Taking bags out after an argument In my dream I was arguing with someone I'm sleeping with and I used an old co-worker's luggage to get my stuff out of his house as he grabbed the bag, not aggressively, but because it was heavy. Also, I carried a small bag. He tried to carry them for me, but I grabbed the small bag. This dream is your subconscious mind's attempt to weigh the pros and cons of staying with or leaving your lover. The heavy bag or luggage represent all the moments and experiences you shared with him. Packing them up means you are willing to treat all those things you shared with him as part of the past or a closed chapter. The small bag, on the other hand, is your innermost secrets, dreams and aspects of your own identity. Staying would mean opening up that most intimate part of yourself and sharing it with him, both the good and the bad. Yet you grabbed the small bag, which seems to reflect your reluctance to fully commit to him.
Being abused by mother on a birthday It's my birthday and only one friend came. I was playing a little, my mom made me eat on the floor. After eating, my friend told me my mom is strict, I went to her room sad. Then I told my friend "Let's go outside". My mom then told me to get firewood on the way. I got a few pieces of wood then I put them at the table outside and I started playing with her to avoid the sadness. I played and got happy again, then my mom came outside and said "I told you to get firewood, not play!" and started hitting me. Feeling lonely when it is your birthday and eating off the floor could predict losing something important to you in the future. This could be a physical object, such as a favorite toy or a missing coat, or something more intangible, like time or attention of others. In either case, going outside and collecting firewood could be interpreted as a sign that you have done or are about to do something which gets you in a lot of trouble, thus resulting in the loss mentioned above. While you may not directly hurt anyone, it is possible that your ideas or behavior could make others feel uncomfortable. Seeing your mother being upset at the end of the dream could indicate how stressful and difficult this period of time would become for you.
Being chased by men at a zoo I'm a lesbian. I dreamed I was being chased by middle-aged men at a zoo. At one point I was even topless? This vision seems to have some link to your sexuality. More specifically, being chased by someone bigger and more powerful than yourself could point toward the rise of powerful enemies in your life. In some cases this could mean a rival or competitor, but it can also represent conflict with someone you love, such as family or friends. The cause of your trouble could be linked to the notion of being topless and exposed, as being naked in a dream suggests involvement in something that others would disapprove of. For example, your parents may think you are too young to date or you may have a friend who is jealous of your attention given to someone else in the group.
Being attacked three times in a row Three dreams in one month. All three have dilapidated houses that won't keep danger out. First dream, I was attacked by hoodlums. Second, I was attacked by wolves. Third, I was attacked by a lion. All three, no person would help me. The dilapidated houses in your dreams allude to a lack of security in your waking world. You may be emotionally unstable or your life could be characterized by doubts and insecurities in every aspect of it, including financial situation. Bandits and hoodlums breaching the house represent anticipated financial difficulties. The wolves and the lions represent adversaries and enemies who are out to bring you down. Your dream warns you not to be too trusting and keep your wits about you, so that others would not take advantage of you.
A house destroyed by a truck My house and the neighbors' house was destroyed with a huge truck intentionally by an angry man. He then comes after me and sprays with red-hot paint on the back of my legs. Having your house destroyed by a truck during a dream vision often represents feeling overwhelmed in wake life, particularly by work or domestic responsibilities. Seeing your neighbor's house destroyed as well could be the manifestation of your sympathy for others who are facing a similar situation as you. The red paint could symbolize becoming emotionally unstable or worked up, suggesting that prolonged exposure to stress and unhappiness could negatively affect your ability to think and react rationally in front of others. It would be wise to find good ways to manage both your stress and workload lest you lash out at someone accidentally.
Upset with friends and slashing wrist In my dream my two closest friends replaced me with this girl we all don't like and all three of them together tried to get info off me like gossip and whatnot. They did that for four years, then I found out and I cut my wrist so deep that I hit a big vein and I bled out. Then my stepdad came and found me in the bathroom and said "Oh, well" and left me there to keep bleeding, then at my funeral no one came and i woke up crying. Being abandoned and replaced by your friends in a dream vision often means just the opposite in wake life. In this case, you are likely to see some growth and improvement in your friendship, possibly including the girl you currently do not like. Cutting your wrist and bleeding profusely, however, could predict that the cause for your deepening bonds is a sad one, as this symbol is often associated with something terrible happening to someone you know, either a mutual friend or acquaintance. Your lonely funeral suggests that this news would not directly affect you, but rather would be passed along by someone related to the actual event or victim.
Women fighting with one of them dying In my dream, I saw two women fighting, and suddenly one fell to the ground and died. I just passed by and was watching the event. To dream that you are witnessing a fight is good news. It is a symbol of freedom and indicates that you are free to decide and mold your own life regardless of what other people might think or say. Alternatively, these women may symbolize clashing aspects of your beliefs and you are turning a blind eye on the negative consequences of your actions based on erroneous judgments.
A lover spitting in the mouth I'm a female. Past male lover kissed and spit in my mouth. Dreaming that you have an altercation with a former lover which quickly escalates could point to the possibility that your current lover may be overly possessive toward you. He may be a jealous and controlling person, an aspect of his personality which could be annoying you or causing you undue stress. If this is the case, an open line of communication is always the best option.
