A conflict and reconciliation with a male of a different race My dream is about me fighting with a white male, he was disturbing me and in the end we both were a couple and we got back together. The main thing is I am an Indian girl who has not encountered or had any relationship with a white male. Fighting with a male figure that you seem to be unfamiliar with suggests you are about to enter into a new, happy phase in your life. There are likely to be many changes for the better, such as moving house, starting a new job or meeting a new romantic partner. Making up with this person, however, indicates that at least one of these "happy" events is likely to not be as good as it seems on the surface, meaning you should not let your guard down, especially if something seems too good to be true.
Sleeping with someone to get a revenge and feeling guilty afterwards I met a girl I could really love, yet thought she had too many male friends, thinking she wouldn't be faithful I slept with another girl in a drainage ditch, but the next morning I had to ask my friends what I did last night (the night I cheated). They said I slept with some old girl in a sewer ditch, I tried to feel better by asking a mate if the first girl was good and he replied she is a female version of you (me). I went to find her and she was on the top of a large cupboard, she was very sad. Thinking that the person you like would not act faithfully towards you and then going out and partaking in questionable behavior yourself suggests you may find yourself in a bad situation in the near future. More specifically, it points toward illegal or unethical actions which could negatively affect your relationships with those around you. However, realizing that this other person is you in the opposite gender indicates going through a period of growth and soul-searching which would bring balance back into your life and get you back on track, helping you patch up the relationships which were damaged in the past while making them stronger than ever before.
Seeing an old crush arguing with her husband I saw in my dream the girl I had fallen in love with 20 years ago. I had never been able to date her, she was quarreling with her husband in my presence and for a while during her argument she looked at me with disgrace. Witnessing these two people, a woman you once loved and her husband, having an argument is a very positive sign to experience in a dream vision. It represents your personal freedom to choose your path in life and do the things that you want to do. You are probably seeing this vision now because you struggled to be independent in the past, meaning you were under pressure to act in a certain way or believe certain things. Now that you are older and wiser you can make these decisions for yourself.
Having to witness someone's inappropriate behavior So, I was at school with my best friend and the guy I like and we were all just hanging out in this room when this girl I know that is friends with the guy I like came in and sat next to him. She starts smirking at me and then goes and sits on his lap and he's acting like it's totally normal and I'm getting a bit upset. Then they lied down by each other, almost spooning and the whole time this girl is still smirking at me. I get so fed up that I confront her, yelling, and she eventually leaves. It is possible that some misfortune is about to befall you. Dreaming that you are inside your school hanging out with friends is symbolic of negative elements being present or soon appearing in your life. It represents the possibility of people holding you accountable for something you did in the past. The altercation you have with the flirtatious girl points to the risk of getting involved in a shady or fraudulent activity which could ruin your reputation for good. You should consider the consequences any of your actions could have in the long run before you make important decisions.
Beating a baby and getting beaten up I dreamt that I was beating a baby with a pole, then I was getting beaten up with a pole (don't know who was holding the pole), but my screams woke me up and I was in tears when I awoke. Babies represent innocence and hope, so to dream that you are beating up a baby could indicate a need to purge yourself of naivete and vulnerability. Maybe you are trying to get over your helplessness. This is closely associated with getting beaten up in the dream yourself, as being beaten is indicative of the desire to change certain things about your character. The violence manifested in the dream reveals your great need to consciously re-evaluate and transform yourself in the process. On the other hand, these visions could also signify that an individual in the real world is forcing his or her ideas and opinions on you, which you are trying to actively reject.
Arguing with ex partner while on the street I dreamed about my ex partner, we were standing outside and I was telling him that our son is asking me about you. I ask him if he is staying with someone already and he didn't reply, I ask for her name and he told me. I told to tell her to leave the house, so that I can bring my son to visit for two days and he said OK. We were going to court he holds my hand and says "Let's cross by this house", the house roof structure was incomplete, so while passing I saw the baboon. I told him we must never pass people's houses. Seeing your ex-partner in a dream vision is a fairly ominous symbol indicative of problems with a current romantic partner or a future connection you are attempting to make. The complicated conversation which ensues, especially if it reflects similar conversations in the waking world, could point toward your past rendezvouses being the source of these troubles. You current or future lover may have some issues with things you have said or done in the past, leading to a serious debate or discussion about this topic, which can be seen in the image of the house without a complete roof. The outcome of this talk cannot be determined from this vision alone, but may depend on your negotiation skills and sympathy for his feelings.
Trying to barricade inside a house from a dangerous stranger I am in a field next to a house, meet a man who says he grew up in CT, my home state, and won't tell me what town. I immediately have a bad feeling about him. I look down the hill and see him choking someone and I run to the house to hide. Trying to close and lock windows and locks won't work. Dark in front of the house. Run to back of the house, bright outside, windows open, safe here, back to front need to lock the windows, he is coming. Try and try, windows won't lock. I never see him in rest of dream. This dream of a man who appears to pose a threat reveals your cautious stance towards someone at work or possibly within your social circle. Seeing the man choking another in your vision points to an individual who may be preventing you and your colleagues from expressing your opinions. This man in your waking world may be manipulative and controlling without you being aware of his maneuverings. Running into the house but being unable to lock the windows suggests that your fear in relation to the man has to do with your ambitions. Perhaps this real-life person is blocking opportunities for you due to their cunning moves and wily behavior. Your subconscious could be telling you to stay alert in case a friend or co-worker is gaining your trust and basking in your good graces only to stab you in the back.
