Dead parent My dad died suddenly 5 yrs back possibly by heart attack. When we were on vacations in a resort with family that was my most horrible experience of life we took him to hospital but by that time it was very late last night. I saw his dead body on bed covered with white cloth but his face was not covered but I saw him lying on bed other things I don't remember in my dream then I got up. Dreams involving your deceased parents (for instance in a casket or covered with cloth) is an indication of being haunted by a tragic event or situation in the past and not being able to reconcile the feelings or hurt and sudden loss associated with this event.
Dead grandfather luring to follow him HI, last night I saw a dream that my mother and brother were fighting with me and they were shouting at me very badly than I packed my bags and leave the home suddenly I saw my maternal grandfather is sitting on bed in another room who was passed away 2 year back he told me to come with him and i was ready to go with him we both leave the home as soon I left I heard somebody was calling m, I looked back and I saw my boyfriend was standing there and told me not to go with my maternal grandfather. Than I was not going with my grandfather. To dream about seeing yourself being lured by a dead person (grandfather) to follow him somewhere and agreeing to follow the person is a sign of imminent danger you are about to be faced with, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or a sign of possible tragic events which may lead to death. The vision of of your boyfriend urging you not to follow the deceased grandfather can mean he will be helping and supporting you to prevent these circumstances or events from happening or lending a helping hand after something bad happens.
Dead mother Dreams about I was waiting for a take out order at a restaurant with my dead mother who in my dream was sleepy and thin. I was watching her curl up in a chair falling asleep. I tried to stand her up to keep her awake or more her somewhere more comfortable but she kept falling to the ground. Seeing your mother in your dream is very powerful. This dream is representing a trial in your life, one which you are seeking help with. Traditionally a deceased mother coming to you in a dream is a positive outcome, a promise of receiving aid in your circumstance. However in this context with your mother requiring your assistance this shows that you will need to be self-reliant right now and not be dependent on the help of others to make it through this current hardship. Specifically right now do not rely on family for help. Persevere and have faith in yourself, you are creative and caring as seen in your relentless pursuit to provide comfort for your mother. Be mindful of your situation and who you allow to help you right now, you may need to use your experience-based wisdom and some creativity to be victorious here.
House collapsing with a fat boy inside Some house collapsed. A very fat boy was there. A dream which involved seeing house walls collapsing right in front of you means that an inhabitant of the house you saw in this dream is getting ready to meet an untimely death and pass away. The vision of a fat boy symbolizes bodily harm as a possible cause of this death event (expressed in the form of a hyperbolic subconscious representation of excessive body weight).
Mother and baby (now dead) at a funeral My neighbors daughter passed away years ago, she was pregnant and aborted the baby before being sick and passed on. I had a dream in my dream there was a funeral for my cousin who is still alive, as we prepare for the funeral she was walking amongst us I could still talk to her, but amongst the people that were helping was my neighbor's late daughter and my late grand ma and there was a baby that was belong to my neighbor's late daughter and I was holding the baby while talking to both my granny and my neighbor's daughter. Seeing dead friends or people you once knew in your dream can be an indication of being disrespected or ridiculed by people around you, and their behavior will produce negative effects on your self-esteem and cause you to have a poor perception of yourself. A baby who once belonged to the person you are describing and who is now dead can also be a warning about some serious disappointments, bothersome people or unwelcoming circumstances which might invade your life.
Attending a funeral I have had several dreams in the last few weeks. Not several, 2. They involve the same person. And I am at their funeral or memorial service. What does this mean? A dream in which you see yourself at a funeral of someone has positive connotations, and the presence of good vibes in your life somewhere in the near future. It signifies that there is a whole lot of good fortune and affluence in store for you. You might also be a recipient of a few material gifts. If it's a recurrent dream that you seem to perceive attending the funeral of a same person each time, this could signify that all your good fortune and prosperity could be coming from the help of a certain person who is close to you.
Deceased father inviting to follow into a house In my dream I saw my father who had died eight years ago inviting me to his house. Seeing one of your deceased parents trying to communicate with you, especially if it's a recurring dream, means that you are about to receive a news or announcement you will be bewildered by. To dream about being lured by a dead person somewhere and if you agreed to follow this person in the dream, it is a sign of imminent danger occurring, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or it can even be a sign of your own demise according to some dream interpretation sources.
Dead mother in a coffin in a photograph I was looking at a photo of my dead mother as she was in the coffin before she was buried. Seeing a photo of your deceased mother in your dream is a very powerful vision. This dream is representing a trial in your life, one which you are seeking help with. Traditionally a deceased mother appearing in a dream has a positive message, a promise of receiving aid in your circumstance. Be mindful of your situation and who you allow to help you. You may also need to use your experience-based wisdom and some creativity to handle this situation. Additionally, dreaming about a coffin with a person who has passed away is symbolic of the demise of a person whom you might know closely or witnessing death of someone you are not acquainted with.
Trying to follow now-deceased grandfather My grandad who as passed away keeps calling me I'm about 7/8 I run to him and call him and he moves further away I run faster and he moves further he is calling my name but I can never get to him. To dream of seeing yourself being lured by your grandfather who is deceased now to follow him somewhere and if you agree to follow the person could be interpreted as a sign of imminent danger occurring, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or even a sign of a tragic event which could lead to your demise. If you were not able to follow this person in a dream, this could also represent a warning to be cautious and watchful in order to prevent these events or circumstances from occurring or to avoid them.
Dead boyfriend in a boat with bloody eyes My boyfriend was dead in a row boat half full with water in canal lock, his eyes were bleeding. Seeing your dead boyfriend in a dream could be an indication of being disrespected or cheated by him, and his actions or behavior might leave a negative imprint on your self-esteem and cause you to re-evaluate this relationship. A boat half-filled with water could mean a possibility of him having a secret romantic affair or interest in another person. The vision of his eyes bleeding can be interpreted as an indication of something unexpected and unpleasant revealed or communicated to you by this person at some point.
Dead brother asking for help I keep dreaming my dead brother dying again and he asks for help. Dreaming that your dead brother dies again and asks for you help could suggest that you feel guilty about his death. Alternatively, your dream could represent the possibility of upcoming conflicts or disagreements with the people you surround yourself with. Moreover, the deceased person was your bother, and he was asking for your help. This would indicate that the relationship issues would probably involve people that are close to you, and in particular other members of your family. Overall, what this interpretations have in common is that the dream would indicate the existence of problem involving people that are significant to you, and that these would most probably be family-based and quarrel-like problems. For example, someone would unjustifiably feel in debt or obliged to provide help while you are trying to solve these issues.
