Being shot by a gang in own house I had a dream that two gang members walked up to my house and shot my mom, my boyfriend, and I. The shooter threw the gun and I picked it up to shoot back, but it was out of ammo. None of us died but were all shot in multiple areas of our bodies. What does it mean? Being shot in a dream is an ominous sign warning you to be more careful of your surroundings. There is likely someone who has been watching you closely, waiting for an opportunity to attack or take advantage of you. Trying to shoot a gun without ammunition may be a metaphor for ineffectively dealing with other people's attitudes and opinions. Your lack of positive reaction toward them or uncaring nature may give people the wrong impression, causing arguments and disagreements with those around you.
Murderers in an old folks' home I was in an elderly home and I was running in a maze of halls. So when I reached the waiting room there was murderers all in the room flashing their weapons and then Freddy Kruger. Also I've had this dream multiple times before. Dreaming about being intimidated or threatened by murderers could be a warning about possible careless actions you may be subjected to by others who do not realize the negative consequences of their behavior. This dream can also express your fear or hesitance towards something which needs to be taken care of or done by you in order to change your life for better, in the context of your dream, this could be related to relationships with older members of your family or advice you may have recently received from someone older and more experienced than you.
Twin boys in a fight I dreamed seeing a fighting twins and they were boys. Since you did not include your gender, we can provide you with two possible meanings of this dream vision. For males, seeing twins locked in a fight could be significant of the ambiguity or uncertainty related to certain aspects of their masculinity and how others, not necessarily women, perceive them. It could be that they are showing their weaker sides or unable to take control of certain situations. For females, this vision has more relevance to their intimate life or romantic affairs. They could be torn apart, or in half, by the difficult choice they have to make between two suitors who, in their eyes, are equally endowed, attractive or desirable.
Tensions rising among family members and friends My husband, daughter and I were walking out of the house. Our family had just came into a lump sum of money and our son's friend approached us as we were walking out and my husband grabbed his gun and shot my son's friend. The guy started yelling my son's name and once my son knew he had been made, he came out of nowhere trying to kill me and his sister and my husband shot him as well and killed him. What does this mean because i woke up crying but not because he was dead, but because he didn't think I loved him enough that he would try to take my life. Please help. Seeing your family leave the comfort and protection of your house is exactly opposed to the sign of coming into a large sum of money. While the sum of money literally represents physical wealth in your life, leaving the house suggests losing that money. You may, in this case, experience some financial ups and downs in the near future which make it difficult to plan for major expenses. This seems to be centered around your son, indicating you wish to pay for something for him or that he has requested you to pay for his needs. The shooting that occurs represents the difficult situation you find yourself in, namely, not being able to commit to such a large ticket purchase at this time. You may want to be more careful with money and follow a strict budget during this time.
An agitated stranger at grandma's house The dream takes place in the kitchen area of my grandmother's house. An angry male stranger (customer) asking for a refund. He is pacing, and reaching n a plastic bag for an item. He is talking loudly saying that he doesn't want this shit. While this dream might seem negative or be upsetting, it actually has a relatively positive interpretation. Seeing an angry stranger asking for his money back represents your personality, specifically being unafraid to speak your mind and speaking up when you think yourself or others are being treated unfairly. Watching the stranger reach into a bag which clearly has something inside it indicates receiving some small blessings in your life or finding happiness in the little things. If you continue to use your strengths for the good of others you are likely to be rewarded.
