulous personalities may take advantage of this gap to keep you powerless and isolated.
Finding boyfriend naked with another man I walked into a room an found my boyfriend on the floor naked next to the bed with another man that was also naked performing oral sex on my boyfriend. Dream visions about significant others turning gay rarely mean the same situation in real life. Rather, you may be excessively worrying about a growing emotional distance or a lack of communication causing problems between the two of you. You could also be skeptical or excessively critical about some of your boyfriend's physical features or aspects of his personality which, in your opinion, he needs to work on or improve, thus projecting the imagery of another male during an episode involving intimacy.
Arguing with relatives Got into an argument with my sister and ex-wife. Dreaming about arguing with your sister and ex-wife could mean that you have some unresolved issues with both of these women. Additionally, you may not yet feel comfortable enough to face them directly and explain what is bothering you about their behavior. The purpose of this dream may be to help you come to terms with this situation and work through your troubles, but eventually you should consider having a real conversation with both of them so that you can move on with your life.
Being threatened with a razor Threatened with a razor blade, female. A razor blade in dreams suggests a potentially major problem that would arise soon. Depending on the identity of the person who threatened you, this may be an issue at your workplace or in your own household. You may have ruffled the feathers of a colleague or a loved one over a disagreement or something you initially brushed off as a minor spat. However, if you do not clear things up with this individual, it could grow into a bigger conflict which could irreparably damage, if not altogether sever, your ties. Perhaps your subconscious is reminding you to reflect on your recent outbursts in case someone you know took it particularly badly.
Trying to escape from two women I saw two ladies working in my house, one warned about the other. Then I went out to escape the two ladies in white sarees, they followed me, they were wearing ghoonghat. Then I offered 100 time payment to rikshaw puller and succeeded to escape. Dreaming that you are being chased by women wearing veils or scarfs, such as the ghoonghat, could be an indication that there are duplicitous personalities in your social circle. Your subconscious may be warning you not to readily trust individuals who are trying to win you over. They could be outwardly preaching loyalty and good intentions, yet they may be hiding other motives with the intent of smearing your reputation or taking advantage of your weaknesses. Perhaps the rickshaw represents your decision to live a simpler lifestyle or focus on your basic and most important priorities. Refocusing on more essential aspects of your existence may keep you from attracting the wrong sorts of characters.
An argument with a woman I dreamed a woman (I had felt threatened by her) took over his job while he went on a comedy tour. In real life she is a parent of his players. During the season she "poked fun" at me for coming. In the dream she befriended me, cut her hair short, and became coach. She came to my house, laughed that I carried this torch. She said he didn't want me, that many other women were bedding or paying him. I pretended to be his gf, but the rest of them knew he wasn't dating. This vision is rather disjointed and has mixed symbols, but there are a few points which stand out. This woman who takes over and moves in on the guy you are pretending to date could be the manifestation of fears related to intimacy and relationships. In a sense, she is playing the part of the devil on your shoulder, warning you that there are many fish in the sea, and the guy you like could choose to be with any of them. Furthermore, her threatening aura could mean you are not confident in the qualities you possess or worry that they would not complement the guy you are interested in. While voices in the back of our head can be helpful, it is also wise to know when to ignore them and try to make your desires a reality.
Fighting with a friend who cheated I had a dream I caught my friend having an affair with my child's father in the bathroom of someone's home we were visiting and once I caught them he didn't say anything but me and her fought. While you may be concerned about your partner's loyalty, dreams about cheating and affairs rarely have anything to do with the other party. Rather, these symbols suggest the dreamer is unsatisfied with their life in one way or another. It seems you may find your current lifestyle or habits a bit boring or monotonous. This is supported with the image of the fight with your friend, which does indicate such a conflict occurring in reality. You may be looking to pick a fight with her or someone else you are close to in order to add some excitement and drama to your days. However, doing so could backfire and lead to the loss of a perfectly good friendship. It may be wiser to find a new hobby or mix up your schedule rather than jeopardize your prized relationships.
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