Being chased while visiting jail I was visiting my cousin in the penitentiary and this guy hated women and he had a knife and was going to kill me if I stayed there till night and I did. He fought and stabbed my cousin while I ran and he was running behind me to kill me with his knife. His name was Leneric Dealy in my dream. I don't know anyone by that name.. help... Dreaming of visiting a relative inside a penitentiary or some other type of prison is an ominous symbol of upcoming negative events. This cousin may be a representation of someone close to you who you think is harmless and possibly even idolizes you. This tendency to underestimate this person could backfire on you as illustrated by the knife the women-hating guy used in the dream to try to kill you. There is a possibility that a family member or confidante would end up betraying you if he or she starts to resent your tendency to be condescending or manipulative.
Deceased mother protecting from a rapist I'm a young girl. My dream was about my rapist trying to kill me because I turned him in. My mother who died when I was younger was there and started to protect me. The presence of the rapist in your dream denotes trauma. You have deep-seated issues that prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Similarly, the presence of your deceased mother reveals your need for guidance and wisdom. You are yearning for whatever comfort and protection your mother provided for you while she was still alive. Your mother may also represent past experiences and the lessons you gained from those experiences. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to remember those lessons and apply them to your present situation in order to overcome certain obstacles.
Friend's father kidnapped and cats I was watching the Super Bowl, when kidnappers hacked into the broadcast and stated that they had kidnapped my friend's dad. When I went to their house, his daughter was there and they had several pet cats, but they do not actually own any pets. Dreams about someone being kidnapped usually mean the dreamer is reluctant to accept certain qualities of the person who was kidnapped. Specifically, your dream could mean that you either dislike or disapprove of certain characteristics possessed by your friend's dad. There is also a likelihood that you see your own self in him and you refuse to acknowledge or accept your similarities. Maybe the parts of yourself that you see in him are the aspects you are trying to suppress. In addition, cats are cunning creatures and you may associate this trait with your friend's father or their family in general.
People killed by poisoned sugar A man poisoning people with sugar long time ago. 19 people killed. Sugar in dreams usually symbolizes joy and indulgence. So, if someone was poisoning individuals with sugar in your dream vision, then it could be an allusion to your hedonistic ways. Perhaps you are prioritizing your wants and desires over what truly matters. Alternatively, someone in your life may be influencing you and others into embracing a self-indulgent and selfish lifestyle. Maybe it is time for you to reassess your priorities and think about the long-term consequences of your actions.
Being followed by men of a different race I have had two similar dreams. Both dreams were about my boyfriend. In the dreams, we were both walking when approached by two young men of different racial profiles. They asked if we were together and continued to follow us until my boyfriend went missing. Your interaction with the men of differing races in this dream could suggest entering a happy, fulfilling period in your life. It is likely your position in life would improve to some degree. For example, you may move to a new house or get a promotion at work. You would be very pleased by this enhancement and likely motivated to continue working hard. This change of pace is likely to be followed by some other extraordinary event, as the symbol of your boyfriend's sudden disappearance predicts. This subsequent happening could be either positive or negative in nature. It would probably be closely related your reaction and work ethics after the first change.
In jail with death penalty Was in jail with death penalty, was having a conference about it with lawyers and other people. Saw a good friend there, had to evacuate for fire drill. Being in jail tends to point to feeling limited in abilities or choices and, oftentimes, being trapped in a certain place in your life. In many cases, the reason the dreamer feels unable to grow or change is due to their own lack of motivation to improve, suggesting he or she has built their own cage to live in. While this interpretation carries a slightly negative connotation, it can also be a good thing as well. For example, it can symbolize a desire to curtail certain inappropriate behavior or express objection to bad choices and decisions made by others. If the lawyers you mentioned in your dream were defending you, that could be a good sign that you will be able to depend on those who care about you when you need help through tough times.
Being let out of jail I just remember I was getting out of jail. They gave me my belongings and let me out the doors. Dreaming about yourself in jail usually foretells some challenging, if not insurmountable, events coming your way, such as failures while working on a project which is important to you or miscommunication between yourself and a loved one. Usually, dreams about being locked up mean you are distancing yourself from others around you in real life for reasons known to you. Because your dream was about being released from jail, it could mean you are looking for opportunities to spend more time with others and you are getting ready to face the world, but on your own terms.
Getting into a car accident upon release from jail I went to visit my lover in jail and he was wearing a hat and looking very nice and we were happy, he was getting released from jail, but he drove and ran over a girl and I said she was in the way and it was her fault, but she was famous. Dreaming that a loved one is being released from jail means you would soon experience significant changes in reality. You may finally find an opportunity to improve your life circumstances, whether it is work-related or something more personal. The act of running over or hitting someone while in a car reveals your determination to succeed no matter what it takes. Specifically, you may end up hurting someone or crushing someone else's dream in order to get ahead. The notion that it was someone famous means you have no remorse about your current or future actions.
