Someone getting assaulted and raped I had a very vivid dream, in which I saw a woman trying to burn the house. The lady who was sleeping next to me sees her and I'm telling her not to scream. And later that lady comes and removes the panty of another lady sleeping and stuffs green chilly in her vagina! And the poor lady's mouth is tied up with a cloth and she is crying for help! Dreaming about an act of violence, assault or rape directed at someone or watching someone suffer as it happens while you dream means that this person (if you know who the person was in your dream) is about to be injured or hurt, her house may be in danger of being burglarized and she may be needing your help and support after it happens. If you do not know who the person in your dreams was, this could indicate that it is about to happen to someone you may know.
German soldiers entering the house (I am female) I dreamt I was a young Jewish man hiding in a French Resistance Safehouse. I was tipped off the Germans were coming to get me so I packed my bag with some clothes and hid, ready to run. The Germans arrived by the truckfull with guns and barking dogs. When they banged on the door I woke up. Dreaming about seeing military people, such as soldiers or troops, entering your house could foretell forthcoming favorable changes. That is, you could be about to experience some positive life changes. Alternatively, you could soon benefit from a chance lucky circumstance or encounter. You also mentioned a vision of barking dogs. This could indicate that you would most likely be unable to get the most out of this fortunate change or circumstance. This incapability could result from your current busy schedule or reluctance and resistance to change. That is, there could be some self-created obstacles preventing you from moving forward and from changing for the better.
Being raped in public I m a girl, I saw a dream. It was like this, I was raped by unknown person in public. After that I scared and wake up. A dream in which you see yourself being raped must be considered as a forewarning. It may indicate that you could be experiencing, or be about to experience certain trials and tribulations. These hazardous circumstances might influence other people's attitude towards you. It also portends a sort of symbolic violation. Namely, you may be forsaken, ignored or disrespected by someone who is close to you or of whom you might know otherwise. This could happen under the watchful eyes of others.That is, some unexpected situation may have the consequence of leading others to estrange themselves from you, reject you or fail to support you when you most need their assistance.
A faceless guy with a gun There is a guy putting gun behind me. I did not see his face. To envision yourself being a victim of a murder in a dream could be a warning. You should be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. Moreover, the attacker was a man without a face. This could symbolize envy and pretense potentially coming from anyone close to you. This individual could be preparing to strike. Alternatively, this dream is telling you to be watchful of your own actions or behavior. You might make the wrong move and ruin your image or reputation. An alternative interpretation suggests that you might be currently under a state of fear. You would not be quite aware of its source, i.e., of what was causing you such anxiety. Hence, you subconsciously projected this fear by seeing an unidentifiable face in this dream.
Being arrested and then helped I was caught by police. Some of the transgender came there helped me and beat police officers and one among them threw money on me. Dreaming about being arrested by police when you felt as if you were innocent means you will be victorious over someone who is trying to compete with or overpower you. If you knew you were guilty of a crime in this dream, it means you are entering a period of hardship and suffering in your life which might have serious consequences. Being helped by a transgendered person in this situation can be interpreted as support or help coming from someone (male or female) when you might be experiencing a lot of pressure from a person who is superior to you (such as your employer, landlord etc.). The vision of money being thrown at you is a symbol of your kind and generous nature and your ability to reciprocate when help is offered to you.
Someone in a mask trying to kill There is someone (a man) standing at the end of my bed with a mask in they are trying to kill me. I then wake up. To envision yourself being a victim of a murder in a dream could be a warning to be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. This dream is also telling you to be watchful of your own actions or behavior that can ruin your image or reputation. A masked man symbolizes envy and pretense coming from someone close to you (as the notion of this man standing close to your bed implies).
Being stabbed and boyfriend is not helping In my dream I was being attacked. I had a boyfriend in my dream too. When I got stabbed in my lower back he didn't do anything and just got up and walked away. Dreaming about being a victim of a murder is a sign that you should be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set up for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. This dream is also telling you to be watchful of actions or behavior that can ruin your image or reputation. The vision of your boyfriend not being able or not willing to offer help in this situation can be a projection of distrust or insincerity present in your current relationship with this person.
Trying to escape from a gunman My 2nd daughter, myself and a man were trapped in a building used for science experiments, by a man who said he was going to shoot me in front of my daughter. I kept looking for ways to escape but knew we wouldn't get far because there were cameras watching our every move. Dreaming about yourself being a target of a murderer and unable to escape could be a warning to be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. This dream is also telling you to be watchful of your own actions or behavior that can lead to losing respect or trust of your daughter. Cameras watching your every move inside the building in this same dream could be an indication that you suspect or recently discovered that your actions became known or revealed to someone whom you do not really trust to possess this kind of information or knowledge which could be used against you.
A girl killing people, scenes of violence in a lock-down building I'm in jail with my friend Ryan for speeding, with us is a girl who says she didn't kill her brother, she kills the officer, and escapes and has me follow her, she goes off and starts killing a school filled with people for a locked-in homecoming dance. I try to find a way out for my friends when the girl isn't looking, while still acting like a crazy person when she is. the only person i end up killing is my ex-boyfriend. very detailed. VERY bloody, gore..I remember everything, the way I thought, outfits, facial features, etc.. Overall, the dream is very detailed. This suggests that you are a very introspective or reflective, and psychologically mature. Dreaming about yourself being a target of a killer and witnessing scenes of violence could be a warning. You should be careful not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. Alternatively, this dream expresses you subconscious revengeful and murderous impetus. That is, you may be angry about something or someone. As a consequence, you could end up losing your temper and doing something you would regret in the future. Such attitude or action would cost you the respect or trust of significant people in your life. This interpretation is based upon the understanding that, in your dream, a part of your inner self was being played by you; and another was being played by your friend. This interpretation is reinforced by the final ex-boyfriend killing act. Finally, the vision of your boyfriend being murdered could be an indication that you might suspect or have recently discovered that someone, who was at least once in your past very important to you, has been speaking behind your back and gossiping with people who are close to you. The disclosed information could eventually be used against you and put in jeopardy your significant relationships.
A neighbor appearing as if he has been stabbed In my dream I stood in my kitchen when my next door neighbor randomly appeared in my front garden wearing a McDonald's uniform covered in blood as if he had been stabbed. This vision could contain a premonition of a looming dangerous situation or indecent act. The McDonald's uniform worn by your neighbor speaks of your uncertainty about the causes that led to such situation or about the external or general factors which could contribute to its occurrence. It is unlikely that you would be being a victim of this incident yourself. Instead, this upcoming event would most probably involve witnessing something bad happening to another person or people. The kitchen, as a symbol, could reveal that this event or incident could happen close to where you live. Alternatively, it could be an event domestic in its nature, i.e. domestic violence, spousal abuse, etc.
Being a police officer and witnessing daughter-in-law being in bed with a stranger I was a police officer and called to a complaint. Upon arrival other police officers were just sitting in police cars. I and partner went into residence and arrested the strong man of the house. Upon further entering residence I saw my real life daughter-in-law spread eagle naked on a bed and sleeping with another man other than my son in real life. Upon leaving residence other police officers left me behind and I had to walk back up to police station. Firstly, you saw yourself serving as a police officer and being part of the police force. This could suggest that you might currently have an opinion, point of view or suggestion you want to express or make known to others. However, your peers left you behind in this dream. You might soon end up acting alone, failing to have the support of others or be outwardly criticized by those around you. These would be some possible consequences of trying to share your views or opinions. Thus, you should perhaps carefully weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision to proceed with expressing your views to others. You could also be facing a decision which might drastically change the course of your life as well as the life of someone close to you. For example, you may start acting forcefully and unjustly towards others in order to get your point across. Secondly, seeing your close family member naked in the same dream might also signify that this person could be about to be exposed to some health issue. In particular, they may become sick or go through a process of prolonged illness which could eventually seriously affect their well-being. Being left behind by other police officers in this dream reinforces potentially ominous outcomes you might soon be subjected to.
An old female teacher with a student who stole her money An old female teacher came to me and told that her student (boy) has stolen her money of Rs.30,000 from her bag and ran away. Dreaming about an old teacher at the school signifies that you are very accepting and open to new opportunities and able to take on new projects with ease. But these opportunities may become unattainable with the way you approach and handle them and because of the image you project of yourself onto others who may be involved or compete with you. Be mindful of small details and things which may seem unimportant because they will play a big role in the overall success of what you are trying to accomplish.
Police contacting and confronting about the murder of a woman I dream that police officer called my name. Then showed me the newspapers with the contents of murdered woman then beside is my name. They also showed me a paper with a two thumbs that had fingerprints. In this dream you were convinced that you were somehow connected to the murder of the woman in question. This could be indicative of your guilt and remorse about your own actions and behavior which could have caused a person in your waking life to go through a period of humiliation and suffering. Perhaps, at some point in time you have acted inappropriately towards someone whom you know closely or who just happened to be there. The symbolic vision of fingerprints shown to you is also a reflection of your fear that you could either be criticized by others for your wrongful actions, or your sincere hope that you would never repeat this mistake if a similar situation occurs in the future.