People calling names and telling to stay away from them I am 63, I rarely dream any more, but today I had a nightmare. In it, I was being pursued by people, lots of people. In fact, it seemed like everyone was either after me or wanted nothing to do with me. They kept calling me a "Carcinogen". Now, I knew the word had something to do with cancer but it's such an uncommon word to me. I had to look it up after I woke up. In my dream it was like people thought I was a carcinogen, could cause harm, so they wanted me either dead or to stay away from them. I don't know what to think of my dream. I can't seem to get the word "carcinogen" out of my mind. Being both chased and ignored are negative signs to see in a dream vision. Being chased predicts the rise of an enemy or rival who may cause disruptions or chaos in your life. This person may be someone completely new to you, like a neighbor who recently moved in or someone who joined your local church, or it may be someone you already know who has been a passive character until now. Being ignored suggests you often have negative thoughts or tend to be depressed. A new enemy could make you feel even worse than usual and bring out these traits more unless you focus your energy on positive ideas. While the word that carried much of the focus in your dream seemed unfamiliar to you, it is likely you did hear it recently, possibly in the news or in passing conversation and your subconscious picked up on it. This is supported by the perceived negative nature of the word and the traits discussed before. It may be wise to find ways to create more positive attitude and environment around yourself in the face of possible challenges.
Someone making feel uncomfortable and trying to run away from him I once had a dream about a guy I was very interested in. He is about three years older than me and also had a girlfriend, so due to that we never had much of a chance to talk. In the dream, we were in church where I had met him. He had came into the building and walked up to me without saying a word, then he proceeded to grope my left breast in which I received a very negative feeling afterwards. So, I began to walk away quickly and he followed behind me in a speed-walking type of movement until I rushed outside the church and he was trapped inside crying. He couldn't exit the building at all. Dreaming about a specific person usually means they have been on your mind recently, either because you have been thinking about them or because you have recently had a chance to interact. Churches are normally symbolic of protection, so it seems your subconscious self is trying to protect you from this man in the vision, first by limiting his speech and after by trapping him inside the building. This is supported by him touching your breast, which suggests close or intimate contact with this person, but in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, like moving too quickly or doing something you are not interested in or repulsed by. While you might have some feelings for him still, you may be better off not getting involved with him even if an opportunity presents itself in the future.
Fighting over the right to be on the throne I was sitting in my throne getting fed and my brother walks in and tries to take my throne away from me, so we fought over my throne and I won and got it back. This scene signifies that there may be some element of sibling rivalry between you and your brother, that could escalate in a conflict due to what appears to be attempts to assert your individuality as someone superior to others. The reasons could be trivial and based on jealousy of an irrational kind. The fight for the throne signifies the need for you to establish your leadership. This scene summarizes unhealthy state of your ego, something that could pose a risk to many of your social skills. Standing firmly on your two feet, asserting your individual qualities through pursuit of personal excellence may be just enough to prevent what can be an open conflict with many people with whom you may disagree in the future.
Being held down in a tent and calling for help Dreams about sleeping in a tent, and woke up with hand holding me down and over my mouth, so that I could not move or speak, eventually with considerable strength managed to break free and shout for help and at that time I woke up. Sleeping in a tent suggests you may soon be presented with some interesting and lucrative opportunities in the near future, like a part-time job or investment. However, being unable to move or make noise predicts that your rational mind may be at odds with your irrational desires. This means one or more of the opportunities may look a little too good to be true, but your desire for wealth and status may be getting in the way of your recognizing it. You may want to be extra scrupulous of people who seem to be giving things away for nothing, as you could be swindled or misled.
Being saved from robbers by a stranger in a car I dreamt that I was in my house and then it became another house, but still mine and all our family (ladies) were there. I peeped out to look at our car and it was there, the next minute it was gone and there were robbers in the house, but chasing everyone to kill them. I dreamt I tried to hide from them, so I began to climb the brick wall until they spotted me, so I began to run to a car wash. And I ran straight into a white BMW and the owner was there. These guys got into the car with their knife, however, the owner did not let them do anything to me and eventually they left and he fell in love with me. In your dream, fleeing from robbers is the central theme. It could signify that you strongly desire something or someone in your life to make you happier, and you are ready to use all means at your disposal. This search may increase your tendency towards more risky behavior, which, in turn, can lead to awkward moments and downfalls. Your social ties and established connections could be shaken up and uprooted during your ongoing pursuit, but there's also a likelihood of some new and rewarding experiences in your romantic life. You could soon be surprised by being exposed to events or circumstances demanding your immediate attention, things you cannot simply ignore or let pass by.
