Being chased and attacked by shooters I was in an airport and people were preparing for a shooting in a almost show or event style way. I was with friends and family. Not to mention I had eye make up on (I'm a male). Somehow, the bullet proof glass broke that was supposed to protect us when the shooter gets there. Everyone freaked out and ran. I went with my best friend who is living somewhere else at the moment (in real life). We ran for his car in a very weird airport and out to a tree (outside the airport) that led up into a spiral where we met an old friend of mine who tried to kill us. Then I woke up terrified. Dreaming of being at an airport is symbolic of your schedule becoming very difficult to manage. This might mean a sudden increase in activity or a number of new responsibilities that have been placed upon you, likely due to others recognizing your ability or trusting you to finish the job successfully. You may need to invest in time-management resources in order to cope with this influx of work. Dreaming about being shot at, chased, or attacked in general points toward being plotted against, particularly by people who dislike you or are jealous of your accomplishments. This may be related to your new duties or important achievements you made in the past. Trying to disguise your image, in this case by wearing makeup, represents apprehension, distrust, or fear of a friend who you suspect of being a backstabber. You might subconsciously suspect them of being the one making plans against you because of jealousy or envy. Finally, seeing other people running away in your dream may point to losing the esteem or approval of others because of the way you handle a certain situation. If you react badly to some sudden news or blow up in anger unexpectedly, it may put others off you for awhile.
Killing fiance's adult children My fiance had a dream that I killed all 3 of his adult children. What does that mean? Although this dream vision is disturbing, it could also mean that he does not completely trust you in some of the aspects of your relationship or he is not quite ready for a serious commitment. The dream vision suggests that some of your past or recent actions may have been too direct or pushy and threatened his personal space. Alternatively, this dream vision could suggest that there could be tensions between you and his children and he seems to think that this conflict may never be resolved to either side's satisfaction.
Running from rapists and hiding at a cemetery I was at a Catholic church and two men came to me and wanted me to have sex with them. I refused! They persisted. Told me I would or I would be shot, I got free, ran into a cemetery and they we're shooting at me. I hid behind tombstones making my way to a building to find someone I knew! Ended up on an elevator with small doors and was exiting to a floor that was full of greenery and pretty and found my boyfriend. This dream has a few conflicting images. Churches often symbolize protection and faith, and being inside one represents being in a familiar situation or feeling safe in a certain environment. However, the image of the men who wish to do you harm, particularly the imagery of them shooting at you with guns, points to feeling unsafe, either physically or emotionally. This dream may be showing you that something or someone has come into your life and thrown some aspects of it off-kilter. While you do not mention the state of your relationship with your boyfriend, seeing loved ones at the end of a dream generally symbolizes finding closure and peace of mind after some turbulent experience.
Children being molested My 7-year old granddaughter and a neighbors daughter were molested by an older heavy set balding man in a large white car with red trim. He made them lie on the back seat. So very disturbing! Dreams containing images of molestation are directly related to states of mind when you are trying to suppress the outbursts of rage, anger or hostility toward someone or some people. You are intentionally trying to put these emotions on the back burner or eliminate them from your mind when you are awake, which is also reflected by your subconscious mind with images of the girls in the car lying on the floor (hidden from the view) in this dream vision. The anger or rage you are experiencing could originate from trivial things like dealing with contractors, officials or people you disagree with, but could also be deeply-rooted in your psyche, such as witnessing injustice toward someone or seeing other people suffering and being unable to help.
Trying to escape someone who is killing everyone I have this dream someone wants to kill everyone. I jump into the sea with my granddaughter and survive that. Whoever wants to kill us we do not know why, but he is determined. I felt like we were visitors. Then I got suspicious of the activities around us both, so I jumped into the deep sea with my granddaughter and ended up safe, but wet now. I have found myself hiding close by in the trees, I am not scared for myself just protection for my granddaughter hoping to get away to safety somewhere. Twice I've had this dream and I don't like it. You are right to be concerned about this dream. Being attacked and chased in a dream predicts that you may be deceived in the near future. This is probably connected to your granddaughter, meaning either she is the one doing the deceiving or, more likely, it is on her behalf that you are being deceived. Oceans are usually symbolic of opportunity, so someone may offer her a chance to do or be something that she would normally not have access to and, because you want to support her, you may be tricked into spending money or time on this scam for her benefit. Finding that you are safe after being in the sea indicates you may realize the scheme before it is too late, but you should be on your guard against scammers and any offers that seem too good to be true.
A student breaking into the house A student of mine was trying to break into my house. My husband came up and laughed. Based on the imagery, you may be in a situation when you are overly concerned about your performance and aptitude in front of your students. You subconsciously seek ways to improve your rapport and performance. A possibility that you have been asked questions or inquiries from your audience you could not answer could also be on your mind lately. People, including students, come in all shapes and sizes, so may be it is time to embrace diversity and be a bit more open-minded?
Being raped inside own house I dreamed about being raped in front of my son in my house. Being raped in a dream is an ominous sign predicting upcoming trials and challenges. This is likely related to your family, as this event occurred inside your house, which otherwise symbolizes comfort and security. Because this happened before his eyes, these difficult times may be related to your son. Either his behavior might cause some problems within the home or he might be experiencing trouble elsewhere, which means you need to interfere on his behalf. In either case, it would be wise to pay attention to the situation developing inside your family or around it and do what is best to preserve the peace and happiness of its members.