Being whipped Someone beating each of us with a whip. Being hit with a whip often signifies that you tend to engage in selfish behavior at the expense of other people's happiness and well-being. You are likely to be met, however, with a great deal of criticism and disapproval from those closest to you if you do not change your ways. Failure to be more generous and thoughtful could cause serious conflicts arising in and affecting these relationships.
Being assaulted by an ex-friend I was skipping down the street and singing, very happy. A car pulls up and an ex-friend jumps out with a metal pipe and beats me to a pulp. The blood, teeth and bones seemed like that of 6 people. She is laughing and belittling me the whole time. She is a self-professed vigilante murderer and we had a bad falling out. Dreaming about being beaten up by an old friend signifies feelings of repression and hopelessness. Although you may have stopped being friends, you still harbor some feelings of resentment which seem to surface time and again. Perhaps they betrayed you and every time you think of them it brings back that feeling of utter desolation. The fact that your friend beats you until you are reduced to a bloody mess signifies the loss of trust which occurred due to their devious actions.
An enemy packing up and leaving I'm a female. My dream was me and my enemy were in the same house together, but she was packing and leaving. Dreaming that you are in the same house as someone you identify as your enemy could represent fortuitous developments. You may soon achieve an important victory over something you may have been tackling for a while now. This would, in turn, allow you take over new challenges which could help you grow as a person, both internally and professionally.
Fighting with men in a cabin I live in a cabin with other men. Strangers show up and I feed them. One stranger tries to kill me. I kill him. The other (very tall and bearded) bludgeons my men with a hammer. I disarm him and ask why he's done this after I've fed him. I try to kill him and attacks are weak and he seems to be faking that I do any damage and my blows are weak. I disarm him after he pulls out a screwdriver and he still taunts me. My weapon is a broken broom handle. I try to shove the handle through his eye socket but I can't pierce through. To dream that you are residing or staying in a cabin indicates that a person from your close circle is in dire need of your help, but is reluctant to confide the matter to you. You would learn of that person's predicament from others in your circle. Being attacked by a complete stranger points to upcoming changes at home, in your workplace or inside personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. Combined with the image of the cabin, it seems your relationship with this individual in reality may change some aspect of your life due to the importance of the challenge they are facing and your potential involvement. Killing or trying to kill people in your dream signifies your determination and readiness to do something about this situation before it escalates and gets out of control.
Threatened by ex-boyfriend's wife I was somehow at my ex-boyfriend's house in his bathroom. I came out into the living room and he was on the couch looking sad with a toddler who was handicapped. I said sorry for showing up and he said it was okay because he and his wife don't spend time together. Then I tried to leave and the door was locked. Out of nowhere his gun-toting wife comes running down the stairs with a few kids behind her! She told me to never come back and stay away from her husband. She unlocked the door and I woke. Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend is symbolic of you having strong feelings for him despite being distanced and out of touch. It could be especially true when you notice a major change or upheaval in his life. The fact that you found your ex looking dejected signifies that he may be facing a tough time and you feel sorry for him. The handicapped baby in your ex's lap could represent some of his bad habits which could actually be the very reason for his misfortune. On the other hand, a vision of a locked door could point towards your own inability to help your ex during challenging times, and maybe these issues could only be resolved with the help of his current partner or wife.
Assaulted by a man in a bar A man poured a drink over my head whilst holding me up by the neck. Then I threw my drink at him and asked why he did it to me. He then lifted me by my neck again and tried pouring another drink down my throat. Then he had me hanging by the legs. I noticed under all the tables in this bar we were in were black bags with people in them. Then I shouted to my friend who is a security guard. He came over, the mean guy dropped me and he and my friend squared up. The mean guy beat my friend up. Dreaming that you are being tortured by someone who is using water or some other liquid, such as pouring the drink down your throat or dousing you with liquid, alludes to being pressured to perform in the real world. The neck, as a symbol, represents the divide between the heart and the mind, so being held by the neck reveals your confused state in relation to your current circumstance. Perhaps your superiors are forcing you to do something that is against your values. Your rational side knows that in order to gain their trust you need to follow their orders, yet your heart does not approve. You may need to decide whether your job is worth compromising your personal beliefs.
Being attacked by a jealous man I dreamt that during a dispute over a woman by her jealous man and myself, he started attacking me physically continuously and I picked up a gun off the ground and shoot him with the said firearm, but he wasn't dead the first time. He then attacked me again with a knife during which I shot him several times with the revolver and he subsequently died of his wounds. Dreaming of being accused of adultery mirrors unfounded accusations you may be facing in reality. Some colleagues may be threatened by your talent and unjustly point fingers at you for mistakes you did not commit. As such, shooting and eventually killing the man in your dream is actually an auspicious message. This vision alludes to the upcoming realizations of your goals and long-time aspirations. You may soon get the chance to reap the rewards of your hard work and determination, or you may finally reach a great conclusion to a project you have been working on.
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