Dead people dancing and singing Two dead people inside their coffin dancing and singing. Coffins in dreams are often associated with the womb or any place of comfort. They also symbolize mortality and the fear of death. In the context of your dream, the coffin with the dead people inside could refer to severed friendships or bonds with people. These are the individuals whom you have cut ties with due to personal differences. Perhaps you want them back in your life. Alternatively, you could be feeling jealous of their seemingly happy and content lives as opposed to your current state. Maybe you envy aspects of their existence despite their limited knowledge and simpler perspective.
Steam coming out of a grave I saw a grave with steam coming out and suddenly it opened like an explosion and more steam came out. The grave from your vision predicts receiving some sort of bad or disheartening news that would upset you greatly. The cause of your pain is likely related to the symbol of the steam, a sign connected with disappointment in those you love. You may soon find yourself in a situation where one of your friends has betrayed your trust or your sense of morals. This could lead to some emotional conflict because you would need to reconsider the relationship. The second explosion of steam may point toward multiple pieces of disappointing news that would add insult to injury.
People dying and father crying I am a female. In my dreams, I always see the death. Mostly those I know. At times I am moving around with them. Please I really need to know why and the meaning of those dreams. And my dad is always crying in my dreams. Seeing the death of those around you is not actually associated with the passing of these individuals in reality. Rather, this image symbolically suggests these people are becoming more involved in their own lives and, therefore, do not have as much time for you. A classic example would be a friend who gets married and spends more time with their partner than their friends. Because multiple people have passed in your dreams, it could mean you feel like you are being left out while others have very full and exciting lives. This coincides with the symbol of your father crying, a portent often associated with reevaluating your life and circumstances in the face of major changes.
Being dead and late mother posting about this I dreamt I was dead. My late mother put a photo on Facebook of herself with a white owl on her shoulder saying she misses me. Dreaming about being dead could suggest you are experiencing a difficult period and so you envision a possibility of transitioning into a state when your troubles are over. The notion that you dreamed about your late mother posting a photo on Facebook of herself with a white owl means that you miss her terribly but, more importantly, you think that talking to her and getting her advice just like before would be instrumental for you to be able to overcome this difficult time, since owls are usually a symbol of wisdom.
Going to separate funerals with an ex Me and my ex went to different funerals then met up afterwards and he kissed me. I am female. Despite the somber nature of funerals, dreaming of attending a funeral actually conveys a positive message. It means you may soon experience good fortune and prosperity. Both you and your ex would be blessed in the different paths that you are taking. Perhaps the bittersweet kiss at the end of your dream vision is your subconscious telling you that everything is going to be okay. Breaking up may have been good for the both you and kissing your ex means you would receive a pleasant news some time soon. For instance, it may come as a surprise to you how easily you move on after going your separate ways.
Driving a hearse I was driving a hearse to drop it off. Dreaming about hearses is often an ominous sign, an indication of a possible future illness or worsening health conditions. However, because you mentioned you were actually driving the hearse to drop it off, it could also mean that if you are to experience any adverse situations with your health, you would be able to overcome them and move on, even if the struggle may be prolonged and tiring. You would most likely be able to set yourself free from any serious issues and complications.
Empty coffins in and around the house I had a nightmare, it turns to be a repeating one once a year. It is about a lot of empty coffins surrounding inside and outside of our house. An empty coffin in dreams could signify an opportunity to acquire land or real estate in reality. It may also reveal a possibility that you would move or reside in a new place or location sometime soon. On the other hand, the recurring aspect of this particular dream vision may reveal your desire to explore other places and opportunities. Perhaps you think there are more personal goals you can accomplish and more places you can visit making you feel more productive and motivated. You could be yearning for something to ignite the passion and excitement within you. This may be achieved by a change of scenery or a change of pace.
A friend who committed suicide alive again I dreamt my friend who recently committed suicide was alive and I was trying to tell him he had died, but he wouldn't believe me when I tried to show him the Facebook page for his funeral, it had disappeared and he was being quite nasty to me, like he didn't want to speak to me, I then realized in my dream it was the day before he died (24th April) and I wouldn't let him be on his own because I knew he was going to die but he thought I was being crazy. He also ran out of antidepressants in my dream? Part of this dream is probably lingering feelings of loss and separation due to the passing of your friend. It is not uncommon to envision those who have passed soon after their departure as a way of coping with the sudden lack of their presence. You have probably given much thought to the circumstances of his death and may be wondering if there was anything you would have done if you had known. You may also be pondering how you would react if you knew you only had a limited time left on this earth. Additionally, this vision could represent hearing important news from someone you would not normally expect to receive it from. The information they carry should be considered true and relevant to your future.