Murder of a famous abolitionist I had a dream being a witness to the murder of Beecher. This vision of witnessing or attempting to murder the person who is known as an abolitionist reveals your complacency, inability to break free from or your willingness to continue being dependent on a person or people who are self-conscious and who may be exerting a lot of power and control over you. This could be only explained by the fact that your life is greatly influenced by what this person or these people are telling you to do and these principles seem to you as the only and the most sensible way to live by. Alternatively, your very livelihood and material well-being is tightly connected to associating with and obeying these people. However, subconsciously, you are looking for possible ways to free yourself from this dependency.
Being kidnapped but treated nicely by the kidnapper I was doing something in my dream fun then I feel asleep in my dream and woke up in Italy and some guy kidnapped me and took my phone and said I could not leave. And so I stayed and he took care of me and was so nice and I asked him "Why did you kidnap me?" and he said I looked like I was in pain and he wanted to save me. This dream vision of being kidnapped by some stranger and realizing you have been taken somewhere far away could be a reflection of a failed attempt to use an opportunity or a chance. You could have recently tried to succeed at something important to you or gain some material benefit, but it did not come through. You could be exhibiting unusual behavior or treat others in a way that is not characteristic of you since this happened. You tend to subconsciously blame someone else for the lost opportunity and time you spent pursuing it, therefore, you are substituting your own regret and disappointment by envisioning an unfamiliar man who kidnapped you, but who still feels sympathetic and shows kindness to you.
Being chased and attacked by shooters I was in an airport and people were preparing for a shooting in a almost show or event style way. I was with friends and family. Not to mention I had eye make up on (I'm a male). Somehow, the bullet proof glass broke that was supposed to protect us when the shooter gets there. Everyone freaked out and ran. I went with my best friend who is living somewhere else at the moment (in real life). We ran for his car in a very weird airport and out to a tree (outside the airport) that led up into a spiral where we met an old friend of mine who tried to kill us. Then I woke up terrified. Dreaming of being at an airport is symbolic of your schedule becoming very difficult to manage. This might mean a sudden increase in activity or a number of new responsibilities that have been placed upon you, likely due to others recognizing your ability or trusting you to finish the job successfully. You may need to invest in time-management resources in order to cope with this influx of work. Dreaming about being shot at, chased, or attacked in general points toward being plotted against, particularly by people who dislike you or are jealous of your accomplishments. This may be related to your new duties or important achievements you made in the past. Trying to disguise your image, in this case by wearing makeup, represents apprehension, distrust, or fear of a friend who you suspect of being a backstabber. You might subconsciously suspect them of being the one making plans against you because of jealousy or envy. Finally, seeing other people running away in your dream may point to losing the esteem or approval of others because of the way you handle a certain situation. If you react badly to some sudden news or blow up in anger unexpectedly, it may put others off you for awhile.
Killing fiance's adult children My fiance had a dream that I killed all 3 of his adult children. What does that mean? Although this dream vision is disturbing, it could also mean that he does not completely trust you in some of the aspects of your relationship or he is not quite ready for a serious commitment. The dream vision suggests that some of your past or recent actions may have been too direct or pushy and threatened his personal space. Alternatively, this dream vision could suggest that there could be tensions between you and his children and he seems to think that this conflict may never be resolved to either side's satisfaction.
Running from rapists and hiding at a cemetery I was at a Catholic church and two men came to me and wanted me to have sex with them. I refused! They persisted. Told me I would or I would be shot, I got free, ran into a cemetery and they we're shooting at me. I hid behind tombstones making my way to a building to find someone I knew! Ended up on an elevator with small doors and was exiting to a floor that was full of greenery and pretty and found my boyfriend. This dream has a few conflicting images. Churches often symbolize protection and faith, and being inside one represents being in a familiar situation or feeling safe in a certain environment. However, the image of the men who wish to do you harm, particularly the imagery of them shooting at you with guns, points to feeling unsafe, either physically or emotionally. This dream may be showing you that something or someone has come into your life and thrown some aspects of it off-kilter. While you do not mention the state of your relationship with your boyfriend, seeing loved ones at the end of a dream generally symbolizes finding closure and peace of mind after some turbulent experience.
Children being molested My 7-year old granddaughter and a neighbors daughter were molested by an older heavy set balding man in a large white car with red trim. He made them lie on the back seat. So very disturbing! Dreams containing images of molestation are directly related to states of mind when you are trying to suppress the outbursts of rage, anger or hostility toward someone or some people. You are intentionally trying to put these emotions on the back burner or eliminate them from your mind when you are awake, which is also reflected by your subconscious mind with images of the girls in the car lying on the floor (hidden from the view) in this dream vision. The anger or rage you are experiencing could originate from trivial things like dealing with contractors, officials or people you disagree with, but could also be deeply-rooted in your psyche, such as witnessing injustice toward someone or seeing other people suffering and being unable to help.
Trying to escape someone who is killing everyone I have this dream someone wants to kill everyone. I jump into the sea with my granddaughter and survive that. Whoever wants to kill us we do not know why, but he is determined. I felt like we were visitors. Then I got suspicious of the activities around us both, so I jumped into the deep sea with my granddaughter and ended up safe, but wet now. I have found myself hiding close by in the trees, I am not scared for myself just protection for my granddaughter hoping to get away to safety somewhere. Twice I've had this dream and I don't like it. You are right to be concerned about this dream. Being attacked and chased in a dream predicts that you may be deceived in the near future. This is probably connected to your granddaughter, meaning either she is the one doing the deceiving or, more likely, it is on her behalf that you are being deceived. Oceans are usually symbolic of opportunity, so someone may offer her a chance to do or be something that she would normally not have access to and, because you want to support her, you may be tricked into spending money or time on this scam for her benefit. Finding that you are safe after being in the sea indicates you may realize the scheme before it is too late, but you should be on your guard against scammers and any offers that seem too good to be true.
A student breaking into the house A student of mine was trying to break into my house. My husband came up and laughed. Based on the imagery, you may be in a situation when you are overly concerned about your performance and aptitude in front of your students. You subconsciously seek ways to improve your rapport and performance. A possibility that you have been asked questions or inquiries from your audience you could not answer could also be on your mind lately. People, including students, come in all shapes and sizes, so may be it is time to embrace diversity and be a bit more open-minded?
Being raped inside own house I dreamed about being raped in front of my son in my house. Being raped in a dream is an ominous sign predicting upcoming trials and challenges. This is likely related to your family, as this event occurred inside your house, which otherwise symbolizes comfort and security. Because this happened before his eyes, these difficult times may be related to your son. Either his behavior might cause some problems within the home or he might be experiencing trouble elsewhere, which means you need to interfere on his behalf. In either case, it would be wise to pay attention to the situation developing inside your family or around it and do what is best to preserve the peace and happiness of its members.
Committing murder and getting arrested Had a dream. I had this friend who was influenced by a big man (Kennedy) to go and kill someone without my knowledge. We both went to help this person, but during the helping that is where the killing was administered (food poison). The very same day I was arrested with my friend for the crime. This dream has a neutral interpretation which leans toward the negative side, depending on how firmly you tend to hold onto your beliefs. The image of someone being poisoned is symbolic of death, but in this case does not represent physical passing away. Rather, it seems to point toward the death of a previous way of thinking, a belief that you held dearly until recently. Being arrested with the true criminal of the crime suggests that those around you, who once humored your misguided way of thinking, are no longer interested in your antics. You may have to reevaluate why you believed what you did and make efforts to show those around you that you are more open-minded and accepting than you were before.
Being forced upon by a stranger In real life I am a sober person with little sexual interest and I do not give into emotional turmoil either. Of late, I have been getting dreams about a person chasing me, assaulting me and even try to force upon me. This is kind off unusual, isn't it? I have got this dream 4-5 times, please explain. Dreams in which you envisioned yourself being chased and eventually assaulted must be considered a forewarning. They are indicative of the fact that there are certain trials and tribulations in store for you, which will influence, if not dramatically change other people's attitude toward you. This situation could evolve following your recent actions or failure to act, so you subconsciously sense ostracism as a form of punishment. If you are presently romantically involved with someone, these visions could also portend being forsaken by this person, for the reasons tied to aforementioned circumstances.
Being abducted but escaping successfully I saw that someone was trying to abduct my friend and me, but I managed to come out of the running car and managed to pull her out too. What does that indicate? The act of abduction of you and your friend portends the likelihood of your involvement in illegal, fraudulent or other borderline criminal activities. This dream serves as a hint that if you use the power of your will and your mind, you may be able to bail out of these plans before they materialize. It also indicates that you could soon be approached by some dishonest characters who will try to befriend you with the single purpose of using you in their illegal manipulations. Your dream is a warning indicating that you should pull yourself as fast as possible from any questionable or even criminal schemes which may result in serious repercussions both for you and others entangled in them knowingly or against their will.
Coming to terms with the offender at gunpoint I dreamt of a serial killer and a criminal pointing a gun on my forehead, I pleaded with him not to shoot me so much that he ended up not shooting me. We actually got along. What does that mean? The act of befriending or being cordial with someone shady or threatening indicates certain issues with one of your current relationships. Be it a friendship or something romantic in nature, some unexpected outside factor may put a strain on this relationship in the near future.
