A shooter attacking My dream was about a shooter, as in a person that had a gun. I was at a park with my siblings and then the youngest pulled on my shirt, prompting me to look over the hill, and sure enough there was a man with a sniper. I yelled "Make sure you run in a zigzag back to the house!" We got back to the house safely, then the man went into our back yard. My brother looked through the window and the shooter saw him, and opened our back door and came inside. He shot at us, but someone saved us by shooting back. The shooter in your dream symbolizes individuals with malicious plots against you, possibly due to their jealousy of your recent accomplishments. This may be related to your new duties or important progress you have made in the recent past. The park bears similar connotations, as it can point to an adjustment period, maybe after moving to a new residence, getting promoted at work or handling a new task. If this is the case, then the sniper shooting you and your siblings could indicate looming confrontations in your waking life. You may end up feeling victimized under certain circumstances. While you are adopting and learning the ropes of a new responsibility, others may try to take advantage of your distraction and start painting you in a negative light.
Helpless while being held hostage A man held me and some friends hostage in a room and was cutting us with knives. I got out to get help but no one wanted to help, not even family members. There was a specific set of people that he was "after" because people walked in and out of the room but he did nothing to them. I was crying and begging for help and everyone kept saying that they're not helping and that I'm on my own. My mom was sitting outside in the car talking to her friend and I went crying to her and then woke up. Being held hostage in the dream world reveals your sense of helplessness in wake life. You could be facing a situation in reality where you feel powerless or undermined by your superiors or other authorities. Alternatively, your captivity could also mirror the kind of dynamic you have with an influential personality. Being in the presence of this individual may bring out your passive side, shocking you into silence even when it goes against your principles. In that sense, the apparent apathy of the others in your dream likely means that only you have the power to free yourself from the tyranny of this powerful figure.
Helping a friend who kills people In my dream I witnessed a friend of mine stabbing two people to death and it was horrifying to me in my dream and I was bawling my eyes out and very scared but also trying to help my friend get away with it, very odd dream. In general, witnessing someone commit a crime in the dream world predicts the possibility of being subjected to judgment and scrutiny. You may be blamed for the misfortune of others due to some of your past or recent actions or decisions. This may be related to your work or even a personal undertaking. The thing is, while you may not be directly to blame, perhaps you were complicit to the mistakes committed, as illustrated in the dream. If it is work-related, you could be privy to unethical practices by colleagues, yet loyalty or perhaps personal gain prevented you from calling them out.
Being scared at a crime scene Female. A friendly stranger in my room. Felt like my home was a hotel. When alone, she threatened that I will be her husband's second wife because he chose me, but I won't be loved more. Didn't want any trouble, I obeyed. At night she was killed, don't know who did it. Stayed at our home with crime scene, people there all the time, all staring at me.I'd walk right up to bathroom to talk with a detective many times, telling everything I knew. He knew I didn't do it. I saw a scary montage in mirror, yelled to mom call detective! The idea that you have been chosen to become someone's second wife probably is related to competition in reality. You may be up for a promotion or are expecting a boost in your social status sometime in the near future. Perhaps there are individuals in your social circle who would become envious of your achievements. Additionally, you may make a specific person jealous by taking his or her place. Being accused of murder means you could feel some guilt for your success. It is possible that you would not be completely happy with your achievements, possibly due to the fact that you would feel bad for benefiting from other people's loss.
A stranger wanting to kiss at a gun point Hi! I am female. I had this dream when I was in grade 5 which was 7 years ago. In my dream, I was lying in a bed in a small room and when I saw that the door is open, I ran outside but the man whom I assume is my capture followed me and because I know he's near, I played dead. When he caught up, he crouched or knelt where his face is above my face and I knew that he will kiss me, so I turned my head to the side, but he pointed a gun on my head. I was scared so I just let him kiss me. The kiss felt real. Being trapped in a small room likely means that you feel oppressed or limited by your circumstances in the real world. This probably mirrors your dissatisfaction with and desire to be free from your parents' authority. The open door which allows you to run outside represents opportunities for you to exercise some freedom. However, in your dream someone catches you and forces you to kiss him. This means that despite enjoying freedom outside your home, you still tend to submit to dominant personalities and easily fall under the influence of unscrupulous characters. Perhaps you need to heed the advice of your parents and elders to avoid being taken advantage of.
