Being stabbed in the stomach I am a male. I was approached by a strange man, the man pulled out a small knife, I reached for a gun in my waistband but before I could reach it, I was stabbed 6 times in the stomach. I then walked into a house and saw my uncle sitting on a couch, I collapsed holding my stomach. Getting stabbed in dreams means you are experiencing some sort of power struggle in the waking world. And because a house with your relative inside was another dream symbol in the scenario, the power imbalance could involve your family or members of your household. Parents, siblings or your uncle who appeared in your dream could be undermining you and making you feel inadequate. Specifically, being stabbed in the stomach means you would be disparaged and belittled where it hurts the most. This final straw could make you decide to finally speak up and defend yourself.
Killing father in law In my dream I am carrying on with life after I have killed my father in law and got rid of his body in my house and I am worried I am going to get caught. Dreaming that you have killed someone in the dream world and are keeping it a secret may mean you feel threatened in reality. You could be worried for your own sake or for the sake of your family and friends. In a sense, the gravity of your crime in this vision reflects the concern and apprehension you feel in wake life. Your fear of getting caught suggests you are possibly willing to go to extremes to protect what is yours, perhaps even involving something illegal or unethical. While you may be tempted to commit a crime to protect yourself and your loved ones in future situations, it would be better to consult professionals or ask authorities for help. You could get in more trouble or find yourself in worse danger otherwise.
Boyfriend getting out of prison earlier I keep having the same dream about my boyfriend coming home early from prison. He's doing 4 years, but in my dream he gets out and surprises me. I have had this dream 4 days in a row, and off and on. Dreaming that a loved one gets released from jail has a very auspicious dream meaning. It means that you can expect all your problems, or at least the major causes of your stress, to go away. This also suggests changes and being able to overcome challenges. Dream symbols are not usually straightforward, so this is not necessarily an assurance that your boyfriend would get released early. However, the recurring aspect of this dream symbol means there could be something you can do to shorten this period of time being apart. So instead of waiting for a lucky turn to happen, it is still up to you to find a way, so it is a good thing that fate is in your favor.
Being shot in the stomach I was on the inside of my fence and I was shot in the stomach by someone unknown on the outside of my fence and they fled the scene. It was evening time. I did not go inside to my parents, who were there, but instead went to my neighbor's house. I don't remember being in pain, just needing medical attention. The medical attention was in an African country, I forget which one, and I would fly there with my neighbor's father soon. My parents were present as we made the decision to go to the country. Specifically being shot in the stomach means you would soon find yourself in a situation where you would be disparaged and belittled where it hurts the most. Considering your location on the inside of a fence and the shooter's position on the outside, it seems as though this attack would come out of the blue from someone you do not normally associate with on a regular basis. The only way this outsider could have learned about your deepest, darkest secrets would be if they had heard it from someone close to you, namely a family member or good friend. This makes sense, especially because you ran to your neighbors for help rather than going directly to your parents. Discussing your plans with your parents suggests you can usually rely on them for important matters, so either they were not the ones who accidentally let your business become public knowledge or they did so completely on accident. This vision, then, is a warning of what is to come as well as a reminder that sometimes people make mistakes. While their actions may be hurtful, they are not always malicious.
Being assaulted and robbed I was set up at work at a plant in my hometown for assault and theft. Being set up or framed for something you did not do actually means you are not taking responsibility for your actions. You have hurt others or committed wrongdoing and yet instead of owning up to it, you have a tendency to blame others. You also tend to play the victim when in fact you are causing damage yourself. A little self-awareness is what you need so that you can understand the repercussions of your actions.
A man taking pictures with a camera I'm a female, I dreamed of a man watching me through my bedroom window and the closer he gets I hear clicking of a camera. Having a stalker in your dream means there are certain issues which you are actively avoiding in reality. The closer the stalker gets to you within the dream, the more difficulty you will experience in evading such issues. This vision is telling you that the time for a reckoning is fast approaching, so you better be prepared to face it. The camera symbolizes scrutiny which means you will be judged based on your actions or inaction.
A family friend trying to kill I am female. My dad's boss, a close family friend, came to my house, and using a straight razor, he tried to harm me. He cut my scalp (most important), arms and chest. I was running through the house trying to hide. My family didn't really care. I grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him but he kept coming back to hurt me. This vision contains images of both shedding blood and having blood shed. It suggests that part of the key issues portrayed through the symbols of this vision find their source in you, the dreamer. Specifically, dreaming about being cut with a razor by a family friend points toward problems at home, perhaps with your parents or older relatives. Perhaps you have annoyed or ruffled the feathers of your family members by acting badly or expressing opposing viewpoints in a less than kind and understanding manner. If you do nothing to restore the peace in your household, the stress and ill feelings held within you could eat away at you slowly, causing negative effects to your physical health and mental well-being. It would be better to let bygones be bygones than to let animosity stew and fester.
