Police questioning about killing someone Had a dream I killed someone, but don't know who the someone is. I hid the body in the bushes. Weeks later I picked up where I left off in the dream and was at the park or somewhere outside and the police saw my shoes on the ground, asked me what size they were and did I own a leather jacket. The jacket I remember I had on in my first dream. Then I woke up wanting to get rid of my jacket thinking the police were coming looking for it, when I realized it was a dream and I'd never even hurt a fly. Envisioning yourself killing someone is an allusion to unspent anger and aggression. Your non-confrontational nature prompts your mind to release your frustrations into this dream as a cathartic experience. In addition, your fear of being caught by the police further illustrates your inability to face up to your problems or a tendency to avoid accountability. This is your subconscious telling you to be more assertive and face the consequences of your actions. On the other hand, watching too much true crime shows may be pushing this procedural scenario into your subconscious and subsequently your dream. Even though you may not have violent tendencies, cases of murders committed could be sparking your curiosity. Perhaps placing yourself in their shoes would help your understand the motivation behind their bad decisions or it simply makes you feel better about your own life choices.
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