Stealing cars off the street In my dream, I steal a car like a SUV and park it by my house. After that, I watch news of cops looking for who stole this car. After that, I dream I am opening another car, that I choose it when I walk on the street, I see a "Ford New Fusion" and open it using a thin string in place of a key. And drive it to my house. Stealing a car in a dream denotes envy or covetousness. A car which belongs to someone else represents your dreams, ambitions and drive to succeed. Hence, stealing the vehicles of others reflects your desire to have what others have or to live the way others live. There is discontent within you and your subconscious recognizes this unhappiness about your lot in life. However, you also recognize the fact that this coveting is misguided, which is why the police appears in the dream. This alludes to your conscience. You know that success and happiness are not based on what other people have and that social comparison only makes you unhappy. Instead, you need to know how to define success for yourself.
Ex boyfriend hiring a killer who is afraid My ex hired someone to come to my grandmother's home to attack me. She asked for me when I opened the door. I knew she didn't recognize me and said I wasn't there. After someone in the background said my name, she saw it was me. I then asked why she was there and who sent her. She admitted it was him and he was going to pay her $1000. She also said she was afraid he would cause harm to her. Then we see him drive by the house. To dream of being threatened by your ex reveals lingering ill feelings towards him. His strong presence in the dream could be a reflection of his hold on you. Perhaps he still has the power to hurt, either because you still have feelings for him or whatever negative issues you had cut you deep and you are unable to move on from the pain just yet. Paying someone to hurt you could represent your trust issues. You are suspicious of the intentions of others as a result of a bad break up. Alternatively, it may not directly be about your ex, just the lessons learned from being with him. And her admission of being afraid of your ex could be your fear of making the same mistake that you made with him.
Being attacked by a female stranger I am sitting in my mom's house, my daughter is there sitting in the dining room in a highchair. Someone rings the door bell and I think to myself "Turn the highchair around, so that her back is facing the door because this person is going to try to kill you". So the door bell rings and my cousin Melissa answers the door and the person shoots her, I hear the scream, so I grab a knife off the counter. The woman comes to me and says "The name Kenley should sound familiar to you" and tries to stab me. I awake. Hearing the doorbell ring and knowing someone wants to get inside is an ominous symbol suggesting the development of major difficulties in your life, particularly dangerous situations or events in which the outcome could have seriously negative consequences should you fail. This is also supported by the sounds of the gun firing and your cousin being shot, both images associated with danger and victimization. The knife predicts material loss in addition to feelings of emotional trauma, meaning you should be prepared for the worst in regards to both your physical well-being as well as your state of mind.
Children found following a crime Saw a little girl, about 2 years old, walking alone in front of me. I asked her where were her parents and she said she didn't want to go home, so I took her home with me. Next part of the dream she told me her parents had left her and her baby sister alone. I went with her and a friend of mine to her house, and I could tell some crime had taken place, there was blood all around. The baby girl was crying, I could tell she was hungry, but I never actually saw the baby. I just knew she was there. Dreaming about a young girl all alone represents the sadness and isolation you feel sometimes in wake life. Just as the girl was left alone and not cared for, so does this dream signify your own longing for a time when others would care for you. This means your current relationships (romantic, familial, friendship, etc.) are not providing you with the things you need. The crime scene you stumble upon further illustrates this point, showing some feelings of regret over things that have happened in the past. You may need to confront those you love and explain your situation to them, or you may need to go out and find some new acquaintances who can support you in the way that suits you best.
Mass shooting on the streets So I was at home and I turn on the news (for some random reason) and I was hearing about TONS of mass shootings in my town. The next thing I remember is me in a car with my friend and as we were driving, there were about 10 people with AK-47's shooting at cars in the middle of the road. We punched the gas and managed to get away, as they were on foot. Then we see another one a minute later. The closest thing that can relate to this is the Purge. Sometimes, news from the real world, especially when high-profile and disturbing, can find their way into our subconsciousness. You were probably emotional about recent shooting events reported in the media, which is why the scenario played out in your dream. Being shot at by individuals carrying AK-47s means that you may be fearing for your safety or feeling victimized in reality. Alternatively, random shootings remembered from a dream suggest that reckless and careless behavior of others can place you in harm's way. Perhaps there are those who are out to get you, possibly a rival or adversary keeping tabs on your activities and behavior in an attempt to find flaws and weaknesses that can be used against you.
Being held hostage and seducing someone Was trapped somewhere, tried to call my mom and let her know I was being held hostage. Couldn't use my phone anymore because the men holding me and other people hostage didn't let us. I ended up seducing one of the men and having sex with him. We were in the bathroom sitting on the toilet and I had to poop, so I started pushing and nothing would come out. Eventually, it all comes out and I puke something out too. I wash up in the shower and then continue having sex. Being kidnapped and held hostage in a dream vision usually represents the realization that we have missed out on something and "tied our own hands together." In this sense, you have come to the understanding that your fate is sealed due to a decision you made in the past. The source of your troubles can be seen in your inability to use the restroom, a sign which is often considered the manifestation of outdated beliefs or habits. Seducing one of the men and having sex with him could point toward the internal conflict you face by holding on to these ideas, suggesting you do see some mistakes with your current way of going about things, but are unable to commit to change yet. Having everything come out at the end of the vision predicts eventually taking the steps to change your beliefs and actions to suit the times, though the internal conflict may still persist for some time longer.
Being punished by poison injection I got punishment in a dream and they gave a poison injection. I saw my mom in the dream also. To dream of getting injected with poison means you may be forced to agree with something you do not believe in. The punishment in reality is your subjection to the opinions and beliefs of others. While you may not necessarily agree with their ideas or positions, it does not mean that they are wrong. Perhaps your parents are trying to control or discipline you and this makes you feel suffocated and stripped of personal freedom. In that case, you may need to understand why you are being persuaded or forced to comply and whether or not the refusal to listen on your part would be better for you in the long run.
Trying to commit suicide upon an arrest Arrested for selling marijuana and subsequently trying to avoid it by shooting myself in the head with the officer's gun, but with great difficulty because someone was physically trying to stop me. Dreaming of getting arrested for possession or distribution of drugs means you could be harboring feelings of guilt. The marijuana may symbolize a part of yourself you cannot control or you are not proud of. By trying to shoot yourself in the head, the dream implies that you are trying to escape your situation instead of being accountable for your actions. So what is the thing that is stopping you? Perhaps the force preventing you from taking your own life in the dream is your own conscience. Deep inside you probably know that escape or avoidance would not solve your problems. Instead, you are accountable for your actions and mistakes in order to make it right.
Being tortured by an unknown man Me and my little brother were kidnapped by this old man and held in a museum. We were to find things and solve puzzles in rooms in a certain amount of time or else we would be locked in and die. If we didn't do what we were told we would be tortured and killed. When we were running out of time in the last room before I woke up, we ran out and I heard someone dying. I took my phone and went to the bathroom and locked the door before calling the police. Dreaming that you have been kidnapped is often interpreted as a sign that you feel limited or trapped in wake life. Just as you might feel if this were to really happen, so does this dream show how helpless and feeble you feel in regards to your current situation. This is amplified and supported by your presence in a museum, another symbol associated with being trapped in a series of events you feel powerless to control or change. Calling the police at the end of the vision may predict finding a way to act out against the powers that be, though it also suggests your attempts could bring shame and disappointment to those around you. It would be wise to think carefully before making a rash decision which leaves you more exposed and vulnerable than you were in the first place.
A mother killing one of her children There is a mom standing above her two sons who are dangling from a cliff, she only has time to save one, so she grabs her favorite and the other one plunges and blood goes everywhere in the water below. The mom leaves with no care as the sun rises as an evil angel-like thing. Cliffs represent critical moments and pivotal events. The mother in your dream may be an aspect of yourself caught in the crossroads. The two sons could refer to two very important decisions hanging on the balance. Perhaps it is a career choice of leaving or staying in your current job. Or maybe it has something to do with a conflict developing in your social circle in which you are required to choose a side between two opposed parties. In any case, perhaps the nurturing mother is what manifested in the dream to represent the gravity of the pending decision, and possibly even immoral in your eyes. Maybe in choosing one over the other, you feel like you are being unfair or biased.
Drugged and pursued by a crazy guy This crazy dude was trying to kill my friend, so I got in the way to give her time and basically tackled him and then no one would believe us that he was crazy, so we had to just leave and go to school like nothing happened. And then he came after me at school the next day and drugged me and I managed to get away for a minute and when I was running I called my mom screaming that a crazy guy drugged me and he was trying to kill me and she laughed it off and told me I was overreacting, then he caught up to me. Envisioning a deranged person trying to kill you and your friend is a highly ominous symbol to see in a dream vision. It suggests that your enemies are plotting behind you back, waiting for the opportune moment to put their dark plans into motion. Because this person was chasing you and your friend, it is possible that you share a common enemy. Going to school could be the manifestation of stress due to this situation. This means that you either know that an attack is coming or, more likely, you have a sixth sense that things are not as they should be. It would be wise to be watchful and prepare as much as possible for what is to come.