Witnessing people being shot I dreamt when I reached in a place and 3 people were shot dead at different interval and the person shooting was not known, I searched around and saw where the gun was but did not see the shooter, then I started running while hiding for my life until I left the place. The threat of being shot in the dream world is often associated with frivolous or careless behavior, particularly off-hand comments or observations that you may find funny but that could be offensive to others. This suggests a certain tendency to speak or act before you actually think, which could possibly cause some friction between you and someone you see on a regular basis, like a family member or co-worker. The three people who died during your vision could represent a desire to improve your relationships with others before it is too late. This vision, then, is a warning to carefully consider your words and actions so that you do not hurt those you seek to live and work harmoniously with.
Husband being arrested A dream that my husband is arrested. Dreaming that a loved one is arrested suggests a part of you is crying out for help. Since your husband is arrested in the dream, this means you need his help or support the most. Your individual priorities and responsibilities could be keeping you from spending quality time together, so you have not had the opportunity to share your inner struggles. On the other hand, this dream symbol could also imply that you are neglecting your family. You could be dealing with a lot of things outside of your household and these preoccupations keep you from focusing on your husband and other members of your family. It is possible that your subconscious is merely reminding you to rethink your priorities and place your family first for a change.
A shooter at the mall Female. I dreamed this morning then I woke up... I was in a mall in my area, walking alone. Suddenly I heard a gunshot near me and it hit someone. I went down to the floor to shield myself, near grass. I saw a security camera was focused on me. Then I saw a dead body. An attack that occurs in a mall symbolizes your disdain for people who get blindsided by their greed and insecurity. Even when you advice them and warn them against their own failings, they have a tendency to ignore anything that does not validate their actions. Unfortunately, the sound of gunfire forewarns about an even worse outcome. This usually means the demise of a loved one. Because of their greed, they could get themselves in trouble which will place their life in danger. You need to make them more responsible and self-aware, otherwise the outcome is grim.
Arrested for drinking and stealing I got drunk with a friend and apparently stole something that same night and was arrested the next morning, then I was informed of it while being dropped off in front of the courthouse. Both becoming drunk and stealing things in the dream world are indicative of financial loss due to failed projects or unsuccessful business ventures. You would soon feel the pressure of obligations without the income to fully or comfortably back them up. The source of your troubles can be seen in your arrest and subsequent arrival at the courthouse. These symbols mean you could be duped by an offer that is too good to be true, leading to conflict and disagreement. This vision may be a warning to do your due diligence on any course of action that you take in the hopes of securing or improving your financial standing.
A salon being robbed with a gun I dreamt that I was working in a salon when a kid came in. He tried to rob the place, when I stopped him. The kid had a gun and shot at me but missed and hit the floor. I punched him in the stomach a couple times. The owner was surprised and wondered what had brought this little kid to rob her. I remember the kid staying in the shop for awhile, and I remember trying to sell his gun but it broke. Dreaming of working in a salon reveals your concerns about appearances. You could feel pressured to keep up with the same kind of lifestyle as your peers, even though you do not necessarily enjoy it or you do not have the financial capacity to sustain it. In this context, the kid with the gun represents your conscience. The more you try to fit in, the more you are reminded of your principles and value system. This conflict between how you are living your life and being your authentic self is causing a lot of internal turmoil. The attempted robbery also alludes to a self-defeating attitude. Your insecurities could be pushing you to seek other people's approval and convince yourself you are happy even when you are struggling inside. This is telling you to evaluate your priorities and whether all the superficial things are worth it.
Drunk driving I am a female. I dreamed that I was drunk driving and got into a car accident then walked to a strangers house for a phone charger to call my boyfriend to avoid the cops and my family. Dreaming that you are drunk is an ominous vision to behold, as it often predicts the failure or derailment of a project or undertaking. This is reinforced by the act of drunk driving, because driving is usually thought to parallel our journeys through life. Therefore, your drunkenness and the driving combine to reveal a failed venture that could literally end with you crashing and burning in wake life. Your attempt to find a phone to call someone other than your family or the police reveals internal conflict that would become resolved. While you may not have a clear path now, thinking carefully and making good choices that would not lead to disaster would go a long way to alleviating those feelings of unease and discomfort.
Being taken to jail by police Looking back very sadly as if we were saying goodbye to my boyfriend as I was walking away with police to go to jail. I am a female. And I live a "high risk" lifestyle. Being taken away by police to go to jail is a special type of symbol in the realm of dream visions because it often means you have time to correct some mistake or avoid a negative outcome. In this case, being taken by the police to jail represents receiving a lucrative offer or special allowance that could be exciting, interesting or useful to you. However, whether or not it benefits you and your life would depend on how careful you are with the information you receive or the project you are given. Careful, thorough work and good judgement could yield excellent results, while lazy, unfinished work or poor decisions could get you in a lot of trouble.
A friend shot and at a morgue Dreamed at 6 years old. I was at the store with my friend, we were grown up in the dream. She was pregnant nine months. Then the store got robbed. They shot her and dragged her body out. Later police called me to a morgue. They had her in a black bag, unzipped her and flies flew out cause she was decomposed where they dragged her out of a pond. My daughter dreamed this at 6 yrs old. Witnessing your friend dying or being dead in a dream means you were subconsciously validating the relationship with her. Similarly, seeing her pregnant in the same dream means you, as friends, complemented each other and grew personally by learning from your childhood experiences. Despite the grim picture your subconscious has created in this dream, the meaning is positive and points to a deep bond you had built as childhood friends.
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