Dead grandmother and apocalypse Dreams about I saw my grandmother who passed away when I visited her home in province then I saw fire balls thrown up from heaven like its the end of the world. Dreaming about observing the apocalypse could translate a catastrophic event or experience. You might soon experience despair and hopelessness. These feelings would be brought about by the passing away of a loved one, a difficult divorce or a separation from someone who is close to you. These could also be brought about by a major life change, such as a visible physical change. However, you also had a vision of seeing your deceased grandmother. This could suggest that, amidst the experienced chaos, you would always have a a safe place to return to. This safe haven would be your shelter against the experiences filled with hardships and iniquities of this world.
Relatives in church and strange women being present I walk into my church and see my deceased brother sitting beside my cousin in the last pew. I can see him but she can't. I keep calling he can't hear me. He is talking to her but she can't hear him. I walk around to the pew in front of them and there are six old women in brown hoods looking at them. When I come around they look at me it is then my brother sees me. I don't recognize the women. This dream could speak of your religious or spiritual and affectionate side. By reaching out to your brother, you seem to be revealing how you cherish your family ties. However, you seem to be experiencing communication problems. Alternatively, you could have some unresolved issues with someone who is or was close to you. Under the protection of the church, you attempt to address them as far as family ties and affection is concerned. During the dream, you were solely trying to reach out to your deceased brother (not your cousin or the strange women). This could suggest that you may have difficulties meeting new people because of your focus on the past. Finally, you had a crowd of unfamiliar observers during your attempts to be heard and seen by those you value. This could suggest that you might have come in contact with people whom you do not really trust. These individuals might be forcing you to make decisions which are not aligned with your own goals and aspirations. Such negative and external influence might be hindering your attempts to find your place in life and to establish new and healthy relationships.
Adopting a girl who dies I dreamt that me and my family have adopted a girl child, but the day after I dreamt that the adopted child expired and we are performing her last rites. Dreaming about adopting a child usually means getting support from people who are very close to you, so when you saw the child passing away, it could be a sign of not receiving help and support when you need it the most from someone you count on.
Dead parents, drowning in water and falling from great heights I dream of parents who are no more... Standing somewhere and water flow rising and try myself to survive... Always see myself at my old home with old days... Falling from heights... Dreams involving images of your deceased parents standing in front of you is an indication of being haunted by a tragic event or situation in the past and not being able to reconcile the feelings or hurt and sudden loss associated with this event. Being afraid of water is a symbol of being regretful. You may soon realize that something you have done in the past may have undesirable outcomes that can affect your future. Falling from great altitude in a dream means you might face a chain of inopportune events which might have nonconstructive negative impacts on your life.
Dead grandparents offering a ride from work Both my grandmother and grandfather are no longer alive, but they were offering me a lift to take me home from work, but before I could enter the car I woke up. Dreaming about your deceased grandparents trying to communicate with you, especially if it is a recurring dream, means that you are about to receive surprising news or announcement. The information might bewilder or astonish you. They were offering you a ride from work. This could be a sign of some type of upcoming or present dangerous or threatening situation you could become involved in. It could also symbolize an approaching serious illness or health problem. The offered lift would be your subconscious way of translating your need of protection and help during the unfolding of this menacing situation. If you did not see yourself actually getting near your relatives or getting inside the car, chances are you would be able to successfully avoid or prevent these negative events from happening.
Deceased friend offering food and money My recently departed friend appears in my dream, he visited me bringing two pieces of large bun with meat inside (pau in Chinese) and money. I told him to give the money to her daughter. Can u interpret? Dreaming about being paid a visit by a dead friend is an indication of you focusing all your attention on something that has happened in the past to this person. It could also represent sadness, longing and grief consequent to their departure. By acting or speaking to you, they could be sending you a message, or your unconscious is expressing what it seeks to express. You may have been or might soon experience some minor hardships, professional, economical, or romantic in nature. The visions of food or money being offered by this deceased person in the same dream could represent a reassuring sign that such situation would soon change for better. These circumstances would result in positive outcomes and major improvements because you refused to accept the money offerings, and apparently kept the food. However, you should be careful and watchful. In the dream, you passed the money offerings onto the daughter. This could signify that people from your and this friend’s close family or social circle may soon find themselves in a difficult situation and will need help and support.
Deceased mother quarreling with father I saw my late mum quarreling with my dad. Although you did not specify whether your dad is presently alive or deceased, this dream vision could be indicative of some existing issues related to inheritance, property, items of sentimental value or money left after your mother's passing away. That is, it is possible that material and sentimental possessions have not been given or shared fairly among the family members. It could equally reflect your concerns or even fears that the path or direction in life you have chosen for yourself after her death is not what she actually wanted you to take. The argument with your father could also translate differences in opinions between your mother and your dad to which you have been exposed while she was alive. This would suggest that you might feel divided between accepting one of these conflicting pieces of parental advice or life paths bearing resemblance to those of your parents'. It is important to think for yourself what is it that you want for yourself and for your life, rather than feeling juggled or smashed in-between such disputes and contradictions. This could be an important decision-making moment, and having a clear mind about the direction you, as an independent human being, want to take, is very important. Finally, you could simply have been exposed to arguments that reminded you of those of your parents and this awoke traumatic memories that you may be trying to avoid in your daily life.
Deceased father rising from the coffin and talking My dad just died last march 10 2015, I dream that he was inside a coffin and he sat down and lie down again on his side. as if he is not comfortable, the gets down the coffin. I kept calling my dad, but he just walks towards me and he told me "Gloria in exelsis deo" and he lie back again. This dream reflects your current state of mind when you are being haunted by your father's departure and unable to reconcile the feelings of hurt and sudden loss associated with this event. The notion of him rising from the coffin could also be symbolic of soon to occur visit from a person or people whom you have not had a chance to meet or talk to for a long time. You would be surprised if not astonished by the reasons they need to see you. Another interpretation of this dream, which is especially true if you recently have started dating or seeing someone, is that the person you are trying to establish a lasting relationship with could be hiding something important from you, so you should be careful how you approach and deal with this person. Possible negative outcomes could even involve a potential breakup, so be careful and try to anticipate and prevent future conflicts or disagreements.