A friend stealing a CD and running away I dreamt I saw my friend stealing a music CD and running away wearing white lace dress. Seeing her run was so funny, I woke up laughing. In real she can't run due to serious health problems. Dreaming about your friend stealing merchandise could be the manifestation about your concern for her, particularly what others may be saying about her condition. While white clothing is often associated with marriage, in this case it could further signify your worry over the happiness she is getting out of her relationships, whether that is with her family, a lover or even you. Finally, seeing her running away from you when she is unable to do so in waking life, could be the manifestation of your fears over losing her friendship, possibly because of her medical problems or the natural separation that occurs with time and lack of common experiences. It would be wise, if you value this friendship, to prioritize spending time with her and remind her how important she is to you.
Witnessing abduction of a little girl I was watching from my window out into my yard (which was filled with chickens and squirrels), and I saw a little girl. Then 2-3 people dressed in black robes ran out and grabbed her and ran off while I couldn't do anything about it and I was terrified. Observing the events of this dream by looking out of a window could be a reflection of your tendency to not fully rely on those who love and care for you. You may be doing more harm than good, causing issues and problems inside the relationship due to your inability to trust or share your true feelings. The irony is that the image of the little girl suggests that you miss the security, comfort and warmth provided by a self-containing relationship. You yearn for closeness, yet push others away. The final images of the girl being kidnapped is an indication that you may make a big mistake concerning an important relationship you wish to maintain. It would be wise to take the knowledge gleaned from this vision to heart.
Trying to escape an evil man in a cabin I was in a cabin that I didn't own or have ever been too. I was with my dogs and sister. There was a man who broke into the house and had intentions to hurt me and my sister. Before he got the chance to hurt us, the dream would start over. We would be in the cabin, then he would break in again. Each time we would try new ways to save ourselves, fight back or escape. But, we never could. Dreaming about being inside an unfamiliar cabin with your sister should be considered a warning. It means that you or your sister may soon have to face several obstacles in your lives. These difficulties could be financial or could be psychological in nature. The man who was trying to hurt you symbolizes an individual who wants to harm you in your waking life as well. He could very well be the reason for these problems to surface in the first place. Since it was perceived as a dream repeating itself in cycles, you should be paying special attention to activities or routines which either you or your sister get involved in on a regular basis.
Being abducted by an old lady An old lady was trying to steal me. I was trying my best to run, finally found my family members. They were pulling me from one side and the lady was pulling from the other side. This dream may reflect your current predicament. The old lady could be an aspect of yourself related to the past. There may be old issues which continue to haunt you and these are causing complications in your reality. Perhaps these old wounds are creating conflicts between you and your loved ones. Old women are also symbolically associated with traditional and conservative values, so perhaps your beliefs are clashing with some members of your family, making you feel torn between upholding your values and empathizing with others. This vision may be asking you to reflect on whether it is worthwhile to prioritize personal beliefs over harmonious relationships.
Meeting a stranger in prison I ended up in prison and met a stranger who's really nice and doesn't know how bad I am and I don't remember his face. Dreaming about befriending a stranger sheds light on your habit of being a people pleaser. It shows that you would go to great lengths for making people like you. It's something which you should avoid. The fact that you see yourself in prison denotes the ties which bind you from achieving your true potential. You can only do well for yourself once you break free from the notions that you are not worthy enough. Try to do things which actually make you feel comfortable instead of being worried about what others may think about you.
A female with a tail breaking into the house A female broke into my home and shifted my living room furniture around. Then left out the back door, but when I got there it was just a shadow of her lying on the ground with a tail. Dreaming that someone breaks into your home is a symbol of unwanted attention or invasion of your privacy. The female trespasser who shifts your furniture around possibly alludes to acts of betrayal and deceit from those whom you used to trust or revealed your deepest secret to. This broken trust would leave a lasting and irreparable damage for your friendship. Alternatively, it could be a warning that imminent danger or threat is waiting to happen in the nearest future.
Things stolen from boyfriend at a bar We're at a bar and I am standing behind the guy I am casually seeing. These two girls from either side of him begin to steal things from his back pockets without him realizing. I catch them out and yell 'What do you think you're doing?" The dream ends abruptly. Seeing yourself out at a bar with your boyfriend is a warning that you are currently too preoccupied with your romantic relationship, which may cause or aggravate some troubles within your family or social circle. This is followed by the image of the women stealing from him, a symbol closely associated with the idea of danger lurking in the future. Your preoccupation may be leaving you open to attack by someone pretending to be on your side. You should look out for potential backstabbers and guard both your person and possessions carefully.
People destroying a house and taking jewels Please, I had a dream that I visited my hometown and I saw our family house being destroyed and some people were taking jewels where I pleaded with them and they gave the jewels to me. Four rooms were destroyed. Thanks. Dreaming that your family house is being ransacked and destroyed by strangers alludes to violations of privacy and a breach of personal space. You may be undergoing a significant change in the real world and find yourself in the process of transitioning to this new phase, your past issues may be bubbling up and haunting you. You may end up losing an important part of yourself and transform into someone you do not even recognize. After all, the jewels refer to your aspirations and self-worth, hence losing them could be akin to developing insecurities and harboring feelings of self-loathing.
A shooter attacking My dream was about a shooter, as in a person that had a gun. I was at a park with my siblings and then the youngest pulled on my shirt, prompting me to look over the hill, and sure enough there was a man with a sniper. I yelled "Make sure you run in a zigzag back to the house!" We got back to the house safely, then the man went into our back yard. My brother looked through the window and the shooter saw him, and opened our back door and came inside. He shot at us, but someone saved us by shooting back. The shooter in your dream symbolizes individuals with malicious plots against you, possibly due to their jealousy of your recent accomplishments. This may be related to your new duties or important progress you have made in the recent past. The park bears similar connotations, as it can point to an adjustment period, maybe after moving to a new residence, getting promoted at work or handling a new task. If this is the case, then the sniper shooting you and your siblings could indicate looming confrontations in your waking life. You may end up feeling victimized under certain circumstances. While you are adopting and learning the ropes of a new responsibility, others may try to take advantage of your distraction and start painting you in a negative light.
Helpless while being held hostage A man held me and some friends hostage in a room and was cutting us with knives. I got out to get help but no one wanted to help, not even family members. There was a specific set of people that he was "after" because people walked in and out of the room but he did nothing to them. I was crying and begging for help and everyone kept saying that they're not helping and that I'm on my own. My mom was sitting outside in the car talking to her friend and I went crying to her and then woke up. Being held hostage in the dream world reveals your sense of helplessness in wake life. You could be facing a situation in reality where you feel powerless or undermined by your superiors or other authorities. Alternatively, your captivity could also mirror the kind of dynamic you have with an influential personality. Being in the presence of this individual may bring out your passive side, shocking you into silence even when it goes against your principles. In that sense, the apparent apathy of the others in your dream likely means that only you have the power to free yourself from the tyranny of this powerful figure.
Helping a friend who kills people In my dream I witnessed a friend of mine stabbing two people to death and it was horrifying to me in my dream and I was bawling my eyes out and very scared but also trying to help my friend get away with it, very odd dream. In general, witnessing someone commit a crime in the dream world predicts the possibility of being subjected to judgment and scrutiny. You may be blamed for the misfortune of others due to some of your past or recent actions or decisions. This may be related to your work or even a personal undertaking. The thing is, while you may not be directly to blame, perhaps you were complicit to the mistakes committed, as illustrated in the dream. If it is work-related, you could be privy to unethical practices by colleagues, yet loyalty or perhaps personal gain prevented you from calling them out.
Being scared at a crime scene Female. A friendly stranger in my room. Felt like my home was a hotel. When alone, she threatened that I will be her husband's second wife because he chose me, but I won't be loved more. Didn't want any trouble, I obeyed. At night she was killed, don't know who did it. Stayed at our home with crime scene, people there all the time, all staring at me.I'd walk right up to bathroom to talk with a detective many times, telling everything I knew. He knew I didn't do it. I saw a scary montage in mirror, yelled to mom call detective! The idea that you have been chosen to become someone's second wife probably is related to competition in reality. You may be up for a promotion or are expecting a boost in your social status sometime in the near future. Perhaps there are individuals in your social circle who would become envious of your achievements. Additionally, you may make a specific person jealous by taking his or her place. Being accused of murder means you could feel some guilt for your success. It is possible that you would not be completely happy with your achievements, possibly due to the fact that you would feel bad for benefiting from other people's loss.
A stranger wanting to kiss at a gun point Hi! I am female. I had this dream when I was in grade 5 which was 7 years ago. In my dream, I was lying in a bed in a small room and when I saw that the door is open, I ran outside but the man whom I assume is my capture followed me and because I know he's near, I played dead. When he caught up, he crouched or knelt where his face is above my face and I knew that he will kiss me, so I turned my head to the side, but he pointed a gun on my head. I was scared so I just let him kiss me. The kiss felt real. Being trapped in a small room likely means that you feel oppressed or limited by your circumstances in the real world. This probably mirrors your dissatisfaction with and desire to be free from your parents' authority. The open door which allows you to run outside represents opportunities for you to exercise some freedom. However, in your dream someone catches you and forces you to kiss him. This means that despite enjoying freedom outside your home, you still tend to submit to dominant personalities and easily fall under the influence of unscrupulous characters. Perhaps you need to heed the advice of your parents and elders to avoid being taken advantage of.
