Buying spoiled food and boyfriend lying I had a dream about shopping at the grocery store, and buying discounted meat, ham and corned beef, that had already spoiled. Then I went looking for my boyfriend who has been missing in action for the past week. I found him at a friend's house in my dream, and he was the climbing into a stolen truck and I ran to hop in the vehicle to get him to talk to me. He began to pull away telling me there was nothing left, but couldn't tell me why. I'm pregnant with his child, and he won't even acknowledge me. What could this dream mean? The spoiled food items in your dream indicate you may have some difficulties controlling your spending. Just as buying food that is already past its expiration date in real life is a waste of money, so does this dream represent being careless in financial matters or not as frugal as you possibly should be. Discounted foodstuffs may also point to inefficiency in your working style or experiencing some loss or failure in regards to a goal you are trying to accomplish. Being unable to find your significant other may represent a past experience or situation in which he let you down, possibly connected to the goal or aim you were working toward. His leaving and ignoring you within the vision may be a symbol of your apprehension to trust him completely, particularly in regards to fidelity.
A conflict involving ex-boyfriend I dreamed of my ex boyfriend trying to tell me something and when he was still trying to speak his fiance called him to come home and he was very rude to her saying he is still busy, but after a few minutes he lied to me and said he is going to the bathroom only to run away from me. Dreaming about having communication problems with your ex-boyfriend and his later attempt to run away from you both point toward recent efforts to catch his eye or try to rekindle your past relationship. While this was possibly done subconsciously, your endeavors may have gone awry. It may be that he did not notice your special attention given to him, or it is possible that he purposely ignored or scorned them. If the fiancee you saw in your vision really exists, it indicates a desire to know about his private affairs, potentially resulting in you getting in trouble for snooping or gossiping. Your subconscious mind, through this dream, may be pushing you to decide between letting your feelings go or continuing to pursue his affection despite his interests being elsewhere.
Trying to kill people at a skating rink In my dream I walked into a roller rink with some people who I guess I knew and we started trying to shoot at the rollerbladers, my gun wouldn't work so I grabbed a knife and started stabbing and cutting people and it was very gory. Both skating and rollerblading are symbolic of feeling like you have your life under control and everything is going smoothly. However, just like skating is almost like flying, you might suddenly stumble and fall if something gets in your way. This is also connected to the image of the gun, which is a sign of feeling edgy and on your guard, and shooting at people without hitting anyone, which indicates wild behavior that may negatively affect you in the future if you do not change your ways. All these images together mean that while everything seems fine on the surface, you may fear repercussions of bad behavior and should therefore carefully consider future actions. Switching to a knife and then proceeding to attack and murder people represents strong sexual energy, and possibly an improved sex life with your partner or lover.
Intruders throwing poisoned darts The mother of my children and one of my children were in the back room of the house and that morning or afternoon because it was daylight when I went outside. We were in the room and we heard commotion coming from the front of our house living room and I ran through a hallway between my kids room and another hall connected to from the hall. I saw two people run into my living room to my kitchen hallway and when they see me they throw sharp objects at me .. It was metal darts ... One hit me on my right hand... Something told me it was poison... And then I felt my body. Dreaming about seeing a stranger or strangers inside your house and threatening you could contain a prediction that you are about to see some significant changes related to your private life or family affairs. It could also mean that you are about to get involved in some unpleasant conflicts or disagreements. Most likely these matters will be closely related to your family, judging from their presence in this same dream. Being poisoned is symbolic that someone is presently watching you or your family members and waiting for the perfect moment to move on with their plans or intentions.
Spending time with boyfriend and being upset In my dream he came and picked me up I went back to his place we spent the night together. And the next morning he dropped me off and was going to pick me up again after work but the conversation we had in my dream was messed up. And when he left for work both of us were really sad. I woke up sad in the morning. Seeing yourself having fun with your boyfriend in your dreams is a warning that you are too preoccupied with your romantic relationship right now, possibly with the same person you had this dream about. Such excessive focus on your relationship might cause some misunderstandings or troubles within your own family. This means you will soon have to make a sound choice between your family circle and this relationship. Having arguments with your boyfriend in the same dream could also mean that someone will be entering your life who may negatively affect your life, causing issues and problems to arise.