Visiting grandfather's burial site, a skeleton and many empty coffins Hello. I need help interpreting a dream I had last night. So I dreamt I went to visit my grandfathers grave in an open sunny field, but for some reason it was above ground (slightly). So I open it (I am with someone?) And there is his skeleton inside. Upon further investigation I realize that his coffin is stacked upon hundreds of empty coffins as far as I could see. Anyone know what this may mean? Dreaming about seeing a skeleton is usually interpreted as upcoming period in life filled with hostility or conflict with someone who is very important to you in your life. These events may come as a surprise because it was a sunny lovely day when you visited your grandfather's grave. Discovering a number of empty coffins underneath is close to dream visions of apocalypses, which usually translate a possibility of unfortunate events or experiences. You might soon experience despair and hopelessness. These feelings would be brought about by the passing away of a loved one, a difficult divorce or separation from someone who is close to you, major life changes, such as relocation, changes in occupation. etc. Nevertheless, there is something about the quiet, luminous and pleasant atmosphere that surrounded your discoveries that may speak of an ability to cope with the difficult times ahead. This atmosphere seems to suggest that these unexpected negative events will not distress you much.
A friend who is now dead Having a dream about a man that I use too talk to, but now he is dead. But we weren't dating or in love just texting buddies but I liked him. The afterlife is beautiful but could also be foreboding depending on how you felt in this particular dream. Quite naturally, you could be feeling haunted by the memories from the time you communicated with this person. Overall, it sounds like a comforting dream, a reassurance that everything is exactly as it should be and as an advice not to worry about your friend or focus on him too much, but to be happy and mindful of the times you had shared together in the past.
Two Asian siblings killing themselves This might sound really weird. I had a dream of two Asian siblings sharing their last meal and using the utensils to kill themselves at the same time. I really have no influence, I'm just watching this happen. I'm really scared. The notion of Asian siblings observed in this dream is symbolic of being exposed to some empty promises or even lies. These deceptions could be related to and aimed at your current plans, professional or otherwise. Someone or some people could have been hampering your efforts to make progress by standing in your way and interfering with your plans and intentions. You seem to be incapable of preventing such interference. You mention that you could not help the siblings and stood there as a witness unable to offer any help. This could reveal your timid or perhaps indecisive nature. This personal trait may be preventing you from accomplishing more in life and fulfilling your dreams, especially when you are faced with serious obstacles and feel frustrated. Overall, this dream suggests that you would be more successful by being in control of, acting upon and managing adverse circumstances occasionally appearing on your life's path.
Receiving multi-colored candy from deceased father I have been dreaming that my father gives me a pack of multi-colored candy in my hand. My father passed away 15 years ago. Receiving food from a now-deceased person is a reflection of your existing or upcoming worries and concerns about your health. You could have just started noticing or have been diagnosed with some conditions which could be threatening your health and well-being. The multi-colored candy in the dream is symbolic of uncertainties you could be having in regards to either causes or potential severity of these issues. This vision therefore advises to seek medical advice and be examined if you indeed began to notice signs of worsening in your physical condition.
Former boyfriend sick and dying and meeting his ex So I had a dream about a person who I was romantically involved with and had developed strong feelings in a short amount of time but things ended very recently mostly because he disappointed me. In this dream, he was very sick and dying, and I found this out by meeting his father. Then I saw his parents crying and praying in a Church and I was debating going to see him or not. I eventually did go to see him and talk to him since he was dying and I remember seeing his ex girlfriend, for whom I have (mutual) feelings of dislike and she was completely indifferent towards him and seemed happy. Dying in dream interpretation is often related to upcoming or ongoing changes and renewal. In the context of this dream vision, it could probably symbolize your shifting views about whom you consider to be worthy of dating and establishing intimate relationships with after a string of unsuccessful of failed attempts to find the perfect date or lover. It could signify your current personal situation when you see opportunities knocking on your door in the form of other men with a good potential to become your intimate partners, at least the way you perceive it to be happening. The appearance of the dying former boyfriend's girlfriend in the same dream does not seem to be coincidental at all, because you perhaps subconsciously compare your romantic experiences, including failures, with those happening to your peers and this comparison serves you as a safety cushion in case something does not work out the way you planned. The proverbial "can happen to anyone" justification in life's "trial and error" cycles.
Deceased daughter coming to life, re-burying her My daughter passed away and I dreamt she was moved for her resting place and I dug her up and she was alive, but I had to keep getting her out of her coffin and then putting her back in and burying her again. She wanted the light on in her coffin when I put her in. I cried and told her that it was ripping my heart out by having to keep putting her in the coffin and I felt much better where she was before and I could visit her, which is untrue as if I could, I would dig her up .. Why did I say the exact opposite of what I am feeling? This dream about seeing your daughter who passed away coming to life and yourself trying to put her back in the coffin reflects your tremendous sense of loss and sadness following her departure and some unresolved issues or unanswered questions you still may have. The symbolic vision of her wanting more light inside the coffin also speaks of some plans or activities you have not had a chance to pursue or finalize together. Therefore, she comes back to you in dreams asking you to do it for her, for both of you really. This is a very powerful vision and you should tend to her plea in order to restore your own peace of mind and find closure.
Deceased wife holding keys I see my deceased wife holding some keys. Dreaming about your now deceased wife holding a bunch of keys is a sign that the personal choices you have been making recently are not what is beneficial for you. You could be struggling with making the right decision at the moment because you have several options and do not know which one to choose. The dream therefore advises to carefully consider your next moves and perhaps seek advice from others in order to avoid being placed in a questionable or unfortunate situation or circumstance.
Deceased mother lying on top and unable to scream I dreamt that my late mother was lying on top of me and I was trying to shout out, but no voice was coming out. I woke up screaming. Both the image of your deceased mother on top of you and being unable to scream are ill omens to see within a dream which could predict the possibility of developing a sickness in the future. Because it was your late mother lying atop you in this vision, it likely indicates a disease or illness that has been inherited from her. This dream may then be a warning to get checked or screened for illnesses she suffered from or may have had. The symbol of not having a voice or being unable to produce sound from your mouth may mean there are no signs or symptoms yet visible. In order to stop the growth or possible negative impact of this problem, prevention is the key.