Someone pretending to be mother A lady called Alicia pretended to be my mother and killed my grandfather. I am a girl. I also felt I had a serious connection with Alicia but I don't know why. Dreaming about a stranger impersonating your mother has negative connotations. It signifies troubled times in your waking life, indicating the presence of people who may position themselves to be close to you but in actuality are trying to take advantage of you. The notion that you saw this person murdering your grandfather further reinforces the possible threat you may face soon. Make sure you steer clear of malicious individuals who might harm you when you least expect it. Since you felt personal connection with this person in the dream, it is an indication that someone who is close to you would attempt to cause problems.
An apartment taken hostage First I was bitten on the nose by a wolf but then an apartment building I was in was taken hostage. They cut the cell service. I got free and went to get help. Some guy was following us and then I was with a strong woman and we ended up in the ocean and she killed him. Then I got back to the apartments but there was an Emergency Room on the other side. I was hiding in an inside river bed and people saw me. I ended up in a community meeting. Then I took a truck to get help. Being bitten on the nose by a wolf and then being held hostage may reveal a sudden turn of events in your career which would cause you many problems. The hostage situation suggests things are going on around you that you are powerless to see or stop, while the wolf may represent a particular antagonist at your place of work. Together, these symbols show how someone you dislike may be plotting behind your back to get in the way of your success. Your escape and the image of the ocean both point toward discovering the truth before it is too late, giving you at least a little time to fix things. The truck you drive at the end of this vision reveals that this would be a new starting point for your life, possibly leading to a change of work or new living situation.
Someone trying to kill grandmother A man tried to shoot my grandma and I cut him with a broken wine bottle after leaving the bathroom. I called 911 and she told me that I "was a brave little girl". I locked all of the doors and went to grab a knife to replace the wine bottle but couldn't find any. I don't know if he left the house. I keep dreaming of the same man every time during these dreams. This vision seems to point to growing aggression in waking life toward a particular person, group or idea. The notion that the man shot at your grandmother first could reveal that you have been silently putting up with poor treatment due to this situation for some time. You may have avoided making a big deal out of this situation because you feel they would eventually get what they deserve. However, allowing your feelings to remain bottled up inside you could lead you down a darker path than you expected. You may even be surprised by the violent or ungenerous thoughts you are capable of. It may be better to advocate for yourself instead of waiting for others to get their just desserts.
A bloody crime scene I had a dream that I was a part of the FBI and there was a terrible shooting of gang members and I went out to the crime scene and it was so bloody, you could walk through the blood, but it was an unusual crime scene. It had several people out there and they were all sitting in bleachers and I got there at the last minute and one of the agents was announcing the crime the person committed and how long he was going to jail for and then we all started leaving and I woke up. The bloody death of gang members in your dream depicts the end of your suffering in wake life. Their death in the dream world symbolizes your triumph over adversities in reality. However, it is not likely to be an easy victory. You would have to struggle and exert a lot of effort to overcome the challenges set before you. The gang members represent bullies or oppressive forces in the waking world who may be making your existence miserable. On the other hand, the bloody crime scene means that your passion and ambition would provide you with enough motivation to be successful in overcoming these hardships.
Being forced to shoot own family I was being forced to shoot all of my loved ones and while they were dying, the person who forced me to shoot them, shot me. Dreaming about shooting your loved ones could be an indication of suppressed anger and frustration towards them in wake life. You may be harboring negative thoughts or grudges due to personal differences. The person who forced you to shoot them may just be a representation of your anger. As such, those ill feelings you keep inside of you could damage your relationships and even end up destroying you. Perhaps you need to confront your own demons and get to the root of your anger to avoid going down the path to self-destruction.
Escaping from jail using a toilet I had a dream that I broke out of jail through the toilet then tried to sneak back in jail. Breaking out of jail in a dream vision can be interpreted as a symbol of your desire to break free from certain bad habits or tendencies. Using the toilet for your escape may point toward an issue with money, suggesting that you seek to improve your spending or saving habits. However, trying to sneak back into the jail at the end of the dream could represent your unwillingness to make this change yet. While your situation may not be bad enough to require a complete overhaul of your finances, the sooner you get on the right track the better off you would be in the future.
Boyfriend having sex with a minor I had a dream that my boyfriend had sex with my underage daughter. Dreaming of statutory rape or sex with a minor can be a disturbing experience, especially if there is no hint of inappropriate conduct from the parties involved in reality. However, if you have been noticing strange behavior or interactions, then perhaps your mind has been primed in order to warn you about unbecoming behavior or actions from your boyfriend. On the other hand, if everything seems normal and harmonious among the three of you, then perhaps the dream is a projection of your insecurities. You may be misinterpreting fondness for your daughter as a sign of rejection. Maybe some part of you is afraid of losing him because of your shortcomings. Alternatively, in rare instances it can also be a positive sign of reconciliation. If your daughter disapproves of your boyfriend, then they may soon get along.
Being kidnapped in own house So, I was asleep in my bed and I woke up being carried down the staircase. I was kicking and screaming but he didn't stop. Luckily, when I bit him he stopped and dropped me. I quickly ran upstairs, grabbed my mum's phone and called the police. They took their time too come but by the time the police finally did come the kidnapper had already dressed himself and was walking out the door. I then turned to my mum and she said "It was all a joke". But I don't know what happened to the kidnapper. Being carried downstairs while also being kidnapped suggests you would have a sudden, whirlwind affair that would come to an abrupt, unfortunate end. Your kicking and screaming may attest to the amount of discomfort and agitation you could feel during this time. Calling the police reveals your efforts to call for assistance, but it would not come in the form of help or reassurance from your friends. Quite the contrary, your loved ones may be rather indifferent to your pain and suffering. The kidnapper's disappearance may further show that you would not have a complete sense of closure, meaning you would be left with a lingering sensation that more is to come.
Being helpless while kidnapped I was sleeping over at a friends house, her parents told us to stay in bed because the house wasn't safe. Later a man with a gun broke into the house and told my friend and I to walk out with him (her parents left us alone at home). I walked with him immediately but my friend took a while to walk with us. As I walked with him I saw a chance to get away and I took it, I tried to run but my feet were heavy and the man was catching up, I ran past people and houses screaming for help but nobody helped. Sleeping over at someone else's house may predict being asked a favor in the near future. However, the gunman who enters the house could reveal that this is not a request you would wish to grant, most likely because you do not like the individual who was asking. Running away is a symbol associated with the fight or flight response. On one hand, you may want to help in order to improve your relationship with this person, however, you probably would find the task boring and troublesome.
Held at gunpoint at a restaurant My dream was about my uncle getting a date with a girl at a restaurant. I was there just to say hi and good luck. But a man in a beanie mask came in with a gun and wanted money. My uncle tried to protect me and everyone in the restaurant. Next, we were all on the ground except the beanie guy. And he said "How about I kill this girl right now!". And held the gun to my stomach. But his fingers weren't around the trigger. I looked up at him and called him a pussy. But I never died. Because I woke up. The restaurant in your dream represents emotional reprieve. However, being held at gunpoint by a masked man means you could be robbed of the peace you desire in reality. Instead, you may have to deal with problems and stress associated with your family. You may even have to bail out a relative or kin because you are the only one willing to stick your neck out to protect your loved ones. Alternatively, the courage your showed in the dream vision can be an indication of your growing self-confidence and assertiveness. Perhaps you are tired of being bossed around and that would trigger a personal transformation.
Being chased while visiting jail I was visiting my cousin in the penitentiary and this guy hated women and he had a knife and was going to kill me if I stayed there till night and I did. He fought and stabbed my cousin while I ran and he was running behind me to kill me with his knife. His name was Leneric Dealy in my dream. I don't know anyone by that name.. help... Dreaming of visiting a relative inside a penitentiary or some other type of prison is an ominous symbol of upcoming negative events. This cousin may be a representation of someone close to you who you think is harmless and possibly even idolizes you. This tendency to underestimate this person could backfire on you as illustrated by the knife the women-hating guy used in the dream to try to kill you. There is a possibility that a family member or confidante would end up betraying you if he or she starts to resent your tendency to be condescending or manipulative.
Deceased mother protecting from a rapist I'm a young girl. My dream was about my rapist trying to kill me because I turned him in. My mother who died when I was younger was there and started to protect me. The presence of the rapist in your dream denotes trauma. You have deep-seated issues that prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Similarly, the presence of your deceased mother reveals your need for guidance and wisdom. You are yearning for whatever comfort and protection your mother provided for you while she was still alive. Your mother may also represent past experiences and the lessons you gained from those experiences. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to remember those lessons and apply them to your present situation in order to overcome certain obstacles.
Friend's father kidnapped and cats I was watching the Super Bowl, when kidnappers hacked into the broadcast and stated that they had kidnapped my friend's dad. When I went to their house, his daughter was there and they had several pet cats, but they do not actually own any pets. Dreams about someone being kidnapped usually mean the dreamer is reluctant to accept certain qualities of the person who was kidnapped. Specifically, your dream could mean that you either dislike or disapprove of certain characteristics possessed by your friend's dad. There is also a likelihood that you see your own self in him and you refuse to acknowledge or accept your similarities. Maybe the parts of yourself that you see in him are the aspects you are trying to suppress. In addition, cats are cunning creatures and you may associate this trait with your friend's father or their family in general.
