Mass shooting on the streets So I was at home and I turn on the news (for some random reason) and I was hearing about TONS of mass shootings in my town. The next thing I remember is me in a car with my friend and as we were driving, there were about 10 people with AK-47's shooting at cars in the middle of the road. We punched the gas and managed to get away, as they were on foot. Then we see another one a minute later. The closest thing that can relate to this is the Purge. Sometimes, news from the real world, especially when high-profile and disturbing, can find their way into our subconsciousness. You were probably emotional about recent shooting events reported in the media, which is why the scenario played out in your dream. Being shot at by individuals carrying AK-47s means that you may be fearing for your safety or feeling victimized in reality. Alternatively, random shootings remembered from a dream suggest that reckless and careless behavior of others can place you in harm's way. Perhaps there are those who are out to get you, possibly a rival or adversary keeping tabs on your activities and behavior in an attempt to find flaws and weaknesses that can be used against you.
Being held hostage and seducing someone Was trapped somewhere, tried to call my mom and let her know I was being held hostage. Couldn't use my phone anymore because the men holding me and other people hostage didn't let us. I ended up seducing one of the men and having sex with him. We were in the bathroom sitting on the toilet and I had to poop, so I started pushing and nothing would come out. Eventually, it all comes out and I puke something out too. I wash up in the shower and then continue having sex. Being kidnapped and held hostage in a dream vision usually represents the realization that we have missed out on something and "tied our own hands together." In this sense, you have come to the understanding that your fate is sealed due to a decision you made in the past. The source of your troubles can be seen in your inability to use the restroom, a sign which is often considered the manifestation of outdated beliefs or habits. Seducing one of the men and having sex with him could point toward the internal conflict you face by holding on to these ideas, suggesting you do see some mistakes with your current way of going about things, but are unable to commit to change yet. Having everything come out at the end of the vision predicts eventually taking the steps to change your beliefs and actions to suit the times, though the internal conflict may still persist for some time longer.
Being punished by poison injection I got punishment in a dream and they gave a poison injection. I saw my mom in the dream also. To dream of getting injected with poison means you may be forced to agree with something you do not believe in. The punishment in reality is your subjection to the opinions and beliefs of others. While you may not necessarily agree with their ideas or positions, it does not mean that they are wrong. Perhaps your parents are trying to control or discipline you and this makes you feel suffocated and stripped of personal freedom. In that case, you may need to understand why you are being persuaded or forced to comply and whether or not the refusal to listen on your part would be better for you in the long run.
Trying to commit suicide upon an arrest Arrested for selling marijuana and subsequently trying to avoid it by shooting myself in the head with the officer's gun, but with great difficulty because someone was physically trying to stop me. Dreaming of getting arrested for possession or distribution of drugs means you could be harboring feelings of guilt. The marijuana may symbolize a part of yourself you cannot control or you are not proud of. By trying to shoot yourself in the head, the dream implies that you are trying to escape your situation instead of being accountable for your actions. So what is the thing that is stopping you? Perhaps the force preventing you from taking your own life in the dream is your own conscience. Deep inside you probably know that escape or avoidance would not solve your problems. Instead, you are accountable for your actions and mistakes in order to make it right.
Being tortured by an unknown man Me and my little brother were kidnapped by this old man and held in a museum. We were to find things and solve puzzles in rooms in a certain amount of time or else we would be locked in and die. If we didn't do what we were told we would be tortured and killed. When we were running out of time in the last room before I woke up, we ran out and I heard someone dying. I took my phone and went to the bathroom and locked the door before calling the police. Dreaming that you have been kidnapped is often interpreted as a sign that you feel limited or trapped in wake life. Just as you might feel if this were to really happen, so does this dream show how helpless and feeble you feel in regards to your current situation. This is amplified and supported by your presence in a museum, another symbol associated with being trapped in a series of events you feel powerless to control or change. Calling the police at the end of the vision may predict finding a way to act out against the powers that be, though it also suggests your attempts could bring shame and disappointment to those around you. It would be wise to think carefully before making a rash decision which leaves you more exposed and vulnerable than you were in the first place.
A mother killing one of her children There is a mom standing above her two sons who are dangling from a cliff, she only has time to save one, so she grabs her favorite and the other one plunges and blood goes everywhere in the water below. The mom leaves with no care as the sun rises as an evil angel-like thing. Cliffs represent critical moments and pivotal events. The mother in your dream may be an aspect of yourself caught in the crossroads. The two sons could refer to two very important decisions hanging on the balance. Perhaps it is a career choice of leaving or staying in your current job. Or maybe it has something to do with a conflict developing in your social circle in which you are required to choose a side between two opposed parties. In any case, perhaps the nurturing mother is what manifested in the dream to represent the gravity of the pending decision, and possibly even immoral in your eyes. Maybe in choosing one over the other, you feel like you are being unfair or biased.
Drugged and pursued by a crazy guy This crazy dude was trying to kill my friend, so I got in the way to give her time and basically tackled him and then no one would believe us that he was crazy, so we had to just leave and go to school like nothing happened. And then he came after me at school the next day and drugged me and I managed to get away for a minute and when I was running I called my mom screaming that a crazy guy drugged me and he was trying to kill me and she laughed it off and told me I was overreacting, then he caught up to me. Envisioning a deranged person trying to kill you and your friend is a highly ominous symbol to see in a dream vision. It suggests that your enemies are plotting behind you back, waiting for the opportune moment to put their dark plans into motion. Because this person was chasing you and your friend, it is possible that you share a common enemy. Going to school could be the manifestation of stress due to this situation. This means that you either know that an attack is coming or, more likely, you have a sixth sense that things are not as they should be. It would be wise to be watchful and prepare as much as possible for what is to come.