Ex-boyfriend perceived dead I dreamed my ex, whom I love very dearly who fell out of love with me and I found out is now using heavy drugs, ran into a cabin with a killer. My friend wouldn't let me run in after him. Then my friend came back with his body and said, "this is reality" my ex was dead and blue...with his bottom jaw completely torn off. I was screaming and crying. Dying in dream interpretation is often related to upcoming or ongoing changes and renewal. In the context of this dream vision, it could probably symbolize your shifting views about whom you consider to be worthy of dating and establishing intimate relationships with after a string of unsuccessful of failed attempts to find the perfect date or lover. It could signify your current personal situation when you see opportunities knocking on your door in the form of other men with a good potential to become your intimate partner, at least the way you perceive it to be happening. The image of your ex-boyfriend's bottom jaw being completely torn off could mean that you blame other people's involvement and influence on how things had turned for the worse between you and him and eventually led to the dissociation with him.
Ex-boyfriend's wife dying and he is not upset In the morning today I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend's wife had died and he was in a pain, but was not showing this. But he was crying a little bit.... what does it mean, because I never thought like that about him... I wanna see him happy always... Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend's wife, and particularly envisioning her passing, may indicate feelings of jealousy or envy toward her or your ex's current life. Perhaps you desire to have that lifestyle with him or maybe you just wish for equal happiness and commitment in your own relationships. Seeing him try to hide his pain from you possibly represents a subconscious realization that he is better off now, even if this idea is just in your own mind. Seeing tears may symbolize some feelings of regret either over your prior relationship or over the fact that you cannot make new memories together with him.
Deceased mother giving black beads My late mum walking with me and holding my hand and before she leaves she puts black beads on my right hand. Seeing black beads indicates feelings of loneliness or depression, possibly brought on by some issue you have been battling for awhile. However, dreaming about your lately departed mother is a positive sign which symbolizes experiencing beneficial changes or periods joy and happiness. It may be that your mother is sending you a message that better times are coming. This is further illustrated by the specific placement of the beads in your right hand which predict overcoming difficulties or achieving victory over negative situations. This dream also represents being able to have faith in others, whether they are good friends you have known for a long time or new acquaintances you have just made.
Witnessing a girl on the street dying I saw a girl with an umbrella walking down the middle of the street I grew up on in the pouring rain and dying. This dream vision of someone walking in the pouring rain with an umbrella could be a representation of your attempts to suppress or completely remove some bad memory or unpleasant experience, either from distant or recent past. The image of the girl dying, however, is more likely a reflection of your inability to eliminate this aspect from your life, rather than success in doing so. The middle of the street in this same dream is also a sign that you are most likely left to deal with this issue on your own, without any help or advice from others.
Robbing a bank with a dead cousin My cousin is recently dead and I had a dream that we robbed a bank, but she was dead before I got the money from her. Robbing a bank in a dream is often interpreted as your desire to achieve some important goal in real life, usually something you have been working on for quite some time now. Considering your late cousin's appearance in this vision, it seems you may have had some plans together, or you wanted to help her achieve something she otherwise could not. Being unable to get the stolen money from her suggests that whatever you were working on may never be completed now despite your best efforts, meaning abandoning this cause in favor of something more realistic would give you more chances to succeed.
Entire family killed My son was dreaming about someone killing him and all of us, his family. Visions of family death, especially murder, are highly ominous and point to being in a dangerous or life-threatening situation in wake life. This could include a run-in with a dangerous person, such as a drunk driver or burglar, or a habit which has detrimental effects over time, like smoking or drug use. Because it was your son who saw this vision, it could be the manifestation of his fears about such a situation or something his subconscious is picking up about whatever presently preoccupies his mind.
Angry after death was announced on social media My son and his wife were killed in a car accident and I had no idea how to take care of burial and preparations. Then an in-law posts it to Facebook before I had a chance to let others know and I was angry. The imagery involving your family members dying in a car accident is a manifestation of some existing issues or conflicts plaguing your relationship with them. You seem to criticize ob be unhappy about particular aspects of their life, something that they want you to stay out of. You could also be spreading around too much information about them among those who do not really want to know or care about your opinion. You are also subconsciously sensing that your involvement in their matters does not serve you well, so your mind is painting images of physical detachment from them, in this case their departure.
Finding gold coins and someone dying because of that I was walking in a street and it was getting dark and I found a book. When I opened it, it had gold coins that I knew were collectable, I rubbed them in between my fingers and put them in my purse and kept walking. While I still had them in my purse, I found out someone I barely knew had died unexpectedly and it was being said that he may have been killed. I went to his house, saw many people crying and talking about his death. All while I still have the gold coins in my purse. Walking down a street as night draws near in a dream is symbolic of some unfinished business you have left behind. This outstanding task is more than likely something important that you forgot to do or have put off for as long as you possibly could. The result of your procrastination may be devastating and have far-reaching effects on your personal or social life if you do not take measures to make up the work you have missed. This is predicted by the image of the collectable gold coins you had come across, which represent the troubles you may face if you do not finish what you are supposed to get completed.
Being left to die in a combat by a loved one Female. I was enlisted into the army with a loved one who I had a romantic relationship with, but it ended because he hurt me deeply. In combat I was cornered and disarmed. An enemy soldier was attacking me while my loved one stood by watching. I kept pleading with him to help me, that I didn't want to die, but he allowed me to be killed brutally. The details of the dream were very gory. Being drafted into the army with a former flame suggests conflict. You might face confrontations in real life. Engaging in combat is a sign of built up aggression, perhaps you need to control your temper or release it, whichever will help alleviate inner turmoil. The recollection of your loved one being idle while you suffer and die in the dream indicates your yearning for him to take a definitive action. In the dream you want him to save you from death which in real life translates to your need for a closure or a proper explanation that will help you move on and heal. Dreaming of your own death has both positive and negative interpretations. On the one hand, death could mean destructive behavior, illness or growing desire to escape an undesirable situation. On the other hand, death also denotes self-discovery and personal transformation. Both could be true in your case, a resurgence following a devastation.
Lying between two coffins I saw a dream in which I was lying between two coffins. I was lying on a red cloth staring at the coffins. I saw the dream early morning around 6.30am. What does this mean? I am a 26 year old Indian female. The red cloth you lay upon symbolizes the strong emotions that run deep within you. This means you usually have a strong emotional response to unfolding situations though it is usually justified. The two coffins on either side of you could indicate watching others make mistakes while you remain untouched by their lack of success. While this is positive for your life and circumstances, you may feel guilty at achieving greatness while seeing others being less fortunate.