People killed by poisoned sugar A man poisoning people with sugar long time ago. 19 people killed. Sugar in dreams usually symbolizes joy and indulgence. So, if someone was poisoning individuals with sugar in your dream vision, then it could be an allusion to your hedonistic ways. Perhaps you are prioritizing your wants and desires over what truly matters. Alternatively, someone in your life may be influencing you and others into embracing a self-indulgent and selfish lifestyle. Maybe it is time for you to reassess your priorities and think about the long-term consequences of your actions.
Being followed by men of a different race I have had two similar dreams. Both dreams were about my boyfriend. In the dreams, we were both walking when approached by two young men of different racial profiles. They asked if we were together and continued to follow us until my boyfriend went missing. Your interaction with the men of differing races in this dream could suggest entering a happy, fulfilling period in your life. It is likely your position in life would improve to some degree. For example, you may move to a new house or get a promotion at work. You would be very pleased by this enhancement and likely motivated to continue working hard. This change of pace is likely to be followed by some other extraordinary event, as the symbol of your boyfriend's sudden disappearance predicts. This subsequent happening could be either positive or negative in nature. It would probably be closely related your reaction and work ethics after the first change.
In jail with death penalty Was in jail with death penalty, was having a conference about it with lawyers and other people. Saw a good friend there, had to evacuate for fire drill. Being in jail tends to point to feeling limited in abilities or choices and, oftentimes, being trapped in a certain place in your life. In many cases, the reason the dreamer feels unable to grow or change is due to their own lack of motivation to improve, suggesting he or she has built their own cage to live in. While this interpretation carries a slightly negative connotation, it can also be a good thing as well. For example, it can symbolize a desire to curtail certain inappropriate behavior or express objection to bad choices and decisions made by others. If the lawyers you mentioned in your dream were defending you, that could be a good sign that you will be able to depend on those who care about you when you need help through tough times.
Being let out of jail I just remember I was getting out of jail. They gave me my belongings and let me out the doors. Dreaming about yourself in jail usually foretells some challenging, if not insurmountable, events coming your way, such as failures while working on a project which is important to you or miscommunication between yourself and a loved one. Usually, dreams about being locked up mean you are distancing yourself from others around you in real life for reasons known to you. Because your dream was about being released from jail, it could mean you are looking for opportunities to spend more time with others and you are getting ready to face the world, but on your own terms.
Getting into a car accident upon release from jail I went to visit my lover in jail and he was wearing a hat and looking very nice and we were happy, he was getting released from jail, but he drove and ran over a girl and I said she was in the way and it was her fault, but she was famous. Dreaming that a loved one is being released from jail means you would soon experience significant changes in reality. You may finally find an opportunity to improve your life circumstances, whether it is work-related or something more personal. The act of running over or hitting someone while in a car reveals your determination to succeed no matter what it takes. Specifically, you may end up hurting someone or crushing someone else's dream in order to get ahead. The notion that it was someone famous means you have no remorse about your current or future actions.
Being shot and saved by a calf I was shot in the neck by a stranger and shot in my arm by my friend and a brown calf cured me. When you dream about being shot, it could reveal there is someone in your waking life who is attempting to attack you, such as an adversary or a rival watching over your moves and activities to strike against you when the right time comes. It could be a way of your subconscious to force you to be on alert and suspicious of people who may have acted against you in the past, even though everything seems to be okay for now. However, it is good news that your dream ended with a calf healing you, because calves symbolize the arrival of good tidings. So even if someone is trying to hurt you, not only would they fail to succeed, but their plans could even backfire and actually improve your current situation.
A thief on a tricycle Husband dreamed of a tricycle driver stealing three bamboos from a vacant lot and my husband was asked to accompany him on stealing. Envisioning a tricycle suggests your husband is going to have success on a goal or project he has been working on. The bamboo that was stolen is also a very positive sign, as clearing bamboo out of someone's way usually symbolizes luck, flexibility and resistance. It is possible that he could experience some fortunate event in the near future. However, he should be careful not to let this good fortune go to his head. Dreaming about wanting to steal something can be interpreted as a warning of forthcoming danger. He should be careful about how he behaves and who he interacts with.
Husband raping a daughter's friend I was about to have sex with my husband when he admitted he raped one of my daughter's friend who was very big busted and flirtatious. I became angry and began getting dressed for work. Everyone knew as the girl had told people. Everyone did not believe the girl because my husband is a good guy but he clarified her story which made me very upset and sad. Dreaming about sexual assaults has ominous connotations. It could mean that the person who was perceived as a victim of rape, in this case your daughter's friend, could experience a very negative situation or event in the near future, probably something fateful and disastrous and it could be up to you to help this person. The notion that you dreamed about your husband being the rapist does not necessarily mean he would be the cause of her suffering, however you could be subconsciously questioning his recent behavior or involvement with people you consider to be unreliable or even threatening to your relationship with him. This dream vision could also be a reflection of shifting dynamics inside your marriage, some disagreements or suspicions slowly eroding its foundation.
Becoming a victim of rape At first I was watching shady areas, but the girl was found, thought to be an abuse victim. Remember seeing her taken away from where she stayed and one person she loved. Suddenly I am her and she now lives with thought-to-be rapist. I go to escape, my first thought house with person I loved. Empty. Then back in backyard. Got onto road next to house and started running. Felt so realistic. Remember the cool air, smells, fear, measuring out my breath so I could run as far as possible. Dreaming about becoming a victim of abuse could mean that you are having some issues related to your current situation, whether in the personal or professional sphere, and you are beginning to feel trapped and hopeless. In the dream, it seems as if you were planning an escape while being in the role of the abused girl and imagining what it would be like to be free, which could also indicate that the problems you are having are affecting others around you and so you want to find some way to set them free as well. You also seem to think the root of the problem has not been addressed yet, as symbolized by living with the alleged rapist.
Being tortured and kissed My hands were tied tightly and there was a person torturing me with water. And then someone started kissing me against my will. Being tortured in dreams often reveals the dreamer's sense of helplessness in reality. You may feel like you are being bullied and victimized by authority figures or powerful personalities. It can also be an indication of your passive nature. Perhaps because you dislike conflict so much, you would rather acquiesce instead of asserting your rights and defending yourself. Being forced to kiss someone or being kissed by someone against your will likewise represents submission. In an effort to please your superiors, you may agree to take on duties and responsibilities outside the scope of your job description or take on more tasks than you can handle. Such display of passivity could take its toll on your mental and physical well-being in the long run. Maybe your subconscious is encouraging you to stand up for yourself in order to avoid getting on a self-destructive path.
Being robbed in own house I am female and I keep getting a dream where I'm getting robbed in my family home, but each time I know they are coming. I try to hide usually but this time I didn't hide. My mum told me it's going to be fine so we waited for them coming, 3 guys with no masks arrived. We pretended we weren't waiting for them and screamed. They were tying us up and one guy was going to cut my foot off. He said he needed to, before he did I woke up confused. Being burglarized in dreams is usually an allusion to a breach in privacy or toxic social relations. In the case of your dream, knowing that the burglars are coming likely reveals your intuitive nature. You have the ability to gauge the sincerity or genuine motives of different personalities. As such, there may be individuals in your social circle who are becoming a little too close for comfort. Perhaps they are encroaching on your privacy and you are starting to feel uneasy about it. Placing your trust in them could cost you your independence and freedom. Depending on your state of mind, this may also refer to domestication. Perhaps you need to decide whether you are ready to settle down and give up some of your autonomy to make room for your romantic partner.
Someone familiar suspected of robbery I dreamed that someone that I recognized as a friend of a friend came to my house to visit me without our mutual friend, I was getting dressed when she arrived, so I escorted her into my family room and told her I would return after I was done getting dressed. When I returned, I noticed someone coming down my hallway and it turned out to be a home invasion robbery, what does this mean? A dream which involves a case of robbery denotes your desire to pursue your passions and aspirations. There may be a lot on your list of things you want to achieve and you cannot wait to get started. Alternatively, this dream vision may reveal your reservations and perhaps a lack of trust toward the individual you envisioned. You may sense a threat from her and your mind is reminding you to keep your guards up in case her motivations turn out to be questionable, if not detrimental to your emotional or physical well-being.
Witnessing rape of a minor Dreaming about someone breaking in a house and rape a minor. I caught him ejaculating and I assaulted him badly. Dreaming about witnessing rape could mean that you are feeling frustrated and having some personal struggles due to a recent failure. You could also associate these shortcomings with your inability to provide a fresh start for yourself and that is why you dreamed about a minor being raped and not a grown person. You could be blaming yourself for not having been able to fulfill your dreams and ending up putting a lot of effort in some kind of futile endeavor. The same vision could also predict that a close acquaintance might become incarcerated, wounded or burglarized. This person may need your assistance and help.
