A gang of black men My husband and I were in some city, parked our van. We could see the parking lot to the right of our apartment building. My husband and I noticed a group of people entering the parking lot, like a street gang. Our apartment was to the left, and the man from the right side came out. He was a black man. I think we were in a black neighborhood like Harlem. I think my husband called the police as I watched the gang circling an individual in the parking lot. I woke up before the violence began. Seeing a street gang threatening someone in a dream likely reflects your sense of powerlessness or fear in reality. A person or group of people in your social circle, or perhaps at work, may be overpowering you or ganging up on you. It is also possible that you may be working on too many projects or handling a lot of responsibilities, so you feel overwhelmed by the things you need to take care of. In this context, the parking lot as the site of confrontation becomes a significant dream symbol. Oftentimes the parking lot symbolizes a break or time off. Maybe your subconscious is telling you to slow down and take care of yourself before your mind and body succumb to the stress.
Walking behind a rival Walking with my rival slightly in front. She is wearing a pinkish floral blouse holding purple flowers. Walking behind your rival does not necessarily mean you are lagging behind them in reality, although it does suggest you see yourself as possibly one step behind. Perhaps they always seem to get what they want on the first try, or they often seem to know everything before you. The floral blouse she was wearing and the purple flowers she was holding are opposing symbols that can be interpreted as a sign of two possible future outcomes for your relationship. On one hand, the purple flowers could mean a reconciliation of sorts, as rivals tend to have a lot in common with us to begin with. Alternatively, the floral blouse may predict a major conflict that drives you even further apart and may even alienate some of the friends or acquaintances in your overlapping spheres of influence.
Being assaulted by a careless driver Female. Children in front of school were hit by a slow-moving car. The driver doesn't care. I yell at her. She calmly walks over, hits me in the head with a big rock. I'm on the floor and can't move. I am aware that others want to take me to hospital. She won't let them. Worried about getting in trouble, I'm trying to get them to take me, getting weaker. The dream is so real that I can't move when I wake up, the head feels heavy, takes a minute to realize I'm OK. Witnessing children getting hit by a car suggests a loss of playfulness or innocence. Someone in your waking life is trying to control you and force you to abandon your carefree ways. Personality traits that could be deemed child-like and immature may be ridiculed by your elders or other authority figures. They would even try to convince you to abandon your curiosity and sense of wonder in favor of more practical pursuits and a stable career. In this context, getting hit by a rock points to insult and criticism. The driver represents an authoritative and domineering personality who would try to knock some sense into you by belittling your achievements and criticizing your life choices. Your fear of disappointing a parent or a mentor would keep you trapped in this undesirable situation, as indicated by your inability to move in the dream. Ultimately, your subconscious is trying to rouse you from passivity and urge you to assert your rights so you can follow your heart's desire.
Shooting a violent uncle My uncle was trying to attack me and my family, he had already hit two teens in the head with a hammer, then the police arrived and we couldn't find him. I found him and yelled. Ran inside and he charged after us and was going to hurt us. My mom said she was going to shoot, he charged again and she shot him, everyone was crying. She didn't kill him though. Getting attacked or threatened by your uncle could indicate family secrets that would create conflict and chaos within your family. It does not directly relate to your uncle, but your subconscious could be using him to represent a problem that your family is grappling with. A hammer is a symbol of power, so hitting the teens with the hammer means manipulation and brain washing. An influential relative or family member could use the younger members of your family to sow seeds of misunderstanding and discord. It is also possible that you think your uncle is to blame for being a bad influence on your family. In this context, your mother's act of shooting your uncle restores the power balance between your parents and other untrustworthy elders. A particularly tense confrontation would occur wherein your own mother or one of your relatives would assert their authority and finally dissuade any crooked personalities from causing trouble in your household.
Mother attacked by football players I had a dream where my mother was attacked by football players at a frat party where they beat her up and bruised her face. To witness your mother getting attacked or beaten up in a dream means you are experiencing or about to have some misunderstanding with her in reality. You both feel passionately about something and you would end up arguing your side while trying to discredit the other. While this may start as a friendly debate, it may escalate to something more hurtful if both of you are unable to control your tempers. This is a word of warning from your subconscious so you do not inadvertently damage your relationship with your mother.