Someone watching a dead body being devoured by maggots In my dream there were maggots eating away at a dead body and there was someone there sitting and watching, or waiting... Seeing maggots eating away the flesh of a corpse represents a subconscious interest in your own body. This could be something as superficial as the fear of hair loss or as relevant as concerns regarding a possible illness. Whatever the case, it may lead to some overthinking on your part which could be detrimental to your everyday activities.
A friend dying and a project delayed as a result Reoccurring dream that had a death announcement of a friend that also involved putting a project on hold in lieu of it? Despite the sadness that such an event would cause in wake life, receiving a death announcement for a friend in a dream vision is actually more commonly associated with success and happiness. The fact that a project was put on hold could indicate putting your priorities in order and only working on tasks that are most important to you or that are most likely to produce the biggest returns on your investment.
A coffin being placed into a hearse and someone's hair on the ground I see a hearse waiting on the coffin to be placed in it. And the driver pulled the hearse up closer to where I was sitting, so that I don't see the men bringing it to the hearse. It wasn't the trunk that was open, but the back door on the left. I also see some hair on the ground that I was thinking belonged to the person in the coffin, when I got up from where I sat under a palm tree, some of the hair was hooking into my high heel shoes. The hearse was black and inside of it had red finish. Seeing a hearse in your dream could be a sign that you are entering a new phase in your life. The hearse represents parts of yourself or your history that you need to put to rest or let go. The hair, presumably belonging to the deceased person, which got caught in your heels indicates a loss of balance and energy. Maybe the aspect of yourself that you want to get rid of is associated with depressive thoughts or negative feelings. It could also refer to your tendency to wear yourself out in your day-to-day activities. You may be yearning for a chance to recharge and regain your inner balance.
A child coffin being carried by people Dream meaning of seeing a coffin of a child being carried by people heading your way. Child-sized coffins are a highly ominous sign associated with oncoming hardship and distress, particularly given that it was being carried towards you. Your efforts to struggle and overcome these challenges are likely to be futile, leading only to more angst and frustration in your future.
A living brother dying and having horse's legs My living brother died. While in his coffin, we noticed that his legs were cut by the funeral service and they changed it into horse's legs without our permission. The death of relatives in dreams portends upcoming altercations or confrontations with a family member. Perhaps your brother has been distant lately or uncommunicative. The cause of this conflict may be the symbolic amputation of his legs replaced with horse's legs. Amputation could mean that you are hiding your weaknesses and keeping secrets from your brother in order to prevent hurting or possibly offending him. This may lead to misunderstandings between you and him. Alternatively, the horse's legs could mean that your brother has gained significant ground in his career or personal life and this is causing his lack of communication with the rest of the family and making him distant. Perhaps you need to strengthen your bond with him to keep him from being alienated from his loved ones.
Receiving advice from Grim Reaper Sitting around a table with Grim Reaper and lost loved ones. The Reaper said "Dreams are a gateway to communicate with the other side". This vision is symbolic of both the troubles you face and how those troubles can be overcome. Sitting face to face with death itself is a highly ominous sign associated with difficulties, particularly health-related ones. It could represent going through a period of time where your diagnosis is unclear or, if it is understood, going through a long, arduous treatment process. The presence of deceased family and friends, however, suggests you are to have support on this journey in the form of love and prayers from those who want the best for you, both living and already gone.
A deceased family member in a coffin A dream of a coffin in my house with my deceased brother-in-law decomposed. The coffin containing the decomposing corpse of your deceased brother-in-law symbolizes certain bad vibes that may be affecting your everyday life. The same vision could also portend the demise of someone you personally know, which could turn out to be rather surprising and unexpected.
A dead dog resurrecting I had a dream my dead dog came back to life. Seeing your cherished pet dog coming back from the dead is a warning. You may often ask for help or assistance with certain issues in your life but forget to thank the people who help you or refuse to reciprocate the favor and lend them a hand when they need it. This could come back to bite you in the rear since being labeled as an ungrateful individual could have long-term ramifications in your life.
Questioning own death Well I have seen that I die or see if people will care that I died. Death in dreams is the opposite of reality. Your own death envisioned in this dream points to a long and happy life ahead and is often suggestive of a transitional phase in your current life, either in the form of spiritual or personal growth. Questioning whether other people cared if you died could also be symbolic of your current attempts to improve your image in their eyes.
Son dying mysteriously My adult son died in my dream. I did not see him die, I received no explanation as to why or how he died, I only knew that it was in a downstairs or basement-like area. The rest of the dream dealt with the aftermath of that situation. Dreaming that your son has died with no explanation, reason or clues could be interpreted as a sign that you are about to go through a sudden period of hardship and grieving. While there is no direct indication that anything would happen to your son, it is possible that another family member may pass or that you are about to experience some financial difficulty which would impact your happiness and peace of mind. Additionally, dreaming that his death took place below you could represent the compartmentalization that you may try to utilize to deal with your troubles. While this may work for some time, it could result in anxiety and other emotional outbreaks further down the line.
Being death I am a man. I dreamed that I was death and I was in front of a large group of people then I found myself wrestling a man. To dream that you are Death or the Grim Reaper depicts a negative personal transformation. You could be cutting yourself off from your friends and family, preferring to keep to yourself instead of being actively involved in their lives. Alternatively, you may be harboring ill will towards certain individuals due to trespasses done against you. This is dangerous because it means you have the tendency to abuse any type of power once it is given to you.
Traveling on a plane with everyone dead I dreamed I was on an airplane going somewhere in a business suit and then I realized everyone on the plane was someone I had known and they were dead. Someone kept trying to open the door of the plane and I felt the air and the pull. Flying in an airplane during the course of a dream vision is often indicative of some precarious position you are currently in. Just as you have no control over an aircraft or the turbulence when you are aboard a plane, so does this symbol suggest going through troubles which have popped up out of nowhere and are unaffected by your actions. This is followed by the image of the business suit, a sign which amplifies the severity of you current position. The source of your troubles could be environmental or related to the weather, as the multitude of dead people could be associated with climate, both literally and figuratively, that is not ideal for your current endeavors. It seems, then, that this vision is showing your the futility of your attempts to control nature and suggests you should work with it rather than against it.
