Witnessing rape of a minor Dreaming about someone breaking in a house and rape a minor. I caught him ejaculating and I assaulted him badly. Dreaming about witnessing rape could mean that you are feeling frustrated and having some personal struggles due to a recent failure. You could also associate these shortcomings with your inability to provide a fresh start for yourself and that is why you dreamed about a minor being raped and not a grown person. You could be blaming yourself for not having been able to fulfill your dreams and ending up putting a lot of effort in some kind of futile endeavor. The same vision could also predict that a close acquaintance might become incarcerated, wounded or burglarized. This person may need your assistance and help.
Being kept captive together with mother and cats A man had my mother and I captive in a house. He kept cats and kittens in a cage to torture them. I sneaked to the back of the house to save a cat, it ran off. I sneaked back inside to where my mom was. My dream flips to where this man is yelling at me. I said no to his demands he said he will take my mom's eyes out her head. I ran over to my mom and got between him and my mom but he was a lot wider and taller than me. My mom didn't move at all while this whole thing was happening. He screams "I got her eyes". Being held captive or hostage in dreams often depicts a sense of helplessness in reality. The man likely represents an authority figure or someone powerful in the real world who you feel is controlling your life and personal freedom. Alternatively, your captivity may also refer to your past mistakes and bad decisions which would put you and your mother into a bad situation. Fortunately, your defiance toward your captor reveals your determination to defend yourself and even outwit your tormentors at work or in your social circle. On the other hand, if the man represents your personal mistakes then your resistance could represent your efforts at correcting your blunders from the past.
Someone raping a boy and them acting normal after My dream was very vivid and disturbing. It was about someone I know, he was raping a young boy in our family home which I have not been to in a while. I was looking on in shock and confusion, I could see the younger boy's face but I don't know who he is. It felt like the child knew the perpetrator and was also in shock and fear as he lied there. After the ordeal they both go outside and play like nothing happened. Witnessing someone being raped in a dream conveys an negative message. It means that someone you know may get into trouble. This individual could be incarcerated, wounded, burglarized or experience some other unfortunate circumstance. You may have sensed that something is off with a close friend or loved one and that he or she is silently calling out for help while trying to look calm on the outside. Alternatively, the rape of child, such as the young boy in your dream, alludes to yourself being powerless in the face of influential personalities and authority figures. On the one hand, you may see yourself as someone being oppressed by individuals in power, but it is also possible that you may feel like the rapist in your dream is someone who takes advantage of others who are weak to resist or have submissive personality.
A friend brainwashed by a murderer A murderer brainwashed my friend to kill me. He killed one of my friends but I couldn't prove it. He knew I knew. Managed to get to my friend. Ran downstairs and out the door. Came to a hotel looking for me. He managed to get in the room. Left a coffee cup to show he had been in. Started collecting weapons, mainly knives. Friends were helping. Managed to get hold of me in a corridor. I had a bag with weapons in. I was pinned down, friends got weapons, swapped places and I was about to kill him. Being pursued by a murderer or killer in a dream alludes to the loss of identity. In the context of your dream, the murderer who brainwashed your friend may represent an influential figure in your social circle who may be turning your friend into someone you do not recognize anymore. When your brainwashed friend started coming after you in your vision, it means your friend likely trusts the manipulative individual more than you. Perhaps he is encouraging you to embrace a new persona, in the same way that he was convinced to let go of his old ways. Fortunately, gathering weapons and allies point to your firm resolve in sticking to your beliefs and values. You may need to remain resolute and counter the influence of this cunning personality who is controlling the actions and beliefs of your friend.
Stalling a robber at a mall I was in a mall that was attached to my old high school. I was walking and a man comes up to me whom I recognize but then I think maybe a stranger. He is robbing me of my debit card and I have a few of them. I am putting them in his shirt pocket and we are talking. I am trying to keep him near because I see my father approaching him from behind. My father doesn't know that I'm being mugged yet. He continues to approach us and my dad and I start fighting the guy. Getting mugged or robbed in a dream means you are about to face a personal crisis in reality. In that context, someone robbing you of your debit card could mean a loss of identity or self-esteem. This robber may be the embodiment of all your insecurities and self-doubt which are keeping you from achieving your personal and professional goals. The whole scenario of stalling the mugger near you as your father approaches is very telling about your relationship with him. He must be a great source of comfort and validation in your life. Or perhaps you look up to him so much that you need only to think about his influence and his achievements for you to regain a sense of purpose and value.