Someone pretending to be mother A lady called Alicia pretended to be my mother and killed my grandfather. I am a girl. I also felt I had a serious connection with Alicia but I don't know why. Dreaming about a stranger impersonating your mother has negative connotations. It signifies troubled times in your waking life, indicating the presence of people who may position themselves to be close to you but in actuality are trying to take advantage of you. The notion that you saw this person murdering your grandfather further reinforces the possible threat you may face soon. Make sure you steer clear of malicious individuals who might harm you when you least expect it. Since you felt personal connection with this person in the dream, it is an indication that someone who is close to you would attempt to cause problems.
An apartment taken hostage First I was bitten on the nose by a wolf but then an apartment building I was in was taken hostage. They cut the cell service. I got free and went to get help. Some guy was following us and then I was with a strong woman and we ended up in the ocean and she killed him. Then I got back to the apartments but there was an Emergency Room on the other side. I was hiding in an inside river bed and people saw me. I ended up in a community meeting. Then I took a truck to get help. Being bitten on the nose by a wolf and then being held hostage may reveal a sudden turn of events in your career which would cause you many problems. The hostage situation suggests things are going on around you that you are powerless to see or stop, while the wolf may represent a particular antagonist at your place of work. Together, these symbols show how someone you dislike may be plotting behind your back to get in the way of your success. Your escape and the image of the ocean both point toward discovering the truth before it is too late, giving you at least a little time to fix things. The truck you drive at the end of this vision reveals that this would be a new starting point for your life, possibly leading to a change of work or new living situation.
Someone trying to kill grandmother A man tried to shoot my grandma and I cut him with a broken wine bottle after leaving the bathroom. I called 911 and she told me that I "was a brave little girl". I locked all of the doors and went to grab a knife to replace the wine bottle but couldn't find any. I don't know if he left the house. I keep dreaming of the same man every time during these dreams. This vision seems to point to growing aggression in waking life toward a particular person, group or idea. The notion that the man shot at your grandmother first could reveal that you have been silently putting up with poor treatment due to this situation for some time. You may have avoided making a big deal out of this situation because you feel they would eventually get what they deserve. However, allowing your feelings to remain bottled up inside you could lead you down a darker path than you expected. You may even be surprised by the violent or ungenerous thoughts you are capable of. It may be better to advocate for yourself instead of waiting for others to get their just desserts.
A bloody crime scene I had a dream that I was a part of the FBI and there was a terrible shooting of gang members and I went out to the crime scene and it was so bloody, you could walk through the blood, but it was an unusual crime scene. It had several people out there and they were all sitting in bleachers and I got there at the last minute and one of the agents was announcing the crime the person committed and how long he was going to jail for and then we all started leaving and I woke up. The bloody death of gang members in your dream depicts the end of your suffering in wake life. Their death in the dream world symbolizes your triumph over adversities in reality. However, it is not likely to be an easy victory. You would have to struggle and exert a lot of effort to overcome the challenges set before you. The gang members represent bullies or oppressive forces in the waking world who may be making your existence miserable. On the other hand, the bloody crime scene means that your passion and ambition would provide you with enough motivation to be successful in overcoming these hardships.
Being forced to shoot own family I was being forced to shoot all of my loved ones and while they were dying, the person who forced me to shoot them, shot me. Dreaming about shooting your loved ones could be an indication of suppressed anger and frustration towards them in wake life. You may be harboring negative thoughts or grudges due to personal differences. The person who forced you to shoot them may just be a representation of your anger. As such, those ill feelings you keep inside of you could damage your relationships and even end up destroying you. Perhaps you need to confront your own demons and get to the root of your anger to avoid going down the path to self-destruction.