Being asked to revive baby boys I was sleeping on my bed awoken and sat up, saw a black fog on the ground with yellow eyes, I felt scared then it turned to the left. I have dreamt it twice. Then a few weeks later I dreamed a baby boy died in his crib and someone wanted me to do CPR but I told them he has been gone a long time now. Last night I dreamt again about a baby boy and he stopped breathing. No, I cannot have anymore children. I am way past the age. I just need to know the significance of the dreams please. They haunt me. Dreaming about a child when you are in a state of advanced age or can no longer have children of your own could be a sign that you are thinking about your own mortality. In a sense, the baby and his death are literal manifestations of your concern for what will happen when it is your time to pass. You may be concerned about the afterlife, or you may feel anxiety because your final wishes or legal arrangements are not yet figured out. The death of a young child is a very powerful symbol, and seeing it multiple times speaks of how much this worry is weighing down on your subconscious. You may need to talk about your concerns with a trusted friend or family member to help you feel better. Also, if you have not made preparations for future events you may be anticipating, taking care of those things may give you more peace of mind knowing that things would not be left half-finished.
Fiance and dog passing away and rotting I see my fiance holding my dog, both had passed away, a bus passes and their flesh is rotting off them as the bus passes. Envisioning your future life partner as dead could represent an upcoming event or situation where you feel betrayed, disrespected or hurt by something he says or does. It is possible this would be a case where you have simply blown something out of proportion, but it is also possible his behavior could have serious negative consequences for you and your future life with him. The image of your dog with him in a deceased state may mean there are issues where his loyalty are concerned. Seeing a bus pass by this scene could reveal your ability to move past whatever has happened, although whether this means you would forgive and forget or leave him altogether is unclear.
Finding a dead goldfinch and bees I'm female. Dreamt I found a dead goldfinch bird in my boyfriends dry shower along with dead bees. There are dead bees in the shower at the moment. A single, dead bird in dreams represents defeat and failure. A potential opportunity could fall through or a promise of a better future may be squashed. The goldfinch could provide further clues about the source of your upcoming disappointment. In general, a goldfinch symbolizes celebration and joy. So this vision means the end of whatever or whoever is making you happy. In addition, dead bees portend financial difficulties. You could lose your job or source of income because of an unexpected turn of events. Ultimately, this dream vision is preparing you for bad luck ahead which would result not only in financial problems, but also personal upheavals that would leave you in distress.
A man beaten to death I dreamed that the man I love was sitting at a table with his phone recording me live. I then watched as he was grabbed by the men he was with and beaten to death. Watching someone being beaten up or attacked means you would be blamed for a mistake or a humiliating situation. Because it was the man you love who was being beaten to death in the dream, this vision further shows that your loved ones in reality would also suffer and be held accountable for the damage to your reputation and credibility. In turn, they would become resentful for being dragged into the issue and distance themselves from you to avoid further complications, either for some time or forever.
Seeing own tombstone I woke up in a cemetery confused. And I saw a man in a hood. I asked the man why I am here and what is going on. The man pointed to a path to go to and I followed the path. It led me to a tombstone with my first and last name on it. While the imagery in this vision seems somewhat ominous, the dream has a positive interpretation. Your presence in a cemetery suggests a departure or a movement from one place to another, but for a good reason. For example, you might get a new job or visit someone you have not seen in a long time far away. This is supported by the image of being pointed down a path and walking to your tombstone. The symbol of the tombstone also takes on a positive meaning here, suggesting a clear vision of what you want to happen. Perhaps if there is an opportunity to go out and do something you have been thinking about, now would be the time to put those thoughts into action.
Giving a eulogy and singing I was giving the eulogy at my sister-in-law's funeral. I love her and I was talking about how she was and people were reacting - I was doing a great job even though I was emotional. The place was packed and all were standing like at a concert. I sang "Out Here On My Own" and then went back in the dream and changed it to "I Can Only Imagine". I woke up - it was 6:30 am. This vision seems to represent your strength of character as well as serve as a small warning of things to come. Specifically, a funeral for a loved one is a symbol indicative of upcoming hardship or turbulence in an otherwise peaceful life. It is possible something will shake up your current way of life, forcing you to adapt and possibly let go of the little things. The songs you sang, however, shed light on your generally positive way of living your life, meaning that rather than seeing these challenges as a setback, you aim to rise above them. Your strength, hope and love in these circumstances are your true test of character, and friends and family probably admire you and look up to you because of it.
Father dying and resurrecting Father died in my dream but came back alive in the same dream. In real life my parents are still alive. Death and resurrection in dreams refer to second chances. The death part in your dream means you and your father are going to fight and damage your relationship permanently. Differences in opinions and pride would drive a wedge between the two of you. You may even stop speaking for a while. Fortunately, the resurrection part of your vision means you can still repair your relationship. It would take a lot of work and your love for each other to help you overcome your differences. The good thing is, once you patch things up, your bond would be much stronger and both of you would become wiser in the process.
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