Being abducted and family in disbelief I'm a girl. In my dream, three men stalked me, followed me home, shoved me in the trunk of their car and took me to a basement where I was raped. I stole a car and escaped. I didn't go to the police when I left, I went home. I tried to tell my family but no one believed me. Strangely, my whole family went to a restaurant. Even my dad, who isn't a part of my life anymore. The men walked in and I began sobbing, desperately trying to get my dad to listen to me. I woke up sweating and shaking after that. Being stalked in a vision tends to be a vague symbol, as it reveals that one of your personality quirks can be both positive or negative depending on your current situation. This is opposed, however, by the symbol of being raped by the three men. This sign suggests authority figures are trying to box you in. In a sense, you may subconsciously feel that your parents, teacher or supervisors are pushing out the traits that make you who you are. The location of the basement is also very telling, as it could be the manifestation of intuition or subconscious thoughts in the back of your mind alerting you to the fact that others are trying to change you.
Granddaughter raped Granddaughter being raped. Dreaming that your granddaughter was raped is rightly a disturbing and horrifying image. In the context of a dream vision, this symbol suggests she is about to go through some difficult, trying times in her life. Actual rape is highly unlikely in this case. Rather, the rape can be taken as a metaphor for her lack of control and the severity of the situation. Because you were the one who saw this vision, you may have subconsciously realized that trouble is brewing. As an older, wiser family member, you may be morally obligated to step in and provide guidance and support in this situation. This extends from advice and a friendly pat on the back to actually teaching her what she needs to know and providing financial aid.
Family member arrested Arrest of a family member. Dreaming that a member of your family is arrested means that some part of you may be calling out for help. Whoever gets arrested in the dream means you need this person's help or support the most. For instance, if it is your dad being arrested, then perhaps you want to reach out to him in reality to ask for financial help or just some guidance to help you resolve your existing issues. Alternatively, this could also mean that you are neglecting your family. You value your freedom and independence so much that you have a hard time listening to your parents advice or relying on your siblings from time to time even during instances when you need them the most. So maybe it is also a matter of pride for you to take care of your own problems. Unfortunately, this also means that you may fail to check up on them because you are so wrapped up in your own concerns.
Shooting at a party I was at a party with some people i didn't know and I didn't recognize the place either but it was also a party going on two houses down and the people down the street start shooting. I ran to cover my baby and get in the house but the door was locked, so I ran to the side of the porch along with others. As I was running I felt the bricks going off from the bullets hitting them popping on me, then I woke up. I didn't get shot though. Finding yourself at a party with individuals unknown to you may represent upcoming opportunities to get involved with your community at large. For example, you may have been thinking about volunteering for a particular cause or perhaps someone you know has offered you the chance to work with them to improve some aspect of life where you live. This is supported by the image of your baby in this vision, a symbol tied to pleasant surprises and positive experiences, which is exactly what you hope to get out of your service. However, leaving the party and trying to enter a locked house points toward things taking a bad turn. In fact, the shooting that occurs toward the end of the vision may reveal some careless words or behavior that puts you in a bad position in regards to your new work. It is possible your lack of tact or compassion would rub others the wrong way, leading to friction, conflict and disagreements. If you choose to participate in civic life, you may want to be more careful with how you present yourself and your ideas to others.
Teasing a shooter in the classroom I've had this dream multiple times. I'm in class, and a shooter bursts in. But while everyone is freaking out, I start laughing hard. Everyone around me is looking at me with confused expressions, and the shooter is looking at me with a confusion and anger. I either challenge the shooter to a fistfight, talk him into putting the gun down, or start flirting with him which eventually confuses him so much he leaves. I am female. The location of your school classroom in this vision points towards the presence of stress in reality. This may indeed be related to homework, projects or tasks connected to education and schooling, but it could also be work-related stress or pressure from another individual in your life. In fact, the shooter who bursts into your classroom could indicate that a man or woman from your reality is actively trying to cause you trouble, getting in the way of your progress or trying to prevent you from getting any further ahead of them. Confusing the shooter by various means until he gives up and leaves suggests you would eventually overcome the problems that have appeared, although this solution might lead to some unexpected consequences that catch you off guard. If you do happen to resolve the issues threatening your current happiness, be on the lookout for other possible changes to your daily existence.
