Questioning own death Well I have seen that I die or see if people will care that I died. Death in dreams is the opposite of reality. Your own death envisioned in this dream points to a long and happy life ahead and is often suggestive of a transitional phase in your current life, either in the form of spiritual or personal growth. Questioning whether other people cared if you died could also be symbolic of your current attempts to improve your image in their eyes.
Son dying mysteriously My adult son died in my dream. I did not see him die, I received no explanation as to why or how he died, I only knew that it was in a downstairs or basement-like area. The rest of the dream dealt with the aftermath of that situation. Dreaming that your son has died with no explanation, reason or clues could be interpreted as a sign that you are about to go through a sudden period of hardship and grieving. While there is no direct indication that anything would happen to your son, it is possible that another family member may pass or that you are about to experience some financial difficulty which would impact your happiness and peace of mind. Additionally, dreaming that his death took place below you could represent the compartmentalization that you may try to utilize to deal with your troubles. While this may work for some time, it could result in anxiety and other emotional outbreaks further down the line.
Being death I am a man. I dreamed that I was death and I was in front of a large group of people then I found myself wrestling a man. To dream that you are Death or the Grim Reaper depicts a negative personal transformation. You could be cutting yourself off from your friends and family, preferring to keep to yourself instead of being actively involved in their lives. Alternatively, you may be harboring ill will towards certain individuals due to trespasses done against you. This is dangerous because it means you have the tendency to abuse any type of power once it is given to you.
Traveling on a plane with everyone dead I dreamed I was on an airplane going somewhere in a business suit and then I realized everyone on the plane was someone I had known and they were dead. Someone kept trying to open the door of the plane and I felt the air and the pull. Flying in an airplane during the course of a dream vision is often indicative of some precarious position you are currently in. Just as you have no control over an aircraft or the turbulence when you are aboard a plane, so does this symbol suggest going through troubles which have popped up out of nowhere and are unaffected by your actions. This is followed by the image of the business suit, a sign which amplifies the severity of you current position. The source of your troubles could be environmental or related to the weather, as the multitude of dead people could be associated with climate, both literally and figuratively, that is not ideal for your current endeavors. It seems, then, that this vision is showing your the futility of your attempts to control nature and suggests you should work with it rather than against it.
Self death Self death. Dreaming about your own death, such as in the case of suicide, could point to certain aspects of your personality that you wish you could eliminate from your existence. Traits like being greedy or lazy may be the things about yourself that you wish you could change or make disappear altogether. Sadly, it is never that easy and you need to learn to accept every part of yourself, even the flaws and shortcomings.
Experiencing dying as explained In the dream, I saw two people taking about death while I was an observer. One person told the other how actually death occurs, in which he said an energy-like thing moves from toe and then it moves upward. As he was explaining it to the other person, it practically starts with me, I feel energy move upward then reach the head, created severe pressure in my head and when it starts to moving away from head to death I am awake. It was a vivid dream, I was feeling energy in my head when I was awake. The dream repeated more than 7 times. Dreaming that you are dying as was explained by the individual in your vision predicts experiencing an upcoming health problem. The multiple dreams you saw about this same situation further support the severity of the issue you would experience, while the pressure that moves up and focuses around your brain could signify this being either a neurological disorder or something psychological. No matter the exact type of illness, it may completely disrupt the normal course of your life, preventing you from maintaining your routine and rendering you immobile and virtually unproductive for a considerable period. It would be wise to schedule medical examinations as soon as possible, especially if you already see symptoms forming in wake life.
A burning person and a flash of light I don't know if this is morbid, but my dreams have been about death lately, I really don't know what it means. I just woke up from a dream, it was about someone burning to death... Not anyone in particular, just a person burning, that's all ever since I moved to my uncle's, some of my dreams have been pretty messed up. Not even 15 minutes later I saw a flash of bright light for 3 seconds when I was awake this all happened at 2 am. The presence of morbid dreams typically reveals a desire to end some kind of suffering. The burning person in your vision could symbolize self-destruction. In relation to you, it could be a warning against your harmful and unhealthy habits or activities. Perhaps you are feeling stressed and pressured in reality, so you are developing vices which you know are bad for your health. Maybe it would be better to get to the root of your anxieties, so you can find a long-lasting solution which would improve your overall well-being.
Wearing a wedding dress at own funeral I had such a vivid dream, I had a special wedding-type dress made to wear for my own funeral that I walked to and died at! The dress was like a fairy princes with beautiful petal-type attached end, and a special head neck collar to hold my head and keep my hair perfect. As I stood at a grave I could hear people saying I was changing color and that I was nearly there? I do feel freaked by this dream. Can u sort this for me please? While this vision may seem frightening and morbid, it actually has a positive interpretation. Dreaming of a beautiful wedding dress has much the same connotation as it does in wake life, namely that you are to meet someone you would form a deep connection with and love. While this is possibly referring to romantic love and marriage, it can also mean the start of a lifelong friendship as well. The image of your funeral suggests having good luck for much of the rest of your life, possibly due to this individual's presence. They may bring light into your life or help you easily get through the rougher patches.