Being kept captive together with mother and cats A man had my mother and I captive in a house. He kept cats and kittens in a cage to torture them. I sneaked to the back of the house to save a cat, it ran off. I sneaked back inside to where my mom was. My dream flips to where this man is yelling at me. I said no to his demands he said he will take my mom's eyes out her head. I ran over to my mom and got between him and my mom but he was a lot wider and taller than me. My mom didn't move at all while this whole thing was happening. He screams "I got her eyes". Being held captive or hostage in dreams often depicts a sense of helplessness in reality. The man likely represents an authority figure or someone powerful in the real world who you feel is controlling your life and personal freedom. Alternatively, your captivity may also refer to your past mistakes and bad decisions which would put you and your mother into a bad situation. Fortunately, your defiance toward your captor reveals your determination to defend yourself and even outwit your tormentors at work or in your social circle. On the other hand, if the man represents your personal mistakes then your resistance could represent your efforts at correcting your blunders from the past.
Someone raping a boy and them acting normal after My dream was very vivid and disturbing. It was about someone I know, he was raping a young boy in our family home which I have not been to in a while. I was looking on in shock and confusion, I could see the younger boy's face but I don't know who he is. It felt like the child knew the perpetrator and was also in shock and fear as he lied there. After the ordeal they both go outside and play like nothing happened. Witnessing someone being raped in a dream conveys an negative message. It means that someone you know may get into trouble. This individual could be incarcerated, wounded, burglarized or experience some other unfortunate circumstance. You may have sensed that something is off with a close friend or loved one and that he or she is silently calling out for help while trying to look calm on the outside. Alternatively, the rape of child, such as the young boy in your dream, alludes to yourself being powerless in the face of influential personalities and authority figures. On the one hand, you may see yourself as someone being oppressed by individuals in power, but it is also possible that you may feel like the rapist in your dream is someone who takes advantage of others who are weak to resist or have submissive personality.
A friend brainwashed by a murderer A murderer brainwashed my friend to kill me. He killed one of my friends but I couldn't prove it. He knew I knew. Managed to get to my friend. Ran downstairs and out the door. Came to a hotel looking for me. He managed to get in the room. Left a coffee cup to show he had been in. Started collecting weapons, mainly knives. Friends were helping. Managed to get hold of me in a corridor. I had a bag with weapons in. I was pinned down, friends got weapons, swapped places and I was about to kill him. Being pursued by a murderer or killer in a dream alludes to the loss of identity. In the context of your dream, the murderer who brainwashed your friend may represent an influential figure in your social circle who may be turning your friend into someone you do not recognize anymore. When your brainwashed friend started coming after you in your vision, it means your friend likely trusts the manipulative individual more than you. Perhaps he is encouraging you to embrace a new persona, in the same way that he was convinced to let go of his old ways. Fortunately, gathering weapons and allies point to your firm resolve in sticking to your beliefs and values. You may need to remain resolute and counter the influence of this cunning personality who is controlling the actions and beliefs of your friend.
Stalling a robber at a mall I was in a mall that was attached to my old high school. I was walking and a man comes up to me whom I recognize but then I think maybe a stranger. He is robbing me of my debit card and I have a few of them. I am putting them in his shirt pocket and we are talking. I am trying to keep him near because I see my father approaching him from behind. My father doesn't know that I'm being mugged yet. He continues to approach us and my dad and I start fighting the guy. Getting mugged or robbed in a dream means you are about to face a personal crisis in reality. In that context, someone robbing you of your debit card could mean a loss of identity or self-esteem. This robber may be the embodiment of all your insecurities and self-doubt which are keeping you from achieving your personal and professional goals. The whole scenario of stalling the mugger near you as your father approaches is very telling about your relationship with him. He must be a great source of comfort and validation in your life. Or perhaps you look up to him so much that you need only to think about his influence and his achievements for you to regain a sense of purpose and value.
Being abducted and family in disbelief I'm a girl. In my dream, three men stalked me, followed me home, shoved me in the trunk of their car and took me to a basement where I was raped. I stole a car and escaped. I didn't go to the police when I left, I went home. I tried to tell my family but no one believed me. Strangely, my whole family went to a restaurant. Even my dad, who isn't a part of my life anymore. The men walked in and I began sobbing, desperately trying to get my dad to listen to me. I woke up sweating and shaking after that. Being stalked in a vision tends to be a vague symbol, as it reveals that one of your personality quirks can be both positive or negative depending on your current situation. This is opposed, however, by the symbol of being raped by the three men. This sign suggests authority figures are trying to box you in. In a sense, you may subconsciously feel that your parents, teacher or supervisors are pushing out the traits that make you who you are. The location of the basement is also very telling, as it could be the manifestation of intuition or subconscious thoughts in the back of your mind alerting you to the fact that others are trying to change you.
Granddaughter raped Granddaughter being raped. Dreaming that your granddaughter was raped is rightly a disturbing and horrifying image. In the context of a dream vision, this symbol suggests she is about to go through some difficult, trying times in her life. Actual rape is highly unlikely in this case. Rather, the rape can be taken as a metaphor for her lack of control and the severity of the situation. Because you were the one who saw this vision, you may have subconsciously realized that trouble is brewing. As an older, wiser family member, you may be morally obligated to step in and provide guidance and support in this situation. This extends from advice and a friendly pat on the back to actually teaching her what she needs to know and providing financial aid.
Family member arrested Arrest of a family member. Dreaming that a member of your family is arrested means that some part of you may be calling out for help. Whoever gets arrested in the dream means you need this person's help or support the most. For instance, if it is your dad being arrested, then perhaps you want to reach out to him in reality to ask for financial help or just some guidance to help you resolve your existing issues. Alternatively, this could also mean that you are neglecting your family. You value your freedom and independence so much that you have a hard time listening to your parents advice or relying on your siblings from time to time even during instances when you need them the most. So maybe it is also a matter of pride for you to take care of your own problems. Unfortunately, this also means that you may fail to check up on them because you are so wrapped up in your own concerns.
Shooting at a party I was at a party with some people i didn't know and I didn't recognize the place either but it was also a party going on two houses down and the people down the street start shooting. I ran to cover my baby and get in the house but the door was locked, so I ran to the side of the porch along with others. As I was running I felt the bricks going off from the bullets hitting them popping on me, then I woke up. I didn't get shot though. Finding yourself at a party with individuals unknown to you may represent upcoming opportunities to get involved with your community at large. For example, you may have been thinking about volunteering for a particular cause or perhaps someone you know has offered you the chance to work with them to improve some aspect of life where you live. This is supported by the image of your baby in this vision, a symbol tied to pleasant surprises and positive experiences, which is exactly what you hope to get out of your service. However, leaving the party and trying to enter a locked house points toward things taking a bad turn. In fact, the shooting that occurs toward the end of the vision may reveal some careless words or behavior that puts you in a bad position in regards to your new work. It is possible your lack of tact or compassion would rub others the wrong way, leading to friction, conflict and disagreements. If you choose to participate in civic life, you may want to be more careful with how you present yourself and your ideas to others.
Teasing a shooter in the classroom I've had this dream multiple times. I'm in class, and a shooter bursts in. But while everyone is freaking out, I start laughing hard. Everyone around me is looking at me with confused expressions, and the shooter is looking at me with a confusion and anger. I either challenge the shooter to a fistfight, talk him into putting the gun down, or start flirting with him which eventually confuses him so much he leaves. I am female. The location of your school classroom in this vision points towards the presence of stress in reality. This may indeed be related to homework, projects or tasks connected to education and schooling, but it could also be work-related stress or pressure from another individual in your life. In fact, the shooter who bursts into your classroom could indicate that a man or woman from your reality is actively trying to cause you trouble, getting in the way of your progress or trying to prevent you from getting any further ahead of them. Confusing the shooter by various means until he gives up and leaves suggests you would eventually overcome the problems that have appeared, although this solution might lead to some unexpected consequences that catch you off guard. If you do happen to resolve the issues threatening your current happiness, be on the lookout for other possible changes to your daily existence.
Someone released from jail When you dream someone is out of jail. Dreaming that someone has been released from jail can convey either a negative or positive interpretation based on the identity of the person and your reaction to this news or development. For instance, if the person who is out of jail is someone who is scary or intimidating in reality, then this means you need to be on your guard for a possible attack. This person could humiliate you in public or an enemy could start a smear campaign against you. On the other hand, if being freed from jail is good news, then you can expect all your problems, or at least the major causes of your stress, to go away.
Setting someone and a house on fire Setting someone and the house on fire. Then exiting the house to note that it's somewhere in the cemetery. Setting someone on fire usually reveals the dreamer's pent up anger and aggression. You could get extremely angry at someone, yet the rules of social conduct and decency are keeping you from fully expressing the extent of your rage. Maybe you do not even tell anyone about your feelings or even admit it to yourself because you dislike entertaining negative thoughts. Unfortunately, this could end in a violent altercation when you reach your limit and you snap. As a counterpoint to this negative dream symbol, setting your house on fire is actually a positive dream symbol pertaining to transformation and possibly gaining new and loyal friends. It means you have a good support group who can help you through difficult times and keep you from doing anything harmful to yourself and others. Similarly, a cemetery denotes the end of a bad habit, attitude or unhealthy relationships. You are finally strong enough to cut ties with bad influences and surround yourself with supportive and positive people.