Self death Self death. Dreaming about your own death, such as in the case of suicide, could point to certain aspects of your personality that you wish you could eliminate from your existence. Traits like being greedy or lazy may be the things about yourself that you wish you could change or make disappear altogether. Sadly, it is never that easy and you need to learn to accept every part of yourself, even the flaws and shortcomings.
Experiencing dying as explained In the dream, I saw two people taking about death while I was an observer. One person told the other how actually death occurs, in which he said an energy-like thing moves from toe and then it moves upward. As he was explaining it to the other person, it practically starts with me, I feel energy move upward then reach the head, created severe pressure in my head and when it starts to moving away from head to death I am awake. It was a vivid dream, I was feeling energy in my head when I was awake. The dream repeated more than 7 times. Dreaming that you are dying as was explained by the individual in your vision predicts experiencing an upcoming health problem. The multiple dreams you saw about this same situation further support the severity of the issue you would experience, while the pressure that moves up and focuses around your brain could signify this being either a neurological disorder or something psychological. No matter the exact type of illness, it may completely disrupt the normal course of your life, preventing you from maintaining your routine and rendering you immobile and virtually unproductive for a considerable period. It would be wise to schedule medical examinations as soon as possible, especially if you already see symptoms forming in wake life.
A burning person and a flash of light I don't know if this is morbid, but my dreams have been about death lately, I really don't know what it means. I just woke up from a dream, it was about someone burning to death... Not anyone in particular, just a person burning, that's all ever since I moved to my uncle's, some of my dreams have been pretty messed up. Not even 15 minutes later I saw a flash of bright light for 3 seconds when I was awake this all happened at 2 am. The presence of morbid dreams typically reveals a desire to end some kind of suffering. The burning person in your vision could symbolize self-destruction. In relation to you, it could be a warning against your harmful and unhealthy habits or activities. Perhaps you are feeling stressed and pressured in reality, so you are developing vices which you know are bad for your health. Maybe it would be better to get to the root of your anxieties, so you can find a long-lasting solution which would improve your overall well-being.
Wearing a wedding dress at own funeral I had such a vivid dream, I had a special wedding-type dress made to wear for my own funeral that I walked to and died at! The dress was like a fairy princes with beautiful petal-type attached end, and a special head neck collar to hold my head and keep my hair perfect. As I stood at a grave I could hear people saying I was changing color and that I was nearly there? I do feel freaked by this dream. Can u sort this for me please? While this vision may seem frightening and morbid, it actually has a positive interpretation. Dreaming of a beautiful wedding dress has much the same connotation as it does in wake life, namely that you are to meet someone you would form a deep connection with and love. While this is possibly referring to romantic love and marriage, it can also mean the start of a lifelong friendship as well. The image of your funeral suggests having good luck for much of the rest of your life, possibly due to this individual's presence. They may bring light into your life or help you easily get through the rougher patches.
Dead couples pulled out of a river I was in a car with my husband and children driving out of a tunnel. As we exited onto a bridge, the traffic stopped. The police were pulling dead engaged couples out of the river, they were attached to their bed. There were 3 couples already on the bridge, dead and uncovered. Driving out of a tunnel with your family in the dream signifies entering an auspicious and prosperous period. You may have good luck with financial matters such as investment activities or the lottery. Whatever difficulties you may have been through would now come to an end. However, the imagery of dead couples being extracted from the river suggests that along the way, it is inevitable that you would lose touch with certain friends or break existing connections. This may be because you no longer share the same worldview or irreparable conflict could damage your friendship with them.
Being dead and carried by a priest I saw myself dead and carried by a priest. Dreaming about your own death is symbolic of good fortune coming your way. It foretells a period of happiness and growth for you, both in material and spiritual terms. At the same time, dreaming about a priest is symbolic of looming difficulties. The fact that you were being carried by a priest means that despite all those obstacles you would be able to overcome your problems.
Discovering girlfriend after suicide The dream is I am walking into my girlfriend's room whom we have a serious relationship with. I find her dead on the floor with pills next to her and the bottle on the night stand. The room is dimly lit and it I could hear the sound of soft music playing while I am crying in the dream staring over her body, I blink and have this very weird out of body experience. I am woken up standing up with tears running down my face. This has happened 2 times now. I never have sleep walked before. A dream wherein you see your girlfriend dead as a result of suicide has negative connotations. It suggests that she is having a relationship with someone else. It may also be a forewarning that things could turn ugly soon, giving rise to conflicts and leading to the possibility of a break-up. However, the soft music playing in the background symbolizes new beginnings, which is further reinforced by the out-of-body experience in your dreams. Going through such an experience could signify a spiritual journey which you would undertake. It could even help you come to terms with whatever happened in the past and encourage you to start your life anew.
Acknowledging imminent death of a relative Had a dream with my cousin who died of breast cancer early this year. In the dream my sister and me and my deceased cousin were sitting on my sofa, my sister tells her "You are going to die anyway", she begins to sob and so do I and I am hugging her and the two of us are crying. A dream in which you envision yourself interacting with a deceased relative, such as your cousin, and actively acknowledging her death could be considered a warning. You may soon find yourself offending someone close to you. Whether provoked by you or someone else, these possible conflicts could have negative ramifications for you relationships with others.
A child dying after swallowing drugs I had a dream we were skating. My brother dropped dope out of his pocket unknowingly and my 2-year old picked it up. Before I could do anything, he had swallowed the whole thing and I looked him in his eyes to see him dying and sad and struggling. Skating, in the context of dream visions, represents your feeling that you have your life under control. This is opposed by the image of your brother who, whether he uses drugs in real life or not, you feel may not be making the most rational or beneficial decisions, leading to a life of chaos. You are concerned, as can be seen in the image of your dying child, that your brother's actions may negatively affect you and your family. This vision is possibly a message from your subconscious which is warning you of the danger of continued association with your brother under the current circumstances.
Looking for the hall of the dead I was at this building that was massive, it was some kind of school that had statues and I was trying to find this statue room called "Hall of the dead". I was walking in what I presumed was the viking room and some creature came out and I stabbed it. Then I went to a school room and asked the teacher were the hall of the dead was and he told me and when I got there, like all three times I saw the devil and his fear over me made it to where I couldn't look at him. The overall theme of your dream seems to be hinged on the idea that you are on a mission to conquer your demons. For instance, the hall of the dead could be referring to a part of yourself that you think has died, such as your dreams or optimism. Trying to get there likely reveals your desire to feel motivated again. Furthermore, the Devil reveals your inner fears and apprehensions. These internal conflicts dictate how you interact with others, pointing towards suspicious and unnecessarily aggressive behavior in certain circumstances. Trying to overcome your weaknesses and shortcomings may be at the forefront of your priorities, leading to this vision.