Dead couples pulled out of a river I was in a car with my husband and children driving out of a tunnel. As we exited onto a bridge, the traffic stopped. The police were pulling dead engaged couples out of the river, they were attached to their bed. There were 3 couples already on the bridge, dead and uncovered. Driving out of a tunnel with your family in the dream signifies entering an auspicious and prosperous period. You may have good luck with financial matters such as investment activities or the lottery. Whatever difficulties you may have been through would now come to an end. However, the imagery of dead couples being extracted from the river suggests that along the way, it is inevitable that you would lose touch with certain friends or break existing connections. This may be because you no longer share the same worldview or irreparable conflict could damage your friendship with them.
Being dead and carried by a priest I saw myself dead and carried by a priest. Dreaming about your own death is symbolic of good fortune coming your way. It foretells a period of happiness and growth for you, both in material and spiritual terms. At the same time, dreaming about a priest is symbolic of looming difficulties. The fact that you were being carried by a priest means that despite all those obstacles you would be able to overcome your problems.
Discovering girlfriend after suicide The dream is I am walking into my girlfriend's room whom we have a serious relationship with. I find her dead on the floor with pills next to her and the bottle on the night stand. The room is dimly lit and it I could hear the sound of soft music playing while I am crying in the dream staring over her body, I blink and have this very weird out of body experience. I am woken up standing up with tears running down my face. This has happened 2 times now. I never have sleep walked before. A dream wherein you see your girlfriend dead as a result of suicide has negative connotations. It suggests that she is having a relationship with someone else. It may also be a forewarning that things could turn ugly soon, giving rise to conflicts and leading to the possibility of a break-up. However, the soft music playing in the background symbolizes new beginnings, which is further reinforced by the out-of-body experience in your dreams. Going through such an experience could signify a spiritual journey which you would undertake. It could even help you come to terms with whatever happened in the past and encourage you to start your life anew.
Acknowledging imminent death of a relative Had a dream with my cousin who died of breast cancer early this year. In the dream my sister and me and my deceased cousin were sitting on my sofa, my sister tells her "You are going to die anyway", she begins to sob and so do I and I am hugging her and the two of us are crying. A dream in which you envision yourself interacting with a deceased relative, such as your cousin, and actively acknowledging her death could be considered a warning. You may soon find yourself offending someone close to you. Whether provoked by you or someone else, these possible conflicts could have negative ramifications for you relationships with others.
A child dying after swallowing drugs I had a dream we were skating. My brother dropped dope out of his pocket unknowingly and my 2-year old picked it up. Before I could do anything, he had swallowed the whole thing and I looked him in his eyes to see him dying and sad and struggling. Skating, in the context of dream visions, represents your feeling that you have your life under control. This is opposed by the image of your brother who, whether he uses drugs in real life or not, you feel may not be making the most rational or beneficial decisions, leading to a life of chaos. You are concerned, as can be seen in the image of your dying child, that your brother's actions may negatively affect you and your family. This vision is possibly a message from your subconscious which is warning you of the danger of continued association with your brother under the current circumstances.
Looking for the hall of the dead I was at this building that was massive, it was some kind of school that had statues and I was trying to find this statue room called "Hall of the dead". I was walking in what I presumed was the viking room and some creature came out and I stabbed it. Then I went to a school room and asked the teacher were the hall of the dead was and he told me and when I got there, like all three times I saw the devil and his fear over me made it to where I couldn't look at him. The overall theme of your dream seems to be hinged on the idea that you are on a mission to conquer your demons. For instance, the hall of the dead could be referring to a part of yourself that you think has died, such as your dreams or optimism. Trying to get there likely reveals your desire to feel motivated again. Furthermore, the Devil reveals your inner fears and apprehensions. These internal conflicts dictate how you interact with others, pointing towards suspicious and unnecessarily aggressive behavior in certain circumstances. Trying to overcome your weaknesses and shortcomings may be at the forefront of your priorities, leading to this vision.
Bananas in a graveyard There was a funeral at my house, I couldn't see my dad and little brother in the dream, when we got to the graveyard there were lots of ripe bananas next to the grave site, what does it mean? Having a funeral at your own house symbolizes a possible ending of relations and subsequent acceptance of the fact. It could also allude to freedom and separation from your family and loved ones. It signals an end of a chapter and the beginning of a new journey. Thus, the ripe bananas surrounding the graveyard in your dream represent the great unknown you are about to face after you leave behind your comfort zone. It also reveals maturity and readiness to assert your independence.
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