Being shot and saved by a calf I was shot in the neck by a stranger and shot in my arm by my friend and a brown calf cured me. When you dream about being shot, it could reveal there is someone in your waking life who is attempting to attack you, such as an adversary or a rival watching over your moves and activities to strike against you when the right time comes. It could be a way of your subconscious to force you to be on alert and suspicious of people who may have acted against you in the past, even though everything seems to be okay for now. However, it is good news that your dream ended with a calf healing you, because calves symbolize the arrival of good tidings. So even if someone is trying to hurt you, not only would they fail to succeed, but their plans could even backfire and actually improve your current situation.
A thief on a tricycle Husband dreamed of a tricycle driver stealing three bamboos from a vacant lot and my husband was asked to accompany him on stealing. Envisioning a tricycle suggests your husband is going to have success on a goal or project he has been working on. The bamboo that was stolen is also a very positive sign, as clearing bamboo out of someone's way usually symbolizes luck, flexibility and resistance. It is possible that he could experience some fortunate event in the near future. However, he should be careful not to let this good fortune go to his head. Dreaming about wanting to steal something can be interpreted as a warning of forthcoming danger. He should be careful about how he behaves and who he interacts with.
Husband raping a daughter's friend I was about to have sex with my husband when he admitted he raped one of my daughter's friend who was very big busted and flirtatious. I became angry and began getting dressed for work. Everyone knew as the girl had told people. Everyone did not believe the girl because my husband is a good guy but he clarified her story which made me very upset and sad. Dreaming about sexual assaults has ominous connotations. It could mean that the person who was perceived as a victim of rape, in this case your daughter's friend, could experience a very negative situation or event in the near future, probably something fateful and disastrous and it could be up to you to help this person. The notion that you dreamed about your husband being the rapist does not necessarily mean he would be the cause of her suffering, however you could be subconsciously questioning his recent behavior or involvement with people you consider to be unreliable or even threatening to your relationship with him. This dream vision could also be a reflection of shifting dynamics inside your marriage, some disagreements or suspicions slowly eroding its foundation.
Becoming a victim of rape At first I was watching shady areas, but the girl was found, thought to be an abuse victim. Remember seeing her taken away from where she stayed and one person she loved. Suddenly I am her and she now lives with thought-to-be rapist. I go to escape, my first thought house with person I loved. Empty. Then back in backyard. Got onto road next to house and started running. Felt so realistic. Remember the cool air, smells, fear, measuring out my breath so I could run as far as possible. Dreaming about becoming a victim of abuse could mean that you are having some issues related to your current situation, whether in the personal or professional sphere, and you are beginning to feel trapped and hopeless. In the dream, it seems as if you were planning an escape while being in the role of the abused girl and imagining what it would be like to be free, which could also indicate that the problems you are having are affecting others around you and so you want to find some way to set them free as well. You also seem to think the root of the problem has not been addressed yet, as symbolized by living with the alleged rapist.
Being tortured and kissed My hands were tied tightly and there was a person torturing me with water. And then someone started kissing me against my will. Being tortured in dreams often reveals the dreamer's sense of helplessness in reality. You may feel like you are being bullied and victimized by authority figures or powerful personalities. It can also be an indication of your passive nature. Perhaps because you dislike conflict so much, you would rather acquiesce instead of asserting your rights and defending yourself. Being forced to kiss someone or being kissed by someone against your will likewise represents submission. In an effort to please your superiors, you may agree to take on duties and responsibilities outside the scope of your job description or take on more tasks than you can handle. Such display of passivity could take its toll on your mental and physical well-being in the long run. Maybe your subconscious is encouraging you to stand up for yourself in order to avoid getting on a self-destructive path.
Being robbed in own house I am female and I keep getting a dream where I'm getting robbed in my family home, but each time I know they are coming. I try to hide usually but this time I didn't hide. My mum told me it's going to be fine so we waited for them coming, 3 guys with no masks arrived. We pretended we weren't waiting for them and screamed. They were tying us up and one guy was going to cut my foot off. He said he needed to, before he did I woke up confused. Being burglarized in dreams is usually an allusion to a breach in privacy or toxic social relations. In the case of your dream, knowing that the burglars are coming likely reveals your intuitive nature. You have the ability to gauge the sincerity or genuine motives of different personalities. As such, there may be individuals in your social circle who are becoming a little too close for comfort. Perhaps they are encroaching on your privacy and you are starting to feel uneasy about it. Placing your trust in them could cost you your independence and freedom. Depending on your state of mind, this may also refer to domestication. Perhaps you need to decide whether you are ready to settle down and give up some of your autonomy to make room for your romantic partner.
Someone familiar suspected of robbery I dreamed that someone that I recognized as a friend of a friend came to my house to visit me without our mutual friend, I was getting dressed when she arrived, so I escorted her into my family room and told her I would return after I was done getting dressed. When I returned, I noticed someone coming down my hallway and it turned out to be a home invasion robbery, what does this mean? A dream which involves a case of robbery denotes your desire to pursue your passions and aspirations. There may be a lot on your list of things you want to achieve and you cannot wait to get started. Alternatively, this dream vision may reveal your reservations and perhaps a lack of trust toward the individual you envisioned. You may sense a threat from her and your mind is reminding you to keep your guards up in case her motivations turn out to be questionable, if not detrimental to your emotional or physical well-being.
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