Bananas in a graveyard There was a funeral at my house, I couldn't see my dad and little brother in the dream, when we got to the graveyard there were lots of ripe bananas next to the grave site, what does it mean? Having a funeral at your own house symbolizes a possible ending of relations and subsequent acceptance of the fact. It could also allude to freedom and separation from your family and loved ones. It signals an end of a chapter and the beginning of a new journey. Thus, the ripe bananas surrounding the graveyard in your dream represent the great unknown you are about to face after you leave behind your comfort zone. It also reveals maturity and readiness to assert your independence.
Dead people dancing and singing Two dead people inside their coffin dancing and singing. Coffins in dreams are often associated with the womb or any place of comfort. They also symbolize mortality and the fear of death. In the context of your dream, the coffin with the dead people inside could refer to severed friendships or bonds with people. These are the individuals whom you have cut ties with due to personal differences. Perhaps you want them back in your life. Alternatively, you could be feeling jealous of their seemingly happy and content lives as opposed to your current state. Maybe you envy aspects of their existence despite their limited knowledge and simpler perspective.
Steam coming out of a grave I saw a grave with steam coming out and suddenly it opened like an explosion and more steam came out. The grave from your vision predicts receiving some sort of bad or disheartening news that would upset you greatly. The cause of your pain is likely related to the symbol of the steam, a sign connected with disappointment in those you love. You may soon find yourself in a situation where one of your friends has betrayed your trust or your sense of morals. This could lead to some emotional conflict because you would need to reconsider the relationship. The second explosion of steam may point toward multiple pieces of disappointing news that would add insult to injury.
People dying and father crying I am a female. In my dreams, I always see the death. Mostly those I know. At times I am moving around with them. Please I really need to know why and the meaning of those dreams. And my dad is always crying in my dreams. Seeing the death of those around you is not actually associated with the passing of these individuals in reality. Rather, this image symbolically suggests these people are becoming more involved in their own lives and, therefore, do not have as much time for you. A classic example would be a friend who gets married and spends more time with their partner than their friends. Because multiple people have passed in your dreams, it could mean you feel like you are being left out while others have very full and exciting lives. This coincides with the symbol of your father crying, a portent often associated with reevaluating your life and circumstances in the face of major changes.
Being dead and late mother posting about this I dreamt I was dead. My late mother put a photo on Facebook of herself with a white owl on her shoulder saying she misses me. Dreaming about being dead could suggest you are experiencing a difficult period and so you envision a possibility of transitioning into a state when your troubles are over. The notion that you dreamed about your late mother posting a photo on Facebook of herself with a white owl means that you miss her terribly but, more importantly, you think that talking to her and getting her advice just like before would be instrumental for you to be able to overcome this difficult time, since owls are usually a symbol of wisdom.
Going to separate funerals with an ex Me and my ex went to different funerals then met up afterwards and he kissed me. I am female. Despite the somber nature of funerals, dreaming of attending a funeral actually conveys a positive message. It means you may soon experience good fortune and prosperity. Both you and your ex would be blessed in the different paths that you are taking. Perhaps the bittersweet kiss at the end of your dream vision is your subconscious telling you that everything is going to be okay. Breaking up may have been good for the both you and kissing your ex means you would receive a pleasant news some time soon. For instance, it may come as a surprise to you how easily you move on after going your separate ways.
Driving a hearse I was driving a hearse to drop it off. Dreaming about hearses is often an ominous sign, an indication of a possible future illness or worsening health conditions. However, because you mentioned you were actually driving the hearse to drop it off, it could also mean that if you are to experience any adverse situations with your health, you would be able to overcome them and move on, even if the struggle may be prolonged and tiring. You would most likely be able to set yourself free from any serious issues and complications.
Empty coffins in and around the house I had a nightmare, it turns to be a repeating one once a year. It is about a lot of empty coffins surrounding inside and outside of our house. An empty coffin in dreams could signify an opportunity to acquire land or real estate in reality. It may also reveal a possibility that you would move or reside in a new place or location sometime soon. On the other hand, the recurring aspect of this particular dream vision may reveal your desire to explore other places and opportunities. Perhaps you think there are more personal goals you can accomplish and more places you can visit making you feel more productive and motivated. You could be yearning for something to ignite the passion and excitement within you. This may be achieved by a change of scenery or a change of pace.
A friend who committed suicide alive again I dreamt my friend who recently committed suicide was alive and I was trying to tell him he had died, but he wouldn't believe me when I tried to show him the Facebook page for his funeral, it had disappeared and he was being quite nasty to me, like he didn't want to speak to me, I then realized in my dream it was the day before he died (24th April) and I wouldn't let him be on his own because I knew he was going to die but he thought I was being crazy. He also ran out of antidepressants in my dream? Part of this dream is probably lingering feelings of loss and separation due to the passing of your friend. It is not uncommon to envision those who have passed soon after their departure as a way of coping with the sudden lack of their presence. You have probably given much thought to the circumstances of his death and may be wondering if there was anything you would have done if you had known. You may also be pondering how you would react if you knew you only had a limited time left on this earth. Additionally, this vision could represent hearing important news from someone you would not normally expect to receive it from. The information they carry should be considered true and relevant to your future.
Being asked to revive baby boys I was sleeping on my bed awoken and sat up, saw a black fog on the ground with yellow eyes, I felt scared then it turned to the left. I have dreamt it twice. Then a few weeks later I dreamed a baby boy died in his crib and someone wanted me to do CPR but I told them he has been gone a long time now. Last night I dreamt again about a baby boy and he stopped breathing. No, I cannot have anymore children. I am way past the age. I just need to know the significance of the dreams please. They haunt me. Dreaming about a child when you are in a state of advanced age or can no longer have children of your own could be a sign that you are thinking about your own mortality. In a sense, the baby and his death are literal manifestations of your concern for what will happen when it is your time to pass. You may be concerned about the afterlife, or you may feel anxiety because your final wishes or legal arrangements are not yet figured out. The death of a young child is a very powerful symbol, and seeing it multiple times speaks of how much this worry is weighing down on your subconscious. You may need to talk about your concerns with a trusted friend or family member to help you feel better. Also, if you have not made preparations for future events you may be anticipating, taking care of those things may give you more peace of mind knowing that things would not be left half-finished.