Escaping from jail using a toilet I had a dream that I broke out of jail through the toilet then tried to sneak back in jail. Breaking out of jail in a dream vision can be interpreted as a symbol of your desire to break free from certain bad habits or tendencies. Using the toilet for your escape may point toward an issue with money, suggesting that you seek to improve your spending or saving habits. However, trying to sneak back into the jail at the end of the dream could represent your unwillingness to make this change yet. While your situation may not be bad enough to require a complete overhaul of your finances, the sooner you get on the right track the better off you would be in the future.
Boyfriend having sex with a minor I had a dream that my boyfriend had sex with my underage daughter. Dreaming of statutory rape or sex with a minor can be a disturbing experience, especially if there is no hint of inappropriate conduct from the parties involved in reality. However, if you have been noticing strange behavior or interactions, then perhaps your mind has been primed in order to warn you about unbecoming behavior or actions from your boyfriend. On the other hand, if everything seems normal and harmonious among the three of you, then perhaps the dream is a projection of your insecurities. You may be misinterpreting fondness for your daughter as a sign of rejection. Maybe some part of you is afraid of losing him because of your shortcomings. Alternatively, in rare instances it can also be a positive sign of reconciliation. If your daughter disapproves of your boyfriend, then they may soon get along.
Being kidnapped in own house So, I was asleep in my bed and I woke up being carried down the staircase. I was kicking and screaming but he didn't stop. Luckily, when I bit him he stopped and dropped me. I quickly ran upstairs, grabbed my mum's phone and called the police. They took their time too come but by the time the police finally did come the kidnapper had already dressed himself and was walking out the door. I then turned to my mum and she said "It was all a joke". But I don't know what happened to the kidnapper. Being carried downstairs while also being kidnapped suggests you would have a sudden, whirlwind affair that would come to an abrupt, unfortunate end. Your kicking and screaming may attest to the amount of discomfort and agitation you could feel during this time. Calling the police reveals your efforts to call for assistance, but it would not come in the form of help or reassurance from your friends. Quite the contrary, your loved ones may be rather indifferent to your pain and suffering. The kidnapper's disappearance may further show that you would not have a complete sense of closure, meaning you would be left with a lingering sensation that more is to come.
Being helpless while kidnapped I was sleeping over at a friends house, her parents told us to stay in bed because the house wasn't safe. Later a man with a gun broke into the house and told my friend and I to walk out with him (her parents left us alone at home). I walked with him immediately but my friend took a while to walk with us. As I walked with him I saw a chance to get away and I took it, I tried to run but my feet were heavy and the man was catching up, I ran past people and houses screaming for help but nobody helped. Sleeping over at someone else's house may predict being asked a favor in the near future. However, the gunman who enters the house could reveal that this is not a request you would wish to grant, most likely because you do not like the individual who was asking. Running away is a symbol associated with the fight or flight response. On one hand, you may want to help in order to improve your relationship with this person, however, you probably would find the task boring and troublesome.
Held at gunpoint at a restaurant My dream was about my uncle getting a date with a girl at a restaurant. I was there just to say hi and good luck. But a man in a beanie mask came in with a gun and wanted money. My uncle tried to protect me and everyone in the restaurant. Next, we were all on the ground except the beanie guy. And he said "How about I kill this girl right now!". And held the gun to my stomach. But his fingers weren't around the trigger. I looked up at him and called him a pussy. But I never died. Because I woke up. The restaurant in your dream represents emotional reprieve. However, being held at gunpoint by a masked man means you could be robbed of the peace you desire in reality. Instead, you may have to deal with problems and stress associated with your family. You may even have to bail out a relative or kin because you are the only one willing to stick your neck out to protect your loved ones. Alternatively, the courage your showed in the dream vision can be an indication of your growing self-confidence and assertiveness. Perhaps you are tired of being bossed around and that would trigger a personal transformation.
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