Someone kicking a woman in the crotch I dreamt that a guy used the leg to hit a female friend of mine's private part and she was crying. I saw myself comforting her in the dream. I don't understand? Legs are associated with control and independence. Within the context of your dream, using the leg to hit woman's privates suggests that a male figure may be controlling your friend by using her femininity against her. Or perhaps he is taking advantage of her womanhood and manipulating her to his whims. Your female friend may be suffering from a low self-esteem and in need of support and affirmation. She could use some counseling to help her get out of a possibly destructive pattern of behavior.
Fiance caught cheating on other girls Me and my at the time fiancee were together and I never thought or accused him of cheating. I had a dream he was going what felt like next door and to flirt with some chicks and I jerked his ass up by waist of pants and belt and brought him back home. We broke up not long after that and a year later he still says he loves me. Dreaming that your fiance is cheating on your does not actually represent such an event in wake life. Rather, dreams about infidelity represent your own lack or trust in him. Additionally, this could represent a subconscious desire not to fully commit to the partnership for one reason or another. Maybe you became dissatisfied with the relationship or his habits became annoying. It is possible you did not want to settle down yet or saw opportunity elsewhere. In either case, your vision has more to do with your state of mind than his actions.
Girlfriend cheating with a gangster My girlfriend of 2 1/2 years told me she was having sex before I came along with this gangster guy that came out of nowhere. He started threatening me over the phone. It resorted in my girlfriend and I fighting. I ended up hitting her repeatedly (which I don't do), then I pulled up to my house, I walked past him and his car and he was reaching for a gun, a fully automatic uzi. When I got upstairs, I saw through the back window she got in the car with him and left with the passenger door still open. Dreaming that your longtime girlfriend is sleeping with another man, whether it was inspired by a similar event in reality or not, is the manifestation of your frustration with work and household tasks. Specifically, this vision suggests you are having difficulty completing your duties in a timely manner or that you do not have the resources to take care of things as it should be done. In either case, fighting with your girlfriend represents much the opposite, mainly that she does not blame you for your recent failings. Watching her leave with a dangerous man predicts experiencing the same small fights that normal couples have, but making up with little to no long-term repercussions.
Daughter being abused by her boyfriend I just woke from a dream where my daughter was hit by her boyfriend while sitting on a step outside, in front of a house. Somehow I appear in the dream fussing at boyfriend and find out from a bystander my daughter cheekbone is crushed, she has to go to hospital and two guys immediately beat up her boyfriend that heard me say "Why did you hit my daughter?". What's this dream mean? Dreaming that your daughter's boyfriend is abusive towards her is a sign from your subconscious that something is not right with the relationship they have. It may be something benign and harmless, but it is more likely to be something that could seriously hurt your daughter in the future, either physically or emotionally. This is followed by your daughter going to the hospital, which portends hearing some unpleasant, possibly shocking news, most likely about her boyfriend. Your worst fears about him may be on the verge of being confirmed.
Threatened by a white man A white man with evil face looking and screaming at me. This dream of an evil face screaming at you suggests fear towards a powerful and influential figure. Much of your life may be in the hands of this person who you feel is oppressing you. Alternatively, this evil face could represent a darker side of yourself, tempting you to go astray or get into trouble.
Running from circus people I am in a circus with bouncy castles. I go into a secret section with two friends and there is a group of people, they see us and chase after me and my two friends who stay behind. I jump into a house and find a nice old woman and a Cheshire Cat. I run into my room, my house is lit on fire and me and my family survive. Dreaming of a circus means you are looking for some excitement and adventure. Things may have become predictable and boring as of late that you yearn for some lively stimulation. However, this quest for fun may lead you to encounter rather shady personalities. The Cheshire cat represents deception and mischief. They may abuse your free and generous spirit, getting your loved ones involved in the process. Such challenges are supposed to test you and your family. Surviving the fire means overcoming challenges and revealing who your true friends are.
A fight provoked by a lit red candle I lite a red candle near my bed, near my head. In the room my daughter and her boyfriend were there. He sees the candle light up and he gets upset and starts fighting and then grabs my daughter and they leave to another room. Lit candles in dreams often symbolize the union between two people, resulting in new associations, connections and relationships. While this sounds like a positive situation, the fact that the candle was red, and the subsequent fight between your daughter and her boyfriend, suggests there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Red is often associated with passion and strong emotions. In some cases it is connected with the idea of deep love, however, it can also show instances where the tension runs so high that it leads to irrational and even violent behavior. It is possible that you see this type of dynamics forming in either your relationship or your daughter's. It would be wise, then, to talk to her and make sure she is happy in her current partnership.
People at random yelling I was in a random house, I remember there was a long hallway and it led to a room and there was a window in that room close to the ground and outside of it this man was yelling and freaking out. I kept telling him to go away and I was yelling at him, the next part of the dream there was this teenage girl and she was also yelling. I ran in the room and tried telling her to stop, but I couldn't talk, so I was mouthing the words telling her to kill herself. Visiting an unfamiliar abode is often associated with an upcoming encounter with someone new to you, however, it is likely this individual has had their eye on making your acquaintance for some time now. Despite their interest in you, the feelings may be one-sided, as being yelled at by strangers could point toward negative reactions to things this man (or woman) says or does. Being unable to reply to the man, but not the teenager later in the vision, may predict feelings of futility when it comes to removing this person from your life, suggesting you have come to terms with their presence or are too tired to fight their intrusion anymore.
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