Someone released from jail When you dream someone is out of jail. Dreaming that someone has been released from jail can convey either a negative or positive interpretation based on the identity of the person and your reaction to this news or development. For instance, if the person who is out of jail is someone who is scary or intimidating in reality, then this means you need to be on your guard for a possible attack. This person could humiliate you in public or an enemy could start a smear campaign against you. On the other hand, if being freed from jail is good news, then you can expect all your problems, or at least the major causes of your stress, to go away.
Setting someone and a house on fire Setting someone and the house on fire. Then exiting the house to note that it's somewhere in the cemetery. Setting someone on fire usually reveals the dreamer's pent up anger and aggression. You could get extremely angry at someone, yet the rules of social conduct and decency are keeping you from fully expressing the extent of your rage. Maybe you do not even tell anyone about your feelings or even admit it to yourself because you dislike entertaining negative thoughts. Unfortunately, this could end in a violent altercation when you reach your limit and you snap. As a counterpoint to this negative dream symbol, setting your house on fire is actually a positive dream symbol pertaining to transformation and possibly gaining new and loyal friends. It means you have a good support group who can help you through difficult times and keep you from doing anything harmful to yourself and others. Similarly, a cemetery denotes the end of a bad habit, attitude or unhealthy relationships. You are finally strong enough to cut ties with bad influences and surround yourself with supportive and positive people.
Being held hostage as a black woman I was a black woman being held hostage by thugs with knives. Witnessing someone being held hostage is usually a bad omen. If the person is a stranger, then it means you would be afflicted by an illness which would render you incapacitated for days or even weeks. Your productivity would dip and you could incur a bit of debt. This health issue is likely linked to an unhealthy lifestyle, such as leading a sedentary life or eating too much processed foods. On the other hand, if the person is someone you know in reality, then this person is in a problematic situation. The knives further suggest financial losses because this person could get involved in illegal transactions or scams.
Wife being raped and husband mad Wife being raped and husband seeking revenge. Whether or not you were one of the participants in this vision or an outside observer, this vision suggests you would soon find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Envisioning a woman being raped predicts someone you know being accused of a crime. This would likely result in either a gathering of friends to discuss this individual's behavior or a lengthy court case where you would be forced to testify. While you know your friend is a good person at heart, the revenge aspect of this vision points toward an equally strong desire to see justice, as you are probably equally aware of your friend's guilt in this case. You would have difficulty choosing whether to reveal the truth of your friend's actions or trying to hold onto your relationship with him or her.
Being attacked at the movie theather I'm driving with my best friend (I do not know this person in real life). We're going to movies. Park across from theater. Bridge is parallel with 2 roads. We are in a gift shop. 3 guys jump my friend. Choke him then stab him with a switchblade. No blood. I can't pry guy off of him. Suddenly, I'm holding hands, walking with my gf and she has stab wounds. We realize she is a ghost. She gets back into her body. Body breathes. Ambulance takes off. I Ask what hospital and driver shrugs. I do not know where they take her. Driving in a car at the beginning of this vision suggests this whole dream is somehow connected to the current trajectory your life is taking. In that sense, the movie theater represents the path you have chosen while the bridge you saw is a metaphor for another, more treacherous path that you were close to choosing but did not in the end. Watching your friend being stabbed inside the gift shop but not seeing any blood may refer to growing distance with someone in reality that has served you well. Perhaps this individual was a negative influence on your lifestyle, and now that you are free of their persuasive power, you are able to make great improvements to you future. This is opposed with the image of your girlfriend in the vision who is both a ghost and carries the stab wounds, which suggests unresolved issues. It seems that even though you have taken a step in the right direction, you still have a long way to go. It would be wise to seek advice from someone who knows your situation intimately and whom you trust implicitly. Their experience and knowledge may help you fully recover from your past mistakes and misguided actions.
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