Being chased on stairs with the intention to rob I was sleeping and I began to dream that this guy that I am dating and some girl were chasing me in the stairways of the building and trying to rob me. Then I woke up. Being chased or running away from something or someone is a common dream theme usually brought about by the flight intuition when things are starting to get stressful in your daily life. Perhaps you have made some enemies with significant influence in your social circle and you are struggling to assert yourself in their presence. In your dream, the person you are dating and an unknown girl pursuing you with the intent to rob you could be the signs or signals of self-preservation on your part. You are afraid of being taken advantage of, so you run away from situations that make you feel vulnerable.
Sister fighting and drowning Sister had a fight with someone and drowned in a ditch with the person while fighting. Witnessing family members or close friends in a fight translates your possible involvement in a disagreement between people close to you. They may be stuck in a quagmire and refusing to resolve or confront the consequences of their actions. You could find yourself as a mediator in the conflict between squabbling parties in order to keep the peace. Your diplomatic nature could kick in and come in handy to help cooler heads prevail before anyone gets hurt in the process.
Being chased by people and ending up in a pool of blood I was being chased by people trying to kill me. I fell into a huge deep pool of blood and noticed eyeballs floating all around me. The 2 chasing me had stopped and were looking down smiling evilly. It was horrifyingly real and when I woke up, it took about 10 minutes to get over it. Bad dreams often come up when stressful situations in your life become overwhelming. The symbols are a way for you to understand, confront or cope with the source of tension and anxiety pervading your consciousness. To dream that people are trying to kill you suggests suspicions about people's intentions. It also implies a fear of change and the consequences that come with it in your waking life. Falling into the pool of blood signifies unexpected encounters and unusual events. It is possible that certain individuals with considerable influence in your social circle are instigating certain changes in you or your situation that is making you feel uncomfortable. The eyeballs floating around you in the pool of blood could point to yourself and your ideals. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to dig deep and find the strength within to help you deal with the challenges standing in your way.
Trying to apprehend a dangerous person but to no avail A scary person able to hurt physically. Cannot get away. Try to put in handcuffs, but shrinks wrists and slips out. Cops just keep saying they are on their way, but never get there. Hard time waking up from this dream. Woke up very scared. Experiencing frightening dreams such as the one you had points to negative emotions and setbacks in your waking life. The fear which manifests as a scary person or some threatening presence suggests psychological aspects or emotional parts of yourself that you no longer recognize or possibly want to get rid of. You could be yearning for freedom from the darker side of yourself or your personality. However, in the dream you had a hard time handcuffing the person, which means you may be having trouble controlling your rebellious or misbehaving side. The solution lies inside you and not any external influences, hence the absence of the cops.
Getting into a fight and ending up in court I was out with three guys and one of them offered me a steamed fish and I refused to eat it, and we get in a fight, and I beat him so bad. We end up in court. The judge was in favor of him, but residents were in favor of me. Eating fish in dreams pertains to receiving money acquired by legal means, good news or closing a deal. Your refusal to eat the fish indicates your resistance or defiance in regards to a pending decision. Maybe you want to be more independent or rely on your own capabilities and tactics in business or private matters. Your refusal to go along with other people's plans or points of view is likely to put you on a tight spot and could lead to confrontations. The dispute is a complicated and divisive one which may involve other people in your social circle.
An enemy sweeping the ground and asking them to pay money owed I saw my enemy sweeping their yard and went to her asking for my money, as if they owed me. A dream where you see your enemy sweeping the yard alludes to avoidance. Perhaps someone is not communicating with you about a problem or keeping something a secret from you. While you are on the offensive, a rival or competitor may be on the defensive side, which makes you feel frustrated. In order to arrive at a mutual ground and hash out the issues, both parties need to be willing to compromise.
Being arrested for gathering vitamins in a tree I was in a dream when I saw myself plucking vitamin C in a well-greenish tree and police came and arrested me and my family members. While slightly unusual, this vision seems to carry a fairly positive connotation. Seeing a tree full of green is usually indicative of good things blooming in your life, similar to how trees blossom and come to life in the spring. This means you can expect to receive great happiness or to achieve the things you have been working toward. Additionally, being arrested in a dream is often associated with being invited to participate in lucrative business endeavors. While you should do your research on individual offers, the returns are likely to be good, considering your efforts and resources are put in the right place at the right time.
A woman using all means available to attack Ever since we've moved from my brother-in-law's and his wife's house I've been having very horrifying dreams and she's always in them! I dreamed that I was in a dark room, all I saw was that woman's shadow, then a black hissing, growling evil cat came out of a closet and was viciously attacking me. I was screaming and that woman was laughing at me, she had this evil laugh. She was just watching the cat attack me. She won't leave my dreams. I also had a dream she had done black magic on my family. This vision is a highly ominous sign regarding your brother-in-law's wife, and you should be very careful with your future interactions with her. Black cats often predict the rise of a powerful adversary or enemy in your life, someone who is interested in ruining your life for no reason other than their own enjoyment. This is supported by the cat's hissing, which also indicates that this person is interested in making your life miserable and challenging. You should limit your time spent with this person as much as possible and try not to get into altercations that you may later regret.