Being held hostage as a black woman I was a black woman being held hostage by thugs with knives. Witnessing someone being held hostage is usually a bad omen. If the person is a stranger, then it means you would be afflicted by an illness which would render you incapacitated for days or even weeks. Your productivity would dip and you could incur a bit of debt. This health issue is likely linked to an unhealthy lifestyle, such as leading a sedentary life or eating too much processed foods. On the other hand, if the person is someone you know in reality, then this person is in a problematic situation. The knives further suggest financial losses because this person could get involved in illegal transactions or scams.
Wife being raped and husband mad Wife being raped and husband seeking revenge. Whether or not you were one of the participants in this vision or an outside observer, this vision suggests you would soon find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Envisioning a woman being raped predicts someone you know being accused of a crime. This would likely result in either a gathering of friends to discuss this individual's behavior or a lengthy court case where you would be forced to testify. While you know your friend is a good person at heart, the revenge aspect of this vision points toward an equally strong desire to see justice, as you are probably equally aware of your friend's guilt in this case. You would have difficulty choosing whether to reveal the truth of your friend's actions or trying to hold onto your relationship with him or her.
Being attacked at the movie theather I'm driving with my best friend (I do not know this person in real life). We're going to movies. Park across from theater. Bridge is parallel with 2 roads. We are in a gift shop. 3 guys jump my friend. Choke him then stab him with a switchblade. No blood. I can't pry guy off of him. Suddenly, I'm holding hands, walking with my gf and she has stab wounds. We realize she is a ghost. She gets back into her body. Body breathes. Ambulance takes off. I Ask what hospital and driver shrugs. I do not know where they take her. Driving in a car at the beginning of this vision suggests this whole dream is somehow connected to the current trajectory your life is taking. In that sense, the movie theater represents the path you have chosen while the bridge you saw is a metaphor for another, more treacherous path that you were close to choosing but did not in the end. Watching your friend being stabbed inside the gift shop but not seeing any blood may refer to growing distance with someone in reality that has served you well. Perhaps this individual was a negative influence on your lifestyle, and now that you are free of their persuasive power, you are able to make great improvements to you future. This is opposed with the image of your girlfriend in the vision who is both a ghost and carries the stab wounds, which suggests unresolved issues. It seems that even though you have taken a step in the right direction, you still have a long way to go. It would be wise to seek advice from someone who knows your situation intimately and whom you trust implicitly. Their experience and knowledge may help you fully recover from your past mistakes and misguided actions.
Being stabbed in the stomach by a stranger I am a male. I was approached by a strange man, the man pulled out a small knife, I reached for a gun in my waistband but before I could reach it, I was stabbed 6 times in the stomach. I then walked into a house and saw my uncle sitting on a couch, I collapsed holding my stomach. Getting stabbed in dreams means you are experiencing some sort of power struggle in the waking world. And because a house with your relative inside was another dream symbol in the scenario, the power imbalance could involve your family or members of your household. Parents, siblings or your uncle who appeared in your dream could be undermining you and making you feel inadequate. Specifically, being stabbed in the stomach means you would be disparaged and belittled where it hurts the most. This final straw could make you decide to finally speak up and defend yourself.
Killing father in law In my dream I’m carrying on with life after I’ve killed my father in law and got rid of his body in my house and I’m worried I’m going to get caught. Dreaming that you have killed someone in the dream world and are keeping it a secret may mean you feel threatened in reality. You could be worried for your own sake or for the sake of your family and friends. In a sense, the gravity of your crime in this vision reflects the concern and apprehension you feel in wake life. Your fear of getting caught suggests you are possibly willing to go to extremes to protect what is yours, perhaps even involving something illegal or unethical. While you may be tempted to commit a crime to protect yourself and your loved ones in future situations, it would be better to consult professionals or ask authorities for help. You could get in more trouble or find yourself in worse danger otherwise.
Boyfriend getting out of prison earlier I keep having the same dream about my boyfriend coming home early from prison. He's doing 4 years, but in my dream he gets out and surprises me. I have had this dream 4 days in a row, and off and on. Dreaming that a loved one gets released from jail has a very auspicious dream meaning. It means that you can expect all your problems, or at least the major causes of your stress, to go away. This also suggests changes and being able to overcome challenges. Dream symbols are not usually straightforward, so this is not necessarily an assurance that your boyfriend would get released early. However, the recurring aspect of this dream symbol means there could be something you can do to shorten this period of time being apart. So instead of waiting for a lucky turn to happen, it is still up to you to find a way, so it is a good thing that fate is in your favor.
Being shot in the stomach I was on the inside of my fence and I was shot in the stomach by someone unknown on the outside of my fence and they fled the scene. It was evening time. I did not go inside to my parents, who were there, but instead went to my neighbor's house. I don’t remember being in pain, just needing medical attention. The medical attention was in an African country, I forget which one, and I would fly there with my neighbor's father soon. My parents were present as we made the decision to go to the country. Specifically being shot in the stomach means you would soon find yourself in a situation where you would be disparaged and belittled where it hurts the most. Considering your location on the inside of a fence and the shooter's position on the outside, it seems as though this attack would come out of the blue from someone you do not normally associate with on a regular basis. The only way this outsider could have learned about your deepest, darkest secrets would be if they had heard it from someone close to you, namely a family member or good friend. This makes sense, especially because you ran to your neighbors for help rather than going directly to your parents. Discussing your plans with your parents suggests you can usually rely on them for important matters, so either they were not the ones who accidentally let your business become public knowledge or they did so completely on accident. This vision, then, is a warning of what is to come as well as a reminder that sometimes people make mistakes. While their actions may be hurtful, they are not always malicious.
Being assaulted and robbed I was set up at work at a plant in my hometown for assault and theft. Being set up or framed for something you did not do actually means you are not taking responsibility for your actions. You have hurt others or committed wrongdoing and yet instead of owning up to it, you have a tendency to blame others. You also tend to play the victim when in fact you are causing damage yourself. A little self-awareness is what you need so that you can understand the repercussions of your actions.
A man taking pictures with a camera I'm a female, I dreamed of a man watching me through my bedroom window and the closer he gets I hear clicking of a camera. Having a stalker in your dream means there are certain issues which you are actively avoiding in reality. The closer the stalker gets to you within the dream, the more difficulty you will experience in evading such issues. This vision is telling you that the time for a reckoning is fast approaching, so you better be prepared to face it. The camera symbolizes scrutiny which means you will be judged based on your actions or inaction.
A family friend trying to kill I am female. My dad's boss, a close family friend, came to my house, and using a straight razor, he tried to harm me. He cut my scalp (most important), arms and chest. I was running through the house trying to hide. My family didn't really care. I grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him but he kept coming back to hurt me. This vision contains images of both shedding blood and having blood shed. It suggests that part of the key issues portrayed through the symbols of this vision find their source in you, the dreamer. Specifically, dreaming about being cut with a razor by a family friend points toward problems at home, perhaps with your parents or older relatives. Perhaps you have annoyed or ruffled the feathers of your family members by acting badly or expressing opposing viewpoints in a less than kind and understanding manner. If you do nothing to restore the peace in your household, the stress and ill feelings held within you could eat away at you slowly, causing negative effects to your physical health and mental well-being. It would be better to let bygones be bygones than to let animosity stew and fester.
Witnessing people being shot I dreamt when I reached in a place and 3 people were shot dead at different interval and the person shooting was not known, I searched around and saw where the gun was but did not see the shooter, then I started running while hiding for my life until I left the place. The threat of being shot in the dream world is often associated with frivolous or careless behavior, particularly off-hand comments or observations that you may find funny but that could be offensive to others. This suggests a certain tendency to speak or act before you actually think, which could possibly cause some friction between you and someone you see on a regular basis, like a family member or co-worker. The three people who died during your vision could represent a desire to improve your relationships with others before it is too late. This vision, then, is a warning to carefully consider your words and actions so that you do not hurt those you seek to live and work harmoniously with.
Husband being arrested A dream that my husband is arrested. Dreaming that a loved one is arrested suggests a part of you is crying out for help. Since your husband is arrested in the dream, this means you need his help or support the most. Your individual priorities and responsibilities could be keeping you from spending quality time together, so you have not had the opportunity to share your inner struggles. On the other hand, this dream symbol could also imply that you are neglecting your family. You could be dealing with a lot of things outside of your household and these preoccupations keep you from focusing on your husband and other members of your family. It is possible that your subconscious is merely reminding you to rethink your priorities and place your family first for a change.
A shooter at the mall Female. I dreamed this morning then I woke up... I was in a mall in my area, walking alone. Suddenly I heard a gunshot near me and it hit someone. I went down to the floor to shield myself, near grass. I saw a security camera was focused on me. Then I saw a dead body. An attack that occurs in a mall symbolizes your disdain for people who get blindsided by their greed and insecurity. Even when you advice them and warn them against their own failings, they have a tendency to ignore anything that does not validate their actions. Unfortunately, the sound of gunfire forewarns about an even worse outcome. This usually means the demise of a loved one. Because of their greed, they could get themselves in trouble which will place their life in danger. You need to make them more responsible and self-aware, otherwise the outcome is grim.
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