People invading the house and chasing around I had bought my own house with my girlfriend, it felt very unsafe, the whole neighborhood. We were outside doing yard work and around the corner drove KKK members, I was hoping they didn't see me, as soon as that happened we went inside. This lady knocked on the door and made her way through my house with a whole bunch of wild kids. It felt like a set up. So I started locking the windows and we finally kicked the people out. We go outside in the back and smoke a cig. We saw a guy on a motorcycle start beating up another guy. I grabbed both bats and tried to run and they started chasing me. There are many images in this dream, and most of them support each other in their meanings. Buying a new house in a dream indicates happiness and a good lifestyle that you presently enjoy. Seeing people fighting in your dream symbolizes the freedom you have to express yourself in life, without being concerned what other people may think about you. Of course, you should respect other people's rights, but you can pursue your own happiness. The appearance of kids in the dream indicates that you may have to spend a lot of time and energy on minor responsibilities and obligations. No matter how much you try to eliminate these, they tend to multiply. This could be related to house ownership. Overall, all these people randomly appearing in this vision signify the fact that you spend a lot of time trying to make the best out of your life with all its stresses, inconveniences and headaches.
An altercation with previous liasons I had a dream about my ex wife having a new lover, who was much older than her. I felt jealous about it and beat up this man really hard. But my ex didn't want me anyway and vanished. I saw my dead mother and I just couldn't explain what's happening to me. It was a sad dream, left me deeply disturbed. Dreaming of your ex having a new romantic interest is a sign that you are ready to forgive someone who once made a terrible mistake which had a great impact on your life and devastated you. The fight that you had predicts that something is about to happen to you that you did not expect. It could be a pleasant surprise or a terrible incident that could make you question your faith in humanity. Your deceased mother's appearance in this dream seems to suggest that these emerging circumstances are going to be positive in their nature, as mothers who are no longer with us usually predict positive experiences and things that benefit our lives.
Broken glass and confrontation with a stranger With two women, one dark, one fair, my age, child 5-7yrs, whom I told to put something on her feet, so she didn't hurt herself on glass. She then left. A man rolled up in something containing broken glass, I'm hitting him with a sledgehammer, the man is calm. Women are scared, of him not me. I want to badly hurt him, but am unable to. My age was current, the hut had blue furniture or walls, maybe both. The most prominent symbol in this dream is glass broken into pieces, which could be pointing to your excessive preoccupation with the things from your past. They keep coming back and seem to have special significance to you, and you could be spending too much time re-living past memories. Another important vision of the furniture and walls you recall from this dream could represent obstacles and challenges that currently prevent you from making progress in your life. Remembering being surrounded or blocked by furniture and walls could also symbolically represent how you feel about life in general, namely that other people tend to get in your way, which is supported by the scenes of fighting with a strange man also appearing in this dream.
A stranger getting inside the house and rubbing against I had a dream that a strange man opened my door while I was asleep and asked me "Is this (my name)?" and took me out of my bed rubbing on me. I felt scared and then I woke up. Dreaming about being in your room or a room that you believe to be your own is the manifestation of your life at the moment. Therefore, a stranger entering that room and accosting you could represent feeling unbalanced and vulnerable due to circumstances in your life. You may need to take some time for yourself to decide what you are doing and where you are going, as finding direction may bring you inner peace and contentment.
Attacking a mad woman Beating a mad woman in the dream. Dreaming about having a physical altercation with a strange woman can indicate a possibility of losing your advantage in an upcoming competition due to your inability to keep secrets, usually your strong points, to yourself. Coming across people who are mentally unstable, and, in this case, attacking one, could represent an impending conflict that might prove difficult to handle unless you manage not to reveal your wild cards too soon.
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