Throwing glassware while fighting with an ex I am a female... I was sitting at a table with my ex and he said something rude and laughed, threw a glass of water at me, I then threw a glass of milk at him and then I found a glass of water and hit him with it. There were people surrounding the table who began to take his side and threaten me. Having a fight with your ex-boyfriend suggests that your current relationship or love interest may not be treating you with the love and respect you expect. In fact, he may not even treat you as his equal, brushing off what you say and putting his needs before yours. Others may have already warned you about him, but you have, to this point, chosen not to heed their advice and get out while you can. However, throwing water and milk at each other predicts finding yourself in an embarrassing, almost mortifying situation because of your blindness to the truth of the situation. You may be able to avoid these adversities if you react quickly and stand your ground, but anything short of a quick, decisive move is likely to end poorly for you.
Being beaten up by an obese person I saw that a fat person was beating me and my son in an unknown place and no other person was there around us, he kept on beating and we were crying and bleeding. The fat person in your dream symbolizes a rich person or a powerful individual. Being beaten by this person suggests repression or hopelessness. Your family may undergo trials and tribulations wherein you could be overcome by a sense of being powerless. The person of power could also be an institution and trying to deal with this organization or agency may sometimes seem futile. When faced with challenges, you have the option of succumbing to the powers that be or to fight back to defend your rights as a human being.
Followed by men and attacked by lion cubs I was at my sister's house looking for clothes to go to church. 3 men waiting for me outside. They walked with me. Then I start running, one man runs with me, but he fell from a hill. Then I saw a white lion sitting with its back to me. Then I saw 2 cubs and 1 tried attacking me. I throw sand in his eyes. I woke up then. Being with an unfamiliar group of men suggests finding yourself in unusual and unexpected circumstances in the near future. This has likely been brought about by your own doing, which is seen in the symbol of the white lion and cubs. This particular sign points toward having higher expectations than what you are currently capable of achieving. In essence, you may be surprised to learn that things are not going the way you want to because you have not yet acquired the skills or practical experience necessary to be successful.
An assault by a student A fellow student pulls me onto the ground and rips my panties off and tries to keep them. Underwear represents a part of you wish to keep private. Being assaulted in your dream and having your panties torn off indicates a violation of personal space and privacy. There could be people in your life threatening to expose your secrets or use them to blackmail you. On the other hand, this vision could also allude to feelings of ineptitude and intimacy issues. Perhaps you feel insecure in your own skin and uncomfortable about your sexuality.
Ex husband fighting with strangers and winning I saw soon-to-be my ex-husband taking me to a house with him to fight strangers. I was too scared to get in. He went in and fought strangers. It took a while. Then I entered the house, I see him coming towards me with no bruises. The house symbolizes yourself. The fight that takes place inside that house between your soon-to-be ex-husband and some strangers reflect the kind of troubles he could create to your emotions and psyche. There could be some discord underway because of him intruding in your personal life. Fighting with a complete stranger also indicates upcoming changes at home, in your workplace, career, business or personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. These changes may leave him unscathed, however the same cannot be said for you. It is best to keep your guard in order to avoid having anyone take advantage of your temporary weakness.
Fighting with a stranger to protect boyfriend I was fighting with a strange woman in order to protect my boyfriend from getting hurt. While fighting the woman, blood was drawn. A dream in which you find yourself in a verbal or physical altercation with a strange woman to protect yourself or someone you care about is an ominous sign. It portends the possibility of losing a competition due to a secrecy breach. A rival of yours may gain the upper hand thanks to having found a particular bit of information you would have normally kept hidden. Try to not be careless with private information and be more serious about whom you ultimately trust.
Harming girlfriend after finding out she is unfaithful I saw my girlfriend. She had a scar on her face. I felt like she was cheating on me, so I decided to check her phone. I saw her messages and realized she was cheating on me, so I slapped her. Then I took her face and rubbed her scar on the wall, hurting her more. At the end, I started crying. The scar on your girlfriend's face could reflect unresolved issues between the two of you. Perhaps you had previous issues and arguments that have not fully healed, leaving behind lingering resentments. The scar could also be a reflection of you projecting your own inadequacies onto her image. Once trust is broken, it gets harder to restore it. So the act of cheating in the dream may be validation of your uncertainties about the current state of your relationship. On the other hand, too see yourself in a situation where you are being cheated on by your partner or lover can also be a positive sign, depending on the actual status of your relationship. If you have no issues whatsoever, it means you are about to enter a period in your life where you can be worry-free and satisfied.
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