Running away with boyfriend and fighting later I asked my dad if my boyfriend could come over and he said no, that he's not good for me and I don't know what I'm doing. So I got mad and ran away with my boyfriend. We took my baby brother with us. My parents followed us and we gave my brother back and my parents started to talk to the people we were going to live with and he got mad and told me I don't even want to see you again, you better stay gone you don't know what your doing with him and then I woke up. Dreaming about your parents scolding you or talking to you in a preaching tone means that you are too sensitive to the opinions expressed toward you by others and fall prey to people criticizing you, without any grounds for them to do so. Having your parents expressing their concerns about your actions or behavior in your dream signifies getting on the right track or being invited to be a part of some great event or celebration. At the same time, this dream could be warning you to change your ways from recklessness and indifference, if you want to see some major positive changes in your life and become a better person.
Trying to kill brother during arguments Dreamt I was fighting with my brother and trying to kill him on point. Dream visions about fighting with your brother mean that you are thankful and appreciative for something he has recently done for you or helped you with. However, at the same time, the result of this aid or assistance on his part was not enough for you because someone else (either other members of your family or some other unrelated people) stood in the way or interfered with the outcome of what you really wanted to achieve, gain or acquire.
Someone trying to take the tongue out I had a dream someone tried to take my own tongue out of my mouth, so I beat them up. I kept beating and beating them because of that. This dream vision about someone trying to get your tongue could be indicative of a recent situation when you caused a lot of grief or issues by either verbally insulting someone or saying things about them they do not particularly like behind their back. And, although you are subconsciously admitting that your behavior was inappropriate and hurtful, you could have some justifications and reasoning behind your actions.
Running and hiding from criminals in a jungle Me and this guy Jack that I really like were running through the jungle of Colombia to try and get away from Pablo Escobar who was chasing us, trying to kill us. We hit many obstacles like running up the side of a mountain with big logs on the ground, or being stuck in a hole in the ground trying to get out by climbing a rope. There was also a lot of shooting of guns and helicopters flying overhead trying to find us. Hiding out in a house was also part of the dream I had, and hiding out in an RV that was parked next to the house. Dreaming of running through a jungle dense with foliage and filled with many obstacles is symbolic of facing challenges and hitting roadblocks in real life. The cause of these issues is likely to be something sudden and unexpected, which is heralded by the sounds of gunfire and helicopters. These loud, abrasive sounds indicate hearing bad news or suddenly having to do something which is difficult and troublesome, perhaps in place of other things you would rather be doing. Hiding in your dream may represent trying to get out of such tedious or difficult work, though, given the overall hectic nature of this vision, it is unlikely you are able to do so.
Fighting with a crush I was fighting with my crush and we were both throwing objects on the floor. It was a very bad dream. When I woke up, I could still feel the bitterness of the fight. Dreaming about being with someone you like but having the dream end poorly represents feeling shy or reserved in front of people you want to make a good impression on. This might be about your crush, but it could also concern strangers, a superior at work, or another high-ranking individual. You may want to practice or prepare more for any important meetings you have in order to feel more confident and sure of yourself.
Being attacked by someone in a cabin My girlfriend is the main person in the dream. And dreams don't ever really make sense, but in this one we were in a cabin-like building, but the inside was an office. And we just kinda hung out there and then it was nighttime, and I went to an office next door and some security dude was there and he attacked me. But he wasn't a human. I ran out and started my truck and then ran inside to get my girlfriend, and just told her to get to the truck and don't ask any questions and we were running to the truck and the dude was running towards it too and I took out his legs. Both images of being inside unfamiliar places and being attacked by a complete stranger point to upcoming changes at home, in your workplace, career, business or personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. These changes could be as trivial as shifting the position of things at home, or as grand as kicking a bad habit, like smoking, or changing your sleeping patterns due to a revised work schedule or a completely new job. The notions of running away from the stranger, and if you felt in the dream as if you were able to escape, could also mean avoiding becoming involved in a risky or fraudulent activity which could otherwise undermine your existing relationship either with someone special in your life or withing your family circle.