A friend stealing a CD and running away I dreamt I saw my friend stealing a music CD and running away wearing white lace dress. Seeing her run was so funny, I woke up laughing. In real she can't run due to serious health problems. Dreaming about your friend stealing merchandise could be the manifestation about your concern for her, particularly what others may be saying about her condition. While white clothing is often associated with marriage, in this case it could further signify your worry over the happiness she is getting out of her relationships, whether that is with her family, a lover or even you. Finally, seeing her running away from you when she is unable to do so in waking life, could be the manifestation of your fears over losing her friendship, possibly because of her medical problems or the natural separation that occurs with time and lack of common experiences. It would be wise, if you value this friendship, to prioritize spending time with her and remind her how important she is to you.
Witnessing abduction of a little girl I was watching from my window out into my yard (which was filled with chickens and squirrels), and I saw a little girl. Then 2-3 people dressed in black robes ran out and grabbed her and ran off while I couldn't do anything about it and I was terrified. Observing the events of this dream by looking out of a window could be a reflection of your tendency to not fully rely on those who love and care for you. You may be doing more harm than good, causing issues and problems inside the relationship due to your inability to trust or share your true feelings. The irony is that the image of the little girl suggests that you miss the security, comfort and warmth provided by a self-containing relationship. You yearn for closeness, yet push others away. The final images of the girl being kidnapped is an indication that you may make a big mistake concerning an important relationship you wish to maintain. It would be wise to take the knowledge gleaned from this vision to heart.
Trying to escape an evil man in a cabin I was in a cabin that I didn't own or have ever been too. I was with my dogs and sister. There was a man who broke into the house and had intentions to hurt me and my sister. Before he got the chance to hurt us, the dream would start over. We would be in the cabin, then he would break in again. Each time we would try new ways to save ourselves, fight back or escape. But, we never could. Dreaming about being inside an unfamiliar cabin with your sister should be considered a warning. It means that you or your sister may soon have to face several obstacles in your lives. These difficulties could be financial or could be psychological in nature. The man who was trying to hurt you symbolizes an individual who wants to harm you in your waking life as well. He could very well be the reason for these problems to surface in the first place. Since it was perceived as a dream repeating itself in cycles, you should be paying special attention to activities or routines which either you or your sister get involved in on a regular basis.
Being abducted by an old lady An old lady was trying to steal me. I was trying my best to run, finally found my family members. They were pulling me from one side and the lady was pulling from the other side. This dream may reflect your current predicament. The old lady could be an aspect of yourself related to the past. There may be old issues which continue to haunt you and these are causing complications in your reality. Perhaps these old wounds are creating conflicts between you and your loved ones. Old women are also symbolically associated with traditional and conservative values, so perhaps your beliefs are clashing with some members of your family, making you feel torn between upholding your values and empathizing with others. This vision may be asking you to reflect on whether it is worthwhile to prioritize personal beliefs over harmonious relationships.
Meeting a stranger in prison I ended up in prison and met a stranger who's really nice and doesn't know how bad I am and I don't remember his face. Dreaming about befriending a stranger sheds light on your habit of being a people pleaser. It shows that you would go to great lengths for making people like you. It's something which you should avoid. The fact that you see yourself in prison denotes the ties which bind you from achieving your true potential. You can only do well for yourself once you break free from the notions that you are not worthy enough. Try to do things which actually make you feel comfortable instead of being worried about what others may think about you.
A female with a tail breaking into the house A female broke into my home and shifted my living room furniture around. Then left out the back door, but when I got there it was just a shadow of her lying on the ground with a tail. Dreaming that someone breaks into your home is a symbol of unwanted attention or invasion of your privacy. The female trespasser who shifts your furniture around possibly alludes to acts of betrayal and deceit from those whom you used to trust or revealed your deepest secret to. This broken trust would leave a lasting and irreparable damage for your friendship. Alternatively, it could be a warning that imminent danger or threat is waiting to happen in the nearest future.
Things stolen from boyfriend at a bar We're at a bar and I am standing behind the guy I am casually seeing. These two girls from either side of him begin to steal things from his back pockets without him realizing. I catch them out and yell 'What do you think you're doing?" The dream ends abruptly. Seeing yourself out at a bar with your boyfriend is a warning that you are currently too preoccupied with your romantic relationship, which may cause or aggravate some troubles within your family or social circle. This is followed by the image of the women stealing from him, a symbol closely associated with the idea of danger lurking in the future. Your preoccupation may be leaving you open to attack by someone pretending to be on your side. You should look out for potential backstabbers and guard both your person and possessions carefully.
People destroying a house and taking jewels Please, I had a dream that I visited my hometown and I saw our family house being destroyed and some people were taking jewels where I pleaded with them and they gave the jewels to me. Four rooms were destroyed. Thanks. Dreaming that your family house is being ransacked and destroyed by strangers alludes to violations of privacy and a breach of personal space. You may be undergoing a significant change in the real world and find yourself in the process of transitioning to this new phase, your past issues may be bubbling up and haunting you. You may end up losing an important part of yourself and transform into someone you do not even recognize. After all, the jewels refer to your aspirations and self-worth, hence losing them could be akin to developing insecurities and harboring feelings of self-loathing.
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