Fiance and dog passing away and rotting I see my fiance holding my dog, both had passed away, a bus passes and their flesh is rotting off them as the bus passes. Envisioning your future life partner as dead could represent an upcoming event or situation where you feel betrayed, disrespected or hurt by something he says or does. It is possible this would be a case where you have simply blown something out of proportion, but it is also possible his behavior could have serious negative consequences for you and your future life with him. The image of your dog with him in a deceased state may mean there are issues where his loyalty are concerned. Seeing a bus pass by this scene could reveal your ability to move past whatever has happened, although whether this means you would forgive and forget or leave him altogether is unclear.
Finding a dead goldfinch and bees I'm female. Dreamt I found a dead goldfinch bird in my boyfriends dry shower along with dead bees. There are dead bees in the shower at the moment. A single, dead bird in dreams represents defeat and failure. A potential opportunity could fall through or a promise of a better future may be squashed. The goldfinch could provide further clues about the source of your upcoming disappointment. In general, a goldfinch symbolizes celebration and joy. So this vision means the end of whatever or whoever is making you happy. In addition, dead bees portend financial difficulties. You could lose your job or source of income because of an unexpected turn of events. Ultimately, this dream vision is preparing you for bad luck ahead which would result not only in financial problems, but also personal upheavals that would leave you in distress.
A man beaten to death I dreamed that the man I love was sitting at a table with his phone recording me live. I then watched as he was grabbed by the men he was with and beaten to death. Watching someone being beaten up or attacked means you would be blamed for a mistake or a humiliating situation. Because it was the man you love who was being beaten to death in the dream, this vision further shows that your loved ones in reality would also suffer and be held accountable for the damage to your reputation and credibility. In turn, they would become resentful for being dragged into the issue and distance themselves from you to avoid further complications, either for some time or forever.
Seeing own tombstone I woke up in a cemetery confused. And I saw a man in a hood. I asked the man why I am here and what is going on. The man pointed to a path to go to and I followed the path. It led me to a tombstone with my first and last name on it. While the imagery in this vision seems somewhat ominous, the dream has a positive interpretation. Your presence in a cemetery suggests a departure or a movement from one place to another, but for a good reason. For example, you might get a new job or visit someone you have not seen in a long time far away. This is supported by the image of being pointed down a path and walking to your tombstone. The symbol of the tombstone also takes on a positive meaning here, suggesting a clear vision of what you want to happen. Perhaps if there is an opportunity to go out and do something you have been thinking about, now would be the time to put those thoughts into action.
Giving a eulogy and singing I was giving the eulogy at my sister-in-law's funeral. I love her and I was talking about how she was and people were reacting - I was doing a great job even though I was emotional. The place was packed and all were standing like at a concert. I sang "Out Here On My Own" and then went back in the dream and changed it to "I Can Only Imagine". I woke up - it was 6:30 am. This vision seems to represent your strength of character as well as serve as a small warning of things to come. Specifically, a funeral for a loved one is a symbol indicative of upcoming hardship or turbulence in an otherwise peaceful life. It is possible something will shake up your current way of life, forcing you to adapt and possibly let go of the little things. The songs you sang, however, shed light on your generally positive way of living your life, meaning that rather than seeing these challenges as a setback, you aim to rise above them. Your strength, hope and love in these circumstances are your true test of character, and friends and family probably admire you and look up to you because of it.
Father dying and resurrecting Father died in my dream but came back alive in the same dream. In real life my parents are still alive. Death and resurrection in dreams refer to second chances. The death part in your dream means you and your father are going to fight and damage your relationship permanently. Differences in opinions and pride would drive a wedge between the two of you. You may even stop speaking for a while. Fortunately, the resurrection part of your vision means you can still repair your relationship. It would take a lot of work and your love for each other to help you overcome your differences. The good thing is, once you patch things up, your bond would be much stronger and both of you would become wiser in the process.
Father's grave filled with water I saw a dream today. I went to graveyard and I digged the grave of my father just to see him. After digging a bit from feet side I saw the grave is containing water. I cried a lot. I miss my dad. Then my uncle asked my cousin to close the grave back? Digging someone's grave usually means losing money or something that holds sentimental value. In your case, since it is the grave of your father, this signals your own guilt or sense of regret. You are slowly losing your connection to your own father and this makes you feel bad. If he has passed in reality, then perhaps a part of you feels responsible for his demise. It is also possible that you are trying to dig up past issues and refusing to move on. Unfortunately, the water filling up the grave means if you keep dwelling in the past, you would be overwhelmed by sorrow. It is essential for you to make peace with past mistakes and errors because those are only holding you back from building a better and brighter future.
Advising a friend against drowning I dreamed of advising my friend from not killing himself in water. Your vision about advising your friend to not commit suicide alludes to a rough patch or difficult period of time you yourself would go through in the future. In essence, the image of you consulting your friend is the reflection of your subconscious talking to you, encouraging you to keep trying and doing your best even when the future looks bleak. Saving your friend from suicide by drowning further implies serious troubles and reinforces the images seen in the first symbol. It would be wise to seek the help and support from those you can trust soon before things get worse.
Two skulls I see 2 big size skulls (female). The big skulls in your dream vision symbolize significant threats to your life. These are the kinds of threats more harmful to your mental state rather than the physical one. One of these threats point to a person manipulating and coercing you to commit morally reprehensible acts. This person appears charming and intelligent, but the intent is malevolent. The other threat is your own darkness. You have to fight your tendency to succumb to wickedness and misdeed just because you hold a lot of anger and resentment.
Ex unhappy about death My ex was sitting after my death unhappy after my death. Dreaming of your own death is actually a very positive dream symbol because it suggests a long and happy life ahead of you. You are going to enter a period of transition by closing a chapter and entering a new phase in your personal journey. So, what your ex was mourning in the dream is basically the end of this part of your life. This is you making peace with your past, tying loose ends and forging ahead into your future. This upcoming period will be your chance for personal growth and preparing yourself for what is ahead, whether that is starting your own family or moving to somewhere exciting.
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