Sex with someone not on good terms with I’m female... I had a dream about having sex with a guy I’m in love with but not in a relationship with. After sex we cleared up an issue that currently has us not speaking to one another. Sex in dreams usually represents a union or merging of differing characteristics between the two people having intercourse. In your case, having sex with someone you are not in good terms with reveals your desire to reconcile with him in reality. So sex in your vision symbolizes a compromise. This also reveals your reservations about making the first move because you are afraid of being rejected. While your mind could be stubborn in your decision to stand your ground, your love for him seems to be persuading you to reach out or meet him halfway in case he is trying to patch things up with you.
Fighting with strangers at a pub In my dream I was in a locked pub as it got late, saw these blokes fighting and looking for one rich dude, they later confronted me thinking I was the one they were looking for. I told them boldly it wasn't me, and they left me... I got to out to go to the ATM to pay the bar owner as I didn't have enough, on my way back these two guys were trying to attack me. I was going to fight them with the beer bottle in my hand when I awoke from the dream? Being in a pub means your rivals are plotting against you. Be careful because though you may feel safe and secure with your career and your relationships, your enemies are going to take advantage of your weak spots to foil your plans. In addition, not having enough money or cash to pay for your bill suggests complacency. It is in the moments when you have your guards down when they would seek to tarnish your reputation by spreading malicious and inaccurate rumors about you. Finally, the beer bottle in your hand represents your social connections, including friends and family, who have your back. Just in case your enemies attack, you know you have your loved ones willing to fight your battles with you.
Meeting an enemy at a mall My enemy was talking to me nicely in a shopping mall where we met as if nothing had happen. Being inside a mall, such as a shopping area, means you will be faced with options and opportunities which require immediate decision-making. So meeting your enemy at the mall signifies inner conflicts and opposing sides. You are trying to establish your identity and choosing a definite career path, but you are having a hard time deciding since you have a lot of interests and you do not want to box yourself into one narrow specialization. The mall can also signify worldly desires and material needs, so you could also be trying to temper your spendthrift ways with your practical side.
Arguing with someone That happened in a dream, I don't know whom I was arguing with and then the argument was over in the dream and something happened after that. Then I wake up and all I could think is I should have said this. Arguing in the dream world is normally interpreted as a negative symbol to behold, as it is associated with conflict, betrayal and impolite behavior. Not knowing exactly who you were arguing with makes it difficult to come up with a precise interpretation, but considering your waking thoughts, it seems likely that this is related to some disagreement you are having with someone in reality. Your thought that you should have said something points towards a prolonged issue that is weighing on your mind. Until you resolve this issue, it would be difficult to feel at peace. You may even need to swallow your pride and allow the other man or woman to win in order to move on from this troubling situation. While it might be difficult to do so at first, you would surely be happier in the long run.
Being held hostage and threatened with a gun I dreamed that I met this beautiful and handsome man who started to hold me against my will. I can tell he was insecure but he never hit me, he only pulled a gun out on me and I wanted to leave but he wouldn’t let me go and he took me to numerous family members' houses and they acted like what he was doing was OK. He kept taking my phone and I wanted to escape but I couldn’t escape how I wanted to because my little brother was there and I was afraid of what he was going to do to him if I ran away. The handsome man is actually a dream symbol for positive developments in the romance department. If you are already in a relationship, then expect more quality time together which will deepen your bond even more. This could also be a sign of settling down soon and getting married. If you are single, then you could soon meet your perfect mate. This person could be the one who completely complements your personality. Meanwhile, the gun represents the less attractive qualities of your partner. In particular, he probably has a bad temper which stems from deep-seated personal issues. If you want to strengthen your relationship, there needs to be open communication between the two of you and his willingness to address these concerns.
Enemy turning into a crush My dream was my enemy slowly morphed into my crush's looks and personality. I was really confused. It took place at friend's house. Envisioning that your enemy has morphed into your crush can carry two slightly similar interpretations. The first interpretation suggests that some internal conflict or unease would work itself out, just like the image of someone you do not get along with becomes the image of someone you have a lot of affection for. Alternatively, this vision could mean that you see qualities that you admire in your enemy, even though you dislike them as a person in general.
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