Committing murder and getting arrested Had a dream. I had this friend who was influenced by a big man (Kennedy) to go and kill someone without my knowledge. We both went to help this person, but during the helping that is where the killing was administered (food poison). The very same day I was arrested with my friend for the crime. This dream has a neutral interpretation which leans toward the negative side, depending on how firmly you tend to hold onto your beliefs. The image of someone being poisoned is symbolic of death, but in this case does not represent physical passing away. Rather, it seems to point toward the death of a previous way of thinking, a belief that you held dearly until recently. Being arrested with the true criminal of the crime suggests that those around you, who once humored your misguided way of thinking, are no longer interested in your antics. You may have to reevaluate why you believed what you did and make efforts to show those around you that you are more open-minded and accepting than you were before.
Being forced upon by a stranger In real life I am a sober person with little sexual interest and I do not give into emotional turmoil either. Of late, I have been getting dreams about a person chasing me, assaulting me and even try to force upon me. This is kind off unusual, isn't it? I have got this dream 4-5 times, please explain. Dreams in which you envisioned yourself being chased and eventually assaulted must be considered a forewarning. They are indicative of the fact that there are certain trials and tribulations in store for you, which will influence, if not dramatically change other people's attitude toward you. This situation could evolve following your recent actions or failure to act, so you subconsciously sense ostracism as a form of punishment. If you are presently romantically involved with someone, these visions could also portend being forsaken by this person, for the reasons tied to aforementioned circumstances.
Being abducted but escaping successfully I saw that someone was trying to abduct my friend and me, but I managed to come out of the running car and managed to pull her out too. What does that indicate? The act of abduction of you and your friend portends the likelihood of your involvement in illegal, fraudulent or other borderline criminal activities. This dream serves as a hint that if you use the power of your will and your mind, you may be able to bail out of these plans before they materialize. It also indicates that you could soon be approached by some dishonest characters who will try to befriend you with the single purpose of using you in their illegal manipulations. Your dream is a warning indicating that you should pull yourself as fast as possible from any questionable or even criminal schemes which may result in serious repercussions both for you and others entangled in them knowingly or against their will.
Coming to terms with the offender at gunpoint I dreamt of a serial killer and a criminal pointing a gun on my forehead, I pleaded with him not to shoot me so much that he ended up not shooting me. We actually got along. What does that mean? The act of befriending or being cordial with someone shady or threatening indicates certain issues with one of your current relationships. Be it a friendship or something romantic in nature, some unexpected outside factor may put a strain on this relationship in the near future.
Stealing cars off the street In my dream, I steal a car like a SUV and park it by my house. After that, I watch news of cops looking for who stole this car. After that, I dream I am opening another car, that I choose it when I walk on the street, I see a "Ford New Fusion" and open it using a thin string in place of a key. And drive it to my house. Stealing a car in a dream denotes envy or covetousness. A car which belongs to someone else represents your dreams, ambitions and drive to succeed. Hence, stealing the vehicles of others reflects your desire to have what others have or to live the way others live. There is discontent within you and your subconscious recognizes this unhappiness about your lot in life. However, you also recognize the fact that this coveting is misguided, which is why the police appears in the dream. This alludes to your conscience. You know that success and happiness are not based on what other people have and that social comparison only makes you unhappy. Instead, you need to know how to define success for yourself.
Ex boyfriend hiring a killer who is afraid My ex hired someone to come to my grandmother's home to attack me. She asked for me when I opened the door. I knew she didn't recognize me and said I wasn't there. After someone in the background said my name, she saw it was me. I then asked why she was there and who sent her. She admitted it was him and he was going to pay her $1000. She also said she was afraid he would cause harm to her. Then we see him drive by the house. To dream of being threatened by your ex reveals lingering ill feelings towards him. His strong presence in the dream could be a reflection of his hold on you. Perhaps he still has the power to hurt, either because you still have feelings for him or whatever negative issues you had cut you deep and you are unable to move on from the pain just yet. Paying someone to hurt you could represent your trust issues. You are suspicious of the intentions of others as a result of a bad break up. Alternatively, it may not directly be about your ex, just the lessons learned from being with him. And her admission of being afraid of your ex could be your fear of making the same mistake that you made with him.
Being attacked by a female stranger I am sitting in my mom's house, my daughter is there sitting in the dining room in a highchair. Someone rings the door bell and I think to myself "Turn the highchair around, so that her back is facing the door because this person is going to try to kill you". So the door bell rings and my cousin Melissa answers the door and the person shoots her, I hear the scream, so I grab a knife off the counter. The woman comes to me and says "The name Kenley should sound familiar to you" and tries to stab me. I awake. Hearing the doorbell ring and knowing someone wants to get inside is an ominous symbol suggesting the development of major difficulties in your life, particularly dangerous situations or events in which the outcome could have seriously negative consequences should you fail. This is also supported by the sounds of the gun firing and your cousin being shot, both images associated with danger and victimization. The knife predicts material loss in addition to feelings of emotional trauma, meaning you should be prepared for the worst in regards to both your physical well-being as well as your state of mind.
Children found following a crime Saw a little girl, about 2 years old, walking alone in front of me. I asked her where were her parents and she said she didn't want to go home, so I took her home with me. Next part of the dream she told me her parents had left her and her baby sister alone. I went with her and a friend of mine to her house, and I could tell some crime had taken place, there was blood all around. The baby girl was crying, I could tell she was hungry, but I never actually saw the baby. I just knew she was there. Dreaming about a young girl all alone represents the sadness and isolation you feel sometimes in wake life. Just as the girl was left alone and not cared for, so does this dream signify your own longing for a time when others would care for you. This means your current relationships (romantic, familial, friendship, etc.) are not providing you with the things you need. The crime scene you stumble upon further illustrates this point, showing some feelings of regret over things that have happened in the past. You may need to confront those you love and explain your situation to them, or you may need to go out and find some new acquaintances who can support you in the way that suits you best.
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