Angry mother attacking viciously In the dream I frantically was trying to run from my angry mother who was trying to attack me... I sensed she was trying to kill me... I saw I was losing lots of blood and realized I was hemorrhaging... I was running within her home as I knew I needed medical help or I would die... Got to an old rotary phone and my mother yanked it so I could not call 911, and then used the phone to try and attack me as I was losing lots of blood... I woke up. This dream is rather complicated and depends highly on your current relationship with your mother in real life. The image of your mother attacking you and you running away from her portends unfinished business, an unrealized goal, or a lost opportunity. There might be a project you have been working on or planned to begin that may not come to fruition, despite your best efforts. Additionally, the large amounts of blood you saw in the dream from your injuries point to some financial troubles which may or may not come as a result of the lack of success you experience. Finally, the old rotary phone you tried to use represents difficulties in communication, most likely with you mother due to her presence in the dream. If you are currently having major disagreements with your mother or if your relationship has been shaky recently, this dream might indicate her interfering with your life in such a way that you lose out on some major aim or dream you have been working toward. On the other hand, if your relationship with her is very good, you may experience some unlucky event and, in your unhappy state, lash out in such a way that she is hurt. In both cases, you should be wary of both her actions and your own.
Children being harmed while other people killed I had a horrible dream where lots of people were shot and killed. One daughter (aged 10) was not harmed, while the other daughter (aged 4) was killed. My children in reality are a boy and a girl aged 40 and 36! Later a friend of mine was found dead in the same big mansion. What does this mean? This dream contains a lot of negative imagery within it. The most prominent signs are the shooting and killing, which suggests making careless mistakes which negatively affect many people. You may not be the cause of this problem, but rather a victim of someone else's actions. The symbol of the child becoming injured and killed is much more direct, implying a child around you may become seriously ill in the near future. This may or may not be related to the error mentioned before. Finally, finding a friend who has passed away separate from other people points towards feelings of loneliness and guilt, possibly for wronging this person in the past or not spending time with them recently. While the images are rather disjointed, it is recommended that you be on your guard and watch out for any dark forces that may be trying to wreak havoc on your life.
Confrontation with a woman from the past Dreamt of a woman I used to fellowship with years ago and we parted ways after realizing she was not OK spiritual-wise. I saw her tardy and sad.. Turning her face against me each time I would get closer. I was circled by a large singing crowd and suddenly a huge beautiful lace curtain was hoisted in front of me with her face sulking. Seeing a woman you interacted with some years ago suggests she has either recently turned up in your life again or that she has been on your mind. She may have made a strong impression on you at the time despite her perceived difficulties with spirituality. This woman may represent another person whom you are interested in currently. The image of her turning her face away from you in the dream represents both your desire to learn more and some apprehension about getting closer to someone, again either the woman you saw or another person you have recently grown fond of. The concern comes through a little more strongly in the symbol of the singing crowd that surrounds you, which means you are worried about your family and the larger community's response should you pursue a relationship with this person. The lace curtain at the end of the vision indicates that your subconscious is telling you to let things remain as they are, or to not go any further than you already have.
Meeting a stranger in the market and receiving threatening signs After three days of my marriage I had a dream that me and my dad in a market and my dad chose a yellow precious stone, and I wanted to see and hold it. Suddenly, a stranger who was sitting little far away asked my dad to show it. My dad gives it to him, he saw and throw it away. I got angry and ran to beat him, but he disappeared. After some time he again appeared and I grip his neck tightly and suddenly awake from the dream and what I saw was that my hands were on my wife's neck! The image of a precious stone yellow in color picked by your dad in this dream could actually mean that he has some reservations or doubts in regards to your spouse or about this newly-formed union. Perhaps you are sensing his uneasiness and subconsciously transform it into an image of a stranger. In real life, you want your father to be respectful and happy about the choices you make, but something on his part is holding him back and makes him hesitant. The projected anger toward the stranger is your dissatisfaction with how your father or perhaps other members of your family view and react to decisions you make in your waking life.
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